Avto-blanket with their own hands

How to make avto-blanket for the engine with your own hands? What materials to choose!

The car – an integral attribute of almost every modern family. He and means of transportation, and a favorite toy, and an important member of the family.

And also – it is a complex technique, which requires care. Especially in difficult climatic conditions – for example, in winter. A different type of maintenance, a different cycle of operation and a completely different level of care. In particular, in cold weather conditions, it would be necessary to create a thermal protection of the engine with an auto blanket.

auto blanket for a car

But there is a mishap – it is not always easy to find and buy it. It is not available in stores, it is not suitable for the given type of the car, the price is too high. And here in view of all these circumstances, the knowledge of how it is possible to make automobile blankets for the engine with the hands can appear rather useful.

Why do you need an auto blanket?

The task of an auto blanket – preservation of engine heat. Because most of all it is necessary when the street is bitter cold, and the driver needs to move around the area with frequent stops (eg, visiting a few clients or stores, or delivery of son in kindergarten, and the daughter at school, wife at work, etc.).

you need a car blanket in winter

During these short stops an insulated engine can be a real salvation – and it is easier to start the car, and in the cabin heat is better preserved (or at least it warms up faster). Advantages, which will give autoleak created by your own hands, are:

  • warmth – with a blanket the engine can be kept warm 2-3 times longer than without it;
  • time – its unproductive expenses are reduced;
  • fuel – the absence of the need for a long heating allows you to save significantly on gasoline.

Composition of an auto blanket

If there is a desire to keep an auto blanket with your own hands, then, choosing a material for engine insulation, it is necessary to proceed from this task:

  • The fabric should protect the engine and retain heat;
  • It must be incombustible;
  • It must not be too tight – in fact it will have to be cut and sewn at home.
Simple dimmer for the lamp in the cabin of the car

Based on the above conditions, I can recommend for selection:

  • Fiberglass fabric for the blanket shell;
  • Isover for the inner filling;
  • flame-resistant thread (such as Flame Master), you can and simple thread, but they will need to be treated with flame retardant impregnation. Still there is a special sewing thread (aramid), used for sewing overalls, for workers hot shops.

For reference. Glass cloth – a non-flammable material, which in addition is not expensive (from 30 rubles per meter), although there is not all construction points. Look in stores – trading stoves and fireplaces, they are always in stock.

There is a different kind of fiberglass fabric

Fiberglass – there are different.

Friends, please do not fool around – do not remove the glass cloth from the heating! Buy the same is not expensive!

Isover (Isover) – the material is a mineral wool with a thickness of 50 mm. Two sheets are enough for filling. The disadvantages of this filler – it pricks, you have to do everything with gloves.


Of less available and expensive materials are: basalt fabric, insulation also basalt (not prickly). By the way, threads for sewing can be pulled from this fabric.

Basalt fabric and insulation

Basalt fabric and insulation

Technology of making an auto blanket

The technology of making a quilt is very simple and can be divided into the following steps.

1. Taking measurements from the hood – the blanket should be sized to the place of coverage (covered the entire underbonnet, not just the engine) or a little more – to tuck the edges.

The size can be different

The size can be different.

2. Proper calculation of the required amount of material and its purchase (it is better to take with reserve).

2. Cutting the necessary pieces of material, if you purchased fiberglass and mineral wool, you should work very carefully with gloves.

Cutting of pieces of material

Cutting pieces of material

3. Sewing the cut out pieces: first sew three sides to make a pillowcase, fill it with filler and sew up the fourth side.

We fill up the air conditioner with our own hands

Filling a blanket with filler

Filling the quilt with filler

And you can sew with a large (gypsy) needle or an awl with a hook and flame-resistant thread. It is desirable to make stitches not only on the edges, but also to stitch the blanket additionally (for example, crosswise), so that the filler does not bunch up during use.

Ready-made car blanket should be placed under the hood, carefully tuck its sides, secure it also from the straps.

Putting a homemade blanket in place

Put the homemade blanket in place

So, if there is a need and desire to keep the avto-blanket with your own hands to make not only possible, but even quite simple. And caring attitude to your iron horse – it will definitely pay off. Good luck!

Auto Blanket with their own hands: whether it is safe, what to make

Auto blanket with their own hands: whether it is safe, from what to make

Hello all! Few people leave the car for the whole winter in the garage for the period of frosts do not use it. And winters sometimes can provoke falling of thermometer column below -20 degrees Celsius. Not all foreign cars are able to function in such regime. One of the decisions is to make a self-made auto blanket with your own hands.

I remind that you have already once told about all features of a purchased auto blanket for a motor, its functions, possibilities and a variety. Therefore, today the main emphasis will be placed on how to do something like this yourself.

The answer to the question of how to sew a blanket on the engine is interesting for those who want to save money or simply do not see worthy and high quality products on the market among the proposed options.

blanket on the car

If you have personal experience in creating such a product for the car, be sure to leave feedback, share your impressions and your observations on this subject.

What are auto blankets used for

Harsh winter in many regions of the country makes it clear that in such conditions, warming the car for the winter is simply necessary. One of the key elements to be protected from low temperatures is the engine. Although in fact, a blanket covers almost the entire underhood space.

