Car Battery Rankings 2020

The 12 best car batteries

Battery selection and review of popular models on the Russian market

  1. Best calcium batteries
  2. Best AGM Batteries

There can be many reasons to look for a new battery for your car. The main one is extreme wear and tear or failure of the old one: constantly removing the battery for recharging or “cigarette lighter” the car in the morning is quickly boring to people. When modifying the car often have to install an additional battery or a higher capacity battery to replace the regular – it is necessary to power the off-road winch or a powerful audio system of the show car. The best car batteries of 2021-2022 are presented in our rating.

What do you need to know when choosing a battery? First, the options of its design:

  • Lead-acid batteries are the simplest and oldest type. They consist of six cans, in which lead plates are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. Such batteries are cheap, the possibility to replace the electrolyte allows to “reanimate” them in some cases. A number of models, however, are produced maintenance-free (without the possibility to unscrew the plugs of the jars). They are resistant to overcharge, but at a deep discharge may irreversibly lose capacity or stop gaining any charge at all (destruction of plates).
  • Gel batteries use acid thickened with silicon compounds instead of liquid electrolyte. Because of this, they are not only sealed, but also continue to work at any angle of inclination. Gel batteries are able to remain functional in deep discharges, but are more demanding in terms of charging conditions. In addition, their price is the highest.
  • AGM batteries combine elements of both standard and gel batteries: they use a liquid electrolyte which impregnates the filler (usually glass fiber) between the plates. They can operate at almost any inclination (upside down is not recommended). AGM batteries are resistant to vibration because the filler keeps the plates from collapsing. But, unlike conventional and gel batteries, they are sensitive to both deep discharge and overcharge at the same time.

For an old car the best option will be a cheap lead-acid battery. The owner of a new car, who has no reason to fear the generator malfunction, can be advised the battery, made by AGM technology: despite the demanding conditions of the charge / discharge cycle, it will provide a higher starting current and rapid recovery. Gel batteries, because of the high price, most often become an element of the car tuning. Due to the high current output and high discharge tolerance, they are often used to power powerful audio systems (the regular battery in this case is responsible for the power of the car’s main electrics).

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It is also necessary to know the polarity of the battery, that is, the order of the terminals on its body. Most car models have too short or awkwardly positioned power leads so you can put the “wrong” type of battery on them. If you turn the battery toward you, the positive terminal is on the left of the battery with direct (“Russian”) polarity and on the right of the battery with reverse (“European”) polarity.

The starting current of a battery indicated on its label can be measured according to different methods:

  • EN (European measurement method): the maximum current that a battery can deliver for 10 seconds at -18˚C at a voltage of at least 7.5 V is measured;
  • DIN (German industry standard): at the same temperature, the average current for 30 seconds is measured and the voltage must not drop below 9 V;
  • SAE (American standard): current is measured at -18˚C for 30 seconds, the maximum voltage drop is 7.2 V.

As you can see from this description, the most stringent method of measurement is the DIN standard (a battery with a current of 365A according to DIN will be marked 600A according to the EN method). When choosing a battery, you should be guided by this figure, which will allow you to count on a reliable start in winter.

Since car batteries within the same product line can have different polarity, capacity and price, we will take the most popular variant as the basis of the rating: batteries with a capacity of 55 to 70 A*h.

Rating of the best car batteries 2022.

Category Location Name Rating
Best calcium batteries 1 Mutlu SFB 3 9.6 / 10
2 VARTA D59 Blue Dynamic 9.5 / 10
3 Exide Premium EA612 9.3 / 10
4 Topla Energy 108060 9.2 / 10
5 Akom + EFB 60E 9.2 / 10
6 Akom LB 60E 9.0 / 10
7 BOSCH S4 005 Silver 8.9 / 10
8 VARTA Black Dynamic C14 8.7 / 10
Best AGM Batteries 1 VARTA D52 Silver Dynamic AGM 9.7 / 10
2 Bosch AGM S5 A05 9.6 / 10
3 Tudor AGM 9.5 / 10
4 Banner Running Bull 9.3 / 10
5 Exide Start-Stop AGM EK600 9.2 / 10

Best calcium batteries

Mutlu SFB 3

Opens our rating of the best car batteries Mutlu SFB 3. In terms of formal parameters “sixty” from Mutlu has remained at the level of the old maintenance-free battery type Calcium Silver: the same 540A starting current (EN). Indeed, the series Super Flooded Battery as a revolutionary and was not conceived: just polished the classic technology. In particular, the grilles have been strengthened, and the ventilation system valves have been improved. The plates are still made using calcium-calcium technology with the addition of silver.

