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10 best car antennas

*Review of the best according to the editorial About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist prior to purchase.

A car antenna means a device capable of picking up waves despite the movement of the vehicle. Then, depending on the connected equipment, these vibrations are converted into a radio or TV signal. There is a special kind of GSM antennas to communicate with cellular repeaters, to amplify their signal, regardless of the location of the car. Our experts, after analyzing the characteristics and reviews, have selected the best products, dividing them into categories. This will simplify your choice and help you find what you want for your car faster.

Rating of the best antennas for your car

Nomination Location Name Price
Best car antennas for radio communication 1 Sirio ML-145 Mag 2 099 ₽
2 ALAN ML-145 1 890 ₽
3 Optim CB T3-27 Mag 1 690 ₽
The best car antennas for listening to music on the radio 1 ANLI AW-6 VHF 1 630 ₽
2 BOSCH Autofun pro 995 ₽
3 Triad T-55 Turbo 600 ₽
4 Ural IMPULS AV-12A 320 ₽
5 Triada VA 69 ELECTRONIC 1 035 ₽
The best car antennas for TV 1 AVEL AVS001DVBA 017A12 1 900 ₽
Best GSM car antennas 1 Triad MA-997 SOTA 3g GSM 997 ₽

Best car antennas for radio communication

C.D. car antennas are designed for the civilian band and do not require certification or a license from users. They are used by long-haul truckers among themselves to keep from getting bored or to find out operational information about road conditions. It is also an effective way to quickly communicate between the courier truck and the warehouse, especially if the delivery of goods is carried out in rural areas where cellular coverage is poor.

Sirio ML-145 Mag

Sirio ML-145 Mag

The antenna comes in three web lengths – 1250, 1350 and 1450 mm. The device is mounted on the cover and catches waves in the range of 27. 28.5 MHz. Short and medium waves are picked up at 1340 kHz. Comes with a cable length of 3.6 m, which is enough to covertly lead to the communication device in the cabin. A rubber gasket is provided to fix the base to protect the car lacquer from scratches. The manufacturer recommends keeping the speed no higher than 110 km/h for quality communication. Buyers in the reviews like the communication range up to 20 km, where you can talk without interference, which is provided by the base power of 600 watts and short-term – 900 watts.

Our experts considered this antenna the best because of the convenience of mounting. It is made on a magnetic base with powerful action and does not require drilling a hole in the roof. Installation takes 5 minutes, of which most of the time is spent laying the cable under the trim. The model is notable because it can be used periodically as a temporary measure and lie in the garage the rest of the time. Or it can be moved from one vehicle to another.

  • The magnetic base holds the antenna well at 120 km/h;
  • The screws in the housing are equipped with rubber bushings to prevent the ingress of moisture;
  • coil made of thick copper wire will not overheat
  • the resilient web will not break when hitting obstacles.
  • high cost among analogues;
  • difficult to disassemble for repair;
  • the cloth is very high above the roof of the car;
  • cable inlet in the base is protected only by a rubber tube.



In second place is the “CB” antenna from Alan. Model ML145 has a length of 146 cm and is mounted on the roof. All metal parts are made of stainless steel or covered with chrome, so they are not subject to corrosion. To protect the car body, the manufacturer has provided a wide rubber base. The model is accompanied by a coaxial cable and a connector for the radio station. The device is capable of picking up frequencies in the 26-28 MHz range and broadcasts up to 90 channels. The model has its own amplifier with a coefficient of 4.5 dB. Unlike the previous antenna, which weighs 1.2 kg, this one weighs 500 g.

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Our experts singled out this model for radio communication as the best in terms of flexibility. It has a steel pin with 15 coils of spring, which allows for a tilt of almost 30 degrees relative to the base. Due to this the antenna will not break off when hitting an obstacle at speed, and the driver will not have to constantly remember about the increased dimensions of the car. Another advantage of the product is the maximum power of 1000 watts, which allows the use of radio at a distance of up to 30 km. In this case, the interlocutor will hear you well.