Gearbox handle illumination with your own hands

What documents are needed for the registration of the car

What documents are needed for the registration of the car and trailer, the terms and how much does it cost?

Auto blanket is called a special product made of heat-resistant materials, which are characterized by the ability to retain heat. It is used for installation in the underhood space. The main task is not the creation of heat, contrary to popular belief, but its preservation. When it is very cold outside, even with a brief stop the engine will cool down very quickly. Therefore, it will be necessary to spend more time and fuel for warming up a car. By the way, it returns us to a question whether it is necessary to warm up the engine before trips.

Such solutions are actively used by those who live in regions with cold winters.

Moreover, the real need for an auto blanket occurs when regular trips are made from one point to another, and it is often necessary to get out of the car, turn off the engine and restart the engine.

This category of motorists includes delivery vehicles, courier services, and cabs.

Auto blanket in winter

If there is no insulation under the hood, then the engine has to be warmed up many times during the day. What exactly this entails, you will learn from the material, the link to which I left just above.

Using a quality blanket or blanket for the internal combustion engine, you will extend the time during which the unit will remain at a normal temperature, and not cool down almost instantly, by about 2-3 times.

To summarize, there are several reasons:

  • Fuel economy. You spend fewer resources on warming up. These resources include the fuel itself;
  • Time savings. An extremely important resource for every person. It is unlikely that you will be pleased to spend a lot of time in place, waiting until the engine once again warms up;
  • Saves heat. Heat will be kept not only in the underhood space, but also in the cabin. In fact, the engine cooling system is directly connected to the cabin heating system.
Testing your remote control

Conclusions about whether to buy a blanket or not, you can do yourself.

Although it seems to me that everything is obvious here.

Safety and dimensions

Taking into account personal experience, and also leaning on ideas and recommendations of skilled fellows from Drive2, it is possible to draw some conclusions concerning independent manufacturing of auto blanket.

I shall begin with that it is possible to make it. Here the main thing is to choose correct structure of components, to use possibility of automobile blanket safely and effectively.

A tent on the roof of the car: which one to choose

Tent on the roof of the car: what to choose

The question of safety is directly related to what components will be used in the creation. Such products have higher requirements in terms of their resistance to high temperatures. Obviously, if you place an ordinary wool or some wool blanket in the underhood space, the consequences will be quite predictable. The material will start to smolder at first, and at some point will simply catch fire. Together with it and the whole car.

Another important point is to choose the optimal size.

Because of the lack of necessary dimensions, many people have to make a blanket for themselves, based on the size of the under-hood space.

a blanket in a car

Although there are many universal products on sale, it will be better if the insulation can occupy the entire under-hood space without letting the cold pass through.

Ready-made blankets are available on sites like Aliexpress and similar resources.

They can be selected for different cars:

  • Lada Kalina 2;
  • Skoda Octavia;
  • Renault Logan;
  • Nissan Almera;
  • VAZ 2110;
  • VAZ 2115;
  • Daewoo Nexia;
  • Chevrolet Aveo;
  • Nissan Qashqai;
  • Mitsubishi Galant;
  • Renault Duster, etc.

The first thing to do is to take under-hood measurements. Never sew by eye. If you just cover the motor, it will not be enough.

Materials to be used

If you visit the thematic forum, you can meet a lot of questions and arguments on the subject of self-made auto blanket.

In this case, anyone who has faced such a personal example, will say that the key role is played by the material. Yes, it is possible to do without fiberglass fabric. But then it is necessary to decide, what to make a covering for internal combustion engine, resistant to high temperature.

Toolbox with their own hands

The filler, as well as the outer cover for the blanket, must meet such requirements:

  • have a high melting point;
  • provide high ignition temperatures;
  • offer a medium density level due to the need to stitch through the material;
  • provide the ability to cut into desired sections;
  • not let in outside cold air;
  • not let heat out for as long as possible.

Looking through the videos on this topic, you can notice that all masters use a variety of materials.

make an auto blanket

From the perspective of the best value for money and quality is best suited glass fabric and basalt wool (isover).

Sewing is done using a large needle and threads with fire-resistant characteristics.

Keep in mind that the wool will be prickly, because of which it is not very pleasant to work with it.

Step by step sewing


What’s included in a motorist’s kit: a must-have kit

No special skills are required here. But laying the work on women is not worth it, because it will be very difficult to pierce the material.

Sewing is performed in the following sequence:

  • make measurements of the under-hood space;
  • Make a pattern of elements;
  • sew a semblance of a duvet cover from fiberglass fabric;
  • Fill the duvet cover with absorbent cotton (isover);
  • sew up the side that is left to be filled.

Worry about the fact that the quilt looks ugly and not aesthetically pleasing, certainly do not. It has a completely different purpose.

It is extremely important not to allow the basalt wool directly in contact with the hot engine.

That is, it is better to stitch the duvet cover several times for your own confidence.

auto blanket

Such a product will last more than one year. This is a solid savings on the purchase of ready-made insulation. And not always the products sold in stores turn out to be better than those that motorists made themselves.

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