Car Freshener with your own hands

The scent dispenser for the car with your own hands

At first glance it may seem that the manufacturer flavoring your car on their own – it’s a whim, when your car is well-groomed, clean, it is all there, but in the opinion of the driver something is still not enough. Indeed, today the industry produces a large variety of chemicals. They suppress unpleasant odors of leather, rubber, plastic, fabrics, from which interior elements are made, create a pleasant atmosphere of freshness in the car, improve health, contribute to raising the mood. However, as they say, there is one, but.

Aromatizer on the mirror in the salon

The fact is that in contrast to the industrial made by your own hands the composition does not contain chemicals, is absolutely harmless and even useful for health, keeps the smell longer and is quite inexpensive. And most importantly, that making products according to your own recipe, you can pick up the flavors that you like, rather than inhaling industrial chemistry with phthalates – phthalic acid esters that can accumulate in the body and cause chronic poisoning. The more so that the bouquets offered by industry are more than questionable and are not suitable for everyone.

So. How to produce the product for air freshening in the vehicle by yourself?

In fact everything is quite simple – the technology is not complicated and the materials for production are quite available. It should be noted that the basis of the fragrances of own making are essential natural oils, which are sold in abundance in pharmacies, as well as spices and herbs.

Essential oils - car fragrance dispenser

Basically, you can just pick wild flowers and put them in the salon. The atmosphere will be amazing, but it won’t last long. If we talk about specific tips, you can offer a number of options that differ in their consistency: solid, liquid or gel.

The solid option in the vehicle itself is coffee

Cabin fragrance - coffee

Perhaps the most common fragrance product. In order to make it, you just need to take a piece of ordinary sacking, make a small bag, pour coffee beans inside and tie up with a decorative cord. There are a lot of variants of design of such a product. Everything depends on the imagination of the wizard. Such a fragrant sack will delight you with the constant invigorating fragrance of coffee for a long time.

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Filling the magic bag can be not only coffee, but also any spice or mix of spices. Not bad smelling spices are vanilla, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, anise, fennel.

Vanilla and clove scent

In addition, recipes for hard products can be so-called “flour stones” or flavored sticks. Recipes for their preparation are also simple. In the first case, flour and baking soda with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil and a few drops of the selected aroma oil are kneaded on water. For beauty, you can add food coloring to the mixture. Then balls are formed from the text, which are placed in the refrigerator until solidified, after which the “stones” can be placed in the salon. And in the second case, about half a glass of baby liquid soap, some alcohol and aroma oil are poured into a suitable container. Everything is thoroughly mixed and thin wooden sticks are lowered into this substance. After a few hours in such a solution, they will be well impregnated and will serve as a source of fragrance.

Liquid fragrance in the car with your own hands

Liquid scents - essential oils

To create a fragrance liquid use any jars of medicines or oils. The easiest way to make it is to pour the selected fragrance oil into the bottle, seal it with a bottle cork with a hole through which a decorative cord is pulled, and if you want decorate it in any available way, for example, cover it with fabric or use vintage paint. The cord dipped in the oil will soak in, filling the space with a wonderful aroma.

Gel scenting in the car with your own hands

Gel car scent

Gel products are more persistent. They are made on the basis of gelatin, glycerin and any essential oils to taste. Gelatin is dissolved in warm water according to the instructions on the sachet, a little glycerin is added, everything is mixed well and aroma oil is added to the cooled homogeneous mixture, after which it is placed in a bottle. For a spectacular appearance, the mixture is painted with food coloring or simple gouache, and fancy little shells, beads or even flowers are put inside. These bottles look and smell amazing. The main thing is not to forget to make holes in the lid.

Automatic disconnection of any car charger when charging is complete, circuit

Christmas trees and other ideas.

A simple and familiar to many freshener in the form of a Christmas tree can be made by yourself. To do this, it is enough to cut out the appropriate figure from felt, make a hole for the cord to hang it conveniently and impregnate it with the selected oil. By the way, it can be not only a Christmas tree, but also any other figure, such as Cheburashka, a heart or an original pumpkin on Halloween. The active bouquet of such impregnated felt holds for about one week, after which it should either be activated by adding aroma oils to the surface, or replaced. You can make a simple freshener by sticking dried cloves into an orange.

In fact, there can be many ideas. Here are pictures of some of them.

How to make your own air freshener in the car

Smell in the car is definitely an important consideration, especially for those who are behind the wheel daily or for long periods of time. But, what if store-bought car fresheners lose their properties quickly and you have to replace them often? Or you have trouble finding a suitable fragrance. There is only one solution – to make your own.

Why it is better to make an air freshener in the car with your own hands

The microclimate in the car needs to be monitored

Often inexpensive “fragrances” have an intrusive, synthetic smell, which can be quite intense and quickly become boring. In addition, they often use unnatural fragrances, which can provoke a headache, loss of concentration or an allergic reaction. At the same time, they are short-lived, with a lifespan of no more than a month. More expensive types last longer, but not everyone is ready to pay a huge sum at once.

