Best glasses for drivers

The 10 best glasses for the driver

Even if you have perfect vision, glasses can help you cope with the stress of a long drive, weather factors that impede your vision, and avoid accidents.

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What glasses to buy

The algorithm of choice of glasses for the driver should be as follows:

  • Decide on the appearance of the frame and the material for the lenses.

You need thin temples and frame, no interference with lateral vision, high-quality plastic lenses.

Gray and green are universal, yellow ones are good at night and in bad weather, brown ones are for bright daytime sunshine.

  • Choose the degree of sun protection.

Category 1 is optimal for cloudy days, Category 3 for sunny days. Category 2 is universal.

  • Decide what kind of coating the lenses should have.

For constantly changing conditions of illumination you need photochromic “chameleons”, polarizing glasses will save from the reflected light in wet or snowy weather and “antiphars” – at night.

If you have to control the dashboard or monitor the navigation screen while driving, it is better to choose gradient lenses.

Our pick

SPG Comfort AS003

Norfin NF-2010

Cafa France CF8505

case with wipe

The best goggles for driving

For our review, we’ve chosen different types of glasses – taking into account different driving conditions.

Nintendo Wii

The glasses are designed specifically for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. They can be worn in all weather conditions, including at night, rain and snow when visibility on the road is reduced.

  • Lenses are yellow 59×45 mm;
  • The width of the frames is 144 mm;
  • Length of nose bridge 13 mm;
  • Length of the temple – 133 mm;
  • Weight of glasses – 24 grams.

Lightweight metal frame allows glasses to be worn for a long time. Yellow lenses protect your eyes from glare and bright light sources at dusk and at night. Glasses themselves are not polarized. The lenses are made of polycarbonate.

Also recommended:

SPG Comfort AD009 – differ in shape and size of the lenses. This model also has a silver version in addition to the dark gray frame color.

Nintendo Wii

  • The lenses are 42 mm yellow;
  • The nose bridge length is 14 mm;
  • Weight of glasses. 17 grams.

Universal model made of polycarbonate is suitable for driving, fishing, tourism and sports. Glasses reduce the strain on the eyes in rainy and sunny weather. They can be used day and night.

Polarized lenses block reflection from water and glass, bright glare from headlights. They have 100% UV protection with a 31.58% light transmission coefficient. The kit includes a soft pouch.

Also recommended:

Norfin for Lucky John Revo 07 – polarizing goggles with additional mirror coating. Lenses here are photochromic, which means that they react to bright light by darkening. Glasses themselves are made of light floating materials, so they are suitable not only for drivers, but also for fishermen.

Nintendo Wii

This model of glasses can be attributed to the premium class. Lightweight frame combined with high-quality materials of the lenses and the body themselves do not create discomfort when wearing.

  • Lenses are brown 57×46 mm;
  • The width of the frame 143 mm;
  • Length of nose bridge 19 mm;
  • Length of the temple 125 mm;
  • Weight of glasses – 26 grams.

Glasses are designed for driving in clear weather. Their primary task is eye protection from the sun (blocking 100% of UV rays).

The tinted lenses are made of optical polycarbonate. However, they do not have an anti-reflective effect. The glasses come with a case and wipe cloth to wipe the lenses.

Also recommended:

SPG Comfort AS007 – glasses from the same series, only slightly lighter due to other form of lenses. But the main difference is that they already use anti-reflective glass.

Nintendo Wii

  • The lenses are yellow 62×45 mm;
  • The width of the frame 143 mm;
  • Length of the nose bridge 15 mm;
  • The length of the temple is 155 mm;
  • Weight of glasses. 17 grams.

Gilmor do an excellent job of protecting your eyes from sunlight during the day and from oncoming car headlights at night.

The lenses themselves are made of plastic, which makes them safer in case of an accident than glass. Thanks to the long temples they can be combined with ordinary eyeglasses.

