Anti-rain with your own hands, you can not think of anything easier

“Anti-rain” for auto glass with their own hands: purpose, recipes, step-by-step actions

Every car owner tries to provide maximum comfort while driving, as well as to reduce the time and finances spent on the maintenance of his car. However, the difficult weather conditions that are typical for spring and autumn, as well as the quality of the road surface, lead to rapid contamination not only of the body, but also of the windows. To protect the glass surface and increase the level of comfort and safety, it is necessary to use a modern means “anti-rain”.

What are the benefits of “anti-rain” means

In recent years, car owners are increasingly using for their cars such a means as “anti-rain”. The substance is a chemical composition, designed for application to the surface of the glass in order to remove precipitation under the influence of the counter flow of air. “Anti-rain” is applied to the working surface of the glass, and after the evaporation of volatile compounds, a protective layer that interacts with the glass is formed. Such polish fills microcracks, scratches and other defects. After that, it is enough for your car to gain a certain speed during the rain, and the water will fly off by itself under air currents, not interfering with the view. Wipers in this case do not need to turn on.

Video: how the “Anti-rain” works

What is used to make “antidote” and what is it

As part of the means there are polymeric and silicone components contained in the solvent on an organic basis. “Anti-rain” is divided into several types:

    Liquid. The application of such means is quite simple and is reduced to wetting the cloth and applying the substance to the surface. The quality depends largely on the product used (composition, manufacturer). The consumption of liquid polish will be large, since the container is not equipped with a dispenser.

Liquid product

In addition to purchased polishes, you can make “anti-rain” at home. For this purpose, mainly use:

  • paraffin;
  • silicone oil;
  • building sealant;
  • Conditioner for linen.

How to make “anti-rain” with your own hands

The recipe for homemade “anti-rain” will differ depending on the chosen base. Therefore, the preparation of each of the compositions, its features and method of application should be considered separately.

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On paraffin

The simplest remedy that repels water from the surface of the glass, you can prepare on the basis of paraffin (wax). To do this, you will need:

  • paraffin candle 10 g;
  • “White spirit” 100 g;
  • A non-woven cloth.

To prepare “anti-rain”, perform the following actions:

    We rub a paraffin candle on a fine grater.

Crushing the candle

Adding solvent

Waxing the surface

The application of such a composition does not damage the glass in any way. The positive sides of the substance can be attributed to the simplicity of preparation and affordable cost. Of the disadvantages is the appearance of stains on the surface, which is especially noticeable in the dark. Duration of the described composition – about 2 months, which directly depends on the number of car washes and precipitation.

Video: “anti-rain” from paraffin

On silicone oil

Silicone oil is absolutely harmless, which does not cause any damage to the glass, plastic, rubber bands, paintwork of the body. The effect of using such a substance is quite long and is not inferior to expensive purchased “anti-rainstorms”. The cost of the oil is about 45 rubles for a bottle of 15 ml, which is quite enough to process the car. Use the oil this way:

  1. To treat windshields, put a few drops of oil on the windshield wipers and rub them with a rag.
  2. Turn on the wipers and wait for them to rub the substance on the glass.
  3. To treat other glass, just apply a few drops of oil to the surface and rub it with a clean rag.

To apply to glass, we recommend using silicone oil PMS-100 or PMS-200.

Video: Glasses treated with silicone oil

On a fabric conditioner

To prepare “anti-rain” on the basis of conditioner, you will need the usual means used in the washing of laundry. For the purposes under consideration, it is recommended to use “Lenore”, as it is more effective compared to similar products. The list of necessary for the preparation of the solution consists of the following:

  • 1 capful of “Lenor”;
  • distilled water;
  • An empty bottle for mixing the mixture for 5 liters.

Preparation of the remedy is performed in the following sequence:

    In an empty container pour “Lenor”.

Adding rinse aid

Adding water

Pouring liquid

Video: the use of “anti-rain” from “Lenor”

Use “anti-rain” on the basis of the rinse agent is necessary in the same way as the usual washer fluid, only not so often.

The advantage of the considered composition is a simple procedure of preparation and use. Of the disadvantages of the “anti-rain” from the air conditioner is the appearance of a film on the glass, which in the daytime can impair visibility. To exclude the appearance of the film, it is necessary to use high-quality wipers, which will fit well to the glass.

Dual reed neutral sensor

On sealant

Another means, which can be involved in the preparation of homemade “anti-rain”, is a construction sealant. For this you will need:

  • 50 g of “White spirit” solvent;
  • A teaspoon of building sealant;
  • plastic bottle.

From the practice of car enthusiasts, it can be noted that the most common and effective is a neutral silicone sealant “Moment”. The preparation process is performed as follows:

  1. In a container we pour the solvent.
  2. We add the sealant.

Adding sealant

Mixing agent

Adding cleaner

Video: homemade “anti-rain” from construction sealant

“Anti-rain” from sealant is most convenient to apply from a sprayer. After spraying, the surface is rubbed with a clean, lint-free rag. After such a remedy does not leave any streaks and any traces, and the glass is perfectly protected from dirt and water. Everyone can prepare such a composition due to the availability and low cost of the components. For example, the cost of the sealant starts at only 100 p.

Experience of car enthusiasts

I used High Gear, I liked the effect, but not for a long time, it was enough for a week on average in normal weather, in rainy weather for 3-4 days. My brother has had it on his side windows for six months, the effect is great to see. I’ve heard that RainX is on sale somewhere in METRO, so I’m looking for it. The guys in England only use it.


