Can not open the gas tank hatch Polo sedan

Volkswagen Polo gas tank hatch

In the process of operating a Volkswagen Polo car, the car owner may encounter a situation where the gas tank hatch refuses to open. There are many reasons for the lid jamming. Regardless of why the breakdown occurred, the car owner needs to fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the further operation of the car will become difficult, because refueling will become complicated.

Reasons why the hatch won’t open

If the gas tank hatch on the Volkswagen Polo does not open, it may be due to a number of reasons, which are listed in the table below.

Reason Note
Breakdown of the electric actuator Failure can be eliminated only after removing the hatch and making defectology of actuator elements
Frozen lock You can get rid of the problem if you put the car in a heated garage. Silicone and penetrating greases, such as WD-40, will also help to restore the lock functionality.
Mechanical failure of the gas tank lock elements It is possible to return the hatch to a working condition by replacing defective elements.

Methods of opening the gas tank hatch on the Volkswagen Polo

The gas tank hatch on the Volkswagen Polo can be opened in two simple ways. In the first case, the hatch cover must be gently lifted from the bottom. Then put your hands around it and pull it down and towards yourself.

At a certain moment the gas tank hatch will open. The disadvantage of this method is that with too much pressure on the cover it can be damaged and even deformed severely.

The second way the hatch is opened from the side of the luggage compartment. In the case of using this option, the car owner needs to:

  • open the trunk;
  • unbuckle the trim on the side of the boot lid;
  • pull back the trunk lid;
  • Disconnect the wire that powers the actuator;
  • to send control signal 12 V directly to the lock.
Diagram for beginners to connect the DXO

Required tools

In order to remove the gas tank hatch on the Volkswagen Polo sedan car, the car owner will need a small set of tools, which are listed below:

  • screwdriver with a straight and cross blade;
  • six-angled TORX bit
  • ratchet.

The process of removing the hatch

In order to remove the gas tank hatch from the Volkswagen Polo car, you need to refer to the instructions below.

  • Open the lid.
  • Remove the cap from the gas tank.


  • Using a screwdriver with a six-pronged TORX bit, unscrew the self-tapping screw shown in the photo below.


  • Carefully pry open the rubber cover with a flathead screwdriver or wrench and remove it.


  • Remove the four clips from the luggage compartment.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the trim and gently pry it away from the seal.


  • Gaining access to the electric lock actuator, disconnect the terminal block by pressing on its catches.
  • Pull the wire from the connector to the lock.
  • Remove the decorative plug from the trunk.


  • Remove the lock.

Elimination of consequences of the emergency hatch opening

As a result of an unsuccessful attempt to open the gas tank hatch on a Volkswagen Polo, its locking mechanism may be damaged.

As a result, it begins to open spontaneously, and its closing becomes impossible. To fix the problem, it is recommended to use the instructions below:

How to open a Volkswagen Polo sedan gas tank hatch

It has long been out of fashion for intruders to quietly drain gasoline from a Zhiguli at night. The age of advanced automotive electronics is coming down the throat of criminal elements. And it is not only about difficulty of “obtaining” minerals from the bowels of the petrol tank, but also about access to the target of interest. First of all, it is a central lock, blocking not only the car doors, but also the vault with fuel.

How to flash car ECU with your own hands

Nowadays, practically every foreign car is equipped with it. One parked the car, clicked the button on the remote control, and the mechanism worked at once. When you get to the gas station, you unblock it with the same push, and the hatch opens. Some “foreigners” even flaunt modern drive, which automatically unlocks the flap when you enter the gas station.

Polo gas tank lid

Causes of the flap locking

The Volkswagen Polo sedan has a classic gas tank hatch, which works perfectly in tandem with the central locking system. Activation of the lock locks the “flap” as well as pressing the driver’s door closing button. A similar principle is characteristic of other relatives of the “European” – Golf and Passat. Czech Skoda also have a similar scheme of the gas tank hatch.

Unfortunately, not all owners of Kaluga sedan know about similar “chip”. As a result, desperate drivers bring their “iron horse” with a broken actuator to a dealer and pay hefty money for the device repair. Experienced drivers are well aware of the little secret of Kaluga masters and know how to “bypass” the inconvenient protection of the central locking system.

The culprit of all small troubles is a notorious drive, blocking a gas tank hatch. It is enough to switch it off manually and the sedan owner’s life becomes much easier.

However, the catch may be in something else. One of the main sources of troubles for many foreign cars is severe winters in our country. The warm-loving and pampered “Europeans” can not endure severe climatic conditions of Russia without problems. Though they stuff them with different winter packages.

“Frostbite” of the gas tank hatch lock is a standard situation for Polo sedan. Glass thawers and various silicone greases often help in a difficult moment. As an alternative, to open the lock, you can also apply traditional “Vedeshka” – and what if? It is excellent, if you can find a place to warm up your car. But when a pointer of fuel gauge gets close to zero, there is no choice but to open the lock with improvised means. Naturally, it leads to its damage.

Just an interesting fuel gauge scheme

Self-disassembly of the hatch

Before you call to service offices and ask how much the replacement of lock and gear will cost you, take the time to study the following instruction. It will take you no more than half an hour, and the only tool you will need is a six-armed TORX. If there is no problem with the gas tank hatch lock and there is only the need to save yourself from unnecessary locking the central lock, then immediately proceed to Step 5.

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Remove the cap from the tank.
  3. Screwdriver twist the only screw.

Remove the self-tapping screw

Undermine the gasket Pull out the gasket

Unhook the trunk liner

Remove the cord

The new drive for Polo sedan can be found in online stores. The original spare part from VAG will cost about 1800-2000 rubles.

Dismantling the gas tank hatch is often also carried out by car painters, who pick up the color of paint for the treatment of the body elements of the car.

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