Also recommended:

Polarizing glasses “Master K.” – Budget sunglasses with 3 degrees of UV protection. They have a bulky body, but handle glare well.

Nintendo Wii

These goggles are suitable for any time of day. They will do a great job of protecting your eyes in all weather conditions.

  • Lenses are gray 55×50 mm;
  • Length of the nose bridge 15 mm;
  • the length of the temple is 140 mm;
  • Weight of glasses – 30 grams.
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Cafa France lenses are made of hypoallergenic plastic and provide protection degree 3 while maintaining 8-18% light transmission. Optimal darkening allows using them not only for driving, but also for resting on the nature, doing sports, walks in the sunny weather.

Polarization on the lenses protects the eyes from glare, UV filters – from harmful UVA, UVB, UVC radiation, as well as from direct and reflected sunlight or headlights.

Also recommended:

Cafa France CF341532 – a similar model, but with a rectangular lens shape and a wider frame.

How to choose the best glasses

Not every sunglasses will be suitable for driving. The color of the lenses, the protective coating, the light transmission and even the width of the frame will play a role in glaring sun, darkness, dense fog or reflected light on the wet road.

The frame

  • Slim earpieces and frame,
  • wide light apertures,
  • earpieces with fixation to the upper or lower part of the frame (not to the middle);
  • Lenses that fit closely to the eyes.

Suitable: aviators, sport glasses (Wrap Around)

Would not fit: Browliners, Wireframes, Cat’s eye

Lens color

The color of the lenses directly affects the light perception of the driver and the contrast of his vision, as well as the visible spectrum.

The most suitable for the motorist are black, gray, yellow, green and brown lenses. The undesirable ones include red, pink and purple.

Gray lenses.

Considered as versatile as black lenses. They don’t burden the eyes, are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and protect from glare and bright light.

Gray lenses do not distort shades, so all signs and traffic lights will look as they should.

Suitable for: driving in bright sunlight

Yellow and orange lenses

Absorb the blue and violet spectrum, thus relieving the strain on the eyes. Improve contrast, so especially good for low-visibility journeys. Also dampens oncoming car headlights, very helpful for nighttime driving.

Suitable for: driving in winter, night and bad weather

Green lenses

Have a positive effect on intraocular pressure, decrease brightness and increase image contrast. One of the most comfortable lens colors for a person – along with gray and black.

Suitable for: driving in winter and in bright sunlight when there is a lot of reflected light

Brown and amber lenses

Provides good contrast and clarity and also blocks blue light. Improve visibility against blue or green backgrounds (e.g. when driving in fields or through forests). Mutes brightness.

Suitable for: driving in bright sunlight

Red, pink and purple lenses

Are only for beauty, because they strain the eyes and are absolutely not suitable for driving. Moreover, they absorb the red shades, so they may cause an accident, hiding the color of traffic lights, brake and parking lights.

Now the most popular among drivers are glasses with yellow or orange lenses, as they are the most suitable for night driving.

Level of sun protection

Even with the same color lenses, two pairs of different glasses may offer different sun protection. The reason lies in the categories of light transmission. There are 5 in total, and they differ in the amount of sunlight blocked – from 3 to 100%.


Light blocking level


Normal goggles. Suitable for night time and twilight driving

For driving in weak sunlight and cloudy weather.

For driving in moderate sunlight and variable cloudiness

For driving in bright sunshine and intense light.

Effective dimming. Not suitable for driving.

The best options for the driver are category 1, 2 and 3 glasses. They are suitable for different levels of illumination and weather conditions, will allow to keep good visibility, protect from glare, not to overwork eyes.

Category 0 should be approached with caution, as too bright daylight will be a source of problems.

But category 4 is better to be avoided altogether because of the poor visibility and the high risk of accidents. With these glasses the visibility is impaired when transitioning from light to shadow, and red hues and lights are poorly distinguishable.

