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Car charger (auto charger, battery charger) for notebook ACER 19V 2.37A (19V 3.42A) connector 3.0x1.1mm

Notebook has long been an invariable “companion” of modern man. With his help you can solve almost any problem, while being away from home. But what to do if problems catch up with you on the road? Would you have to look for a place where you can charge the laptop? Not at all, because you can do it right in the car. Car charger for laptop will allow without unnecessary fuss to perform the work and continue the trip.

What does a car charger for a laptop consist of?

In terms of their structure, car power adapters practically does not differ from the chargers, designed to work from the home network. The device includes a plug to be connected to the cigarette lighter of the car, a connector to connect to the laptop connector, a power supply unit and a cable.

The car power supply for laptop consists of:

– main chip; – output voltage stabilizer; – secondary and line rectifiers; – input filter; – surge protection system; – pulse transformer; – optocoupler.

Laptop charging in the car is based on the principle of rectifying AC current into DC, with its subsequent supply to the laptop battery. At the input car charger for a laptop receives a current, the voltage of which is 12 V – a standard indicator for the cigarette lighter in any car. Its task is to change this number to another, optimal for the laptop. As a rule, the auto charger for a laptop increases the current voltage to 19 V.

How to choose a charger for a laptop in the car?

When buying a car power adapter, you should consider the same criteria as when choosing a regular charger. These include:

– power; – amperage; – input and output voltage.

Separate attention should be paid to the indicator of the input voltage of the adapter. On the power supply it is indicated by the inscription “Input”. Almost every car charger for laptop is able to work with a voltage equal to 12-16V. At the same time the cigarette lighter of a truck produces voltage up to 24 V. Therefore, if the 12 volt car charger for laptop will be used in a truck, then at best this will lead to a breakdown of the adapter, and at worst to a failure of the motherboard laptop.

Converter 12-220 volts, 300 watts with his hands

As a rule, all the necessary parameters are indicated on the laptop’s back cover. In some cases, manufacturers place a sticker with the data under the computer battery.

The car charger for the laptop must meet the requirements of the computer. If their parameters differ, it can lead not only to accelerated wear and tear of the adapter, but also to a serious damage to the laptop’s motherboard. In this case, the cost of computer repair will cost much more than just replacing the power supply.

To charge the laptop in the car is possible only if there is an adapter with the appropriate connector. According to the inner and outer diameter it must match the laptop connector. If the car charger for a laptop is larger or smaller than the regular hole, do not try to plug it in. This can lead to the need to buy a new connector, and its price can be quite high. In addition, you can find the connector for laptops of older models not in all stores in Moscow.

Choosing a car charger for a laptop, it is important to remember that not only the efficiency of the adapter, but also the safety of people inside the car depends on its compliance with the laptop. After all, if you choose the wrong charger for a laptop in the car, it can start to melt or spark right during the trip. This will distract the attention of the driver and create an emergency situation on the road.

The most common causes of laptop car charger failure

A car adapter can fail for several reasons. If the owner of the charger is familiar with them, he will be able to prevent the breakdown of the device and extend the life of the device. These reasons include:

  • sudden surges in voltage – the laptop car charger can withstand minor fluctuations, but if they are too strong, the power supply will break. This can happen if you charge a laptop in a car from a faulty battery. This causes the power transistors, fuses, main chip and capacitors to fail. Repairing the car charger for a laptop in this case becomes impractical, since the cost of restoration is sometimes higher than the price of a new adapter;
  • mechanical damage – with a strong impact on the power supply unit, transformer or other board detail may break off. It is possible to repair car adapter for laptop charging only if there is no damage of the textolite;
  • overheating – laptop car charger consists of a set of parts, each of which has its own threshold of operating temperature. Its exceeding threatens the failure of not only the working element, but also the adapter itself. If the user has noticed that his laptop charger in the car began to warm up, you will need to replace the contacts. If this does not help, you should buy a car charger for a laptop with higher current values;
  • moisture ingress – leads to short circuits and burnout of the board parts. It is possible to repair the car charger for a laptop in this case, but the cost of repair may be too high;
  • frayed or broken wire – the most common problem, which can lead to a short circuit or breakdown of the power circuit. To prevent this, you need to keep the car adapter for your laptop as far away from heavy objects as possible;
  • connector breakage – causes a short circuit and breakage of the laptop’s power connector. The problem is solved by replacing the connector. This service is offered by service centers in all cities of Russia.
Car inverter for 100-400W

To car charger from the cigarette lighter does not fail, you need to protect it from extreme temperature changes. If the charger has been on the frost for a long time, you will need to wait a little while until it warms up before you connect it to the cigarette lighter.

Is it worth repairing the car charger for a laptop with your own hands?

Many laptop owners are sure that they will be able to fix any malfunction of the charger themselves. Some users simply try to save money, but in each case, poor-quality repair without proper experience and the appropriate tools will only aggravate the already deplorable state of the adapter.

The charger for your laptop in the car is a rather complex device. It consists of a number of components interconnected by a common circuit. Failure of any of them will lead to the loss of performance of the entire circuit. At the same time, the faulty element may seem quite normal and able to function. An inexperienced user will find it difficult to visually determine the breakage of this or that part. A professional will examine the auto adapter for the laptop and conduct its diagnostics. This will allow you to find not only the parts that need to be replaced, but also the elements that are giving the first signs of failure.

It is important to remember that the charger in the car for a laptop is a very delicate thing. It is possible to break any part in it, even if you are very careful. In this case, any smallest mistake can be an occasion to buy a new charger for a laptop in the car.

Where to buy a car charger for a laptop?

The modern market offers a huge selection of chargers for laptops of all configurations. But, as strange as it may sound, to buy a car charger for a laptop of the highest quality can not be in all stores in Moscow, not to mention other Russian cities. Many sellers offer adapters of unknown brands or usual copies, only superficially resembling the original charger for a laptop in the car. What should you do in this case? Pick up an adapter in the online store “Adapteroff”! Thus the client receives:

  • quality assurance;
  • Adapter selection help – if you want to buy a car charger for a laptop, you can rely on the advice of experts in the Internet-shop “Adapteroff”;
  • Courier delivery in Moscow and fast dispatch to other cities of the country.
  • Low prices in the country – buying an adapter in the Internet-shop “Adapteroff” allows you to save money.
12-220 inverter with our own hands

Internet-shop ” Adapteroff ” has developed an effective system to protect customers. If the charger for a laptop in the car to the client does not fit, he can return it within 14 days. To do this, just attach the receipt confirming the purchase of the adapter in “Adapteroff”, or send a photo of it. Internet-shop “Adapteroff” offers the most favorable conditions that allow you to buy a quality charger, not only residents of Moscow, but also throughout Russia.

Car charger for laptop

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