A convenient place to store the fire extinguisher and auto first aid kit

Where to properly store a fire extinguisher in the car

The vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit. But, not everyone knows where the fire extinguisher should lie in the car, what indicators it has. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Car fire extinguisher

Represents a means for eliminating the seat of fire by delivering a substance pumped to the vessel under pressure. There are many types and models, which differ in a number of indicators.

Peculiarities of choice – which one is better

Before you decide where to put the fire extinguisher in the car, you need to find the necessary model.

Where to properly store a fire extinguisher in your vehicle

The main requirements for it are:

  1. Any cylinder for the elimination of fire is equipped with a mass of pumped substance of at least 2 kg.
  2. The apparatus used in the car must be of the carbon dioxide or powder type. These two types of cylinders are universal and can be used to extinguish any class of fire.
  3. The selected option has a special list, which specifies the full information about the design. It should also have information about the manufacturer, compliance with existing standards.
  4. When buying a device, check the availability of quality certificates, passports. If they are absent, contact another seller.
  5. Choosing a device, consider the thickness of the walls. Models made of plastic are not practical. A good option is a thick-walled version of steel.

Compliance with recommendations will allow you to pick a reliable car fire extinguisher, which will last the declared term of the manufacturer.


The apparatus for the car is used when eliminating a sudden fire of the vehicle or transported cargo.

Types and shelf life of each

The useful life of an automotive fire extinguisher. The variety of existing fire extinguishers for cars, trucks and passenger vehicles is huge. But not all of them can be used.

Permissible ones include:

  1. Powder.
  2. Carbon dioxide (gas).
  3. Aerosol.

Suitability is determined by the manufacturer, indicated in the documentation or on a special sticker. After the expiration date, the fire extinguisher must be replaced. In accordance with the norms of the PDD 2018-2019, the presence of such a means of extinguishing is regarded as its absence. A driver traveling with an expired apparatus is issued a fine.

Requirements for devices

The question of where a fire extinguisher should be in the car is closed.

Let’s look at the list of regulations stipulated by the rules of fire safety:

  1. The gauge reading is checked annually. If the arrow goes beyond the green sector, the device should be sent for maintenance.
  2. Fastening of the construction must be reliable. It is acceptable to use a detachable clamp. It protects the cylinder from sudden falls, bumps.
  3. Check and seals placed on the body are checked periodically. If a malfunction is detected, the fire extinguisher is sent for unscheduled inspection.

Inspection and recharging period

Storing a fire extinguisher in your vehicle

The operations are uncomplicated. For example, for the carbon dioxide cylinder is sufficient for a simple weighing to determine the possibility of leakage of the substance.

Operations with powder fire extinguishers are a little more complicated. The time frame for recharging the software is at least once every five years. Carbon dioxide cylinders are checked annually.


The fire extinguishers used have the following letter designation:

  1. Powder (OP).
  2. Carbon dioxide (CO).
  3. Aerosol (VVPA).

The cylinder abbreviation is supplemented with numerical values indicating the type, volume, or other model indicator.

Rules of storage of fire extinguishers in the car

Placed the device should be as far away as possible from exposure to corrosive, chemical agents. The temperature range in which the device does not lose performance, -40 – +50 degrees.

Cylinder fixing is organized so that it can be extracted as quickly as possible.

It is important to remember that the fire extinguisher is stored unchecked for the period allotted by the manufacturer. But no more! There is a penalty for this.

Place for storage

Traffic rules imply the presence of a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. If the second component can be stored in any place, the first requires compliance with certain standards.

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So, where should a fire extinguisher be in a car?

Consider a few options.

  1. A good place to store the device, according to drivers, is the trunk of the car. It is convenient, but there is a huge minus – time. It happens that the couple of seconds it takes to retrieve the device play an important role in the elimination of the fire.
  2. Near the spare tire (under the mat). The option is not bad, but not ideal.
  3. A convenient way to place the special tool under the front passenger seat. The advantage is that it is easy to fasten with Velcro, is located next to the driver.
  4. Gaining popularity, but uncomfortable option – storage of the device on the seat. This arrangement is not capable of holding the cylinder during an abrupt stop.


How to store a fire extinguisher in your vehicle

In order to operate the fire extinguisher in accordance with the standards, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not store the device in the trunk of a passenger car. In the event of an emergency, you may not have time to retrieve it.
  2. When placing the cylinder in the vehicle interior, remember that direct sunlight is not allowed to hit the device.
  3. The fixation must be strong and secure. Contact with foreign elements is prohibited. To minimize the possible deformation, lying around objects should not have sharp edges.

Required Quantity.

