Backlighting in mirrors from the alarm system with their own hands

How to make illumination in the rearview mirrors

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Side mirrors of expensive cars are literally stuffed with different additional functions. For example, the external mirror of Volvo has a camera, the system of recognition of the car in the “blind spot” and the light, which allows you not to step in a puddle at night. Did you know that the last option can also be installed on VAZ cars?


Installing illumination in the exterior mirrors of the car

Will need: Waterproof 23mm LED lights (LED Eagle Eye) – 2pcs. Approximate cost in a Chinese store – 100r/pc. To diffuse the light better, sharpen and polish the lens. Remove and disassemble mirrors (in our example are mirrors from Priora). Then we make a hole in the housing with a suitable diameter. Install LEDs, which are fixed by the original nut. Wires, that goes inside the body of the lamp, we fill with hot melt glue.

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Backlighting of the Lada nameplate with your hands

Diagram of connection of car mirrors illumination


The programmable channel of the alarm system (where the “ground” appears) was used for the operation of the backlight. Then we use the usual connection through a relay: As a result, the backlight in the mirrors turns on after disarming the car and lights up for 30 seconds, or after turning off the ignition. Goes out after the ignition is turned on. Now boarding the car at night will be more comfortable and convenient. You can also connect the lights in the mirrors to the passenger compartment lighting.

Video with a demonstration of work: By the way, previously published a report on the installation of cameras in the mirrors, which allows you to realize a circular view of the car. Another way to improve the exterior mirrors is to put turn signals in them. Read also all about exterior car lighting.

Polite lighting in mirrors.

I often noticed that the expensive cars have, so-called, “courtesy lighting” function, that is, when you arm or disarm the alarm system, turn on the backlight handles (particularly in BMW) or lit mirrors (saw at Audi), well, I wanted to do something like this. Were even bought special diodes for this purpose, but, as they say, did not get my hands ….

Diodes cost me 150rub, if you want, here is a link, ordered from the Celestial Empire on Aliexpress.

And this weekend I finally decided to do this hedgehog! I called my friend installer (who set me alarm on my car) and asked him if it is possible to implement this idea from the alarm, which was answered positively!

After which, went to his garage. He quickly, with the alarm unit through the relay brought plus wire to the backlight!

To be honest, in the details – what, how, where and where, I did not go into, but poking around on our site, saw a record of Sergei – Serega2308, he had done my idea almost a year ago! In his entry Polite backlighting in the mirrors part 2 has a wiring diagram, which I borrowed from him for you. =))

Making a backlight in the ignition switch

I will explain the principle of light: When disarmed, the light stays on for 20 seconds, or until you turn the ignition on; When you turn the ignition off, the light also stays on for 20 seconds, or until you turn the car on! Basically what I wanted!

After I got the plus wire out, I started installing diodes in the mirrors and wiring! Started with the driver’s door, took apart the door trim.

Then took off the mirror, drilled a hole for the diode.

Diodes decided to place in a rectangle with the inscriptions, plus there is a technological hole for the drainage of moisture from the mirror!

From the inside of the diode is fixed with a nut, here are the dimensions:

Screw from the diode does not interfere with the regulation of the mirror, so cut it off, plus, so less likely to get moisture, although they seem to be plastered with sealant, but as they say – China, he’s China!

Now about the connection:

WARNING! The worst “trouble” in all this is to pull the wire from the cabin to the door! But with this I cope, though with great difficulty and not without the help of a friend! Plus wire from the diode connected to the plus wire from the alarm relay, which pulled from the cabin to the door, minus I took from the strip window lifters! In principle, nothing complicated! Checked it out, everything works! But I did not like one thing – the backlight went out sharply! To fix this, it was decided to add a capacitor for each door. I bought two 25V capacitors with a capacity of 4700 mF in the store.

I cut them directly into the connection points of the wires.

Insulated the whole thing with duct tape, checked – the backlight turns off smoothly now, although you could have put capacitors more powerful! ))

Extend the life of LED strips in a car

If you do not look closely, the diode in the body of the mirror is almost not visible as a drop.

Daytime effect of course no light, but in the dark, just super! )))

Took a video for an example, as the backlight when disarming and arming the alarm. Filmed in the daytime in the tunnel, of course the whole video effect does not transfer, but I think the meaning will be clear!

That’s how I spent Saturday! =)

Thanks for reading! Good luck and fulfill your ideas!

P.S. by the way, it is possible to connect these lights and to PTF and headlamps and what you want! )))

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