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The 20 Best Hand Tool Sets

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  3. The best sets of sockets and bits

It’s very convenient when all the tools you need for your work are gathered in one place. Modern hand tool kits are sturdy plastic cases that contain a powerful set of metal wrenches, socket heads, etc. The choice of such sets in today’s market is very wide and can mislead even a true craftsman. In order not to make a wrong choice, we present to your attention the 20 best sets of hand tools that will become indispensable helpers both at home and in the garage.

Category Location Name Rating
The best all-purpose hand tool kits 1 Jonnesway S04H524127S 9.9 / 10
2 Berger BG128-1214 9.8 / 10
3 Jonnesway S04H52460S 9.4 / 10
4 Kraftool 27978-H131 9.2 / 10
5 Thorvik UTS0127 9.1 / 10
6 FORCE 41421R 9.0 / 10
7 Delo Tehniki 620772 8.7 / 10
Best Car Tool Sets 1 KING TONY 911-000CR 9.9 / 10
2 Berger BG141-1214 9.8 / 10
3 Jonnesway S04H624101S 9.8 / 10
4 JTC H096B 9.7 / 10
5 Berger BG108-1214 9.6 / 10
6 Arsenal C1412L68 9.5 / 10
7 Licota ALK-8009F 9.5 / 10
8 Jonnesway S04H52482S 9.4 / 10
9 OMBRA OMT94S 9.3 / 10
10 OMBRA OMT69S 9.2 / 10
The best sets of sockets and bits 1 Bosch 50 (2.607.019.504) 9.7 / 10
2 JTC K2731 9.5 / 10
3 Ombra OMT57S 9.4 / 10

The best all-purpose hand tool kits

Jonnesway S04H524127S

The S04H524127S opens our ranking of the best all-purpose tool kits by Jonnesway. The Jonnesway brand needs no introduction: it’s a world-class brand that offers a lifetime warranty on its products and has excelled in the harshest environments.

Therefore, the only disadvantage of this very good tool set is the price, there are no complaints on other points. When you buy it you get a set of open-end wrenches matching the announced sizes, short and extended double ratchet heads with a handy direction switch, a set of L-sockets and torxes, short chisels of various cross-sections, a hammer, pliers, cutters, combination pliers, screwdrivers and pliers. Actually, only because of the last items we did not classify the set as a car kit – the power screwdriver and bits for it were not enough. But a breaking lever and powerful ratchets for both ratchets are sure to be not superfluous in home practice, especially that even in extreme cases such as “why don’t I put a meter-long pipe on the lever” they will not fail.

  • Not a bad variety in a quite compact suitcase.
  • Precise workmanship and durability.
  • The best warranty period on the market.
  • I wish I had some bits, too… Wait, that goes in the automotive section.
  • Jonnesway S04H524128S – 128 pcs.

Bought, as the saying goes, “at a time” – suitcase is enough for home, and in the garage using. It has the best set of tools, withstands any load, although it is not positioned as a power tool.

Berger BG128-1214

A 128-piece professional hand tool set was introduced by Berger. The Taiwanese company has presented an interesting in content, although a bit pricey set. First of all, it attracts a solid number of bits for two ratchets with flag interpreters – and they cover the range from 4 to 32 mm, plus “stars” E4-E22 are added to them. There aren’t many bits, but they are the most common.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s claims of a lifetime warranty are “small print” in practice – in fact, only the heads and wrenches are guaranteed life, the bits are considered consumables, the ratchets have a one-year warranty. Considering that sockets and wrenches are the ones that last the longest in any set… Well, let’s leave this advertising trick to the conscience of the manufacturer.

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For added versatility the set contains several screwdrivers with fixed jaws, pliers, side cutters, pliers and even a screwdriver indicator. Frankly speaking, instead of screwdrivers of usual length I would like to see a pair of short screwdrivers, popularly called “puziavchiki” – a long screwdriver can always be replaced with a bit, but there is nothing for screwing screws in hard-to-reach places. Another “but” is color of handles selected by manufacturer: combination of yellow and black looks nice in the showcase, but in practice all this beauty will quickly get dirty.

  • Rich selection of different ½” and ¼” heads.
  • Sturdy side cutters, not bad pliers.
  • Superfluous screwdriver set (though useful for electricians).
  • Dirty color handles.
  • Berger BG078-1214 – 78 subjects
  • Berger BG082-1214 – 82 subjects
  • Berger BG089-1214 – 89 subjects
  • Berger BG095-1214 – 95 pcs.