The number of fire extinguishers in the car directly depends on the type of vehicle. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

In a passenger car

Vehicles are equipped with one fire extinguisher of carbon dioxide or powder type. The only and mandatory requirement for the cylinders – the mass of the substance must be 2 kg or more.

In a truck

Vehicles for the transportation of oversized, dangerous goods are equipped with two devices type OP-5. One cylinder is located above the chassis, the second – on the tanker truck.

In a bus

Vehicles carrying passengers are equipped with three fire extinguishing devices. One is located near the driver, and the remaining two are located along the passenger compartment.

Penalty for not having a fire extinguisher

The penalty is present. When stopping the vehicle, a traffic police officer checks the presence of a first aid kit, documents, fire extinguisher. In the absence of the latter, a monetary penalty is written out in the amount prescribed by the traffic rules. This amount is fixed. It makes 500 rubles. The question whether you need a fire extinguisher in the car is removed.

Regulatory requirements

The legal framework governing the operation of fire extinguishing devices is as follows:

  1. GOST R 51057-2001 and GOST R 51017-2009 – establishes the frequency of testing of manual, mobile models.
  2. NPB 166-97 – a document regulating the operation of all types of devices.
  3. SP 9.13130.2009 – standards for the use of fire extinguishers.

Any deviation from these norms is inadmissible.

Safety precautions

Where to store the fire extinguisher in the car

According to traffic regulations there must be at least one fire extinguisher in the vehicle.

Its transportation and storage requires compliance with a number of rules, which include:

  1. If any part of the cylinder is found to be defective, it should be sent for inspection or replaced with a new one.
  2. The fixation of the body must be strong and secure. Any mechanical action like shaking, bumping or dropping can damage the unit.
  3. Do not place the vessel near a heat source or in direct sunlight. Temperatures above +50 degrees can ruin the extinguishing agent.


We have considered where to store the fire extinguisher in the car according to traffic rules. We got acquainted with the mounting of the extinguisher in the car. We got acquainted with its types, technical features. The presence of a cylinder with a fire extinguishing agent – first of all, a safety measure, which should be observed by each driver. Also, the question may arise where to charge a fire extinguisher for the car? And transporting fire extinguishers is a complicated procedure. Execution requires the transportation company to have a special permit.

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How to secure a fire extinguisher in the car

In order to comply with the safety in any vehicle should be a fire extinguisher. As a rule, people prefer to use a powder type fire extinguisher. It weighs only 2 to 3 kg. Such a fire extinguisher should be in a place where it will be easy to reach, for example, the cabin or trunk. In all cars, according to fire safety rules, must be present a fire extinguisher with a charge of at least 2kg. But it should also be properly placed in the car.

Possible locations for storing a fire extinguisher in a car

Popular car manufacturers produce them already with fire extinguishers. In this case, the manufacturer in advance designates the right place for such equipment, which has special mountings. If you do not have such opportunities in the car, you will need to choose this place yourself. In fact, there are no restrictions here. You can store the fire extinguisher in the car almost anywhere. For its location will work, say, the glove compartment or the space under the driver’s seat, it can also be placed behind the back of the driver’s seat or leave it on the side.

It is important that the vehicle fire extinguisher should be in a place where it can be easily reached. This is so that if you need to, you can quickly use the device and extinguish the fire. The fire extinguisher itself cannot interfere with the operation of the vehicle in any way. This means that it should not roll around in the cabin, tapping on it. Such a device must be reliable and must have a quality attachment.

Choosing a fire extinguisher

Before choosing a fire extinguisher, you should see if it has the required label specified by GOST R51017 2009. The label should have the following information:

  1. Manufacturer’s name.
  2. Types of fire for which the device is designed.
  3. Volume of charge.
  4. Type of device – disposable and rechargeable.
  5. Actions for working with the device.
  6. Instructions for storing the fire extinguisher.
  7. Refilling time and shelf life.

Storage locations for the fire extinguisher in the vehicle

Such a device should be stored in the designated place for it, which is provided by the design of the car. Also, it is very important to know where such a device should not be placed. You should be aware that a device that is designed to extinguish a fire has quite a decent weight. For this reason, it should be kept in a safe and secure place, and the device should be somehow secured. In addition, the fire extinguisher can not be placed in dangerous places, becoming an additional object of impact in case of an accident.

Very often drivers put the fire extinguisher under their seat. And even if such a device is fixed under the seat, it is quite possible that if the car suddenly stops or collides with another object, the extinguisher will fly out of its place and hit the driver’s legs. Of course, it can fly into the pedal, but it is better to be on the safe side and not to risk your health.

Fire extinguisher mount in a car is a specialized mechanism, which holds the extinguishing object, not allowing it to move in the trunk or inside the car.

