Burzhuyka stove for garage from a gas cylinder

Burzhuyka from a gas cylinder with their own hands: schemes, drawings + step by step guide

In many private households, you will find an old cylinder from under liquefied gas. From this object you can make many useful things, for example, an uncomplicated heater.

If there is a desire and a welding machine, then the gas cylinder burzhuyka with their own hands can be made without much trouble. Of course, you will need some additional materials.

The principle of operation of the stove-burzhuyka

Burzhuyka – a primitive version of a metal wood stove. Such a device works very simply: firewood is laid in the furnace, they burn, the body of the furnace heats up and gives the heat to the surrounding air. Smoke gases are removed through the chimney and the ash is poured through the grate into the ash drawer, which should be cleaned periodically.

One of the main advantages of the burzhuyka is the simplicity of design. There are no strict dimensions, the main thing is that the body can withstand the heat, and the chimney works properly. An experienced craftsman will make such a stove in just a couple of hours. You can burn almost any dry wood in it: both logs and sawdust. On our site there is an article with a detailed description of the process of making a fireplace with their own hands.

They also heat the burzhuyka with other combustible materials: diesel, coal, peat, household garbage, etc. If desired on such a stove can be quite successful cooking. This point should be thought through even before making the construction, to make a level cooking surface.

Burzhuyka from a cylinder

Burzhuyka is a furnace chamber made of thick metal with a stoking door, chimney, grate and an ash pan. As the body can be used an old gas cylinder

But you should also consider the disadvantages of such a heating solution. For starters, it is a high risk of burns and fires.

For a burzhuyka, you need to choose a special place, finished with fire-resistant materials. It is desirable that it stand at the side, where no one can accidentally touch the body and not get burned.

Burzhuyka cooking surface

If desired, the upper part of the vertical griddle from an old gas cylinder can be turned into a modest-sized cooking surface

Weighs a lot of such a metal construction, so any mobility of the device is not a question. Moving burzhuyka to heat different rooms will be difficult.

Such stoves are usually heated outbuildings where there is no electricity or where it is supplied with interruptions: garage, barn, workshop, etc.

Improved burzhuyka

From two gas cylinders connected perpendicularly, you can make an improved version of the stove, which allows you to save more heat and get a high return when burning fuel

Another problem – low efficiency, because part of the heat energy when burning wood literally flies into the chimney. There are different ways to keep heat and modify a little burzhuyka to make it work more efficiently.

Finally, you need to take care about good ventilation of the room in which the burzhuyka is installed, as such a device in the process of work burns a lot of oxygen.

So, burzhuyka consists of a metal casing, which is usually “invited” an old gas cylinder. In the case you need to make two doors: a large and small. The first serves to load fuel, the second is needed as an ash-pit, through which the furnace chamber enters the air to provide combustion and draft.

Burzhuyka stove blueprint

The drawing of the stove from a gas cylinder allows you to make a device with specific parameters and calculated power, but such accuracy is not necessary

At the bottom, at some distance from the bottom of the structure should be welded grate. It can be made of thick wire or simply take a sheet of thick metal and cut long slits in it. The distance between the bars of the grate should be such that the furnace material does not spill down into the ashtray.

If the grate will be stoked only with wood, the clearances of the grate make large, but when you intend to use wood chips, you should make the grate more frequent.

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Chimney for the Burzhukha

Curved metal chimney, installed on the gas cylinder grate, allows you to keep more heat in the room and increase the efficiency of construction

The ash box can be welded from sheet metal or take a ready-made metal container of suitable size and resistant to strong heat. Some people prefer to do without ash drawer at all, just shovel out the ash from the lower compartment as needed, although this is not very convenient. As a rule, the chimney for the burzhuyka is taken out upwards to provide the necessary draft.

The standard design of the stove from a gas cylinder can be modified by increasing the performance, turning the solid fuel heater into a calorifier or cooktop:

If you weld an additional ash pan to the body of the horizontal burzhuyka, the volume of the furnace chamber will significantly increase. In this case in the bottom of the case you need to cut longitudinal holes or install the grid instead of the cut out of the cylinder part

Attaching to the body of the cylinder burner water heating pipes, the home-made device can be used in the organization of water heating of a small room

The device in the body of the stove air heat exchanger of round or shaped tubes will turn the simplest unit in the calorifier, which supplies warm air

Gas cylinder can be equipped with all sorts of accessories that allow you to cook and heat food, both outdoors and indoors

Manufacturing Advice

Burner from a cylinder can be different: the container can be placed horizontally or vertically. It is necessary to choose a case of suitable size, and then use it correctly.

You will need a sheet material of steel, resistant to prolonged heating, thick wire for the grate, an angle for the legs, etc. In the manufacturing process, a number of nuances should be taken into account to make the stove comfortable and effective.