Jonnesway S04H52460S

Jonnesway S04H52460S – set of manual tools of “basic locksmith” type – heads for half-inch ratchet from 12 to 24 mm, quarter-inch (6 to 13 mm) can be used only with a rigid screwdriver or screwdriver. Added to these are spark plug heads, a half-inch extension/driver (which, by the way, is actually capable of working with a ripper), a set of bits, and “last-chance tools”-driver pliers, pliers, and, of course, a half-pound hammer.

Despite the fact that you can’t complain about the quality of the tools, I don’t like the set itself. There are only six wrenches, ranging from 8 to 17 mm, and you have to use pliers to turn fasteners with heads 15 and 16 mm. The bits are inserted in the adapter from the hexagon to ¼”, respectively stored in plastic cassettes, from which it is either difficult to get out or lost.

This tool set will be of interest to those who don’t plan to get into complicated repairs that require a lot of different tools, but want guaranteed quality. Many will be attracted to richer sets, albeit less well-known firms.

  • A small price.
  • A good quality of tools.
  • Comfortable handles on ratchet and screwdrivers.
  • Sturdy extension screwdriver.
  • Poor equipment.
  • Jonnesway S04H52477S – 77 pcs.
  • Jonnesway S04H52483S – 83 pcs.

Carried in the trunk as an emergency kit: after breaking half of a cheap tool set with jammed nuts, I prefer to pay more for a better set with proven quality.

Kraftool 27978-H131

It often happens that the set of tools seemingly satisfactory at the time of purchase turns out to be insufficient in practice, there may be a bit missing, or a key missing… And the format of standard “tool bags” is not very big after all. What to do? Turn to the “multi-storey” trunks, which can be a decently richer complete set.

What does Kraftool offer us? They even managed to fit a metal hacksaw into the trunk, but loosely hanging out in the bottom compartment with a hammer and adjustable wrench, it risks to be quickly left without a blade. Screwdrivers, side cutters, pliers, adjustable pliers, socket wrenches, socket heads with Super-Lock profile, combination wrenches, bits… In general “stuffing” is really rich – there are 131 items of mechanical and assembly plan, without “automobile” additions like spark plug heads. But prepare at once for a decent weight – about 15 pounds, coupled with the lack of fixation of individual items in the kit’s boxes it clearly hints that the case is designed more for “stationary” life in the workshop than for permanent trips and moves.

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Do not forget that the kit screwdrivers are weak, and wrenches, for example, even weigh obviously less than the more famous manufacturers (however, in the wrong hands every tool is broken) – yet Kraftool is Kraftool, for very hard operation we would not recommend this set. But it has an extra “bonus”: a lot of free space inside. If you can not complete a usual suitcase, it is possible to add the necessary items, if you want, without losing the ease of storage.

  • Possibility to be completed without any problems with convenience of storage due to the volume of the case
  • Durability of the trunk itself (which is important considering its weight)
  • Well-balanced configuration
  • “Correct” head profile
  • Inconvenient transportation due to weight
  • Average quality screwdrivers
  • Kraftool 27977-H59 – 59 tools
  • Kraftool 27976-H66 – 66 tools
  • Kraftool 27887-H82 – 82 tools
  • Kraftool 27883-H95 – 95 tools
  • Kraftool 27888-H108 – 108 tools.

It has been in the garage for a long time – to me it is more convenient than a suitcase, and additional tools are just docked in the same place, instead of being taken separately.

Thorvik UTS0127

Although the name and the runic logo Thorvik brand obviously mimics “in Scandinavia,” in fact, it was invented five years ago in Moscow, and the tool is made in Taiwan – but at least the company offers a ten-year warranty, saying, “we are certainly not Jonnesway, but cheaper.

What is equipped with a suitcase (unpretentious, we note, without the amplification)? It holds 127 items, from classic “locksmith” sets hammer and ending with screwdrivers – and thanks to the fact that in addition to the standard size there are also shortened “puzzy”, flat and Phillips. The quarter-inch square is available in short heads from 4 to 13 mm, long heads from 7 to 13 mm, “ears” from E4 to E8, and a ratchet, wrench, wrench and three extensions (two of them with a ball) work with them. But the 1/4-inch screwdriver is missing for some reason, although it is often very handy. Half-inch square screwdrivers use heads from 8 to 32 mm (low) and from 10 to 19 mm (high), “ears” from E10 to E24. There are 19 combination open-end wrenches, from 6 to 32 mm, and five slit wrenches covering the range of 8 to 19 mm. There are, of course, L-shaped hexes and “torxes”, as well as a chisel, cross-head hammer, core and gouge – and, of course, pliers, side cutters and woodturning pliers.

