Burzhuyka with their own hands in the garage

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with their own hands: drawings and dimensions

Burzhuyka with their own hands in the garage can be collected from materials available in the household. This kind of furnace does not differ in the complexity of construction. For the simplest model, it is enough to find a metal container, carry out a few manipulations with the conversion, and everything is ready. If you approach from the professional side, you can build a complex burzhuyka design not only for solid, but also for liquid fuel.

Pros and cons of the homemade burzhuyka for the garage

In most variants burzhuyka is a metal box, equipped with a chimney. The interior space is divided into two parts: the furnace and the ash pan.

The advantages of homemade are considered:

  1. Rapid heating of the garage due to the instant heat output. Thin metal walls are heated immediately after igniting the fire. After 5-10 minutes from the start of combustion warm air spreads through the garage.
  2. The metal top of the stove is used instead of a cooking surface for heating and cooking.
  3. With a design approach, the burzhuyka will decorate the garage.
  4. Any kind of solid fuel is suitable for combustion. If you install a special burner, the burzhuyka will work on petroleum products.
  5. Regardless of the location in the garage, the heat from the burzhuyka quickly spreads throughout the room.
  6. When compared to electric heaters, a stove heating garage will cost less.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

The disadvantage of furnace heating is the need to equip a chimney

Burzhuyka is considered a fire hazard. There are many flammable materials in the garage.

Warning. Aerosol cans for car care, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, lubricants are a separate explosive category. Petroleum products must be removed and isolated from the fireplace as much as possible.

Burzhuyka has a primitive mechanism for regulating combustion by partial closure of the chimney flap and the ash door. Solid fuel burns quickly, and it often needs to be tossed into the firebox.

What is the best stove for your garage?

The principle of the mobile stove is almost the same, regardless of its shape and size. However, there is still one nuance. The design can have a difference in the arrangement of the furnace depending on the fuel used. It is impossible to say exactly what will be the best burzhuyka for the garage. Here it is reasonable to choose taking into account the availability and cheapness of fuel:

  1. Gas burzhuyka is equipped with a burner. The gas supply is carried out from a cylinder. Bring the pipeline into the garage from the main line is expensive, documentation is required, in addition it is not always possible to obtain permission due to non-compliance with safety conditions. In the simplest version of using a cylinder, which puts the reducer. Gas to the fireplace fed through a hose. The burner is adapted homemade. Sometimes enthusiasts collect the burner unit from the burners of the gas stove. However, this option is dangerous. It is optimal to equip the burzhuyka with a factory-made burner, which has an automatic shutdown in case of an accident.
  2. If you want, you can even build an electric fireplace. The heating element used is dry heating elements, working without immersion in water. They are placed inside the furnace. Burzhuyka itself is made small and of thin metal, so that the walls are heated faster. The advantage of the design is the absence of a chimney. In the garage, you will not have to chisel the wall or roof for the conclusion of the pipe. The disadvantage is the high consumption of electricity. To heat the garage, you will need powerful heating elements.
  3. Most often burzhuyka is associated with solid fuel, and this is true. Stoves are welded from sheet metal, barrels, gas cylinders and other containers. Obligatory presence of an ash pan and firebox. Chambers are separated by grates. Out of the garage is a chimney equipped with a control damper. There are stoves in vertical and horizontal version. Sometimes they are even surrounded by red bricks. The screen reflects heat, protects the walls of the garage from ignition if they are made of combustible materials. In the stove burn wood, coal, wood chips, briquettes. Anything that burns will do. The most popular is considered burzhuyka on solid fuel
  4. Burzhuyki for burning sawdust are arranged exactly the same way as stoves for solid fuel. However, there are small differences. First, the furnace door is made of larger size. Through a large window it is easier to pour sawdust with a shovel. Secondly, the ash chamber is also enlarged. Sawdust burns faster than firewood. In the ash-pan will collect a lot of ash that will fall through the grates. Another point is a slightly modified division of the two chambers. A small gap is maintained between the grates. If the gaps are large, as under the solid fuel, sawdust immediately after loading from the furnace chamber will spill into the ash pan. For the convenience of loading sawdust firebox door is made oversized
  5. Diesel stoves work on diesel fuel. In the furnace of the furnace is located burner – drip. Above the firebox build a storage tank in the form of a vessel that directly stores liquid fuel. The presence of the chimney is necessary, since the waste products must be removed to the street. The disadvantage of this construction is fire hazard. Dripping diesel fuel is able to fade, and then burst out sharply, creating a large club of flame. In a more complicated scheme, the waste-burning stove has two chambers, where the oil burns in the first, and the second is afterburning the gas-air mixture
  6. On the analogy of the diesel model collect their own hands burzhuyka in the garage on the exhaust, where the fuel used is the oil drained from the car and other unnecessary fuels and lubricants. Inside the furnace a burner is installed. It is desirable to equip the ash-pit with a fan to create a forced draft. The disadvantage of this construction is the same fire hazard, but it also has an explosion hazard. Used fuel and lubricants are not always clean. It gets impurities of water, dirt. Channels of the heater get clogged, the water quenches the fire. The fuel that continues to flow into the hot furnace ignites, forming a strong clap. There have been situations where they opened the firebox door and the flames burst out.
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Each of the considered options burzhuyka has the right to exist. What model is better for the garage, here to decide the owner. Most often the classic is in demand on solid fuel.

