Automatic gearbox Volkswagen Taos: what gearbox is it, automatic transmission names, automatic or robot, boxes with 1.6 and 1.4 liter engines

All about the automatic transmission on the Volkswagen Taos


In recent decades, the automatic transmission from a sign of respectability on expensive cars has become a commonplace unit even on budget cars. Its disadvantages, first of all, a little bit higher fuel consumption and relatively sluggish acceleration, in many respects could be compensated, and advantages are preserved.

Of course, the Taos could not fail to equip with a classical automatic. With the first batch an 8-speed automatic transmission was used, and later a 6-band version for a junior engine was added. Both options are currently available to buyers:

  • Automatic Transmission6 (AQ250) with the 1.6L engine;
  • ACP8 (AQ300) with the 1.4L turbo engine.

Both of these transmissions are Japanese, by Aisin, and the eight-speed was developed on the basis of the six-speed in the same body by “sealing” the design. Installation of additional gear unit was conceived to reduce fuel consumption, and this goal was achieved, but the price was unexpected – when mounted with the same engines (and the same models, understandably), the new automatic transmission is more economical in the city by 0,5-1 l/100 km, but loses in acceleration dynamics 0,1-0,2 seconds up to 100 km/h.

In the case of the Taos it is not possible to compare gearboxes, they are installed with different engines, but the general characteristics are given.

Summary table of the main characteristics

Engine displacement, cm3 1 598 1 395
Max. power, hp, at r.p.m. 110 / 5 800 150 / 5 000
Max. torque, Nm at rpm 152 / 3 850 250 / 1 500
Drive Type Front Front
Max. speed, km/h 177 200
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 13,0 8,8 с
Gasoline consumption in different modes (urban / mixed / suburban), l/100 km 9,4//7,2/5,9 9,2/7,0/5,7


This is an electro-hydro gearbox with planetary gears in a mechanical block and hydrodynamic torque converter (torque converter), with the possibility of locking its slip, for front-wheel drive cars with transverse installation of combustion engines.

Volkswagen Jetta specs: 1.6, 1.4, 2022, automatic

Torque Converter Blocking Torque vs. the load on the internal combustion engine and speed.

  • allowable torque
  • gear ratios for speeds:
  • 1 – 4,148;
  • 2 – 2,370;
  • 3 – 1,556;
  • 4 – 1,155;
  • 5 – 0,859;
  • 6 – 0,686;
  • GC – 3.394;
  • weight – about 82 kg;
  • oil volume – 7 liters;
  • original oil part number – G052025A2*;
  • gearbox filter – 09g325429h**;
  • drain plug ring – 09d321181b;
  • oil change times: nominally maintenance-free, in practice – 60,000 km ***.

  • **- BAG does not produce oil itself, originally under this article number was Esso JWS3309, later found more budget analogue of Toyota ATM fluid WS888602305;
  • **- this filter is a tricky thing, sometimes even in the automatic transmission of one modification of the car there are differences, including the form of the filter, and it is not reflected in the service documentation. It is possible to find out what filter is there only by taking off the automatic transmission pan. The official dealer should have all kinds anyway, and the lovers of saving on their own or third party service will get a lesson, running around looking for the needed one, while the car is standing somewhere with the crankcase taken off;
  • ***- there are facts of oil replacement at 30 000 km, and it is completely black, and the magnets in the gearbox sump are covered with metal products of wear.

The hydraulic control unit is installed in the crankcase cavity of the gearbox, the electronic unit is external and is placed in the under-hood. The box is designed to work with the cooling system (CO), and on some models of WAG with this gearbox the owners had problems.

View of the automatic transmission hydrobox from below with the pan removed.

Бывали случаи перегрева автоматов в предельных режимах движения в случае общей (объединенной) с ДВС СО, в результате нештатной работы термостатов при Т>The 100oC box was heated up to 115…118oC, that in no way promoted neither preservation of lubricating properties of ATF, nor prolongation of the service life of the box.

As a result, among fans of active driving there was a specific type of tuning, modification of the CO of this automatic transmission, reduced to either modification of the standard system, or the installation of an independent CO for the box.


Nevertheless, for normal driving conditions box has a good reliability and good resource, even with the lack of maintenance, it usually loses 100 thousand km and more (although at the end of this term can cause initial manifestations of failure), and with regular maintenance life can reach 250-300 thousand km.


Since this automatic transmission was created as an upgrade of the 6-speed, all of the above applies to it, to a large extent. However, due to the “sealing” of its design, working conditions in it are more rigid, and the oil in the automatic transmission differs by article number – G055540A2.

Regarding replacement intervals there is a discussion, nominally every 60,000 km it is necessary to check the level/condition of the oil, it is clear that based on the experience of its predecessor the oil is simply changed, it will certainly be black.

There is another point of view, consisting in necessity of additional partial oil changes every 20-30 km. The argumentation is logical – since working conditions are harsher, the oil will degrade faster, therefore the intervals of changes should be reduced.

Determining the type of transmission in Volkswagen Polo – automatic or robot

My car: Polo sedan. Question : Vyacheslav Berezovsky. Question : how to determine whether the robot or automatic?

Hello Hello, please tell me how to determine what type of box is installed on a Volkswagen Polo sedan robot or automatic and what is better?

Robot and automatic

Hydraulic automatic transmission selector inside the interior of a Volkswagen Polo sedan

By the appearance of the lever on the center console, you can say with certainty only that this car has an “automatic” – either a classic or a robot.

It is quite difficult to distinguish visually by the appearance of the selector of the automatic transmission from the robot gearbox. An ordinary driver can tell by the moment when the car starts to move from a place.

  • A car with an automatic transmission begins to move smoothly with the selector in drive mode after the brake pedal is released.
  • A car with a robotized transmission with the brake pedal released and Drive mode engaged will remain stationary until the foot touches the gas pedal and the engine speed increases.


  • Aisin 6 speed automatic transmission. It is available only for 1.6 engine.
  • The DSG 7 speed robot. There is only an engine 1.4.

That is it is possible to determine by the volume of the engine!


I own a car Renault Megane 2, before that there were Citroens and Peugeots. I work in the service area of the dealership, so I know the device of the car “from beginning to end”. You can always ask me for advice.

Each type of box has its positive and negative points.

Driving a car with an automatic transmission is more comfortable, especially in frequent traffic jams on the road, there is no need to constantly shift the selector. The cost of a car with an automatic transmission is less than its DSG counterpart.

The essential disadvantage of cars equipped with automatic transmission is the increased fuel consumption in city conditions. Automatic transmission is easier to service.

What is a robotized gearbox

The robotized gearbox DSG is a sort of hybrid of the manual gearbox with the electronic control that automatically engages and disengages the clutch and shifts speeds.

Initially DSG gearboxes have a lot of shortcomings, unpredictable behavior, jerking during movement, excessive hesitancy when shifting gears. All of these negative aspects were eventually eliminated by Volkswagen. The current version of the robotized gearbox is equipped with two clutches and has seven speeds in its asset. All the changes have made the work of the robot more stable and faster. Cars equipped with the updated robot, can significantly save fuel in any speed mode.

Thank you! The article is accessible and clearly written and for me this information is relevant. Going to buy this brand of car.

Also thought about buying a Volkswagen Polo, now for a new car in the showroom “Central” a good price. I will specifically go to the capital for the purchase, because there is a profitable deal. Even a train ticket is provided by the company for nonresidents at their own expense. This is a good addition to the benefits already received.

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