Alarm system GSM with cell phone notification function

GSM alarm control over your cell phone

GSM alarm system with cell phone control

GSM alarm control over your phone – a reliable device for remote control territory. It will protect property from theft, secure the office, cottage, store and other objects.

Cellular GSM alarm will instantly respond to detected activity in the area of coverage by raising the local alarm and sending the owner an SMS message to a stored cell phone number.

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Advantages of GSM alarm system with cell phone control

In Moscow GSM alarm systems controlled by GSM network are used in a large number of areas. In everyday life and for professional security. This is an excellent means to always be in touch with the protected object and control the situation, even being very far away.

Our online store has a wide range of GSM alarms controlled via smartphone (using mobile application). The buyer can choose the appropriate model for themselves by looking at its functionality and basic characteristics.

GSM alarm system with cell phone control

Variety of GSM alarms:

  • Sound GSM alarm with a siren
  • GSM alarm with two-way feedback
  • GSM alarm system with fire detector
  • GSM alarm system with power relay
  • GSM alarm system with panic button for elderly people
  • GSM alarm control over your cell phone
  • GSM alarm system with Android application
  • GSM alarm at the door – to open the door. GSM alarm for the safe.
  • GSM alarm for low temperatures in unheated rooms

Mobile GSM alarm systems have several tangible advantages:

  • Easy installation and configuration of the system without the help of specialists.
  • Ability to wiretap the controlled area through a cell phone with a built-in microphone.
  • Possibility of remote photo and video control if there is an interface for connecting IP-cameras.
  • There are different ways to notify and raise alarms. It can be a siren, SMS notification on cell phone, notifications in mobile application on smartphone, remote keyfobs.
  • Using a regular SIM card for communication. So the user can quickly send the necessary commands to the number of the device, having previously added it to the phone book on your smartphone.
How to build a digital tachometer with the AVR microcontroller

Judging by the reviews of customers from Moscow and other cities, the mobile alarm system and control over GSM network, it really is simple and convenient option to control your apartment, cottage, office, warehouse, store.

Characteristics of GSM alarm system with control by cell phone

Before you buy a GSM alarm system with the control by cell phone you should get acquainted with its working parameters.

They determine the possibilities of the device and the recommended scope:

  • The number of control zones for wired and wireless sensors.
  • The number of subscriber numbers that can be stored in the memory of the device.
  • Power supply parameters, battery capacity, and battery life of the device.
  • Availability and features of the mobile application.
  • Frequency range of cellular communication in the GSM alarm system.
  • Temperature mode of operation .
  • Parameters of the sensors. Viewing angle, triggering range, installation method.
  • The exact size and weight.

Choosing the right mobile alarm system with GSM control according to these parameters, the user will ensure a high level of security and control in the area of coverage.

Car alarms with GSM telephone control

Budget telematics alarm system that supports 2G/3G/4G (LTE). Built-in GPS-signal amplifier allows the equipment to work even in an unstable Internet connection.

Car alarm system with remote start, with built-in GSM/GPS modules with support for 4G/3G/2G networks. Works with applications on the iPhone (IOS) and Android. As the identification of the owner can be used smartphone.

Universal security system based on Pandora car alarm system. Autostart, immobilizer tag, 4G GSM module, GPS antenna, keychain radio, provides the highest level of protection of the vehicle.

Car security system with car engine autostart. The system can use a smartphone as the owner’s identifier. Car alarm system functions are controlled via a mobile application.

Pandora car alarm system with automatic engine start. Support keyless starting modern cars, the availability of an autonomous power system and slave mode.

A siren with its own melody or sound

Car telemetry alarm system with auto engine start, autonomous power supply, internet service and support of mobile application for IOS and Android.

Antitheft alarm system Pandora c automatic and remote engine start, bypass vehicle immobilizer without an additional key, mobile application for smartphones, as well as control of the car via an online service.

Car alarm Pandora with feedback, management of which is carried out as a radio, as well as with a mobile application for Smartphone.

