Change of oil in Volkswagen Polo sedan automatic transmission

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Volkswagen Polo cars in the sedan body, which are produced from 2010 to the present, there were several variants of the installed gearbox. In particular, on the basic modifications of the Volkswagen Polo most often installed a 5-speed “mechanics”. Cars with a turbocharged engine were equipped, as a rule, with “branded” robotized gearboxes with direct engagement and a double clutch. And cars in the POLO GT configuration came off the assembly line complete with a six-speed manual.

But in most cases Volkswagen Polo was produced with a classical automatic transmission – torque converter. In this box was filled with mineral transmission oil, and after 2015 and until now in these “automatics” already pour a synthetic composition.

Full automatic transmission oil change Polo

Actions related to the full replacement of oil automatic transmission Polo sedan, is possible only with the complete dismantling of the unit during its disassembly or repair. This is a complex, time-consuming and painstaking process. The expediency of full automatic transmission oil replacement in Polo sedan with serviceable gearbox is extremely doubtful.

If necessary, you can make a “compromise” – to perform two partial oil changes with a mileage of 1-3 thousand kilometers between changes. Even visually one may notice the difference, after the first change the oil will be mixed with the old residuals – but the color will be definitely cleaner. After the second change, the oil will be visually even cleaner.

What kind of oil should I use in Polo’s automatic transmission?

As we mentioned above, in the pre-restyled modifications and cars after the restyling, the answer to the question, what oil should be used in the automatic transmission Polo, differs dramatically.

For VW POLO cars from 2010 to 2015, transmission oil VAG G055025A2 (reddish color) was used in the automatic transmission.

For the restyled VW POLO cars from 2015 to 2020, transmission oil – VAG G055540A2 (beige color) was used in the automatic transmission.

They differ both by marking, composition and visually (have different color).

Changing of automatic transmission oil in Polo sedan with your hands

In general, partial (exactly partial) oil change in the “automatic” VW Polo can also be performed independently – use for this purpose the brief instructions from this article. The main thing – do not make a mistake with the parts, we also made a complete list of them for you. You can buy everything you need at a specialized spare parts store.

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All you need is accuracy, attentiveness, strict adherence to the instructions and good tools. If you do not want to waste time changing the oil in the automatic transmission Polo sedan or are afraid to make a mistake – welcome to the service center!

The list of spare parts and fluids for changing automatic transmission oil

To change the oil in the “automatic” Polo 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 v.v., you will need the following consumables and oils :

1. Oil strainer for automatic gearbox VAG 09G325429; 2. Gasket VAG 09G321370; 3. Sump drain plug VAG WHT000310A; 4. O-ring for sump drain plug VAG 09D321181B; 5. 4 liters of synthetic automatic transmission oil for VW Polo sedan VAG G055025A2 (red) – on average 3.5-3.8 liters are needed 6. O-ring for drain plug VAG 09G321379.

Partial automatic transmission oil change Polo sedan 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

In Polo body sedan cars produced from 2015 to the present, the partial oil change in the automatic transmission has the same algorithm of action as the partial oil change in the “old” gearbox, which is written about above. But the list of spare parts and technical fluids, of course, is different:

1. 4 liters of synthetic automatic transmission oil for VW Polo sedan VAG G05540A2 (beige color in contrast to the mineral oil); 2. Oil filter for automatic transmission Polo sedan VAG 09G325429E; 3. Automatic transmission gasket for VW Polo sedan VAG 09G321370; 4. Automatic transmission pan drain plug VAG WHT000310A; 5. O-ring for automatic transmission pan drain plug VAG 09D321181B; 6. O-ring for automatic transmission drain plug VAG 09G321379.

Partial replacement of automatic transmission oil in Polo sedan

Partial transmission oil change in the Polo automatic transmission is the mildest oil change and in this method everything is done in order to prolong the life of the unit.

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Nevertheless, if the oil has never been changed until 100 thou km of run – we recommend to assess the condition of transmission oil at least visually. For this purpose drain a few grams of oil – and estimate whether there are metal chips in the oil, and also whether there is a burning smell. If in general the oil is dark but in working condition, in this case you can proceed with the replacement.

1. Drain the used oil. It is highly desirable to drain in a transparent container, where you can estimate the volume of drained oil. 2. Dismantle the oil pan. 3. There are magnets on the drip tray, which catch metal chips. According to the presence of swarf you can estimate the condition of the unit. After that the pan is washed with a special agent. 4. A new pallet gasket and filter is installed, the pallet is installed back. 5. Replacement of plugs and rings is made. 6. The new transmission oil is poured exactly as much as was drained.

After the new oil is poured into the automatic transmission. The car is started and the computer is connected to control the temperature. When the oil is warmed up to 60 degrees and pumping oil into the automatic transmission (gear shifts are engaged one by one). If the oil level is normal, oil will drip a small amount. If the oil level is high, the excess oil will drip out. If the level is insufficient – oil will not drip and you need to add oil and do it all over again.