Step 1 – the choice and preparation of the cylinder

Gas cylinders can be very different. For a burzhuyka, the best suitable container for liquefied gas for 50 or 40 liters. If you need a small size stove, you can take a cylinder of 12 or 27 liters.

But this will be a device for heating small outbuildings. Similar containers for five liters are practically useless. Such a small burzhuyka will heat quickly, but soon cool down, so the heating effect of it will be very small.

An interesting option for a homemade fireplace is a freon tank. Such cylinder has thick walls and an elongated body. The tank should be cut so that the length of the body was about 70 cm. Thick walls, of course, weigh the design, but better retain heat. Burzhuyka will warm up for a long time, but it will also warm up longer.

Gas bottle preparation

Before you begin, it is necessary to properly prepare the gas cylinder: bleed it from the rest of the gas, drain the condensate and fill the container with water, which can then be poured out

When the cylinder is selected, you need to prepare a welding machine and remember the rules of safety. Even in a very old cylinder there will always be some residual combustible gas. If you immediately start cutting it with a welding machine, a life-threatening explosion is almost guaranteed. For those who have not yet used a welding machine, we recommend reading this article.

To begin with, it is recommended to open the cylinder and bleed the rest of the gas. Of course, this should be done outdoors, not indoors. Then it is necessary to drain the residual liquid condensed inside the cylinder. This substance usually has a pungent and unpleasant smell, so it is best to prepare in advance a small container with a lid for it, so that it can be immediately neatly packed and thrown away.

The construction of the burzhuka

To the design of the stove burzhuyka there are not particularly strict requirements for parameters. The larger the furnace chamber, the more spacious room will be able to heat the unit

If condensate is accidentally spilled on the floor in the room, a specific aroma can remain for a very long time. After all these operations, the cylinder is still not ready for contact with the welder because residual gas vapors remain inside.

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It is necessary to fill the cylinder to the top with water in order to completely expel all the gas from it. After that the water is drained off, the tank can now be cut without any problems.

Step #2 – making and filling the body

Next, you need to choose the type of burzhuyka from a cylinder, whether the cylindrical body will be arranged horizontally or vertically.

The stove-burzhuyka with horizontally located case takes more space in the room. According to the parameters of heating it does not differ from the vertically-oriented unit of the same volume

In the firebox of a horizontal cylinder firebox it is easier and more convenient to load firewood, there is no need to chop them into short pieces

Stove from a vertically installed cylinder in the garage or bath will take minimum space, will not interfere with the movement and pose a threat of burns

From the cylinder capacity to 27 liters can make a mobile burzhuyka with a vertical body, which can be moved into the garden, a greenhouse, to return to the garage

All other operations are carried out taking into account this orientation. If a horizontal position is chosen, then one of the ends of the cylinder will serve as a back wall, and on the other you need to install a charging door and an ash tray.

The marking of the body of the hut

If you plan to make a vertical burzhuyka from a gas cylinder, you will need to make two holes: for fuel loading and for the ash pan with an ash pan

For the grate you can use a thick wire reinforcement. To avoid welding the grate out of it, you can bend it in a frequent zigzag pattern, “serpentine”. This structure is welded to the inner walls of the metal body.

The front wall is made of metal sheet as follows:

  1. The metal should be attached to the front of the stove to draw a marking.
  2. According to the markings, a round piece should be cut out.
  3. On it to make another marking: for a rectangular door and an ash pan.
  4. Cut out the holes according to the markings.
  5. Make the doors.
  6. Weld the hinges and locks to the front wall and hang the doors.
  7. Weld the wall with the doors to the body.

Both doors should be sealed with asbestos-cement cord along the contour, so that they fit well to the body. Back wall in such a burzhuyka usually do not need to do, its role is performed by the bottom of the cylinder. In the upper part of the case, close to the back wall, you need to make a hole for the chimney.

The pipe must be taken from thick metal, as the lower part of the chimney will be in contact with heated flue gases. Thin metal in this place will quickly burn through. Now to the bottom of the stove is welded solid legs made of rebar, pieces of metal or pieces of metal angle. They must be able to support the weight of the structure and the fuel that will be loaded into it.

Approximately the same technology is used for the manufacture of a vertical fireplace from a cylinder. The bottom of the cylinder will be the bottom part of the design, at the top to make a cylindrical “roof” with a hole for the chimney. Usually, the upper part of the cylinder cut off. After installation is complete, you can weld it back on. Doors – for loading and ash-pan – make in the front of the body of the cylinder.

This burzhuyka will take less space than the horizontal version, as well as it will be higher. If it is intended not only to heat the room, but also to cook food, it will be necessary to adjust the height of the stove with this point in mind and provide a flat cooking surface.

But usually the diameter of the cylinder is not large enough to provide a full cooking opportunity. Although boiling a kettle is a doable task.

