Angel Eyes on the Lada 2110 with his own hands

Angel eyes with my own hands

30 August 2011 | Author: Nick | Viewings: 60472 |

How to make headlights tuning with your own hands? A very popular way to make the optics attractive is to install angel eyes. It is possible to buy angel eyes and not to bother, but TAZ drivers are not those who look for easy ways! :) Consider how you can make angel eyes on VAZ 2110 with their own hands.

  1. Buy alternative headlights with angel eyes
  2. Make angel eyes with LED strip (ring)
  3. Make angel eyes with transparent tube.

Everyone knows that you can buy angel eyes together with optics. For example, Pro-Sport, optics that are sold in many online stores. The price for Pro Sport headlights is usually from 4000-7000 thousand. But to be honest, the quality of these optics does not stand out and I advise you not to buy them :)

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LED to bulb on a pulsed driver

Next, you can buy angel eyes separately from the optics. That is, you buy a LED ring (or LED strip) and install themselves angel eyes (a ring of LEDs) in their headlights. The process of installing LED rings in the headlights Kirzhach. Price for angel eyes (or rather LED rings) is not high, about 200r. The third option is to do angel eyes with their own hands. This point I wanted to consider in more detail in this article.

Sold ready-made angel eyes (eg, angel eyes flexible neon or sets of ready-made transparent rings with LED backlight). You will only need to install them in the headlights. Price of angel eyes, made not from a set of LEDs, and from a transparent tube or neon start from 1500r to “a lot of money” :). You can save a lot of money if you make your own angel eyes. And the effect of the glow will be the same (provided that you make high-quality angel eyes :) ) How to make angel eyes on VAZ? It turns out everything is much easier than it seems. It is enough to find the necessary material and allocate a little time.

Consider the process of making angel eyes: In fact, on the Internet a lot of photographic reports, which show how to make angel eyes from transparent rods. Here, I have given only the basic, most important points in making rings.

Angel’s eyes on any car with their own hands

The transparent rod should be heated to the point where it can be easily deformed. You can heat it in an oven, or with a construction hair dryer (which is more correct).

Using pliers, wrap the rod around the can, starting from the center of the tube and going to the edges. (Overheating leads to the formation of small bubbles inside the rod)

When the rod solidified, saw off the edges to have enough room to mount the LEDs.

Glove compartment lighting with your own hands

You can check with a 9v battery.

Insulate. The ends of the rod are ground smoothly.

Next we make a notch on one side of the rod at a pitch of 2. 2,5 mm and indented from the ends (1. 1,5 cm) What would the notches were even, it is possible to use a plastic clamp. It is desirable to connect the rod to the LEDs, so as to see how the notches will look already on the finished version.

To brighten the notches closer to the middle of the rod did not fall, you need to gradually deepen the notches towards the middle of the ring (from 0.2 mm at the ends to 0.5 mm in the middle). Example when the glow is not uniform.

Solder the diodes together (better in series, to equalize the current flowing through them). At the ends of the ring we drill holes 5-7 mm long and 5 mm in diameter and insert the LEDs into them. The ends of the tube can be covered with foil.

Fasten it with shrink tubing. It is better to use white color so it is not obvious. Pull out the LED leads carefully.

Switching it on.

How do angel eyes look like on the VAZ 2110: How to install angel eyes? Fix angel eyes on the headlights Kirzhach can be using sealant or superglue. Fabricated ring should be attached around the lens notches inside the headlamp. Install angel eyes in the headlamps Bosch the same method does not work, because they similar place for fixing the ring missing. If you want, you can install angel eyes in any headlamp, using for example some kind of additional mounts. The main thing is that the construction was kept safe and looked good too !


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right rod (not hollow and good quality) to make angel eyes. It is hard to tell by eye if the rod will fit or not. So some people buy several different tubes at once and try to make rings with each of them individually.

Handle illumination on the door activator

Even though the process of making angel eyes seems pretty simple, you actually need a little experience to make good quality angel eyes. You may not be able to make them beautiful the first time. Maybe the LED’s will not be as bright as you would like them to be or the glow tube will not be uniform. Take into account all the disadvantages of the first time and you should succeed.

Many motorists do not dare to install angel eyes in the headlights because of the fact that when the LEDs burn out, you will have to dismantle the headlight. In fact, if the LEDs are well sealed and the correct resistance is chosen, they will burn for many years.