What to make a fireplace in the garage

The main material for the burzhuyka is metal. There is no other. You can lay out a brick construction, but it will already look more like a stove, not a burzhuyka.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

Metal is used for the production of the fireplace

However, metal is also a stretchable concept. You can use sheet steel thickness of 3-4 mm. It is cut with a grinder into fragments, welded in the form of a rectangular structure.

If you have at home an old metal barrel or an empty gas cylinder, it is already ready-made body. It is necessary to cut windows for the ash-pit and furnace, install the grates.

Of additional materials, it is desirable to find cast iron doors. For the ash pan it comes smaller, and for the firebox – larger. If there are no cast-iron doors, they are also cut from sheet steel, fasten the usual door hinges.

It is better to find cast-iron fireboxes. In the worst case, fittings with a thickness of 18-20 mm will do. If this material is not available, use a metal plate with a thickness of at least 10 mm. On it, slots are cut.

Drawing of a wood-burning stove for the garage

To make a burzhuyka, a drawing is needed. Here you can consider two options: a rectangular stove made of sheet metal, and a round design from a canister, gas cylinder or barrel. The diagram shows the optimal dimensions of the burzhuyka for the garage, but you can change them to suit your requirements.

Sheet metal is welded burzhuyka rectangular drawing of the stove round shape will suit the manufacture of construction from a canister, cylinder or barrel

How to make a fireplace for a garage with your own hands

To work with metal, you will need two basic tools: a bolgar and a welding machine. Without them, it is impossible to create a proper burzhuyka for the garage. A set of materials depends on what scheme is supposed to make the stove.

Burzhuyka in the garage from disks

Under the solid fuel and sawdust, you can weld with your own hands a small burzhuyka in the garage from used automobile discs. You will need 4 elements. They are connected to each other in a stack. The disk of the first tier will be the ash chamber. The bottom is welded sheet metal. On the upper part, the grates are adjusted. In a lateral part of a disk cut a window by a grinder, fix a door of an ash-pan.

Making a cellar in the garage with their own hands

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

Four disks are needed to create the fireplace.

The disk of the second tier will perform the role of the furnace. On the side opposite each other two holes are cut out. One hole is equipped with a furnace door. At the second hole is adapted pipe to connect to the chimney.

Discs of the third and fourth tier is an extension of the furnace. They are simply stacked and welded together. The hole in the top of the fourth disk can be tightly welded, but it is better to make a removable plate. It is convenient to fill in sawdust through the top in case you have to use it instead of firewood.

Brick stove in the garage

A minus of wood stoves made of metal is the rapid cooling and fire hazard. To solve two problems at once will help a brick construction. Even in a wooden garage, the installation of a burzhuyka of such a device is completely safe. Brick here is only the protective screen. The stove itself is traditionally welded from metal. Brick protects the walls of the garage from fire. In addition, it heats up, keeps and gives off heat for a long time.