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Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty period. Usually a UV filter has an expiration date. Approximately every 2 years the lenses need to be replaced, otherwise these glasses will be of no use.

Lens coating

To help drivers on the road developed several types of special coatings for lenses, which limit the light flux through its absorption, reflection or partial transmission. Let’s take a look at the most popular and effective ones.

Photochromic lenses

Chameleon glasses that remain clear indoors and darken when exposed to daylight. Driver’s photochromes respond only to UV light, but also to visible light, working normally even through the windshield.

fotohramnie linsi


  • Good contrast.
  • Blocks glare
  • Adjusts to ambient light


  • Price (driver’s photochromes are more expensive than regular ones)
  • Afraid of overheating
  • Must be replaced about every 3 years
Polarizing lenses

Coated with a special film that protects your eyes from glare and reflected light (from snow or wet roads, for example). Also good for driving in fog or during drizzle, as they increase the sharpness and contrast of the image.

polyarisacionnie linsi


  • Protect from reflected light
  • Helps prevent glare
  • Improve visibility in fog


  • Darken the image on LCD screens (GPS navigator, smartphone)
  • Deteriorate readability of road signs because of blocking of reflected light
Gradient lenses

Lenses with uneven tinting coating. Dark color in the upper part goes smoothly into the light color below. With such tinting, the driver is both protected from the sun and has a good view of the dashboard. Best suited for sunny weather.


  • Work like a visor: sun protection at the top, normal visibility at the bottom
  • Doesn’t strain the eyes


  • Reduce visibility in low light
  • Medium effective sun protection
Screens with anti-reflective effect.

The “antireflective” glasses have lenses with a special coating deposited on their surface to absorb glare and at the same time let in more light. Reduces the ghosting of headlights, street lamps and other lights. Comfortable for the eyes.

linsi s antiblikovim effectob


  • Eliminate glare from headlights.
  • Good for nighttime driving
  • Do not strain the eyes


  • Easily scratched
  • Slightly reduce contrast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which glasses are better: Glass or plastic?

There is no fundamental difference for driving, but in case of an accident the plastic will hurt the driver less than the glass. In addition, plastic glasses are lighter, so they are easier to wear for a long time. Glass glasses will last longer and will not deteriorate from temperature extremes or heat.

How do I use my driver’s glasses if I have low vision?

If you wear contact lenses, you won’t have a problem. If you wear glasses, you will need to buy or order driving glasses with the same dioptric power as you choose for normal glasses. It is better to give preference to models which do not impair vision in insufficient light (chameleons, polarizing).

Is it possible to ruin eyesight, if you wear the wrong type of glasses?

Certainly. If eyewear has an insufficient degree of sun protection, you may not only damage the retina, but also get cataracts, yellow spot degeneration and even cancer of the eyelids or the skin around the eyes. With the wrong lens color, your eyes will strain and tire unnecessarily, and your vision will deteriorate.

Best glasses for drivers

One of the most important conditions for safe driving is good visibility. Blinding light from oncoming vehicles or sunlight can be a big problem for a driver. To make driving comfortable and without any risks, you can use special driving glasses. But how to choose a suitable model from a large variety of products on sale? The fresh top rating from the VyborExpert team comes to the rescue – these are the best driver’s glasses for 2021.

Best glasses for drivers

Our team had time-tested manufacturers’ companies under consideration. Experienced car owners, drivers with a long experience behind the wheel took part in the selection of nominees. It was their knowledge that eliminated the goods of dubious quality. Then we evaluated the remaining ones for a number of characteristics:

  • Variety of glasses;
  • Color of glasses;
  • Materials;
  • Additional coating against glare;
  • Degree of protection against UV rays;
  • Level of light transmission, tinting;
  • The size of glass, their viewing angle;
  • Lightness, strength of the support;
  • The correctness of the fastening of the “BTEs”;
  • Price, productivity.
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The result of the comparative analysis is a top list of 8 items. For convenience, we divided it into 3 categories – these are antiglare, polarizing models, antiphara glasses. Reviews of buyers and owners determined the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Best anti-glare glasses for drivers

The first category of the rating of glasses for drivers represents models with anti-reflective coating. Their main function is to protect against the reflection of shimmering, shiny objects – headlights of oncoming cars, wet asphalt, windshield. According to VyborExpert, two nominees are the best.