In general, the tool kit came out interesting, but not so strongly represented in the sales outside large cities, across the country to develop a wide dealer network of TD “Pride” has not yet succeeded. And this is a definite minus to the rating (for it is more difficult not only with the purchase, but also with the warranty replacement if anything).

Best Tool Sets for Cars 2022

Best Car Tool Sets 2022

Tool kits for cars are something that every car owner should have at hand. Each year, manufacturers try to update their assortment of such kits, trying to take into account such aspects as compactness, ease of use, as well as the most complete set.

However, to understand the variety of kits is difficult enough, so KP has prepared a rating of the top 10, where we chose the best tool kits 2022. In addition, we have prepared for you tips on how to choose a tool kit that suits you.

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And Eugene Kozik, a motorist with more than forty years of experience, helped us with this.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Editor’s choice

The best tool kits for cars (complete set without keys)

Ombra OMT94S (from 5,565 rubles).

Ombra OMT94S

The set from a Taiwanese company with almost forty-year history includes 94 items: screwdriver bits, universal joints, special joints and screwdrivers required to work with different car mounts.

A sufficiently large toolbox fits easily in a special case, which is equipped with a good locking system to ensure the safety of the contents. Including many items, this set weighs relatively little – only 6.25 kg, easily fitting into a standard car trunk. An additional plus to the set can be the lifetime warranty from the company Ombra.

Pros and cons

Good price-quality ratio, multifunctionality – suitable for cars of different categories, high-quality system of fasteners for tools inside the case, anti-corrosion coating on all elements, all the contents of the set for cars has anti-slip coating, which increases the ease of use, good placement of all items in the case

Small amount of grease in the set, not enough space for storing small parts that appear during repair

2. Berger Hof BG108-1214 (from 6748rubli)

Berger Hof BG108-1214

In this set the auto enthusiast will be waiting for 108 items, designed to perform a variety of works. Sockets of various formats, ratchet and swivel wrench can be packed into a quite compact carrying case that weighs only 7.5 kg.

The German company Berger is a well-known European manufacturer of tools whose products are of proven quality. At the same time the sets are made in Taiwan, which allows the company to set reasonable prices for customers. So appreciate the European quality at reasonable prices.

Pros and cons

Anticorrosive coating of all tools, pleasing to the eye case design, multi-functionality, wide range of tools in the set, reasonable price for such a high quality set

3. Stels 14106 (from 4672 roubles)

Stels 14106

The first Russian set of tools for cars in our rating, quite capable of competing with its foreign analogues. This is largely due to the S2 steel used in the set, which is distinguished by its high quality.

Chromium-vanadium alloy, of which all 94 items in a handy carrying case have a large margin of strength and resistance to rust, which may also serve as an argument in favor of its purchase. It is also important that the quality of the set’s contents was tested not only by car owners, but also by service stations. All the considerable contents of the set fit into a small case that weighs just over 6.5 kg.

Pros and cons

High quality metal elements of the set, shockproof plastic storage case, special tools for repairing hard-to-reach parts, an abundance of sockets in the set

Not enough lubrication in the ratchets, if not properly maintained after working in rainy weather the elements of the set can rust

Other tool kits worth looking at

4. Force 4941-5 (from 6254 rubles)

Force 4941-5

Another set of Taiwanese production in our list. It makes up for the lack of wrenches in its set with a lot of bits and sockets for all occasions. This set includes 94 items that will come in handy when fixing a car.

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At the same time, despite the large number of accessories, the weight of the whole set is only 6 kilograms – the lightest set of all those previously mentioned in our ranking.

Pros and cons

Nice case design, a large variety of bits, heads and other additional tools for car repair, lifetime warranty on its products, good price

Weak anti-corrosion coating, the quality of some additional tools does not always match the stated

5. Bort BTK-94 (from 3,578 rubles)

Bort BTK-94

Another representative of a European brand in our rating.

The result of German-Chinese cooperation contains 94 tools that will help facilitate the repair of your car.

The company’s products undergo a complex system of quality control, and are in great demand in more than 70 countries around the world. You’ll find a large number of socket heads, bits, and three impact wrenches in the set, which is an added benefit of buying this particular set, which weighs just over 6 kilograms.