  • No need to drill the roof for installation;
  • The conical antenna pin is made entirely of stainless steel;
  • the spring is covered with chrome;
  • Reduced input noise.
  • high cost;
  • screws on the body have no rubber caps – water will get there;
  • Due to the height of 146 cm clings to signs and signs in the underground parking lot.

Optim CB T3-27 Mag.

Another model that supports the CB band is the T3-27 Mag from the Optim brand. This is an omnidirectional passive antenna that picks up and sends a signal equally well, regardless of the direction of the car. Compared to competitors, it is slightly lower and does not touch the pipes even when mounted on the roof. If you attach it to the trunk, the length of 62 cm will barely protrude beyond the dimensions of the car. The claimed frequency range of 26.8-27.4 MHz is true and clearly picks up the signal. Usual power of the passive antenna is 20 W, but short term can go up to 100 W if the car is moving at high speed or there are obstacles in the way of the signal. The kit comes with a 4 m cable for covert mounting in the cabin. The receiver is simply mounted on a magnetic base with a diameter of 95 mm. This provides a secure fixation and does not require drilling the car body.

This is the neatest car antenna for radio communication. It has a relatively small base and a narrow spring stand. Such an item does not attract unnecessary attention to itself, but provides quality communication in the city. Recommends the product for cab drivers, so that the car does not look like a TV center, but you always stay in touch.

  • easy fixation;
  • does not blown away by wind or branches;
  • a small height of 62 cm;
  • neat appearance.
  • Can be stolen at night;
  • Not the highest power.

The best car antennas for listening to music on the radio

Music on the road helps to brighten the time spent in the car and even keep you awake. You can listen to the news, weather forecast or other important information on the radio. Here are the best antennas for capturing ultrashort FM waves.


The AW-6 antenna from Anli, which works with the VHF band, received high praise in the reviews. The channel can be tuned from 136 to 174 MHz. The kit comes with a magnetic base for easy installation, but it is advisable to mount the antenna only on the trunk because of the height of 133 cm. The passive device is capable of amplifying the signal up to 3.2 dB by itself, which noticeably improves the volume and sound quality. The working part is made of stainless steel and can withstand impacts from branches. The antenna weighs only 150g and will never make a dent in your bodywork if it accidentally gets caught.

Experts have singled out the product for the car as the best because of the antenna’s ability to clearly capture the signal at speeds of 130 km/h. The device not only captures the frequency well, but also perfectly resists wind loads. Recommended antenna for those who often have to travel at high speed in the city (detours, where speed limits, autobahns, etc.) to ensure uninterrupted listening to music.

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  • low weight of 150 g;
  • easy to attach to the magnet;
  • Can amplify the signal by itself to 3.2 dB;
  • rugged case.
  • Length 133 cm can cling to branches.

BOSCH Autofun pro

BOSCH Autofun pro

The antenna is made in a round housing and has two flexible “offshoots” that can be positioned along the top line of the windshield or in a corner (one horizontally and one vertically). Inside the case there is already an amplifier with a factor of 3 dB, so even weak waves the antenna picks up and transmits to the radio in a “clean” form. The kit comes with a power plug with a wire, 1.5 m long, connected to the cigarette lighter. Judging by the reviews of buyers, the size of the cable is enough to neatly lay the wiring under the trim. The antenna works on AM and FM frequencies. Current consumption is 30 mA/h and is designed for 12 V on-board network of the car. The device weighs 150g and does not put a load on the glass. In case of shaking from a bad road, the antenna does not fall off.

According to experts, this antenna is the best for compactness. Its dimensions are 4h4h1.5 cm, which almost does not take up space on the windshield of the car. Despite its tiny size, the device is an active type, so the sound will be without interference.

  • Mounting on the adhesive base without any additional devices;
  • 1.5 m long cable;
  • Inside the cabin placement does not require sealing the holes in the roof;
  • does not obstruct the driver’s view.
  • Only for cars with 12 V on-board network;
  • Takes up the cigarette lighter plug.