Advantages of Makeshift Dehumidifiers

  • Low cost price. The ingredients for the homemade freshener are very inexpensive, while the quality of the product is the same as the store analogue.
  • Natural ingredients. You can buy everything you need at the drugstore or even find it in your kitchen. It is much better than breathing “chemistry” every day.
  • It is possible to choose any odor and adjust its intensity. Sometimes the smell of your new dehumidifier might be overpowering, and then it might not be at all. You will be able to choose or create a scent that suits you in every way.
  • Through the use of essential oils, you can choose scents that will have a toning, or soothing effect. This kind of aromatherapy will help cheer you up, lift your spirits or relieve stress.
Simple WD-40 with our own hands

Instructions and tips for making one

There are many ideas how to make your own air freshener in the car from improvised means, which can be found in almost every home. If you show creativity, you can make an original gift that will become a useful and beautiful decoration of the interior.

For example, you can cut out any figure from a piece of felt, drop a few drops of essential oil and decorate as your imagination prompts you. Such an air freshener will last about 2 weeks, and then you can re-treat the felt with aroma oil. This option is just one of many. Here are a few more:

From coffee and spices

The easiest way to make a scent

The easiest way to make a fragrance

  • natural fabric;
  • Needle, thread;
  • spices or coffee beans;
  • The decorations are optional.

Sew a bag from a piece of fabric. Do not make it too big, turn it inside out and iron the wrong side. Fill the future freshener with your favorite spices (cinnamon, cloves, anise, vanilla, cumin) or fresh coffee beans. The latter, in addition to the invigorating aroma, are useful in that they will also absorb unpleasant odors and excess moisture. Tie it tightly with string or ribbon. You can decorate with coffee beans, badian stars, cinnamon sticks, embroidery, or just make a nice inscription.

With baking soda and oils

Compound with baking soda can be placed in a container from the factory fragrance

A compound with baking soda can be placed in a container of factory flavoring

  • soda;
  • container;
  • essential oil;
  • foil (optional).

Take a container, you can use the one left from the previous dehumidifier. If you don’t have one, take any other container, a jar from cream, toothpicks, even an old salt cellar will do. Fill a quarter of the container with baking soda, and add 15-30 drops of essential oil. Adjust the intensity of the aroma depending on your preference. It is important that the container has a lid, so its contents will not fly around the cabin at the first bump. In a pinch, you can close it tightly with foil. It is necessary to make holes in a lid or in a foil, otherwise there will be no effect. If the smell has become weaker – just shake the jar slightly.

Neutral indicator vaz 21099


In stores, this type of “fragrance” is somewhat more expensive than simple paper “herringbone”, because it copes with its work longer. Is it possible to make a gel air freshener for the car with your own hands? It turns out that it is easy to make from the most common components.

  • gelatin;
  • water;
  • essential oil;
  • salt;
  • glycerin;
  • container.

Pour the gelatin with hot water and stir until it dissolves completely. The mass should turn out quite thick. The proportions of ingredients will depend on the desired amount of the finished product, you can prepare several jars at once. Add a tablespoon of glycerin to the mixture to prevent our “jelly” from drying out quickly. In a separate bowl, dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a small amount of cold water. Mix the two solutions, add and pour into the prepared container. Add 6-10 drops of essential oil, adjust the amount depending on the volume of the finished product and your preferences. The very next day it can be used.

The gel freshener is convenient because it has the consistency of jelly, so it is impossible to spill. Also in the manufacture you can add food coloring, for a beautiful bright color. If you want to present such a freshener as a souvenir for a car enthusiast, as a decoration you can carefully put beads, shells or glitter in the not yet cured mixture.

Scented balloons

Bags can be designer bags

Bags can be designer.

Another easy and affordable way to make a car air freshener, which can also become a useful and unusual car decoration.

  • 1.5 cups flour;
  • 1/4 cup salt;
  • 1/4 teaspoon starch;
  • 1 tablespoon of one or more flavored oils;
  • 2/3 cup water;
  • food coloring.

Mix dry ingredients together. Separately, mix the oil and dye in hot water, and pour into the dry mixture. Next you need to knead the “dough”, roll it and give it any shape. The easiest is small balls, but you can also experiment with shapes, add your imagination to our recipe. When the figures are completely dry – they are ready for use. Store them in a small jar or bag.

Catwalks for gauges in the front pillar

How to choose a scent

As a fragrance for homemade air freshener, it is recommended to use natural essential oils or their mixtures. In pharmacies and cosmetic stores they are presented in a wide range, but it should not be forgotten that aroma oils have the properties of a different effect on the state and mood of a person.

For the driver it is important not to lose concentration while driving, so it is undesirable to use oils with relaxing effects, such as lavender, vanilla, sage, jasmine. Tonic oils have the following properties:

  • citrus fruits: orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon;
  • conifers: cedar, fir, juniper, pine;
  • Spicy: coriander, clove, basil, melissa, thyme.

You can use several types of oils at once, creating your own unique flavor. Remember that the freshener must not completely “block” all the smells in the car, it can be unsafe, for example, if the cabin receives exhaust fumes.

Even if you are not a creative person, you can easily cope with making your own freshener. It is done very easily, without much cost or time. The advantage of it is that it is absolutely harmless, created from natural ingredients, and helps save your budget.

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