The basis of construction is a metal stove. Weld it rectangular shape of sheet metal or make a round, if you use a cylinder, barrel, can. The next step is the construction of a brick screen.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

Under the brick stove is poured concrete base

Since the weight of the furnace structure increases at the expense of bricks, in the garage is poured concrete foundation. On the floor excavate about 50 cm, fill 10 cm layer of sand and crushed stone. On the cushion lay a reinforcing mesh, pour the concrete with crushed stone. When the mortar hardens, the base is covered with roofing felt. A solid platform is laid out of bricks.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

On the base are installed brick walls, forming a protective screen

The next step is the erection of three walls. They should be elevated by a couple of rows of brickwork over the upper slab of the fireplace. The fourth wall is not put. The aperture is left free on the front side, where the doors of the furnace and the ash pan will be located. When the screen of three walls is ready, the metal stove is simply placed inside the created niche.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

Burzhuyka with a brick screen is fireproof and keeps heat for a long time

Tip! Starting with 3-4 rows of brickwork, you can make ventilation windows on the walls. They will help warm up the air in the garage faster.

Wood-burning stove for the garage from a barrel

A metal barrel is a ready base for the stove. Its disadvantage is considered thin walls. They will burn through a few seasons after intensive use.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

To the furnace from the barrel took up less space, it is better to install it vertically

If the barrel has only the bottom, the second side is welded with a plug of sheet metal. Of the segments of pipe with a diameter of 50-75 mm length 100-150 mm weld 4 legs. The barrel is placed in an upright position. On the side shelf in the bottom two rectangular windows for the furnace and ash-pan. The doors are attached with hinges made of the same cut pieces of metal. From the inside, between the chambers between the chambers are welded on the walls of the barrel corners, and the grates are placed on them. In the upper part of the barrel cut out a hole. This is welded on a pipe to connect to the chimney.

A gas cylinder burner in the garage

Used gas cylinder in the same way as the barrel can be adapted for the stove. The advantage is the greater thickness of the metal. Cylinder will last much longer. In addition, the size is smaller than the barrel, in particular the diameter. The stove can be made vertical and horizontal shape.

Important: Before cutting the cylinder from it it is necessary to drain the rest of the gas with condensate, unscrew the valve and pour water inside.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

With a horizontal arrangement of the cylinder stove takes more space

Horizontal burzhuyka convenient because you can load firewood in the furnace about 1 m long. To construct the structure under the cylinder welded stand of pipes. At the end, where there was a valve, cut a window, fix the door of the furnace chamber. Ash pan with ash chamber is welded to the side of the cylinder. When it is placed on the stand, the box will be at the bottom.

How to make a circular saw from a bolgar.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

The fireboxes will be replaced by perforations on the side wall of the cylinder

The side wall of the cylinder is perforated with a drill with a diameter of 10-15 mm. The holes are made through directly into the ash chamber. They will perform the role of grates. Chimney welded on the back of the cylinder from a pipe with a diameter of 100-150 mm.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

In the vertical position burzhuyka takes less space

To make a vertical stove, perform the same actions as with the barrel. Exhaust pipe can be welded to the end, where the gas valve. You only need to pre-cut a hole here. The legs can not be welded, and use the standard native stand of the cylinder.

How to properly install the gas stove in the garage

It is optimal to install the stove in the corner of the garage, which is located opposite the front door. First, when you open the garage door, there is a direct air supply, which improves the draft. Secondly, the heat will not go straight out into the street, and will spread inside the room.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

The stove is located in the opposite corner of the garage from the front door

Between the stove and the wall of non-combustible material maintain a distance of 50 cm. If the walls are wooden or covered with combustible material, the distance is increased to 1 m and make a protective screen. Lay a steel sheet 5-8 mm thick on the floor of the garage under the stove. On the side of the furnace, it must protrude 1-1.5 m in case sparks fly out. The distance from the car maintained at least 2.5 m.

Safety precautions

The stove is considered a fire hazard, especially in a garage where there are fuels and lubricants. Anything that can quickly ignite, to the maximum distance away. It is optimal to enclose the fireplace with a screen to eliminate the possibility of sparks flying out.

How to make a burzhuyka in the garage with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

Do not heat the stove in the garage with the doors open

In addition to a functioning chimney, it is important to take care of good ventilation. If the fumes flood the garage space, a person can be poisoned.

Do not dry oily clothes near the oven. Rags soaked in gasoline and other petroleum products should not be stored. Do not leave a burning stove unattended, especially overnight.


Burzhuyka with their own hands in the garage can be installed factory sample. In stores, miniature models are sold, often made of cast iron. The advantage of such a design is compactness. In addition, cast iron keeps heat longer. There is no need to create a brick screen.