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The main objective of the SFB 3 was to increase cycle life, in other words the number of charge/discharge cycles while maintaining adequate electrical characteristics. Or more simply, to increase service life. When using the car in the mode of frequent short trips it is interesting – but note that for cars with a “start-stop” system, which loads the battery most heavily, this battery is not officially designed to work. The modified plate technology has led to a slight saving of lead (battery “lost” by 300 grams compared to the Calcium Silver 60), but without compromising performance – in addition to the maintenance-free battery will not run “to the limit”, until the plates do not remain “wispy”. So Mutlu traditionally gets a high score in our rating of the best car batteries: the Turkish manufacturer, as before, does not chase record numbers, but simply gives the consumer a quality battery at a reasonable price.

Rating of car batteries 2020: battery tests

If your car battery is starting to show signs of failure, explore our 2020 car battery rating to learn about replacement options.

It is based on an examination of 2019 batteries from Za Rulem magazine, as well as the results of the 2020 battery test by the foreign online publication and reviews on Yandex.Market.

Automotive Battery Rating 2020.

10. BOSCH S4 004 Silver


  • Minimum weight: 14 kg
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Cold cranking current: 540A
  • Reserve capacity: not specified
  • Capacity: 60Ah

The brainchild of the well-known company BOSCH is very good: the claimed capacity and starting current. But for the operation somewhere in Irkutsk or other very cold city of Russia this battery is not suitable.

It does not like the strong cold weather, and begins to self-discharge actively. That is why it takes the last place in our top 10. But in a warm or moderately cold climate it will please the owner of a car with long life and will help to start the car with a half a turn.

Pros: maintenance-free, made in the Czech Republic, convenient carrying handle, proprietary corrosion protection technology.

Cons: high self-discharge in cold weather.

9. Furukawa Battery UltraBattery


  • voltage: 12 V
  • starting current 835 A
  • capacity 80 Ah
  • Reserve capacity: not specified
  • dimensions: 259x172x225 mm

This Japanese serviced battery has been manufactured using “UltraBattery” technology, which has taken the best from AGM technology batteries and conventional lead-acid technology.

The manufacturer recommends the UltraBattery EFB S-95/D26L for modern cars that make short city trips, because even in a short time the battery has time to charge.

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But don’t pin your hopes on it in severe cold (-30 degrees and below). Like the 10th place rating, this battery is heat-loving.

Pros: average life of 5-7 years, compact with high capacity and starting current.

Cons: costs a bit more expensive than analogues.

8. TUDOR High-Tech TA640


  • voltage: 12 V
  • starting current: 640 A
  • capacity: 64 Ah
  • weight: 16 kg
  • Reserve capacity: not specified
  • dimensions: 242x175x190

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable car battery, TUDOR is a good option. This High-Tech TA640 is a dual purpose battery with long life and excellent starting power, perfect for modern cars with lots of power-intensive accessories.

This 12-volt, 640-amp cold start car battery is maintenance-free. It starts easily in both hot and cold weather (-50 to +80 0C according to the manufacturer).

Pluses: average life of 6-7 years, strong carrying handle, high capacity and starting current.

Cons: no peephole to determine the status of the battery.

7. MUTLU Calcium Silver


  • Minimal weight: 15 kg
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Cold cranking current: 540A
  • Reserve capacity: not specified
  • Capacity: 60Ah

One of the best batteries in 2020 made in Turkey, but does not lag behind more expensive firms in quality of workmanship, capacity and starting current. It belongs to the maintenance-free versions and has a handy peephole to monitor the condition and the amount of electrolyte.

By the way, Russian users quickly found a way to turn this battery into a serviceable: the top cover is removed and gives access to the banks.

MUTLU Calcium Silver has no problem with Russian frosts (according to reviews it withstands -30 degrees Celsius) and, according to the manufacturer, its lower temperature limit -41 degrees Celsius, and the upper – 61 degrees.

Pros: comfortable and wide handle for carrying, lasts on average 5-6 years.

6. ENERGIZER Premium


  • Minimum weight: 12 kg
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Cold cranking current: 530A
  • Reserve capacity: 120 min
  • Capacity: 54Ah

This low-cost, maintenance-free car battery is the right size for most Korean vehicles. Users praise it for its high starting current and overall capacity in such a compact size.

This battery is produced at the same factory in the Czech Republic that produces the more expensive Bosh and Varta batteries. Only ENERGIZER batteries have less stringent tolerances for the controlled parameters of the entire manufacturing process.

