Armrest for VW Polo Sedan

Installing the original armrest on the VW Polo Sedan

Installing the original armrest on the VW Polo Sedan. Greetings all! DAS Blog. Here I am ripe. To say that I could not live without it, I will not. Rather a coincidence, as they say “The puzzle came together.

In the evening I read a post on D2 about installation of an armrest. An hour later I go to Avito shrimp shelters in the aquarium to look ….

…and there’s the armrest on the front page. Used in good condition. No bumps. 2020.

Original. Yes, and with a cupholder, screws and a plug.

In 5 minutes I contacted the seller on WATCAP. He sent me a picture in good quality. In 10 minutes transferred money to the card. The next day he sent it by SDEK. In 5 days I received it.

I am talking to him. Let’s go to put it on. Let’s check out what’s going on. We take the plug off. Pull it up from the bottom.

We unscrew screw. The arrow is on the armrest support fastening hole.

The hardest part is to push the armrest support under the center console. Pull up the console with all your might, twist it a bit and put the support in its rightful place. IMPORTANT: The arrows on the support must be in the direction of travel.

Fix the support with 4 screws. I put a piece of cutter for convenience. If you can screw in the rear screws from above, the front ones can not, they are under the console.

Click the plug. Put the armrest, screw it.

Put the cupholder. ALL!

The result. First sensation, like in a dentist’s chair, squeezed, you can not flush. Rolled. Comfortable. It is not habitual to shift gears and put the handbrake on. But it’s temporary. You get used to nice things in no time.

?And now a question? What do you put in the armrest? I understand that the place is never empty.

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And as a bonus, ordered on chinese site cover with eco-leather. It’s on its way.

Armrest 3 000 Shipping SDEC 650 TOTAL: 3 650 rubles.

It’s raining cats and dogs. Decided to make it rain! Washed my DAS.

Happy Astronauts Day! GO! Have a great work week!

UPD: 04/27/2021 In the comments they wrote that the armrest only gets in the way on the transmission and it’s impossible to get used to it.

Tested it for two weeks. Found a comfortable, for me, position. Lower armrest all the way down and raise it two clicks up. It turns out armrest is slightly tilted. It is convenient to change gear and use handbrake when driving uphill.

I recommend it, for sure!

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Comments 30

Is it possible to find just the upper part of the armrest? These hinges are broken.

And what’s the hitch? I always seem to answer all and send)

Sorry Ruslan wrong names. Vlad had a hitch.

I’ve been driving a Polo for five years, never had a hiccup. Depends on the build of the driver, maybe. I’ve made the top cover myself with leatherette.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m not used to it yet.

You wrote that “you get used to a good thing”. I haven’t gotten used to it in three years. I only use it on the highway when I don’t have to shift often. The rest of the time it gets in the way. It puts my hand in an awkward position when shifting gears. When you put the car on the handbrake, it also interferes, you have to raise it and then set it again. This is a good idea, but it is not clear to me how to use it. I almost never used the alcove in the armrest. A couple of times there were sunglasses. To my mind, this is a very questionable design for a car with a mechanic.

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How to install the armrest on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

Morning – 7:00. Traditional traffic jam in the center of the city – how not to fall asleep at the wheel? Especially for the owners of premium SUVs, which interior has a whole “board” from a soft genuine leather, called a central arm-rest in common people’s terms. You can only put an elbow on a velvet comfortable surface, propping your head up with a palm of your hand, as it slowly starts to disincline towards sleep.

On the other hand, it is a very necessary thing for motorists, who are used to push the gas pedal to the floor along the endless kilometers of highway. After a couple of hours of exhausting marathon your hand involuntarily reaches for the center of the car, even if there is no armrest. And what a relief comes at once when the center of gravity is transferred from the “fifth” point to the soft support.

Car armrest

One more advantage of the central armrest is availability of capacity for storage of small things. Those expensive crossovers have so much space in armrests that it is difficult not to drown inside these bottomless “wells”. Well, everything is much simpler in “budget” cars: put a bottle of water inside and you will not torment thirst during the day.

Telling the truth, not all “budget cars” can afford this convenient device. For example, the original armrest on Volkswagen Polo sedan can be found only in maximum configuration Highline or in recently extolled “star” version AllStar.

