All car brands with emblems and names

Vehicle emblems of the world and their meanings part.1

1.Acura. The emblem is reminiscent of a crocodile. The simplicity of the pattern is due to the fact that at the time of the brand’s creation in the U.S. it was quite difficult to register a new trademark. The official register of logos contained many similar trademarks.

2.Alfa Romeo. The logo consists of two borrowed parts: a red cross on a white background and a snake eating a man. The first element has long been present on the coat of arms of the city of Milan. The second is an exact copy of the coat of arms of the Visconti dynasty.

3.Aston Martin. The original logo consisted of intertwined letters A and M. The wings identify the speed inherent in the produced cars. They appeared on the logo only in 1927, they were borrowed from Bentley. A year later it was decided to give them a fashionable shape. In 1947 the logo was supplemented by the name of the then owner – David Brown.

4.Bentley. The main element – a winged capital letter B, is the embodiment of strength, speed and independence. Due to the color scheme, three types of manufactured cars are distinguished. Thus, the green is a distinctive sign of racing models, red – sophisticated, black – more powerful vehicles.

5.Audi. The four rings used for the logo symbolize fusion. Each of the elements represents companies, such as Audi Automobil-Werke AG, Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH, Dampf Kraft Wagen and Wanderer Werke AG, united in 1934.

6.BMW. The first appearance of the company’s logo dates back to 1917. It was depicted with a propeller. Since 1920, the logo has not changed dramatically. It can be noted only that since 1963 a different font of the acronym is used. The main element of the BMW logo is a black circle, the inner space of which consists of four sectors. The silver-white and sky-blue colors in which they are painted are traditional for Bavaria.

7.Brilliance. The company represents China in the car market. Taking into consideration the fact, that the price for consumers is affordable, we should note the high quality of produced vehicles. Perhaps this was the reason for calling them “brilliance. The brand name speaks for itself, and the logo of the car, consisting of two hieroglyphs, is a written confirmation of it.

8. Bugatti. Connoisseurs of the cars produced by the company know perfectly well why the emblem is made exactly in the form of pearls. The logo has the last name and initials of the founder, Ettore Bugatti. Sixty dots along the perimeter are nothing else but pearls.

9.Buick. The history of the logo is rich. The current version is three framed shields. Each of them symbolizes three models, as in the 1960 version of the emblem.

10.BYD. It did not take much time to create the emblem. It is a kind of simplified version of the BMW logo. Color, shape, a little distorted vision – and it’s done.

11.Cadillac. The family coat of arms of the de la Mothe Cadillac family is used as an emblem. In 1901, the then Fort Ville d’ Etroit became the industrial city of Detroit.

Simple starter, schematic

12.Caterham. Caterham Car Sales was a Lotus dealer. In the early 1970s, Graham Nirn, who by then headed the company, bought the rights to produce Seven cars. After that, the sports car changed its name to Caterham Super Seven. If to look closely, it is possible to see the elements, similar to an emblem of Lotus. As for the magic number 7, then it was present on the emblem of the company for a long time, unwittingly reminding about the eponymous model. Since 2011 a certain structuring is observed. This can be confirmed by the emblem presented in January 2014. It clearly differs from the familiar Super Seven. The unchanged attribute is the green color, which now shows the contours of the flag of Great Britain.

13.Chery. Chery Automobile Corporation places on its cars the logo, which resembles an abbreviation of the company’s name. Among other things, the emblem symbolizes the hands, which are characterized by strength and unity.

14.Chevrolet. Louis Joseph Chevrolet was a famous racing driver and mechanic. His performance in 1905 in the Vanderbilt Cup attracted the attention of the owner of General Motors. In 1911, Louis Joseph was invited to name the cars he produced after him. The emblem, reminiscent of a bow tie, symbolizes the success of the famous racer. It is believed that the emblem of Chevrolet was nothing else than a picture on the wallpaper, which William Derant, its owner, noticed while staying in a hotel in France. The second version, told by his wife, says that the logo caught her husband’s eye when he was just turning the pages of a newspaper.

15.Chrysler. Walter Percy Chrysler, once vice-president of GM, was born in the family of a railway engineer. He dreamed of producing his own cars based on experience and striving for perfection. In 1924, his thoughts began to materialize through the reorganization process of two companies. Four years later, Dodge and later Lamborghini with American Motors Corporation joined their list. Since 2014, the company has been a semi-independent division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, producing passenger cars and minivans. The modern version of the emblem has similar features to the Aston Martin badge and symbolizes speed, swiftness.

16.Citroën. The emblem is a double chevron consisting of V-shaped signs. It was very often used in heraldry. In the case of the Citroën emblem, it is associated with the beginning of André Citroën’s career. And it began in the workshops of the Estens brothers, who produced parts for steam locomotives. In 1905, he becomes their partner and organizes the production of gear wheels (gears). Gradually the company became a manufacturer of car parts, and then launched its own assembly line.