Car alarm PANDORA. Management with key fob, tags, phone, as well as with the original key car.

Alarm system with record low power consumption, designed for use on cars with long winter storage mode

Affordable GSM car alarm system with car startup from smartphone. Siren and engine start module in the kit. Keyless bypass factory immobilizers most modern cars. Application for control of car alarms for ios and Android.

Micro alarm with built-in GPS receiver. Built-in immobilizer + determination of the coordinates of the LBS (cell towers), with car startup and GSM. All keyless entry auto start + technology CLONE.

Security anti-theft system with auto start function, built-in GSM and the presence of anti-theft tags.

Car alarm Pandect with remote engine start, keyfob feedback and anti-theft tag

Car alarms, in addition to GSM module as has liquid crystal remote control with feedback. This allows you to remotely start the engine, as well as control the car in the absence of GSM siglala. Additional interlock relay provides maximum protection against theft of the car.

Car alarms Prizrak with automatic engine start with built-in GSM, GPS, GLONASS interfaces. Included with the system is anti-theft tag. Starting the engine by phone and with the original key fob car.

Innovative model in the line of security GSM complexes Prizrak. Owner authentication is performed by regular key, key tag with Key ID technology and PIN-code. Advanced configuration: siren, microphone, allowing you to listen to what is happening in the cabin, Slim-tag. Free telematics service Dozor.

Blinking stoplight on microcontroller

Car Slave alarm with remote start the engine Phantom with built-in GSM module. Management via the car key and smartphone. Key ID tag included.

The latest anti-theft alarm and telematics GSM-system Prizrak 8XL designed specifically for cars: Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Lada, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault.

Autostart the engine from the phone. Reliable security and telematics complex with remote engine start via smartphone or key fob. GSM and 2CAN, CAN + LIN interfaces are included.

Starline car alarm system with intelligent car engine start and control by phone.

Car alarm Starline with GSM module, allows you to remotely start the car engine from anywhere in the world, in the presence of network communications.

Remote auto-start the engine with a cell phone. Additional authorization by PIN-code. Moving the car is possible only after entering an individual code using car buttons.

Guard-telematic complex for the protection of the car with intelligent autostart, non-scanning dialog code control, integrated multi-system 2CAN, built-in GSM, GPS-interface and 512-channel noise-protected transceiver with a range up to 2000 m Super Slave as a gift.

Autostart and engine heating with a direct phone call or SMS from a cell phone. Notification of alarm events that occurred with the car (the alarm on the shock sensor, opening the door or starting the ignition) in guard mode.

Car alarm allows you to monitor the vehicle using GPS, Glonass Telematics interfaces. The system is able to locate the vehicle in seconds.

New for 2013. A reliable car security system with intelligent auto-start, non-scanning dialog control code, shockproof key fob control, 128-channel noise protection transceiver with a range up to 2000 m. Optional Super Slave.

Model alarm system in the maximum configuration. Key fob, tag, GSM, GPS, this set gives the owner full comfort when using the system.

Affordable security and telematic system with auto start StarLine with GSM-interface, authorization via Bluetooth Smart, 2CAN +2LIN module!

Car Suspension Analysis or RF spectrum analyzer

Car alarm Starline with remote engine start. Autostart the car and control the alarm system is carried out using a mobile app for smartphones Apple (ios) or Android. Includes contactless anti-theft tag used to identify the owner.

Modern, anti-theft, security and telematics car alarm StarLine with support keyless bypass OEM immobilizers of modern cars. Built-in GPS and GSM modules significantly expand the capabilities of the system, allow you to remotely start the engine of the car, as well as monitor the vehicle.

The SIM-chip built into the alarm, as well as additional SIM-card of another operator, provide a reliable GSM-communication and constant monitoring of the vehicle. The new tag and 2CAN + 4LIN interface, ensure maximum functionality to protect your car from theft

Guarding and telematic complex to protect trucks with intelligent auto-start, non-scanning dialog code control, built-in GSM/GPS-interface and 128-channel noise transceiver with a range up to 2000 m.

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