Armrest variants

Unfair? Well, the owners of the Kaluga sedan can not get upset, as they have the opportunity to buy the original armrest separately and install it with their own hands. You can not buy the original, and choose excellent quality analogues from the Celestial Empire or models produced by domestic factories.

Polo AllStar interior

But you should start with the original stand. The device can be adjusted for tilt, and for the rear passengers there is a sliding cup holder. Naturally the price tag is off the charts if you look at the new model. On Exist the most expensive is lower part of armrest (6R086717482V) – more than 20000 rubles. You can order the upper part in two variants to choose – cloth trim (6R0867173XPA) or synthetic leather (6R0867173XPJ).

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There is not much difference in price between them – around 5,500 – 6,000 rubles. The important element of the box is a bracket (6R0864273A), because of which you will have to reconstruct almost the whole Polo sedan center console. This “pleasure” costs about 2000 rubles. Additionally you need to buy the left and right covers (6R0864279B82V and 6R0864280B82V), the cup holder (6R082531A82V), a special overlay (6R0868687A82V), 4 screws for the bracket (N10285504), a hex nut (N90798805) and a tapping screw (N90698606).

Thus, the original cup holder will cost about 35000 rubles to the owners of the initial configurations of Kaluga sedan.

For those who are used to counting every penny, there are more affordable options on the car market. For example, a Chinese copy of the German original – ZVT859010A SCH. On eBay it costs more than 5000 rubles. And that, perhaps, if you do not count the beautiful design of the lid, is the only plus of the copy.

Original armrest

But there are lots of disadvantages (what did you expect from a cheap Chinese device?): terrible mounting, which makes the armrest “walk” from side to side and can come off under heavy load, side covers, held on their word of honor, and thin aluminum (not silumin, unfortunately), which is the basis of the whole construction.

Quite good version of armrests specially for Polo sedan is produced in St. Petersburg. There is no need to disassemble anything in the cabin – the box is attached without screws and bolts, tightly inserted into the center console. The design blends perfectly with the interior of the Kaluga car. The frame is made of moisture-resistant plywood, and the surface is made of “breathing” eco-leather, supplied from Germany. The dimensions clearly correspond to the central tunnel of the sedan.

Chinese armrest

The price tag of the product is even lower than its Chinese counterpart – about 2500-3000 rubles. Such price can not but raise additional questions: whether the armrest really does not wobble while in use and whether it can withstand a heavy load? The manufacturer claims that the device can withstand up to 120 kg of vertical pressure, but for such a price it is hard to believe it.

Proper valve lapping: manually, with a drill, with a pneumatic machine

The armrests by Warta are designed on the same principle. Copies are matched with mathematical accuracy for any modifications of the Polo sedan. You don’t need any fasteners for mounting, and the installation takes a couple of minutes. Decorative stitching on the eco leather looks very stylish and solid. Inside the box with two compartments there is enough space for a smartphone or notebook. Frame made of wood will not squeak unlike the plastic, and the soft synthetic leather will increase the comfort of driving.

Varta armrest

How long will “live” in the cabin of a sedan armrest Warta, the cost of which is about 2000 rubles – a purely individual question.

Self-installation of armrest

The last two armrests are removable. Their installation will not take much time. As for the original sample and the device from the Celestial, before the elbow can enjoy pleasant comfort, the owners of the Kaluga sedan will have to tinker with the central tunnel.

The sequence of steps to install the armrest with your own hands:

    Remove the trim from the central tunnel of the car.

Remove the trim

We unscrew the screw

Pull off tunnel

Screw the armrest

Install armrest

The original can be adjusted in height. To raise the armrest, you must first lower it to the click of the detent, and then you can raise it to the desired level. The same algorithm is applied for height reduction: you lift up to the stop and as soon as the mechanism clicks the armrest down to the required position.

Thus, Polo sedan owners, who intend to give rest to muscles during long trips, have a choice: to make a step towards quality, having paid solid money or to be content with standard armrest from China at lower price. In principle the removable analogs are not inferior to the original in design. In addition even a novice car owner can install them in the car.

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