HD Vision WrapArounds

The first position is occupied by yellow unisex unisex driver’s glasses, harmonizing colors, pictures. Designed for both daytime and nighttime use. The manufacturer is a Chinese company “HD Vision”.

The lenses are made of flexible plastic oval shape. Anti-reflective coating is tinted, enhanced with a UV filter. The design is rimmed with a black plastic frame that blends with the yellow lenses. In addition to protecting against bright glare, it increases contrast in rainy weather, fog, snowfall.

HD Vision WrapArounds

Lightweight, comfortable, they are compatible with corrective glasses that have dioptres. Comfortably fit over plastic eyeglass frames, do not exert pressure. Protect from glare even xenon headlights.


  • Anti-glare coating;
  • Tinting;
  • Light filter;
  • Good fit on the frame with dioptres;
  • Effectiveness against xenon headlights;
  • Lightweight.


  • Opaque side inserts;
  • Polarization is minimal.

Comes with the product case, a special cloth to wipe off dust and other contaminants. A bonus is protection from the wind. Folding wishbones simplify storage, saving space.

Grand Voyage 1701

Second position is taken by stylish yellow sunglasses without dioptres that guarantee 100% protection from UV rays. Reducing the glare provides polarization coating. The manufacturer is a Chinese brand “Grand Voyage”.

Oval lenses are made of plastic, silver frame – metal with rubberized earpieces for a secure fit. Coating is ultraviolet from sunlight, tinting to regulate light transmission, anti-reflective from glare. The design is rimmed and any lenses can be inserted inside.

Grand Voyage 1701

This model in appearance imitates the usual sunglasses. Due to this design, it is suitable for both women and men, combined with different styles of clothing.


  • Design;
  • Versatility;
  • Alternative to sunglasses;
  • Comfortable frame;
  • High UV protection;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Prolonged wear puts pressure on the bridge of the nose;
  • More comfortable in the evening than during the day.

Use this accessory from the glare of wet asphalt, oncoming headlights, during dusk, precipitation, fog. It reduces strain, the degree of fatigue, normalizes the tissues of the eyes. Metal frames can be stressful when worn for long periods of time.

Best polarizing glasses for drivers

The second category of the rating represents polarizing glasses for drivers. Their main function is to block sun glare. A bonus is the correction of color saturation, which reduces the strain on the organs of vision. The best according to were 4 nominees at once.


  • Improved visibility at night;
  • Polarization;
  • Lightweight frames;
  • Unisex design;
  • Adjustable nosepieces;
  • Original packaging.


  • Fragility;
  • Not always available.

With good value for money, the accessory sells out quickly. Users confirm the ability to increase visibility in bright headlights of oncoming cars. Lightweight causes fragility, so you need a case.

Smart View

In fourth place is a universal model for protection from headlights at any time of day. The main difference is the stylish format of the frame, multifunctional lenses, greater strength. The producing country is China.

The construction, yellow colored lenses are made of high quality, wear-resistant plastic. Thanks to this accessory is lightweight, it does not cause fatigue, discomfort when worn for a long time. On the contrary, it effectively absorbs glare from the sunlight, increasing clarity and detail of objects around the owner.

Smart View

High-quality anti-reflective coating helps minimize eye strain. In this case it does not darken the picture, on the contrary, clarifies it. Universal design harmonizes with the image of both men and women.


  • Good UV filter;
  • Lightweight;
  • Durable rims;
  • Original shape;
  • Maintains clarity without blackout;
  • Suitable for long distance travel.