17.Dacia. This is the name of the territory of modern Romania. Ancient Romans named it Dacia, in honor of the Dacian tribe that lived there. The automobile plant is located in Pitesti. Given the connection with the tribe, whose totem animals are wolf and dragon, it is not surprising that the original emblem reminds scales of a dragon. In addition, it is worth noting the characteristic of their warriors scaly armor. In 2008, visitors of the Geneva Motor Show were the first to see the new logo of Dacia. Logo at a closer look resembles the letter “D”, on its straight horizontal line in dark blue letters is written the full name. The silver color of the main element indicates the status of a subsidiary of Renault.

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18.Daewoo. The name of the company translates as “great universe”. Many sources say that a seashell was chosen as the emblem. But more plausible is the version with a lily. If you compare the emblem of the company with the well-known fleur-de-lis, which is heraldic in nature, they are very similar. This is not surprising, because fleur d’lys translates literally from French as “flower of the lily”. Among other things, this flower is considered a symbol of purity, grandeur and innocence.

19.Daihatsu. Since 1907, the company Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. based at Osaka University has been manufacturing car engines for over 20 years. In 1951, changes occurred, during which a new company was formed, which was named Daihatsu. Dai and Hatsu (大 and 発) is a kind of abbreviation, as Osaka is written as the following combination of characters – 大阪, and “engine production” – 発動機 製造. As for the emblem, it is a stylized element resembling the capital letter “D” and symbolizes compactness combined with convenience. The company’s slogan is not without reason: “We make it compact”.

20. Dodge. The company was founded by Dodge brothers in 1900. They were engaged in production of spare parts. Then it was decided to produce cars. In 1928 the company became an integral part of the Chrysler Corporation. Originally, the emblem of the company was a round-shaped medal. Two interlocking triangles, forming a six-pointed star, were located in the center. Inside it were capital letters D and B, the word combination “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles” framed it on the outside. The ram’s head was first used in 1936. Between 1954 and 1980, the element was not observed on the logo. From 1994 to 2010 the main distinctive element, emblazoned on the logo of the company, again becomes the head of the fathead. Given this fact, it is worth noting that this is due to the inherent assertiveness and power of these animals. Now the emblem looks unpretentious: the company’s name in combination with two red oblique lines, symbolizing the sporting spirit.

All famous car brands with badges and names

The badges of cars with names and logos are not easy to remember. But in the case of Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia it is not so.

All famous car brands with icons and names

According to the emblem of the car, you usually know what brand it belongs to. Therefore, all the known car brands have well thought out and improve the badges and names for their products and try to make them as memorable as possible.

Chinese cars

The logo reflects the basic principles and aspirations of the manufacturer and sometimes has historical roots. They try to develop it with modern technology and trends, without forgetting about the origins. Some are so successful that they almost do not change over time, and therefore do not need to be introduced. And others, such as badges and names of car brands of Chinese manufacturers, are little known outside of their native country. Of these, the following types are more common on the world’s highways and city roads:

  • Lifan – a group of companies began producing passenger cars in 2005, the name translates as “going forward,” which is reflected in the emblem in the form of three sails in an oval frame;
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Chinese cars

  • Geely (interpreted as “happiness”) – the company has been producing family, medium-sized and executive automobiles since 1986, and its logo appears to some as a bird’s wing, and to others as a white mountain against a blue sky;
  • Chery, a brand owned by a state corporation, appeared at the end of the last century in Anhui Province, and in its badge, resembling A in open palms, the capital letters of the company’s full name are interestingly intertwined, as a symbol of unity and strength;
  • BYD – the name is an abbreviation of the phrase “build your dreams” in the English translation, this acronym is also painted on the logo;
  • Great Wall, the emblem of the largest car manufacturer is formed by a ring and the letters G and W, forming a tower, and the meaning of this design is the reliability and grandeur of the company, named after the national landmark of the same name.

Japanese brands

Many brands of cars manufactured in this country with badges and names are known in the world. But the most common are the following:

  • Toyota – the company’s new slogan is “strive for the best,” and the emblem is two intersecting T-shaped ovals surrounded by a third, symbolizing worldwide fame;
  • Suzuki – cars of this manufacturer are recognized by its logo in the form of a blue letter S and the full name, depicted in red, which symbolizes tradition and perfection;
  • Nissan – cars are distinguished by quality and elegance, which is reflected both in the slogan – “exceeding expectations”, and in the updated badge, made in a minimalist design – the brand name written on a silver plate, which is attached to a ring of the same shade.

Japanese brands

All car companies with badges and names are hard to remember. Most often, in memory remain the most popular brands, or unusual images, or as simplified as possible, for example, the letter H – at Honda, K – at Kawasaki or curved L – at Lexus.

Emblems of Russian cars

There are not many cars made in Russia, and among them the most famous are Lada, KAMAZ, GAZ, as well as the vehicles of the young company Aurus. LADA is produced at the AvtoVAZ plant. Previously, this brand was called “Zhiguli”. The modern logo is an image of an ancient vessel – a rook.

On the badge of the vehicles produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant, there is a running deer. This animal appeared on the emblem in 1949, but previously there were other graphic elements, excluded now – the name GAZ, the teeth of the wall and horizontal stripe. The new design is more concise and stylish.