By the way, here are a couple more photo reports on installing angel eyes (one, two).

Installing angel eyes on VAZ 2110 with your own hands

Angel eyes – a beautiful spectacular invention of BMW, today enjoys great popularity among car owners of various cars.

We will tell you how to put angel eyes on VAZ 2110 with your own hands, using ingenuity, ingenuity, some improvised materials and LEDs.

Angel eyes on VAZ 2110

Angel Eyes on VAZ 2110

For the first example, let’s take Kirzhach headlights and consider how you can make tuning angel eyes front headlights.


On the Internet you can find rings of LEDs, ideal for headlights Kirzhach. In terms of size, they have a diameter of 54 mm on the inside, on the outer ring – 70 mm.

But there is an alternative idea: make everything with your own hands – such optics will be cheaper, perhaps – even more beautiful. In order for your headlights Kirzhach transformed, will need a transparent rod with LEDs – they are now full in stores of building materials.

Another thing is that they will have to bend (better – using a construction hair dryer), here it is desirable to have certain skills to tuned headlights Kirzhach look perfect.

In the cold season, due to temperature jumps there is a leakage of the working fluid, as a result of which it is necessary to replace the hydraulic headlight corrector. Details of the procedure here:

Another option is to use separate LEDs (from 8 pieces per headlight) and a transparent plastic rod. In this case, the work for wishing to do all their hands will be even more, because these optics will require bending rods, slotting under the LEDs at regular intervals (which you want to accurately calculate), each LED installation.

Adjusting the brightness of the cabin lighting

In general – this headlight tuning VAZ 2110 will require remarkable ingenuity and dexterity. Therefore, choose and stop at the option that is acceptable to you.


So, you have ordered on the Internet or made a beautiful ring with LEDs. If your optics are tinted, you can ring themselves (but not the LEDs), painted black for greater effect.

Now we are waiting for an alternative installation of light fixtures:

  1. Dismantling. Disassemble the headlight Kirzhach. In fact, you only need to remove the glass. In the corner of the glass slip a flat screwdriver. A gap is formed, we put in it a thin office knife, cut the sealant and remove the glass. By the way, if something goes wrong, you can simply break the glass, remove all the sealant, and then replace it with new glass;
  2. Carefulness. Warning: optics require careful handling, so you should never touch the reflector with your hands. Carefully remove all debris (such as pieces of sealant) from inside the headlight assembly. Otherwise you will have to replace it very quickly;
  3. Fitting. Fit our bought or handmade LED ring to the lens;
  4. Improvement. It is possible that a decorative element will be in the way, overlapping the light. If this is the case, you can trim it down a bit by turning it into an oval;
  5. Installing. Now you can glue angel eyes to the lens. It is better to do this with super glue, although there is also another solution – silicone sealant;
  6. Powering. Power up the LED ring from the parking lights. An alternative idea is through a fuse and a separate switch;
  7. Headlight assembly. Glue back the removed glass. Usually it is “planted” on the silicone sealant. However, doing it with your own hands, there is a risk that in the future the headlights will fog up, because of the humidity there may be a short circuit. An alternative method – all the optics is closed with glass with liquid nails, bought in a construction store.
Backlighting in the trunk with their own hands

And again – an alternative idea: not to attach angel eyes around the lens, and glue them to the mask with silicone. LED strip needs to give a round shape.

It can be wound, for example, around a faceted glass, bottle, etc. Such optics is then filled with silicone in the right place on the mask.

It is connected as in the case of internal fixing around the lens.

Rear lights.

An LED strip or ring is also a great alternative concept for taillights. Such optics, created with your own hands, will transform the taillights, and with them – the entire overall appearance of the VAZ 2110.

In general, you can change the rear headlights in the same way as the front – with the help of angel eyes. But you can do it even more beautiful, and we will tell you how this alternative idea can be implemented.

You will need: tape with LEDs or rings, which we mentioned; round cataphotes of the size you need; glue and/or Epoxy; cylinders to install the LED rings.

To make the optics look more elegant, in the rear lights, in the inner wells you can install cataphotas. They will be backlighting for the taillights: for reverse you can take white, for fog lights – red, for turns – yellow.

By the way, if you do not have the exact size, you can take a large cataphot, they can be cut. However, if you like this alternative concept. If not – then the rear lights can only decorate angel eyes on the principle already described.

Gluing LEDs and reflectors in the rear lights requires great accuracy, but the result is sure to please you.

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