Change of a fuel filter of Volkswagen Polo sedan.

Replacing the Fuel Filter on the Polo Sedan

Timely replacement of the fuel filter on the Polo, as well as on any other car, prolongs the trouble-free life of the engine and protects it from malfunctions.

A fuel filter is a metal bulb filled with a paper filter element with many ribs to increase its working area. The paper is treated with a special compound that protects it from destruction. The filter catches the smallest particles of dirt, rust and water that get into the fuel during production, transportation or refueling. It can trap particles as small as 0.1mm.

Can I change the filter myself?

The fuel filter is one piece, therefore it is not possible to repair and replace the filter filler. So do not listen to garage masters, offering repair and replacement for not much money, most likely they will simply blow the product with air under pressure, which will give an effect for the next 10-15 km, no more.

Causes of fuel filter wear:

  • Poor-quality fuel and water seeping into the gas tank;
  • clogging of petrol pipe or petrol tank;
  • low quality of manufacture of the filter itself.

The ideal option would be to replace the fuel filter at a specialized service. But for the work of the master will have to pay a decent amount of money.

But the replacement of the fuel filter on the Volkswagen Polo can also be done on your own. How to do it – described below.

Regulations for replacing the filter

This condition makes sense only if the fuel used is of perfect quality, free of impurities. And no one can give such a guarantee. Therefore, for safety, it should be changed at least every twenty thousand kilometers of mileage.

Article number

Manufacturer Article number
VAG (original) 6Q0201051J
Filtron PP836/4
Goodwill FG 113

Signs of the necessity to replace the fuel filter

The filter can exhaust its resources even before the specified period.

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The following are the signs that replacement can not be postponed:

  • the starter works properly, there is gasoline in the tank, but the engine does not start;
  • The engine is revving, and more distinctly at idle speed;
  • if you press the “gas” button, you can observe pause in the engine operation;
  • acceleration time increases;
  • engine suddenly stops.

Replacing the Fuel Filter on the Polo Sedan

The filter is located on the right, near the gas tank. To get free access to it, you need to drive the car to the pit.

To do this is not difficult: under the steering wheel, you need to open the fuse box and take out the element responsible for the operation of the pump. It is located in the upper row. The seventh on the right.

Now you need to start the engine and wait for the remaining fuel to work off. When this happens, the engine will stall. Then turn on the ignition for a couple of seconds. This will ensure that the system is finally depressurized.

  1. Use a slotted screwdriver to gently squeeze off the drainage connector fastener. Next, disconnect the inlet as well as the outlet hoses, the main connector.
  2. To provide enough space for work, it is worth to disconnect the handbrake cable from the lock.
  3. Unscrew the fasteners with a Phillips screwdriver.
  4. Remove the filter. Act carefully as some fuel may leak out.
  5. It is necessary to drain the remaining fuel from the hoses.
  1. The ends of the hoses should be carefully wiped with a clean rag to prevent dirt particles from entering the new filter and the fuel system.
  2. Reassemble the new filter in reverse order.

The arrow on the filter shows the direction of fuel flow through it. It should point to the front of the car.

  1. It is necessary to install the ends of hoses on fittings, until they snap.
  2. Put the fuse back in place.
  3. Start the car. The engine will not start right away. It is caused by the absence of necessary pressure in the system. But several attempts to start – and it will reach the required value, the engine will start.
  4. As soon as the car starts, you need to go under the car again and carefully check the tightness of hose connections with the filter.
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As you can see – replacing the fuel filter on Polo is not such a difficult task if you have access to a trestle or pit. To increase the period between such procedures, you should give preference to reliable stores, which do not sell counterfeit parts or analogues of poor quality. It is also better to fill up at reliable gas stations, where there is no doubt about the fuel.

How to change the fuel filter in Polo Sedan

At the same time as changing the oil, being on the overpass I changed the fuel filter, at first I described everything in one post, but then I did not like the design and confusion with the name of the report and decided to separate the post.

Changing the fuel filter is easier than changing the oil. Nothing difficult at all.

The service manual from the website “Zarulem” for our plushies says that you need to change the fuel filter once every 15,000 – 20,000 thousand miles, (another good regulation from the website sedan-polo) . I changed it last time in 2016 at 65k miles.

Theory: 1. Replacement of the fuel filter from Migelito84 2. On youtube found a good video of my countryman from Rostov:

To replace It is necessary: 1. Fuel filter by Filtron, part number: PP8364 2. Cleaner Liqui Moly, part number: 3318 3. Grease WD-40, part number: WD00022 4. Flat-blade screwdriver 5. Rubber gloves, Water + a couple of rags

Work process:

1. Withdraw fuse (factory set in blue color with a nominal value – 15), which is set on the 7th in a row on the right in the top (Pic. № 2), starting the car and waiting until the stalled.

2. Go under the car to the back right wheel. And clean the place where the filter is located.

I cleaned it with a little water from the bottle around the filter with a sponge, then used Liqui Moli to clean it, to make sure it was clean! (to prevent dirt from getting into the system).

Knock in Polo sedan suspension

3. 3. Then WD-sprayed on the fixing bolt. Fastens the filter to a screw, but it unscrewed after disconnecting two nipples on the right.

3.1 Removed mount holding the cable handbrake (prephotographed as it was before) to bend the handbrake, otherwise he will interfere.

4. 4. Just in case, I took a picture of where which pipe (right) is connected. Tubes must be disconnected carefully, I read that you can break the mounts and then it will be a problem, you will have to buy all the tubes (if you broke it – you can use a plastic clamp for a while – but it is obligatory to change it).

4.1 Disconnect the right pipes by pressing with a flat screwdriver on the blue stopper (one could press and remove with a finger) and slowly remove.

5. On the left branch pipe stopper is inconveniently located (on the other side, looks at the car body), so to get to it – unscrew the rusty screw, which holds the filter, unscrewing – move the filter and get to the stopper of the left branch pipe.

6. Having removed the spigots, we pull out the filter, there is some gasoline left in it, so it may leak out.

7. Assemble everything. Put the new filter on, put on the pipes, pay attention that they are put on all the way. Reinstall the handbrake cable mount.

8. 8. After you are done, go back to the cabin, put the fuse back in. Then turn the ignition key, but don’t start the engine, a few times turn it this way giving the petrol pump to pump some petrol and then we can start the engine.

Without stopping the engine, just in case, go back under the car and see that there are no leaks.

That is all. The filter is changed. We are happy with one more small victory.

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I had clean gas coming out of the filter (didn’t cut the filter itself), I understand if the mixture is clean, it means I’m not using bad gas.

Fill only 95, before company “Bashneft” – now it is “Shell”, almost always fill in one place – near the garage city administration (a friend of mine working there before a mechanic, said that almost all the drivers fill up there and no problems)

And as always a photo:

Somebody likes Zhora very much…I changed the fuel filter at the same time as changing the oil, using a military trestle

Picture #2. Pulling the fuse. Start the car and wait till it stops. Photo borrowed from 4u3ou (sorry).

Flat screwdriver (one spigot I was able to finger) push on the stoppers, you can see the blue button, as if you need to press on it.

Disconnected right branches, a Phillips screwdriver unscrew the screw that holds the filter mount

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