How to make a stove for the garage with your own hands

If you install a burzhuyka in the garage, you can not only take care of the iron horse all year round, but also to arrange gatherings with friends in the winter. In stores there are different in size and design models, but they cost a lot. Therefore, motorists make a burzhuyka with their own hands from improvised materials.

Burzhuyka in the garage with their own hands on firewood

Features and principle of operation of the burzhuyka

Unlike the classic stove for the burzhuyka does not need a foundation, a complex chimney, a platform. You can heat with wood, sawdust, wood chips, peat, coal, waste machine oil. Simple construction and installation are available for self-made by people with basic knowledge of metalwork. Due to the small size and weight of the homemade burzhuyka easy to place even in a small garage.

Compared to the brick oven burzhuyka quickly cools. Therefore, to maintain a comfortable temperature will have to heat it all the time you are in the garage. The metal is strongly heated, which can lead to burns if you accidentally touch it.

The principle of operation of the burzhuyka is the same as that of a classic stove:

  • The air necessary for combustion of fuel enters the furnace through the ash door;
  • The heat generated heats the walls;
  • the products of combustion are removed through the chimney by the natural draught;
  • The speed of fuel combustion is regulated by the position of the ash door.

Principle of the Burzhuyka

With wood or used oil

Depending on the size, the waste oil burner heats not only small, but also large rooms. In addition to machine oil, other types of oil and diesel can be used.

The advantages of the waste oil stove include:

  • no need to be distracted by adding firewood, one filling is enough for a long time;
  • Due to the 2-stage combustion, the efficiency is higher than that of its wood analogue;
  • the exhaust gas stove does not smoke at any weather.
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Of the disadvantages note:

  • noise;
  • When combusting, the exhaust emits a specific odor, so ventilation is required;
  • the need for frequent cleaning of the combustion chamber and chimney;
  • the difficulty of removing the coked layer, formed during the combustion of oil, from the lower chamber.

The main advantage of the wood-burning stove is the possibility of using any solid fuel. Of the disadvantages should be considered:

  • The efficiency is low, since a significant part of the heat flies out into the chimney;
  • the necessity of regular adding firewood, breaking up the heads, to make sure the embers don’t pop out of the firebox;
  • time expenditures for fuel preparation;
  • small range of regulating the burning process.

The characteristics of the stove on the exhaust is better, but according to the rules of fire safety room for its installation must be equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation. Fulfillment of this requirement for private citizens is difficult, so do burzhuyka in the garage with their own hands on firewood.

Varieties of designs

Invented quite a few designs burzhuks for the garage, so choose a suitable option based on the available material is not difficult. The drawing is made independently, taking into account the peculiarities of the room, or take a ready-made one from the Internet. The design depending on the size of the garage make horizontal or vertical.

Classic burzhuyka is made of sheet iron. The easiest way to make a stove from an iron barrel, but the service life of the construction is short, since the thin walls quickly burn through. Option of a gas cylinder or pipe will last much longer due to the greater thickness of the metal. Uncomplicated designs for garages are made from old wheel rims and iron cans.

Making a classic burzhuyka stove

Since it is necessary to make a burzhuyka rectangular shape, a sheet metal with a thickness of at least 3 mm will be required. The work is performed in the following order:

  1. From the sheet cut blanks.
  2. The side walls are welded to the bottom.
  3. Weld the back wall.
  4. Inside mark the boundaries of the space for the ash pan, firebox, and chimney. At a distance of 10-15 cm from the bottom weld 2 angles to install a removable grate, which is collected from reinforcement bars with a diameter of 10 – 15 mm.
  5. In the upper part of the welded 2 bars, which will be stacked reflector of a metal sheet for the smoke circulation. Between him and the wall should be a gap for the passage of smoke.
  6. Weld the lid with a hole under the shell with a diameter of 15 – 20 cm for the installation of the chimney.
  7. For easy removal of the grate and deflector during cleaning the door with a latch and handle is made close to the size of the width burzhuyka.
  8. At the bottom of the body of the furnace is welded legs of a pipe with a diameter of 20 – 50 mm height of 8 – 10 cm.
  9. Chimney is made of 3 sections of pipe diameter of 15 – 18 cm, connected at an angle of 45 °.
  10. In the hole in the cover is welded sleeve.
  11. Before attaching to the chimney install a butterfly valve size smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe.

After installation the chimney is adjusted in height. The pipe is led out through an opening in the wall or roof. Simplified designs are collected without the grate and deflector.