  • More suitable for women;
  • Requires the purchase of a case.

This product is most often preferred by women because of the interesting shape of the frames. Due to the fact that all parts are plastic, it is desirable to store the accessory in a case. But the light weight provides comfort even on long trips, when combined with dioptres.

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PMX 2131C3

On the fifth place are polarizing glasses with sports frame, reliably protecting your eyes from bright light in front and on the sides. The model has a lot of advantages, but the main thing is anatomic design.

Yellow filters are made of Polarized polycarbonate with light transmission of 23%. Wide temples additionally protect your eyes from bright light. Anatomic shape of the Italian-made frames fits any type of face, provides a secure fit, landing without pressure on the bridge of the nose.

PMX 2131C3

Additionally the contract is reinforced by anti-scratch coating. The accessory is completed with a soft microfibre cover and a hard one with a carabiner. Another feature of the product – light weight, weighing only 26 grams.


  • Robust polycarbonate filter;
  • Branded anatomic frame;
  • Protection in the front, on the sides;
  • Wide handles;
  • Two covers;
  • Light weight.


  • Sporty style is closer to men;
  • Fragile details.

The frame was developed by an Italian design studio. The matte finish is less marking, looks stylish and expensive. Yellow filters reliably correct light supply, saving from glare, dazzle.

Cafa France S82065.

The sixth position is occupied by the model with one of the highest polarization indexes. It guarantees comfortable driving, both during the day and at nightfall, improving the clarity of the picture even in extreme weather conditions.

Lenses of oval shape consist of 8 layers of plastic, they are reinforced with UV filter, tinting and anti-reflective coating. The design is rimmed with folding temples, it is also plastic. Polarization value is 99.9%. The temple is anatomically shaped and fits comfortably on the bridge of the nose without exerting pressure.

Cafa France S82065

Protective filters reduce the risk of accidents. They provide an optimum level of shading, do not reduce the angle of view of the road, improve color perception in bad weather. Externally, they mimic classic sunglasses.


  • High polarization;
  • Darkening without affecting sharpness;
  • Powerful UV filter;
  • Durable materials;
  • Comfort without fatigue;
  • Design.


  • Price;
  • Style is closer to men.

Reviews confirm the comfort even when worn for long periods of time. This brand is preferred more often by men due to the brutal style, which is closer to the sport. Materials are durable, so you can not be afraid of falling.

Magnifying Glasses

The best antifade sunglasses for drivers

Anti-far glasses for drivers is another topical variety, so it is included in the third category of the rating. It can be worn at any time of day, but if there is no polarization, it will be more comfortable in the evening and at night. This type of optics promises improved contrast, protection from glare, prevention of eye fatigue.

SPG Premium AD063

The sixth top rating presents the nominee, imitating drop sunglasses. Good grades put it for high impact resistance, multifunctionality. The country of manufacture – Russia.

The first thing that catches your eye is thin, elegant frame. The rim design is made of durable metal. Yellow oval lenses are plastic. Safety of the driver is guaranteed by a UVB-UVA filter, tinting and anti-glare coating. Lugs are rubberized for a comfortable fit.

SPG Premium AD063

Glasses are recommended for low visibility conditions – fog, dusk, night time. They increase the contrast and detail of the image. Also additionally prevent glare from headlights, fatigue from long driving.


  • Large glasses;
  • Thin, lightweight frame;
  • Versatility;
  • Shock-resistant materials;
  • Increased clarity, contrast;
  • Design.


This is a reliable salvation from vision fatigue due to long hours of driving. Comes inside a case, which is convenient for future storage. The nose rests are adjustable.

Mystery 0151

Rounding out the review is the ninth model, which is completely different in materials, shape, and design from the previous nominees. These are rectangular driving glasses from the popular Chinese brand Mystery.

