A small craft for a hydraulic jack.

Jack with their own hands – the best ways to make a reliable jack, design ideas and examples in the photo in the review!

The jack is among the most necessary devices in every car trip. In the case of an accident in a sparsely populated area and remoteness of the car service center, the absence of a jack can lead to a lot of trouble.

Anyone with the necessary experience will be able to understand how to make a jack with their own hands

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Functions of the jack

Most often the jack is used to lift the car when replacing a punctured wheel. The jack is also necessary in the case of repair of car units, access to which is possible only through its bottom.

In addition to operating a vehicle the jack is used for jacking up structures, construction, warehouses and workshops for lifting heavy parts.

Jack specifications

Lifting capacity. Each lifting device has a weight limit, for which it is designed. When making a jack yourself, first of all, you should take into account the weight of the fully loaded car to be lifted.

Maximum lifting height. This characteristic plays a special role with a small clearance, since the car will have to be lifted in any case to the height that is necessary for work.

Lift height. This is the minimum height at which the jack is able to lift the load. This parameter is selected based on the size of the clearance.

Varieties of drive

Mechanical. For lifting, the movement of the handle is used. Jacks of this type require physical costs, but their design is compact. Recommended in the case when the need for use occurs rarely.

Hydraulic. Lifting is done with the pressure of the working fluid. Similar to the previous type, but the physical cost is much less. Recommended if the use is more frequent.

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Pneumatic. Lifting is done with the help of compressed gas energy. Gas from high-pressure cylinders is fed into a special chamber, where it expands and lifts the car.

The advantage of this type is the absence of any physical costs for lifting.

Operating principle

There are known jacks of screw, rack and pinion type, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Jacks are also subdivided into mobile, stationary type and portable. It is easier to make a portable jack, because of its low weight.

For a better solution to the problem of choosing the type and design, it is recommended to read on the Internet with a photo of the jack, made with their own hands.

Self-made car jack

After determining the right type, you should find or make on your own a drawing of the jack, which is to be made with your own hands.

Making a “jack” jack

The name “rolling jack” the jack received because of its external resemblance to a cart. Despite the simplicity of design, it is used to lift trucks.

Make a jack with your own hands is easiest, putting in the basis of a mechanism of the bottle type, the lifting height of which is 23 cm. To work will need channels 10 and 12 mm. From 12-mm is made rack, and from 10-mm base and lever for lifting.

Several working rods are used in the operation of the jack. The main part of the unit is the piston. The task of lifting the load is done by the hydraulic cylinder acting on the lever.

The rollers used in a domestic washing machine are mounted at the front. In the process of assembling a cup of a car rebound is used, and for the struts a 20 mm rod.

The principle of operation of the jack is similar to the bottle jack, but unlike the latter, the working cylinder is placed in a horizontal plane.

Improvement of a foam gun

When the mechanism works, the piston is not connected directly to the jack, and moves under the car when lifting the lever.

The unit is actuated by the movement of the lever and lowered by turning the valve screw. To lower the load, the handle is put on the valve screw and the pressure in the cylinder is reduced as it rotates.

Making a press at home

Before you start designing and making a jack press with your own hands, you need to decide what exactly will be produced with this press.

The presses made at home cannot have the technical capabilities of the presses made in a factory. The force of 10-20 tons developed by a homemade press is enough to solve most of the problems faced by the home handyman.

It is easy enough to make a home-made press based on a bottle jack. Such a jack is attractive because the manual pump is already built into the design.

Self-repair of the jack

In the presence of consumables and spare parts, the repair of the jack with their own hands is not difficult. Repair is complicated in the presence of corrosion and rust. A special fluid for removing oxides and corrosion will help to solve this problem.

  • After disassembling the mechanism, you should clean the inside cavity and get rid of foreign matter;
  • Replace the working fluid (oil);
  • Remove the sealing elements. When reassembling you should observe the order of installation of sealing elements. Otherwise the pressure value will be insufficient.

The bending of the stem and defects of the mirror surface cannot be corrected at home. Significant wear of the parts of the lifting mechanism will require replacement of a component or the entire unit.

Hydraulic press with their own hands: features of application and technology. Simple schemes and drawings to create with their own hands (170 photos)

In some situations, the owners of private houses may need a pressing device with an impressive indicator of pressure. Buying such a tool – a matter of irrational, because it requires a significant monetary investment, and the device will be used not so often.

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In this article we will consider the drawings of the hydraulic press and describe the algorithm of its manufacture at home.

What is a hydraulic press

The hydraulic press is understood to be a special unit intended for use in a garage or other economic structure, which allows you to process parts through the impact on them a significant compression force.

Usually such equipment is used by craftsmen in automotive workshops. In addition, it can be used for making fuel briquettes or when there is a need to set a certain shape of metal products.

Factory-made tool has an impressive cost, so more and more people are interested in how they can make the press with their own hands. First of all, it is necessary to study the specifics of the structural solution of this device, as well as the principle of its operation.

As you can see in the photo of the homemade hydraulic press, it consists of two basic cylindrical chambers. The one with the smaller volume increases the pressure due to the fact that oil is pumped through a pipe-like channel to the second, larger capacity tank.

When the liquid gets there, the compression force increases and is directed to the piston, which is responsible for the functioning of the press. The press is also outfitted with special supports designed to hold the part that needs to be processed.

Equipment needed to assemble the press

Before trying to assemble the equipment for the press in home-made conditions, it is necessary to be equipped with certain tools.

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