The manufacturer is turtle, rubs in without a buildup, lasts about 3 months. All windows are rubbed in half an hour, very handy stuff. Costs a penny, no disadvantages detected. There are lefty anti-rain, but they are too tired to apply, rub and rub, and the glass in the whitish plaque.


I apply regular anti-rain from Turtle and someone else. I apply it myself, the method is simple, but it lasts maximum one month – this is ideal, and so 2 weeks is good, then the efficiency drops a lot, but it is done quickly: washed the glass, applied, rinsed, wiped.


Turtle Wax – pretty medicated anti-rain – ours, cheap, hardy, helps a little. Runway Rain – pretty good, they give it at work. Aquapel – gone bad. Q2 View – very expensive, good, before gave at work, then stopped.


Among the motorists is quite popular self-made “antifog”. This is due to the low cost of components and their effectiveness. In addition, to obtain a particular composition does not require special skills. Every car owner can prepare such a remedy, as it requires a minimum of time and financial expenses.

How to make and apply anti-rain with your own hands

The problem of a muddy car worries many drivers who, while driving on the roads, encounter such weather phenomena as rain or wet snow.

Atmospheric precipitation always create unfavorable conditions for driving, because when it rains or snows, visibility on the road deteriorates, and in a heavy downpour or heavy snowfall even wipers do not have time to clean the windshield.

glass in the rain

Also when driving, the windshield and the body are contaminated by splashes and dirt from the vehicle ahead.

Unsatisfactory visibility of the road and dirty optics several times increase the creation of an accident situation during inclement weather. Therefore, drivers are forced to reduce speed and maximize their vigilance for what is happening on the roads. To prevent raindrops and splashes of rain on the surface of the car, nowadays the antidropping agent is applied.

picture of the rainstopper

Such means, when applied, prevents the mud droplets from adhering to the parts of the car. But because of its high cost, not all motorists can afford to buy such a preparation, creating inconveniences to themselves, when driving a car in rainy weather.

However, there is a great solution – a means of anti-rain with their own hands, which is not difficult to prepare from fairly simple and accessible components.


The name of the substance itself indicates its purpose, as it is used against the effects of rain and road dirt. When using such a preparation, a hydrophobic layer is formed on the surface of the car, which has a special quality.

When droplets of rain or liquid mud hit the treated surface, there is a repulsive effect. Such an application helps to ensure that drops of moisture or dirt do not stay on the car glass, thereby improving visibility of the road.

how the product works

When the glass is treated with such a preparation, the liquid or dirt that gets on its surface is formed into small balls, which roll down by themselves, and when the car is moving, they fly away during the oncoming gust of wind. It is worth noting that anti-rain, applied to the windshield or car body, in no way affects the safety of driving.

Video: how the anti-dozer works in bad weather.


How to make anti-rain with your own hands? First of all, you need to know the principle on which the anti-rain remedy works. Its main function is to prevent moisture and dirt from sticking to the treated area of the car, so the basis of this product should include water-repellent elements.

It is not difficult to prepare such a preparation at home, using paraffin and white spirit.

  1. Paraffin is a mixture of solid high molecular weight hydrocarbons of a confined nature, which is an excellent water repellent.
  2. White spirit in the household is used as a solvent, but for glass, as well as car paintwork, it does not cause any damage and is quite safe. Its use requires certain safety precautions, as it is a flammable substance.

Make anti-rain with your own hands can be made from the following components:

  • candle ordinary, paraffin;
  • white spirit – a flammable liquid;
  • Cotton products or simple non-woven cloth to apply the product.

Grate paraffin candle (10 grams) and place it in a tank with white spirit (100 grams), stir it thoroughly and bring to a complete dissolution, after which the prepared elementary composition can be used.

Video: how to make a remedy with your own hands.


How to apply anti-rain is an extremely important part of the preliminary preparation of the surface of the windshield. You should know that such a remedy is applied to the car windshield after thorough cleaning of all types of dirt.

glass cleaning

In the beginning it is washed with a solution of car shampoo and water, then detergent containing ammonia and well rub the glass with paper towels to a perfect transparent state, not forgetting the corners.

Then the glass should be allowed to dry, after which you can quickly apply the “anti-rain”. Do not forget that glass is easily scratched material. Therefore, for such work it is worth using soft (automotive) clean materials, such as:

  • sponge for cleaning “no scratches”;
  • wipes;
  • Cotton products (disks).

It is important to observe extreme caution when polishing the glass so as not to accidentally hit the wipe stale dirt caught under the rubber seals or the rack, which will immediately lead to the formation of streaks.

Wait until the alcohol dries and begin to polish the glass surface to full transparency using any means at hand: paper, cloths, cloth, etc. The result will be stunning, which will exceed your expectations!

Video: how to apply anti-rain with your own hands.


Anti-rain remedy prepared with your own hands is used not only for the windows, it can also be applied to the car body. The essence of the work of such a preparation after its application is identical to the working process for glass.

A perfectly clean and dry car surface is smeared with the product and thoroughly rubbed with paper towels. Such a procedure is the perfect protection for your car, which will shine with amazing cleanliness.

beautiful car

Convinced of all the positive properties of this wonderful tool, you will be able to keep your “iron friend” clean for a long time. Therefore, this drug is quite popular among car enthusiasts. After all, anti-rain for the body with their own hands, thanks to its amazing properties, prevents all parts of the car from getting dust, dirt and atmospheric precipitation.

We would like to note that the application of such a unique product on the side windows and even on the mirrors of your car will not be superfluous.

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