Repaint the rims or do wheel tuning.

The drawing of the firebox from a gas cylinder

This drawing gives an idea of the structure of the horizontal version of the cylinder burner, to the bottom of which is attached to the ash drawer

Spike grate can be made in the same way as described above: from the armature, bent in a snake to the diameter of the pipe. It is welded between the charging and ash-pan holes.

Some people try to reduce the amount of welding work, leaving the top of the cylinder almost untouched. But then all the other work will be more difficult to perform.

Spike for a horizontal firebox

In a horizontal grate, you can not weld the grate, and turn it into a part of the body by drilling holes of suitable diameter and attaching the bottom of the box for ash

For example, the grate will not have to be inserted from above, but slipped into the firebox door and somehow held in the right position. Now you need to make doors with hinges and locks and weld them to the body of the firebox, previously sealed with asbestos-cement cord. It remains at the top to install the chimney, and at the bottom to weld legs.

Stage 3 – making the door and ash pan

Doors for the burzhuyka can be made from those parts of the body, which remained after cutting the holes. To them are welded hinges and latches. These are simple elements. The hinges can even be made from links of a thick chain. The second, more expensive, option is to buy ready-made structures made of cast metal.

Installation of the ready door

To install the ready-made cast door on the homemade burzhuyka, you should weld to the charging hole a frame made of metal angle

You can choose two separate doors: a large one for the charging hole and a narrow one for the ash door. But there are also sets in which these doors are combined into a single structure.

The openings for such doors must be cut exactly to size. After that, it is necessary to weld to the edges of the openings a frame made of angle.

Hinges for the door

A few links of a thick chain, similar to a bicycle chain, can be used as hinges for a homemade burzhuyka door made from a cylinder

The frame of the molded doors is attached to the resulting frame with bolts. It is recommended to weld a small rim beforehand, so that there are no gaps and the stove closes hermetically.

In smaller grate stoves, you can do without the grate if you want.

Spike for a horizontal firebox

On the left is the upside down horizontal body of the grate with the ash-pit welded to it, and on the right is a general view. Ash drawer extends to regulate the flow of oxygen, an ash drawer in this model does not need to make

Find a place for it is difficult, if they make a stove of small size or low, for example, a horizontal version. In such a device do not make an ash-pit, the air is provided with the help of the charging door, which is simply ajar. Spitters made of rebar are easy to make, but they are not particularly reliable.

Over time, the armature burns, it has to be replaced. Alternatively, a piece of sheet metal, in which slits or round-shaped holes are cut, can be an option. For the collection of ash, you can use a special box – the ashtray.

In the horizontal version of the burner from a cylinder grate can be installed in the lower part, complete with the ashtray, because the lower part of the body will have to cut to facilitate installation.

Step by step photo-guide

For the manufacture of homemade stove-burzhuyka need one annealed emptied cylinder from under the gas, a pipe Ø 108 mm for the chimney device (the meter depends on the specific specifications), scraps of steel strip and angle, three hinges to hang the doors.

Construction of the body of the future stove is made in this sequence:

How to make a burzhuyka from a gas cylinder with their own hands – a step by step guide

Masters have long mastered a number of industries in which they are able to make even complex elements from improvised means. The popular stove-burzhuyka, which they have learned to make on their own from a gas cylinder, has not become an exception. How can you perform such work independently and without outside help?

Armrest in the car with his hands

What is a stove from a cylinder

The first thing to understand is what is a stove-burzhuyka itself from a gas boiler. This parameter will be important for those who are going to make the construction themselves.

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Burzhuyka is a furnace chamber, made of thick metal. In addition, this furnace chamber should be equipped with a door, grate, chimney and ash drawer. These elements are necessary for the proper functioning of any stove. As the body for the burzhuyka when making with their own hands, they use an ordinary gas cylinder of long burning, explaining this by the fact that it is made of the most suitable material.

What cylinder is better to use

Cylinders can be different. In order to make a stove, it is best to use a cylinder volume of 50 or 40 liters. But if the furnace will be arranged in a small room, then a capacity of 12 or 27 liters is enough.

But do not take too small containers, for example 5 liters, they are almost useless. Undoubtedly, such a burzhuyka will quickly heat up, but also quickly cool down.

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Information! The best solution becomes a cylinder of freon, this choice is provided by the thick walls of the structure itself, which will retain heat much longer after full heating.

What to make the doors from

The doors and ashtray can be made from the materials that were sawed out of the cylinder. Hinges and latches are soldered to these areas. These can be made from thick chain, or you can buy pre-made elements.

The user can choose to have two separate doors, the larger one should serve for loading and the smaller one for the ash door. There are stoves that form one single design.