Vehicle Extinguisher Requirements

Equip your vehicle with a fire extinguisher and keep it safe. An indispensable and annoying item in a difficult moment will help save the car and human life. It is a necessary equipment and you should not neglect its presence.

It should always be in good condition and accessible place. Annual inspection of the tonometer and balloon is mandatory.

Popular and common powder (OP) has a weight of 2-3 kilograms. Inside it is a chemical powder. During transportation it can be stored vertically or horizontally. The shelf life is 10 years.

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Carbon dioxide (OU) is filled with carbon dioxide, which cools the combustion zone and prevents the access of oxygen. After use, no trace of extinguishing remains, but the cylinder itself is heavy in weight.

OP or OU with a volume of two liters is required in cars, in trucks – five. To be sure, you should buy them in a special store. Demand a certificate and warranty service from the seller.

Place for the fire extinguisher

The traffic regulations stipulate its presence in working condition, the requirements of fire safety does not provide a specific location.

There are vehicles in which the designs already provide for special installation places. Usually it is under the driver’s or passenger’s seat or under the glove compartment.

However, such special compartments are not provided everywhere, so drivers choose the trunk of the car as a storage option.

The market offers universal fasteners in a wide range. Installation and step-by-step installation of a fire extinguisher under the power of any driver.

Types of mounts, transport bracket

A metal fire extinguisher bracket as the strongest method of attachment. It holds the extinguisher firmly in place, not allowing it to roll while in motion.

A sturdy metal wire is taken as the basis for the fabrication. The finished product is shaped to encompass and securely hold the device. For clamping use a tape of rubber or locks with latches. Such a device is installed in the cabin, or in the car trunk.

With a simple tool and a little skill, everyone can make such a transport holder.

Types of fasteners, strap for attaching a fire extinguisher

Use the strap as a type of attachment. It is considered the simplest method. It is a band of textile with Velcro, which thoroughly sticks in the trunk or cabin to the upholstery. It is not difficult to install it to the owner, and in case of need it can be reinstalled. Buy it in an auto store or make it yourself by visiting sewing stores.

Types of mounts: cabinets-canopies for a fire extinguisher

Truck drivers and truckers are allowed to install fire extinguishing equipment outside the cab, provided they are reliably protected from the influence of external environmental factors.

To address this issue, high quality plastic boxes are made of plastic. Considering the moments of use, attention is paid to durability and tightness. They are available in three sizes.

Doors with a rubber seal and durable latch, painted red. Inside the cabinet, with the help of transport holder, fastens the apparatus.

You can arrange the cabinet-panel vertically or horizontally, choosing the right size (the weight of the OU, OP from five to ten pounds).

It is easy to find such a device in stores that sell firefighting equipment.

Holder for a fire extinguisher with your own hands

The retainer of the fire extinguisher material for installation in the trunk is made from strong strips of fabric. One of them should be “velcro”. It is easily attached to the trunk liner on the inside. This budget version resembles a transport mount, but without the metal base.

A pocket made of mesh is used by skillful owners. With skill and the right size, it will become an alternative to belts.

A suitable place for a fire extinguisher and first aid kit under the front passenger seat. Access to it will speed up the retractable device. There is no need to dismantle anything during installation.

Whether you necessarily need a stand for a fire extinguisher in the car decides the owner.

In fact, the bracket is its type. The floor-type version is little acceptable, as there is no firm fixation and space is wasted uneconomically. These two facts speak in favor of suspended devices.

When it comes to passenger safety and theirs, a secure, proper attachment deserves close attention. In terms of safety, cabinets -pens and brackets lead the way.

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Traffic regulations require that every vehicle must be equipped with fire extinguishers. Thanks to this, many drivers were able to deal with a fire in time and thereby avoid a complete burnout of the car.

But those who save on the purchase of such a device often have to reap the benefits of their carelessness in the form of a burnt-out car.

But since there are several types of such equipment, it is worth finding out in advance which of them is most suitable for the vehicle. Here is how to choose a fire extinguisher, and we will tell in this article.

Purpose and design of the fire extinguisher

The purpose of fire extinguishers is the localization of ignition sources in their initial stage. They are one of the primary means of fighting fire and are widely used in various spheres of life and human activities.

Structurally, almost all types of devices consist of the following units:

  • A body, which may be made of plastic or steel;
  • A device that controls the supply of extinguishing agent to the seat of fire;
  • A tube with an aerator for gas models, serving to loosen the powder and create the necessary pressure inside the cylinder;
  • Locking device;
  • Spray nozzle (with hose in some models);
  • Safety latch;
  • Carrying pens.