Burzhuyka from a pipe or barrel with their own hands

Such a stove is made horizontal or vertical design. Diameter of a pipe or barrel choose depending on the size of available space in the garage. The vertical version is collected in the following sequence:

  1. On the side surface at the locations of the furnace and the ash pan, 2 rectangular holes are cut out.
  2. From the cut out pieces make doors, having welded a frame from metal strips. Install the latches and handles.
  3. Inside, at a distance of 10 cm from the bottom edge of the furnace door, weld brackets of angles under the grate, made of rebar.
  4. The pipe structure is welded ends.
  5. The legs are welded at the bottom.
  6. In the upper part of the cut hole for the chimney.
  7. Weld the hinges, hang the doors.
  8. Connect the chimney.
Useful sanding pad for a drill or screwdriver

Assembly of the horizontal version is slightly different:

  1. The door for the firebox from the cut out piece is installed on the end.
  2. There is no ash drawer, instead of it below the door drill a hole with a diameter of 20 mm.
  3. To install the stove from the corners or pipes make a stand.
  4. Removable grate is made from a sheet of metal of such a width that the center was at a distance of 7 cm from the farthest point of the side surface of the body. For the passage of air over the entire area of the sheet is drilled holes.
  5. If the burzhuyka from the pipe, at the back of the top weld a branch pipe for the chimney. On the barrel first draw a circle of the desired diameter, then at an angle of 15⁰ make radial cuts. The resulting sectors are bent upwards. A branch pipe is riveted to them.

The gas cylinder stove

To remove residual gas from the cylinder unscrew the valve, fill with water, leave for the night. After draining the water proceed to work:

  1. The upper part, where there was a valve, cut off, instead of it a plug is welded.
  2. If you make a horizontal burzhuyka for the garage with their own hands, at the bottom cut a square hole, from the cut metal make a door for the furnace.
  3. After welding the hinges hang the door.
  4. Instead of the grate for the passage of air at the bottom of the future oven is drilled holes.
  5. Make a box of thin metal, which will be both the ash pan and the ash drawer. Weld under the holes, hang the door.
  6. The body is installed on the legs.
  7. In the back of the top of the hole is cut, welded chimney.

For heating food, a frame of metal rods is installed on top. There is enough space to place 2 items. The vertical version is made in the same way as from a barrel.

From wheel rims

Of materials to weld burzhuyka, in addition to a pair of disks will need another piece of pipe length of 30 – 45 cm of close diameter, a sheet of metal, a pipe to divert the smoke. Assembling such a fireplace is simple:

  1. To adjust the diameter of the pipe to the size of the discs at the joints are cut ribs. After welding you get a vertical design.
  2. On the side surface make an opening for the firebox.
  3. From the cut out piece make a door.
  4. For air access to the furnace in the lower disk cut a square hole with a side of 10 -12 cm.
  5. On the upper disk at the back make a hole for the chimney.
  6. For the ash drawer, a metal circle is welded to the bottom.
  7. To make on the made burzhuyka his own hands to heat up food on the upper disk install a hob of metal thickness of 4 – 5 mm.

How to install correctly

Operating safety depends on how the burzhuyka is installed in the garage. The stove is usually placed in the far corner from the gate on the base of non-combustible material: bricks, asboc cement slab, ceramic tiles. On the floor near the doors put a sheet of metal to sparks and falling embers do not cause a fire.

The distance from the stove to the car and flammable substances should be at least 1.5 m. In a wooden garage, leave a space of at least 1 m between the stove and the wall. The walls near the stove must be covered with non-combustible material.

Useful tips

Burzhuyka stove will be convenient in operation, if you listen to the recommendations of experts:

  1. To check the quality of welded joints, the first ignition is carried out outside.
  2. To ensure tightness, the chimney running inside the garage is made of all-welded pipe without horizontal sections.
  3. There should be a box with sand and a fire extinguisher next to the stove.
  4. The places where the chimney passes through the wall or ceiling are insulated with fireproof material.
  5. Screen of bricks, laid on 3 sides of the stove will protect against accidental burns and keep heat after burning fuel. The distance from it to the walls of the fireplace should be 5 – 7 cm.

Despite the simple device, burzhuyka is considered the most reliable and cheapest way to heat the garage. Even garbage can be burned in such a stove. When choosing, it should be taken into account that horizontal designs last longer than vertical ones.

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