Ways to improve the heat output

You can improve the heat output by using the fuel with which the stove is heated. Such burbs are heated in different ways, from firewood to sawdust together with small debris. In order to improve the heat output, it is necessary to use compressed sawdust, briquetted or industrial coal. This is due to the fact that the sawdust burns much slower, the primary load enough for many hours of combustion, and when heating a small room will be enough for a longer period of time.

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Also, experts recommend not to install the chimney in a vertical position. It is best to make a broken chimney, so that it occupies as much space as possible. To do this, it is recommended to conduct it under the ceiling or along the walls.

How a gas cylinder grate works

The principle of the gas cylinder burner is very simple:

  • firewood or other fuel is put inside the firebox;
  • Fuel is lit, but it is necessary to monitor the heating process.

Such a stove heats up very quickly, which is the main advantage of such a system. This is due to the rapid heating of the metal, but there is also a disadvantage, which is the rapid cooling. Therefore, if you have to heat a large room, you will need to systematically ensure that the wood in the furnace does not run out. Only a constant replenishment of fuel will help to keep warm for a long period.

How to make a gas cylinder burner with your own hands

Having disassembled the main advantages of such a stove and the principle of its work, you can proceed to the step-by-step production of the design.

A burner of the horizontal type

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Horizontal burzhuyka is considered a classic version of such a stove. What to make it correctly, it is necessary to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. The cover of the cylinder is cut off with the help of a grinder.
  2. A small hole is made in the back, which in the future will serve as a chimney.

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Note! It is to such a hole will be welded pipe size 80-100 mm.

Replacing of control rods with your hands.
  1. We take a metal sheet with a size of 4 mm. From it is cut a small pancake with a diameter that will be identical to the diameter of the front side. Using a grinder in it is necessary to make two holes: under the ash-pit and the furnace chamber. The pieces cut out are also used and serve to make the door, hinges are welded to them.
  2. After that, the grate is welded to the inside of the cylinder. Most often metal fittings are used. Welding the grid to the cylinder is the easiest way, first two pieces are welded on the sides, and a piece of the main grid is welded to them.
  3. Subsequently, four pieces of 32 mm are cut from the pipe. They will serve as legs for the fireplace.
  4. Already at this stage is welded a pre-prepared pancake of metal.

After assembly, the stove is fully ready for use.

Vertical gas cylinder fireplace

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

There is another kind of homemade burzhuyka – vertical.

The process of assembling a vertical stove

The vertical stove differs only in one parameter – the position of the stove.

Synopsis! When making such a burzhuyka, the master can not worry about the lack of legs in it.

There are two main options for assembling such a stove:

  • the first version is completely identical to the first construction. The cylinder is also cut, a grate is mounted in the inner part, and the previously cut out pancake is installed in place of the lid. Also two holes are pre-cut for the ash-pit and furnace chamber;
  • the second variant almost does not involve the cutting of the pancake. That is, the grate is installed through a single hole made. But it is very inconvenient to make such a stove.

Reference! When making any stove, the user must first flush the remaining gas and only then proceed to the installation work.

Other types of long-burning stoves from a gas cylinder

There are also a few more basic types of such boilers. Their list includes the following options.

Stoves with conical stacking of fuel

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Quite a popular variant of the stove. The main feature is that a pin is mounted on the surface of the furnace. On it a metal or wooden cone structure is put. Fuel loading is carried out through the upper part.

Information! Such a stove is best heated with wood material: sawdust, shavings or chips.

Pyrolysis furnaces on liquid fuel

The main type of fuel for such stoves is diesel, diesel fuel, as well as waste oil. This choice is stipulated by the budget cost. The ignition is made in the following way:

  • A faucet is opened and oil is poured into it;
  • 50 ml of gasoline is poured over the oil mixture;
  • the gasoline ignites and as the temperature rises, the oil begins to heat;
  • as the temperature rises, the metal heats up and releases heat into the room.

How to make a fireplace from a gas cylinder with his hands - a step by step guide

Before the ignition process, it is very important to pre-cool the furnace gases in the chimney.

Stoves of long combustion on solid fuel

In order to heat such a stove, users use the following materials:

  • wood;
  • products of wood processing;
  • peat;
  • hard coal.

Help! Some even use shredded tires.

Peculiarities of the exploitation of the burzhuyka

What refers to a number of operational features:

  • The user must necessarily monitor the condition of the chimney, its cleaning should be carried out at least once a month;
  • After the start of combustion the door should be closed;
  • the firebox door should be opened only for loading firewood;
  • the heat in the stove must not be checked by hand so as not to get burnt.

This is what refers to the main features of the stove. They can be made on their own in several ways. Therefore, everyone can choose to make the most affordable and optimal option. It is necessary to think through in which room the future stove will be used, then make drawings for yourself, prepare tools and perform all the work according to the instructions.

The author of the YouTube channel Glavnyiy Mehanik shared his personal experience with us.

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