Automatic switching of alarm system when driving backwards for vaz 2170, 2171, 2172

Automatic switching of alarm system when driving backwards for vaz 2170, 2171, 2172

Today I will share an article on how to make sure that when you turn on the reverse speed automatically turned on the emergency light. In the rules of the road it is stated that, when you move reverse must include an emergency light and give the sound signal. to implement all conceived we need:

1 relay (four-terminal, 12v. Any car)

files (2)

2 diodes (I took from the old phone chargers, almost any)



wires with connectors

files (1)

On cars vaz 2170 turn signals relay as such is not, turns controls the controller Electric package, and turning turns osvstvitelnaya by shorting contacts under the switch turns on the mass. Not breaking regular algorithms of car’s work we shall add our scheme into electric circuit.

The circuit itself will automatically turn on the alarm when reversing.

. switch on emergency stop switch when reversing for vaz 2170

You can attach the relay here:

imagesee1dc82s-960images (1)

Pins “86” and “30” connect to the mass “-” (connected to the black wire on the turn-switch pads)

“87” to the turns left, right through the diodes (connected to the blue and blue/black wire on the turn-switch pads)


“85” to the green wire from the reverse sensor (connected to the green wire in the harness under the plastic liner on the driver’s sill)


When applying voltage to “85” contact relay when you turn on the rear, the relay will be triggered and the contact “30” will connect to contact “87” thus there will be a minus for turning on, but since we need both turn and used diodes to use when you turn signals in standard mode included one side of the turns, left or right. The diode in this circuit passes the “minus” only to one side, thereby preventing the contacts from jumpering.

Let me tell you a little bit about the diodes:

Easy Car Tester for the Car Connector


In the part of the designation where the triangle is located, there is the p -region, which is also called the anode or emitter, and on the side where the triangle is adjacent to the segment, there is the n -region, which is respectively called the cathode, or base.Semiconductor diodes, whose purpose is to convert alternating current to direct current, are called rectifiers. Rectification of alternating current using a semiconductor diode is based on its one-way conductivity, which is that the diode creates very little resistance to current flowing in the forward direction, and quite a lot of resistance to the reverse current.

This scheme I use about 2 years of problems were not noticed, works flawlessly. Very convenient for parking in the dark. For cars with positive polarity turns (for example, vaz 2108-2115, 2101-2107, etc.) uses another scheme. Here it is:

Automatic switching of alarm system when driving backwards for vaz 2170, 2171, 2172

Actions in emergency situations Daily checks and malfunction detection Operation and maintenance instructions Cautions and safety rules when working on the car Basic tools, measuring instruments and methods of work with them Engine and its systems Transmission Running gear Steering Brake system Vehicle electrical equipment Body ventilation and cabin heating System Appendixes Fault codes Electric diagrams

vaz priora

Work on the car, which was to replace the model VAZ 2110 began at the plant “AvtoVAZ” in Togliatti in 2002. The very first prototype was presented at the 2003 Moscow Motor Show. Series production of the model, which got an index according to the national classification 2170, and for the market called Priora (from Latin – “dominant, dominant”), began in 2007. The new car, in fact, represents a profound modernization of the model VAZ 2110. Concerned about aerodynamics and technology of the new car, the designers have provided a different design than the “ten”, hood design – now he does not go to the wings, in addition, the joints of the rear bumper – horizontal, and broken lines hood and trunk lid gave extra strength body. The plastic headlights with a dual-lens lighting system and electrical corrector are superior to those previously used on serial VAZes. In total it is declared more than a thousand details, which somehow have changed its design. In 2008, Lada Priora was produced as a hatchback (VAZ-2173), and in 2009 coupe (VAZ-2172) and station wagon (VAZ-2171) were added to existing versions. The interior of Lada Priora, designed by Italian design studio Carcerano, deserves special attention. The level of ergonomics meets international standards, and modern materials are used for trim. On the driver’s door armrest there are switches for control of power windows, joystick to adjust the door mirrors and central locking buttons, which exclude accidental pressure.

The catwalk for the Start-Stop button

interior of the car vaz priora

For the first time on VAZ cars between the front seats there is an armrest with two niches for small items. The instrument cluster is easy to read, with a centrally located display showing electronic odometer, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, time, average speed, etc. All controls are in place and do not distract the driver from the driving process. The center console is adapted to the installation of audio system formats DIN, 2DIN. The 430-litre luggage compartment can be opened either from the cabin or with a button on the alarm key fob. The familiar 1.6-liter 16-valve engine from VAZ-21104 with 98 horsepower is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission with sealed bearings with increased service life. The carefully selected characteristics of the front and rear suspension make it possible to achieve high levels of controllability and stability. Maximum speed of Lada Priora with a driver and one passenger is 183 km / h, and acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h – 11.5 seconds. The engine complies with the Euro 3 emission standard.

vaz priora engine

The basic configuration Priora (version “Normal”) includes driver airbag, electric power steering, central locking with remote control, height adjustable steering column, electric front door windows, immobilizer, trip computer, rear seat head restraints and armrest, headlight adjuster. All family cars are equipped with athermal windows and heated rear window. The Lux version additionally includes ABS and EBD, air conditioning, power windows of all doors, front passenger airbag, seat belts with pretensioners, front fog lights, alloy wheels, parking sensors and electrically heated exterior mirrors. More than half of the Lada Priora body parts are made of galvanized metal or low-alloy steel. The most exposed to corrosion parts (wheel arches, sills, body floor elements) are made of steel with double-sided hot-dip galvanized coating. All this, combined with modern anti-corrosion treatment and painting methods, provides guaranteed resistance to penetration corrosion for 6 years.

Catwalks for tweeters in the corners of mirrors

This manual contains repair and operation instructions for all modifications of VAZ-2170/2171/2172/2173 Lada Priora, manufactured since 2007.

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