Triad T-55 Turbo


Experts gave the third place in the category to the T-55 model. Its name has a prefix Turbo for a reason, because the manufacturer has equipped it with two modes, one of which is designed for intensive radio signal pickup. To do this, the antenna has a dual amplifier, which most similar products do not have. Three patents registered in the Russian Federation were used in the creation of the product. On the body of the transmitter there is a switch for “City-Road” modes. In the first position, the antenna activates the noise protection function to eliminate the influence of electric lines from streetcars and trolley buses, as well as cell phones on the radio wave. Drivers in reviews like the low power consumption of 10 mA, which is virtually unaffected by the car’s onboard power grid. You can place the antenna in the cabin not only on the windshield, as the cable length is 2.5 m.

According to the magazine’s editorial board, the antenna is the best in terms of range. It is able to pick up the signal of a radio station even if the car is 150 km away from the city. This solves the problem with the silence on the highway, when the driver did not have time to download music to a flash drive or forgot the memory card at home.

  • Low power consumption 10 mA;
  • long cable 2.5 m;
  • easy installation;
  • affordable cost.
  • When working, the red diode lights up, which can distract the driver;
  • “shoulders” of the antenna are not bendable – laying only in a straight line.



This is a car antenna for installation inside the cabin. It consists of a small “tablet” and two antennas, located on the sides. The model is installed on the glass (windshield, rear) under the roof or along the pillar. Due to the small size, it does not block the view. Works with FM and CB, as well as CB. Gain reaches 12 units, so the antenna has an excellent signal. To connect it to your car stereo, there is a 2.5 m cable. If you mount the catcher on the “windshield”, this length is quite enough for hidden pulling under the panel and trim.

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Reviews show that the radio antenna is catching even at a distance of up to 40 km from the city. For proper operation users recommend connecting the “ground” to the screw of the sun visor (so there was a connection with the body) and then everything will function perfectly. We recommend the product to listen to music on the way to the cottage, if the cottage village is within 40 km of the city tower.

  • No need to fix anything on the outside;
  • easy installation on the sticky tape;
  • small dimensions;
  • active type with an amplifier.
  • If the car stands in the sun for a long time, the sticky tape can come off.



And here is another model from the same brand. This is an outdoor antenna, which will need to be cut into the roof of the car. To do this, one hole is drilled, through which the pin is pressed with a nut and the cable is conducted. The manufacturer has provided a cable length of 3 meters, which is convenient to hide under the ceiling paneling, run along the pillar and lead behind the dashboard. Angle of the pin is 75 degrees. Antenna is black with 40cm length looks stylish and improves car appearance. The device catches channels in VHF, AM and FM bands. The wide base securely covers the drilled hole in the roof, but buyers advise in reviews to add sealant under it. Drivers report that the signal quality through such an antenna is much better than the regular antenna, even in such new cars as Volkswagen, Opel and Skoda.

The antenna belongs to the category “Long Distance” and allows you to listen to music on the radio, while being far out of town. The maximum distance is up to 110 km. Experts note an especially clear sound thanks to the gain of 24 dB, which most analogs do not have.

  • does not occupy a place on the windshield;
  • Improves the design of the car;
  • The short pin of 40 cm does not cling to the branches;
  • Weighs only 500g.
  • higher cost than other products in the category;
  • You will need to drill the roof of the car.

The best car antennas for TV

If your car has a 2 DIN car stereo with a TV tuner, you can arrange to watch TV, which requires an antenna with VHF/UHF range.



Here the experts considered the best product from the brand Avel. The antenna is designed for installation inside the cabin. The manufacturer has provided a small rectangular base with a self-adhesive surface. The antenna itself for capturing UHF/VHF frequencies has a double wavy structure. Because of this, the impedance is increased to 75 ohms at short length. It can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Since there is an amplifier inside, the antenna needs a separate 12 V power supply. To connect it to the TV set in your car, there is a RG-174 coaxial cable 5 m long.

In our opinion, the product is the best because of the purity of the TV signal. Since the car is in motion, and in the city also adds various interference (cell phones, concrete buildings, power lines), requires a powerful amplifier. This active type model has technology that produces a gain of 21 dB. This ensures that you can watch TV in the car without vertical bands and with sound.