Pros and cons

High durability, variety of tools, low weight of the compact case, ergonomic design

Best car kits (complete with keys)

6. Ombra OMT82S (from 5,598 rubles)

Ombra OMT82S

A set of the category of the first necessity. Ideal for cases where your car likes a quick repair, but at the first opportunity it would be better to hand it over to professional repairmen.

That said, the variety of tools provided for the initial repair is impressive, and you’ll find everything you need in the case: 9 combination wrenches, 25 socket heads, and even a gimbal joint. All of this will lie neatly in the 5.8 kilogram case.

Pros and cons

The tools are easy to clean, long life, the plastic storage case withstands mechanical impact, the set contains all the most used tools in car repair

7. Stels 14105 (from 4586 rubles)

Stels 14105

The combination of chrome vanadium steel and S2 grade in the Stels 14105 kit creates a truly comfortable and resistant to various factors set of tools. Made by a Russian manufacturer, it contains 82 items, including a handle for bits, ratchet, wrenches, and everything you need for quality and fast repair of your car.

In addition, this set comes with a variety of tools to make the repair process a much simpler affair. Another plus is undoubtedly the fact that each Stels kit comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros and cons

8. Berger Frankfurt BG151-1214 (from 13,911 rubles)

Berger Frankfurt BG151-1214

A real heavyweight in our ranking with 151 items and a weight of 12.5 kilograms. The kit easily compensates for this by providing its owner with a large selection of tools that may be needed during car repairs.

Last but not least the fact that the set retains the standards of German quality and level of production, justifying the large weight with a very high quality, shockproof case, tools made of high strength steel and a relatively compact for such a weight case.

Pros and cons

the case is resistant to external damages, availability of such set allows to perform dismantling and installation of car suspension, size of the set allows the owner of the car to store it comfortably in any place

9. Deko DKMT62 (from 1 148 rubles)

Deko DKMT62

The most mobile and lightweight, this set weighs only 1.8 kilograms, holding 62 items in its case. A Malaysian product, it is, despite the company’s short history on the market, a balanced combination of price and convenience. The case’s small size and weight make it easy for the wearer to transport the set to the right place, and the use of chrome-vanadium steel in the manufacturing process increases the overall performance of the tools.

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So the Deko DKMT62 compact box is the perfect choice for those who always need tools on hand for the most basic repairs.

Pros and cons

High abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant coating, unusual configuration with a wide range of tools

10. WESTER WT108 (from 6,487 rubles)


A set of tools for cars from a large Czech company, specializing in the manufacture of repair kits. Under the lid of the WESTER WT108 case you will find 108 first-class tools from the company, which delivers its range of products to the best European car repair shops. The set weighs 6.9 kilograms. All of the company’s products are covered by a five-year warranty, which is activated after you register your purchase at the official Wester website.

Pros and cons

How to choose a tool kit for the car

One of the most important moments in the purchase of any product is the choice. Not an exception and necessary for every motorist tool kit. The criteria by which you can select the best set is quite a lot, but we will highlight the five main ones:

  • Functions
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Sizes
  • Kit

The functions of the future set largely depend on how serious a car breakdown you can repair with your own hands. If your knowledge is enough for serious repairs, then you can safely take the biggest set that will fit the allocated purchase budget.

If you do not have enough skills, you can get a small kit with only the most basic things such screwdrivers, ratchets, bits and sockets.

What with special attention should be approached both by those and other motorists, so it is to the material of the future set. It is best to look at sets made of vanadium and chromium, since hardened steel has a low safety margin.

The place of production of your set does not play a big role, since many companies deliberately move their factories to China. But it is better to focus on a well-known brand with a good reputation.

The size of your kit depends on the space available and your desire to constantly carry a weighty box to your car from home. It’s worth keeping in mind that some cars are designed to have a special niche for tools, so you may want to look at this as a guide when choosing the best kit. Measure the recess when available and choose the right case.

Also, carefully inspect the tool case itself before you buy – check the internal fasteners to avoid unnecessary noise from tools falling out when you drive.

In addition, check the contents of your kit. As standard, it should include the following items:

  1. Screwdrivers of various sizes and lengths
  2. Several wrenches
  3. Pliers
  4. Torx sockets
  5. Multiple sizes of ratchets
  6. Additional tools for easy repair in hard-to-reach areas of the car.

Make sure that all the handles of your tools are rubberized, as this makes it easier to grip and helps avoid accidental electrocution.


The basic rule of handling these kits is to not let them end up in an environment that is conducive to corrosion.

If you follow this simple rule, then the set you choose will serve you for a long time and probably help repair your iron horse more than once.

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