Brake Drum Puller Construction

Brake Drum Puller Drawing

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Passenger Car Brake Drum Puller

Composition: General view+drawing drawing+detailing+specifications

Software: KOMPAS-3D 10

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T-FLEX CAD training version

Date: 2012-05-22

Viewings: 41 995

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A few tips for the car enthusiast in the garage

Software: KOMPAS-3D 13

Content: Brake drum remover for cars, Hub, Threaded bushing, Gripper

Brake Drum Puller Construction

girth diameter, mm

The relevance of the “puller” is justified and its use is described. When removing the most “tightly seated” drums, the force applied to the screw collar is insignificant. The most important thing when working with the puller is not to forget to unscrew the bolt pins, otherwise the drum can burst.

The three grips are fastened in the hub with M6-8gx22 bolts GOST 15589-70 so they can be moved radially. The threaded bushing is loose. The puller is put on the drum, the stop is set and the fringe of the drum is enveloped by sliding grips to the center. The threaded bushing presses the grippers against the hub. The brake drum is compressed by turning the screw, which is supported in the half axle through the stop.

Consider the process of removal and installation of brake drums on the example of the car – Renault Symbol.

The order of removal is as follows:

1. The rear of the car is lifted, and the supports are brought under the body.

2. The wheel is removed from the desired side.

3. Use a hub cap puller to remove the hub cap in the center of the wheel. If there is no puller, a wide slotted screwdriver and a hammer can be used.

4. Unscrew the hub mounting nut and remove the washer.

5. The parking brake lever is lowered. Loosen the parking brake cable tension by unscrewing the jam nut under the car. To do this, you must first remove the heat shields, which cover the work areas.

6. A slotted screwdriver is inserted into one of the threaded holes in the brake drum for the wheel bolts and the adjustment strut is removed to release the tab from the brake pad. The expander arm is moved backward to move it away from the pad.

Garage doors with their own hands

7. The brake drum is removed from the wheel hub axle using the tool “brake drum and disc puller”.

8. The drum is cleaned of dirt and dust. Note that dust from brake pad wear products is carcinogenic, so do not blow it off, but use a special cleaner.

9. The drum is inspected for cracks, which may appear around the wheel bolt holes, chips and other damage. If such damage occurs, both drums must be replaced.

1. If new drums are used, they should be cleaned of preservative grease.

2. 2. Check that the thrust tab on the parking brake expander arm rests against the pad rib. 3.

The hub axle is lubricated with a thin layer of grease, and the drum is placed on it without tilting, gradually pushing it into place until it stops.

4. A washer and a new nut are installed on the hub axle. The nut is tightened to the specified torque. The hub cap is installed.

5. Press the brake pedal several times to set the pads in operating position.

6. The parking brake is adjusted.

7. The wheel is set and the vehicle is lowered.

Described removal and disassembly of the brake mechanism of rear wheels on the example of the car – VAZ-2101. The rear of the car is lifted and the wheel is removed. It is also necessary to take measures to prevent leakage of fluid from the tank.

The brake drum is removed by unscrewing the fixing bolts with the help of a device “brake drum and disc puller”. These bolts are inserted into the technological holes, and screwed until the drum separates, this will facilitate the removal of the stuck drum.

The end of the cable is disconnected from the manual actuator lever. The upper and lower shoe tie springs are disconnected, the guide springs are also disconnected, and the brake shoes are removed along with the spacer bar. The cotter pin is removed, the pin is pressed and the manual shoe actuator lever is removed.

Spin for taps with their own hands

The brake fluid supply pipe is disconnected from the wheel cylinder, and the inlet holes of the cylinder and pipe are plugged.

The wheel cylinder is removed.

When replacing the brake shield, the half axle is removed, and the parking brake cable is disconnected by removing the two bolts securing it to the brake shield.

Considered the assembly and installation of the brake mechanism of the rear wheels on the example of the car – VAZ-2101. Wheel cylinder is installed and secured on the brake shield and its pistons are fixed fixture A.72236. Brake fluid supply pipe is connected to it and the nut is tightened to failure.

Pads with a spacer bar are put on the axes of the shield, and the pads are set so that their ends are properly located in the sockets on the pistons of the wheel cylinder and the brake shield.

The shoe guides and shoe tie springs are installed.

The pads are moved against the bushings. Make sure that the pads are held securely by the friction washers and that the shrink springs do not move on their own. If this is not the case, the brake blocks must be replaced.

The hand cable lug is attached to the lever.

Install the brake drum, pre-lubricating the seating belt half-axle and its flange surface in contact with the drum, graphite grease or grease LSZ-15 and pins fixing the drum tightened to failure. Application of grease will facilitate the subsequent removal of the brake drum.

If the wheel cylinder was removed during disassembly, it is necessary to bleed the rear brake actuator circuit.

When replacing pads in a brake with an automatic device located in the wheel cylinder, pads 2101-3502090-01 are installed.

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