Domestic car emblems

Emblems of Russian cars

Aurus is a family of executive class cars. They are designed to accompany important people and top officials of the state. The gray-black badge is an equilateral triangle with rounded tops, located upward. It is crossed by a rectangular horizontal plate with the name of the brand.

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On the Kama River there is a plant that produces engines and trucks. Its name has a reference to this natural object – “KAMAZ”. There is a picture of a horse on the logo.

German car brands

Germany produced the first cars. Some of the brands are popular even now, their products are considered one of the most technologically advanced, reliable and safe. The most famous are the following:

  • BMW – the last emblem is made in the form of a divided into 4 sectors (2 blue and white each, symbolizing the sky and steel) center and a transparent border, and the same tones are present in the Bavarian flag;
  • Opel – the company’s badge is made in the form of a horizontal lightning within a silver-black circle with the brand name, and the yellow color typical for the previous designs is absent in the design;

German car brands

German car brands

  • Volkswagen – the short name of the brand uses the letters W and V, which also form the central element of the emblem, made in blue and white;
  • Porsche – the basis of the logo is a black horse and the name of the brand, the image is complemented by horns, red and black stripes, which are considered the symbols of the region of Baden-Württemberg;
  • Mercedes-Benz – almost all the time out of more than 120 years of existence the emblem of the cars was a three-beam star, the most recognizable in the world badge, symbolizing the dominance of the brand in the three elements – on the sea, in the sky and on the ground.

Not only the above, but also many other German car brands with icons and names in Russian are well known.

European cars

Vehicles of this region are represented by more than 30 brands, the most popular of which are:

  • English Rolls-Royce – the car is named after the names of the founders of the brand, the first letters of which are placed one above the other with a slight offset on the logo;


  • Rover – the brand’s often-changing heraldry always features elements characteristic of the Viking era, and the latest design is a golden rook with a red sail on a black background;
  • Fiat – the brand name is inscribed in a circle combined with a square;
  • Citroen – the company is named after the creator, who was the first to produce gears, in many ways superior to existing models, which is shown on the brand symbol – chevron wheel cogs in a schematic form;
  • Volvo – the symbolism is represented by a spear and a shield of the god Mars, which are connected by a diagonal line.

All European car brands with badges are diverse, but usually have a meaning, which, once understood, makes it easier to remember them.

Korean cars.

The emblems of brands of this country are not less meaningful. Thus, the famous Hyundai, which in translation into Russian means “new time”, has a logo design – a beautiful letter H in an ellipse. It symbolizes the handshake of the partners.

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Korean cars

Another car – Ssang Yong (translation – two dragons) has a stylish emblem depicting the claws and wings of these fabulous creatures. Daewoo is recognized by the sea shell, and Kia – by the name of the Korean brand in an ellipse, which is also a symbol of the phrase “enter the world of Asia.

American cars.

The name badges of foreign cars are markedly different from domestic ones, especially U.S. brands. Most symbolize individuality and industry-specific attributes – reliability, modern design, new technology, and safety. There are many brands, but the emblems of some of them have been known for decades not only in their home country, but also in the world:

  • Ford – the familiar auto industry ellipse with the last name of the company’s founder in capital letters;
  • Hummer – the name, located on the 8-way grille;
  • Buick – three silver emblems as a symbol of the most popular models;
  • Cadillac – the family emblem of the brand’s founder;
  • Chrysler – designer wings, they symbolize the power and speed of cars produced by the company;
  • – stylized cross, familiar to many;
  • Pontiac – a red arrow.

American cars

Among different logos of American brands there are a lot of recognizable emblems with animals, for example, cobras for Shelby or horses for Mustang.

Representatives of the French car industry

Brands of popular French cars, badges, as well as names in Russian, can be considered among the most memorable, especially “Renault” and “Peugeot”. The logo of the former appeared in 1992 and after several changes now has a shape of a silver rhombus. Its meaning is a schematic drawing of a diamond. The understated but modern design reflects a commitment to tradition along with a desire to incorporate technological innovations into production processes.

Peugeot emblem

The Peugeot emblem is a lion. Over the years, the first image has changed in many ways. It is now a snarling animal standing on its hind legs, which fully reflects the brand slogan – “movement and emotion”. The latest design addition was to add dynamism and volume to the graphic element by doling out shadows.


The name and logo badges of foreign cars are not easy to remember. But in the case of Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia this is not the case. The first brand was recognized as the most powerful in the world. This feature is emphasized by the emblem of the brand – a black galloping horse on a yellow background and the letters F and S. There are three stripes at the top, symbolizing the Italian national colors – red, white and green.

Lancia badge shows chrome steering wheel

The Lancia badge shows a chrome steering wheel

The Lancia badge shows a chrome steering wheel on a blue shield, and the Maserati shows a white trident on a background of the color of the sea. This symbol is a replica of the Neptune statue that adorns the fountain in Bologna. The company slogan “excellence through passion” is written at the bottom of the logo.

The described car brands with icons and names in Russian are only a part of the brands, but the most famous and widespread.

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