The only unit that has fundamental differences in design is the aerosol unit. This unit consists of two cavities. And in one of them there is a charge, and in the second a cooler, which is necessary for extinguishing the flame.

In the process of performing this operation it is possible to obtain a large amount of aerosol, which is used to eliminate the fire.

Which one is the most effective

To choose the equipment that is ideal for eliminating a fire at a particular site, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what types they come in and what they are designed for.

The following types of devices are considered the most common in modern society:

  • Powder;
  • Water;
  • Carbon dioxide;
  • Air-foam;
  • Gas (refrigerant).

Where is each of them used? And how to choose the necessary fire extinguisher?

Powder – one of the most universal models. They can be used to extinguish all types of substances, as well as electrical installations, the voltage of which does not exceed 1000 V. These units work perfectly well in combination with other means designed to cool objects and structures heated in the process of combustion.

However, this equipment has one drawback, when it is used, it leaves a dirty residue on objects. That is why it is not recommended to use it in computer rooms and in rooms with a large accumulation of equipment, as the powder that gets on it will cause a breakdown.

Water fire extinguishers are some of the simplest. They are designed to eliminate fires on solids and liquids and electrical appliances, but only from a distance of at least 1 meter. Because of their limited functionality are used quite rarely and are not in demand.

See video, types of fire extinguishing agents:

Carbon dioxide – are able to work on objects, the burning of which is impossible without access to oxygen. They are filled with carbon dioxide, which has the ability to cool the surface very quickly. However, at the same time, snow flakes are formed, which then evaporate.

Such equipment cannot be used to extinguish smoldering materials, as it can only knock out the fire, which, if no further action is taken, may reignite.

The use of such extinguishers is possible only if the rules of use are followed. Because if the substance from the cylinder comes in contact with the skin, you can get frostbite.

Air-foam models are the best option for industrial facilities where flammable liquids and smoldering substances are stored.

A refrigerated fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing fires in their initial stages. He does not leave behind traces on objects and thus does not damage them. Therefore, such models are most often used in museums, archives and laboratories. In addition, they can be used to extinguish electrical appliances.

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The criteria for the right choice

Since the purchase of this equipment depends on the safety of your property, and sometimes your life, you need to approach it thoroughly. And you should start with the choice of the trade network. Why precisely with this? Because the fire extinguishers should be stored in certain conditions and meet all requirements of regulatory documents. And the answer to the question – where to buy a fire extinguisher in the car, depends on how effective it will be. And to buy high-quality and reliable products can only be in a specialized store, whose employees responsibly deal with the issue of storage and maintenance of equipment.

Let’s compare different types:

The next important criterion is often the price. Everyone chooses according to their financial capabilities.

However, the main parameter that should be paid attention to is the type of fire extinguisher. Since there are several types of equipment that differ in the composition of the fire extinguisher, it is necessary to choose according to the area of application. For the car, it is recommended to use powder or carbon dioxide, but the best option is to have two different models. But how to choose the best price and quality fire extinguisher?

And of course, the place of use. Without knowing where and for what it is supposed to use a fire extinguisher, it is impossible to buy equipment of the required type.

So, if you have decided what fire extinguisher is required for your personal car, then consider the best model.

According to the rules of the road, for a passenger car requires a fire extinguisher of 2 liters or more, for trucks – 5 liters. As for the type, it should be powder or carbon dioxide models. The others are not recommended for use in vehicles. Detailed information about each model you can get in a specialized store where you can buy a fire extinguisher.

Watch the video, selection criteria, test:

But know that the purchased device must comply with GOST R51057-2001 and be designed to extinguish fires classes:

The temperature range at which the operation of the device is possible is also important. It is desirable that it was as wide as possible.

What fasteners to choose for mounting in the vehicle

Storing the OT in a car is often quite problematic. After all, not every model of vehicle has a place to store firefighting equipment.

In this case, you have to decide where and how to mount the fire extinguisher in the trunk? To do this, use a special mount that everyone can install in the car.

It is a special bracket with locks, they are easy to open, but at the same time securely fix the equipment in motion. However, they must be properly installed.

If you do not use ready-made brackets, but decided to make them yourself, you can use a piece of sheet metal for this purpose. Two parts are made from it. Their dimensions should correspond to the volume of the fire extinguisher cylinder, so that it can be easily inserted into them.

You can avoid unnecessary noise in motion by gluing strips of noise insulation material on the brackets. And for fixing the device will be suitable rubber bands from elastic band.

There is nothing complicated in the manufacture of such a design and anyone can make it. The only thing you can not forget that the mount must exclude the movement of the fire extinguisher even during sudden braking and be as safe as possible.

This is all the OT information that car owners need to know to make the right choice.

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