  • easy installation;
  • no need to drill anything;
  • Allowed to install on the rear window of the car;
  • active type with an amplifier.
  • rather large and slightly obscures the view, especially on cars with low windshield;
  • High cost.

Best GSM car antennas

GSM antennas for the car are designed to strengthen the cellular signal. This is relevant for those who often drive through villages, suburbs or industrial areas, where the mobile operator does not install many repeaters. This antenna is much more powerful than those placed in cell phones, so the quality of communication immediately increases.

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Triad MA-997 SOTA 3g GSM

Triada MA-997 SOTA 3g GSM

Our experts have chosen only one model in this category, which immediately meets all requirements and has a relatively low cost. The antenna works in the GSM 900 and 1800 bands and is capable of transmitting high-speed 3G mobile Internet (UMTS2100 frequency) and even 4G (LTE1800 frequency). The antenna weighs 300g and has a rugged plastic housing. It is mounted on its own magnet and does not need any additional attachments. The housing is protected from atmospheric precipitation. In their reviews, customers share that mobile communications in the villages have become better, despite the traffic on the road with a series of descents and ascents.

Experts liked the product for its compactness. The antenna has no “horns”, but only a round unit, where the receiving loop and rod vibrators are placed, as well as a 4.9 dB amplifier. It can be attached to the trunk, roof and even the hood of the car. The 3 m power cable allows for a covert connection. The side of rotation of the housing does not matter.

The best car antennas, according to user reviews

The article gives car owners the opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular and relevant models of car antennas.

A detailed comparison of key parameters, design and operational features will help to find an answer to the question what internal and external car antennas for radio is better.

luchshie avtomobilnye antennye


The best interior car antennas

It is possible to access radio frequencies in the car using a car antenna and a car stereo. In order to enjoy your favorite radio stations in good quality as long as possible, you should understand what is the best car antenna for radio.

Bosch Autofun PRO car antenna

Bosch Autofun PRO is an in-car antenna of increased sensitivity. The device is mounted on the windshield of the car and perfectly copes with the reception of frequencies of AM/FM bands.

The product package includes:

  1. Radio receiving element.
  2. Plastic housing of the antenna, consisting of three elements.
  3. A special gel designed to ground the electrical equipment.
  4. Main receiver module.
  5. Fixing stickers.
  6. Fasteners.

There are no problems with installation of the antenna. The manufacturer provides a special reference angle, which is cut out of the package body. All limiting tapes are treated with a quality adhesive. At the final stage of installation it is important not to forget about the grounding.

It is better to feed the power from the radio. In this case, the receiving and audio devices will work synchronously.

Bosch Autofun PRO antenna

antenna Bosch Autofun PRO 2

  1. Small overall dimensions 4,5 * 1,5 * 4,5 cm.
  2. Stable quality signal.
  3. High quality build.
  4. It has a long 3 m connecting cable.
  1. High cost.
  2. Improper installation may cause overheating of the device.

Blaupunkt Autofun Pro Antenna

Blaupunkt Pro is positioned as the salon antenna of high sensitivity.

It is designed to receive the signal in the bands:

The device operates from 12 V DC. The kit includes: fasteners (stopping strips, self-tapping screws), a receiving module with a 2.9 m cable (which makes it possible to install the product in almost any vehicle and all suitable locations), anti-corrosion grease.

Installation of the antenna is quick and easy thanks to the illustrated instructions.

Blaupunkt Autofun Pro antenna

Blaupunkt Autofun Pro 2

  1. High-quality separation of radio signals due to the use of a protection circuit.
  1. Bright blue backlight. Distracting when driving at night. But if you want it can be turned off.

Active Antenna all-wave inside the cabin Triad 100 Gold

Antennas of the model range Triad 100 have the shape of a small cylinder with a minimum height. Devices of this type are intended for installation in the cabin of a car in the corner of the windshield or behind the rear-view mirror.

The product body is made of durable plastic and has two ray antennas, which are firmly attached to the surface through the adhesive.