The case and terminals are made qualitatively, the price is not high in comparison with competitors. This model easily withstands the cold up to minus 30 degrees Celsius. And what else do you need from a good car battery?

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Pros: well-known manufacturer, terminal covers included, which will please motorists who appreciate order under the hood.



  • Minimum weight 19.50kg
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Cold cranking current: 690A
  • Reserve capacity: 120 min
  • Capacity: 55Ah

Optima Batteries is a reliable American supplier of car batteries. Users who have purchased this model say that this battery has lasted them over five years, which means you don’t have to worry about buying a new car battery anytime soon.

This battery is designed for automotive devices that need more power (audio system, electric winch, etc.).

Optima YELLOWTOP’s low self-discharge rate makes it excellent for seasonal use. However, the declared by the manufacturer temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees does not hold, and does not start at -36 degrees.

Pros: good reserve capacity, reliability, durability.

Minuses: high price, at minus 35 degrees and below it is better not to use.

4. Medalist M57412.


  • Capacity 74 А∙h
  • Current 680A (EN)
  • Measured / declared weight with electrolyte 17.62 kg
  • Reserve capacity, min not specified
  • No electrolyte level control
  • Dimensions: 278x175x190 mm

The product of the Delkor plant (South Korea) showed the best result in the test for reduced starting energy (27.6 kJ) and a very high reserve capacity (140 minutes), yielding only to Russian competitor Tyumen Battery Premium.

It became the bronze medalist in the rating of car batteries of “Za Rulem” magazine. According to the reviews of car enthusiasts, the “medalists” have an average life of 5 years.

The pros: it fully meets all the claimed characteristics.

3. VARTA Blue Dynamic G7


  • voltage: 12 V
  • starting current 830 A
  • capacity 95 Ah
  • Reserve capacity, min. not specified
  • dimensions: 306x173x225 mm

This maintenance-free battery with reverse polarity has a high reserve capacity (139 minutes, according to “Za Rulem” calculations), turns on well even in cold weather (up to minus 30 degrees) and, according to one user, survived two weeks of work in a car standing in the yard with a working alarm.

It would seem to be no big deal if it wasn’t in February. Overall, in terms of value for money, the VARTA Blue Dynamic G7 is confidently in the top three of the best passenger car batteries of 2020.

Pros: excellent reserve capacity, behaves well even in severe frosts (down to -30 degrees), withstands deep discharges.

Cons: not as great reserve capacity as the 1st place ranking.

2. AGM battery Optima REDTOP


  • Polarity: universal
  • Capacity: 50 Ah
  • Minimal weight: 17.20 kg
  • Cold cranking current: 815 Ampere
  • Rated voltage: 12 V
  • Reserve capacity: 104 minutes
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Optima Batteries RedTop starting batteries, “hailing” from the USA, are a popular option designed to provide high starting power even in cold weather. The battery is of very good quality and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and cars.

In a study, the Optima RedTop battery ranked first in terms of durability and capacity. It is manufactured using AGM technology, and the electrolyte in it is in an absorbed state. This prevents it from leaking when the case is broken.

The difference between AGM batteries and gel batteries is that gel batteries have silica gel as a separator between the lead plates.

Optima REDTOP 4.2L has 815 amps of cold start and, according to the manufacturer, can operate in the temperature range of -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

In fact, according to Russian users, the extreme winters below 35 degrees Celsius, this model does not withstand for a long time, and can die after a couple of years of operation. Therefore the second place.

But being charged Optima REDTOP gives a good kick in the starter, both in winter and summer, and is ideal for prolonged use in climates with mild to moderately cold winters. The manufacturer also claims its product is 15 times more resistant to vibration than competing brands, which greatly increases its lifespan and performance.

Pros: fast charging (if you have a powerful charger), provides reliable starting of different types of engines, resistant to strong vibration.

Cons: high price.

Tyumen Battery Premium.


  • Capacity 77 Ah
  • Current 670A
  • Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 18,34/- kg
  • Reserve capacity, min. not stated on the battery
  • Electrolyte level control via plugs
  • Sight of charge 2nd bank from “+”

The Tyumen battery was named the best according to the experts of Za Rulem. They liked the high reserve capacity (143 minutes), the ideal price-performance ratio and good charge acceptance.

According to the reviews of ordinary users Tyumen Battery Premium does not die even in harsh winters down to -40 degrees, and if it is timely serviced, it will last up to 4 years and longer.

Pros: durable, reliable, high reserve capacity, withstands extreme cold.

Cons: The downside to the popularity of the product is a large number of fakes. Buy only from major suppliers and online stores with good reviews.

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