The rim design is made of silver colored metal. It is distinguished by the folding shape of the temples, the possibility of adjusting the nosepieces. The lenses here are yellow, rectangular, made of glass. On top of them there is an anti-reflective coating, tinting for color correction.

Mystery 0151

The nominee effectively deflects light from the headlights, preventing dazzle. Filters make the image clear, detailed, sharp even in foggy, rainy weather. The rubberized, anatomically shaped temples are responsible for a comfortable fit.

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  • Glass lenses;
  • Rectangular frame;
  • Strict, concise style;
  • Anatomically shaped design;
  • Comfortable wearing;
  • High quality.


  • Tone lighter than in the picture;
  • No case.

This nominee was included in the review because of the durability of the materials. And it’s the only rectangular frame in our review, it’s a great fit for a classic business dress style.

How to choose glasses for drivers

How to choose glasses for drivers can be determined by several characteristics – the color of the lenses, their technology, materials, light transmission and usability. Let’s consider each item in more detail.

Lens color

Driving glasses with polarizing effect are primarily distinguished by the color of the lenses. This indicator determines for what conditions of wear they are suitable. For example:

  • gray – a universal accessory for everyday use while driving and outside the car;
  • blue – the best option for travel near various bodies of water or the seashore, when the owner often encounters water;
  • yellow – the most popular model, goggles for night driving, where the filter clears the light from headlights, street lamps, increasing the visibility of road markings;
  • light brown – an alternative to models with yellow filters, glasses for the driver day and night with increased contrast without eye fatigue.

The first option is the most practical, compatible with different operating conditions and the image of the user. The second is recommended for those who often face the glare of bodies of water. The third is suitable for night travel, the last one is universal, comfortable and affordable.

Lens Technology

According to the technology of the lenses consider several varieties of driving glasses:

  • antifar – they are designed to improve the visibility of the road in any weather, more often made of plastic polymer, can be night or daytime, protect from headlights, UV rays, windshield glare, the water surface;
  • polarization lenses – multi-layer lenses protect from the sun’s rays, prevent glare, but only during daylight hours;
  • anti-reflective – a universal type of optics with a wide choice of lenses color palette, degree of tinting, designed for sunny weather, a special coating prevents glare.

Which option to choose depends on the conditions of use of the accessory, as well as on financial possibilities. The best – it is, of course, the first option, but it will cost more than the other two.

Lens material

The lens material can be of 2 kinds – glass or plastic. The stereotype that the original polarizing glasses should be with glass lenses, and plastic is a cheap knockoff, is actually wrong.

Modern manufacturers widely use plastic, which is not inferior to glass. It is good because it is lighter in weight, and wearing glass models for hours can cause discomfort.

Light transmittance

This parameter is responsible for the level of tinting of the lenses. There are 5 degrees, ranging from 0 to 4. For protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun will be enough for 2-3 levels with light transmittance from 43 to 8% of light. The highest level with intensive tinting has light transmission of only 3-8%.

Ease of use

To choose a comfortable model, you should try on the options you are considering in person. If you plan to buy glasses in an online store, don’t save money. Only original, quality products will meet your expectations.

What glasses for drivers are better

So, you just got acquainted with the leaders of 2021. It remains only on the basis of the described criteria to make a choice, which of these to buy. If you are still in doubts, we suggest going through several nominations of

  • HD Vision WrapArounds – effective xenon headlight protection day and night;
  • Grand Voyage 1701 – high level of UV protection;
  • Night View NV Glasses – better visibility in the dark time of day;
  • Night View NV Glasses – a stylish design option for women;
  • Cafa France S82065 – the highest polarization index;
  • Mystery 0151 – the most bought antiphars, the people’s choice.

The goal of our top ranking was not only to introduce you to win-win shopping ideas for 2021. We showed you the right guidelines when evaluating such products, exactly what characteristics you would be able to intelligently choose your driving glasses without the risk of inaccuracies.

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