The antenna is capable of receiving AM, FM and VHF frequency bands. Thanks to a powerful amplifier quality signal reception is carried out at a distance of 150 km from the source.

antenna trida 100 gold

antenna trida 100 gold 2

  1. Little susceptible to voltage drop.
  2. Able to work in DC circuits 9-15 V.
  3. Design double filter on the power supply reduces the risk of interference from the electrical circuit used.
  4. High quality build.
  5. Durability and reliability.
  1. Small power cable of 2.5 meters.
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Active Antenna Triada-150 GOLD

Triada-150 GOLD – Antenna for indoor use, which is made in accordance with modern technology instrumentation. Externally, the model is a round washer, made of dark plastic and two metallized receiving cloths coming out of oriented 90 or 180 degrees to each other points.

An LED signal indicates proper installation of the unit. The kit also includes a special coaxial cable.

Triad-150 GOLD has 2 modes of operation:

  1. “Urban Mode” – provides the highest degree of interference immunity at frequencies in the 88 to 108 MHz range.
  2. “Suburban mode” – includes a powerful signal amplifier, which allows you to pick up the signal at a great distance from the city.

Switching between modes is carried out with a special toggle switch on the device.

Triad-150 GOLD is the best car antenna for indoor use. After analyzing the reviews and performance characteristics it can be confidently stated that this model is far superior to its Bosch and Blaupunkt counterparts.

antenna triada 150 gold

antenna triada 150 gold 2

  1. Powerful amplifier with a large interval.
  2. Balanced and quality reception at a distance of up to 150 km from the transmitter station.
  3. Insulated power cable.
  4. High quality build.
  1. Connecting cable is only 2.5 m long.

The best outdoor car antennas

Manufacturers on the market represent not only popular examples of indoor antennas. Outdoor devices are very popular. They have one distinct advantage. Many of the models of such radio equipment are able to receive and process DV standard waves.

Antenna AVEL AVS001DVBA 020A12 Black

Active Antenna AVEL AVS 001 is a device for capturing electromagnetic pulses of radio signals and converting them into an electrical signal. Which is further perceived by the output device. The antenna is mounted on the outer surfaces of the vehicle.

Works Avel ABC 001 in DC circuits with a voltage of 12 volts.

The package includes:

  1. Receiver with built-in amplifier, the body of which is shaped like a shark’s fin.
  2. Connecting cable 5 m long.
  3. Fixing elements and devices (double magnet lock).

The device is designed for use in passenger cars. Standard of perceived radio signals is DVB-T/DVB-T2.

AVEL AVS001DVBA 020A12 Black

  1. High quality build.
  2. Original look.
  3. Good quality of signal.
  4. Reliable fixation on the car body.
  1. Small selection of colors of the case.

Triada MA 275 FM car antenna

MA 275 – is a passive car antenna outdoor use. That is, it is mounted on the body of the vehicle from the outside. Its main task is to pick up VHF, AM and FM, transforming them into an electrical signal, amplification and transmission to the consumer (the radio).

The device has a compact size and is made in the form of an oblong cylinder on a flat base. To fix the antenna to the roof of the car in the support is mounted magnet with a diameter of 72 mm.

The modern microchip and a powerful amplifier provide a stable reception of the device up to 50 km from the signal source. The model is equipped with a connecting cable. Its length is 2.5 m.

antenna triada MA 275 FM

  1. High quality build.
  2. Compact size.
  3. Built-in inverter of VHF frequencies allows to listen to the waves of this frequency without any modification of radio receiver.
  1. Insufficient length of the cable.
  2. Relatively small radius of coverage.

Triada MA 86-02 FM car antenna

Triada MA 86-02 is an outdoor removable car antenna. Attached to the metal parts of the body of the vehicle with a magnet with a high power (diameter 8.6cm).

Transmission of the transformed electromagnetic signal from the receiver to the radio is carried out via a 3 m coaxel cable. Device itself is a supporting platform, d90 mm, with a 700 mm long rubberized rod-antenna coming out of it.

The model is designed to receive and process signals of the following types:

  1. FM.
  2. AM.
  3. DV (high quality car TV signal).
  4. VHF.

Powerful amplifier with a wide range of frequencies allows for a stable signal reception up to 150 km.

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