Full and partial oil change in automatic transmission Volkswagen Polo

A detailed article on how to perform an automatic transmission oil change yourself, as well as tips on full and partial oil changes for beginners.

The oil directly affects the performance of the automatic transmission, it lubricates the internal elements of the transmission and allows maintaining the serviceability of the mechanism. That is why the owner of a car is able to drive comfortably on the road without feeling any problems.

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Changing the oil in the automatic transmission Volkswagen Polo should be made regularly, but how to do it correctly yourself? It is about this today and will be discussed in this article.

Frequency of replacement – regulations

Volkswagen Polo with automatic transmission is sensitive to the level and quality of oil. Each car has its own technical documentation (regulations), in which the factory indicates the main points related to the car.

Manufacturers recommend changing oil in automatic transmission at least once in 60 thousand km of run.

The service life of automatic transmission depends proportionally on oil level and its condition, so regular change of the fluid is an important task. The less often this process is performed, the worse is the quality of oil in the box, which leads to unpleasant “bells”.

Such events should include a change in the behavior of the automatic transmission. For example, jerks, bumps and slips may be observed during gear shifting. Transmission elements begin to rub against each other, wearing out their integrity. These situations often cause car accidents on the road, so we recommend taking care of the oil condition.

Materials and Tools

In order to carry out an oil change, you will need the following list of necessary tools and appliances:

  • A container for draining the used oil;
  • A set of wrenches, a T30 torx wrench or a 5 mm allen key;
  • A rag;
  • Carburetor cleaner or standard alcohol
  • Special syringe to fill up the oil.

Article numbers

Product name Article numbers
Article No. Original oil VAG G 055 025 A2
Oil filter 09G325429
Drain plug O-ring 09D321181
Oil pan gasket VAG 09G 321 379
Tray bolts WHT000309

Complete automatic transmission oil change Volkswagen Polo

Before performing the replacement, you must use a hoist, or drive the Polo sedan to the pit, to gain access to the box. The automatic transmission should be well heated before the procedure, so that all the sediment rose from the bottom and was successfully drained.

It won’t hurt to disconnect the terminals from the AKB so that the electrical grid doesn’t short out. To begin with, it is necessary to remove the sump protection, to do this, unscrew the fasteners with a wrench.

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On the sump itself there is a plug for draining the used oil. To do this, it is necessary to unscrew it, after which the waste oil will be drained for a few minutes into a pre-prepared container. At the end of the process, the pan is removed and treated with alcohol or a special cleaner for carburetors.

When changing the oil in the box, it is necessary to remember to replace the filter, because it contributes to increasing the life of the automatic transmission on the Volkswagen Polo.

After cleaning the pan, a new gasket is installed. Then the pallet is fastened back. Replacement of the gasket on the drain plug is a mandatory step, after which the plug is screwed tightly in place. It is important not to forget to get rid of the old gasket.

Pouring oil into the automatic transmission is the next step. The process is carried out with a special syringe, which can be purchased at any auto parts store. If you do not have a syringe, a hose of the appropriate diameter can help.

It is important to understand that the “waste” may not drain in full, so the amount of new oil is poured in a smaller amount. It is recommended not to pour more than required. The manual to the car Polo (sedan) specifies that the volume of filling oil should not exceed 7 liters. If you subtract 100-200 ml of the old fluid, you get 6.8 liters.

After the change, the drain hole must be closed tightly, then run the automatic transmission and check the level with the dipstick. If the level is between HOT and COLD, everything is OK.

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Partial oil change

Partial replacement of automatic transmission oil is practiced by those owners who are trying to save money, thinking that this variant will not make things worse and will return the gearbox to its normal condition.

Partial replacement in automatic transmissions is distinguished by the fact that the “waste” is drained not in full, and the new liquid is poured in small quantities. As a result, a mixture of used and fresh oil is formed. It is not the fact that such a “solution” will successfully cope with the main function – lubrication of the gear system components.

Such a method is not approved by either specialists or car manufacturers. Sediments in the used lubricant will still deposit on the elements of the transmission and limit their interaction.

It is categorically forbidden to mix oils from different manufacturers – it may cause the box to fail, given that the automatic type is more sensitive to low-quality products. You should use the original products specified in the technical documentation for the Volkswagen Polo car.

Alternator Removal.

Tips for beginners

To summarize, it is clear that changing the oil in the automatic transmission is not a difficult process. If the owner of the car Polo Sedan under force to carry out the replacement with their own hands in the garage – it will reduce costs by half, compared to the services of car services. Such a decision will allow you to spend money on the purchase of quality oil recommended by the manufacturers.

It is important to remember that regular replacement of used materials is the key to the effective operation of the automatic transmission, which directly affects the ride in the car. The optimal timing is once every 40-50 thousand km. If the conditions of use of Volkswagen Polo do not spare the car, then we recommend reducing the terms in half.

To check the condition of oil can be as follows: if it darkens and emits a burning smell – it is subject to complete replacement. Besides, the signs of used oil can be jerks of a car while shifting gears and slipping, which is inadmissible while driving on the road.

If the owner understands that he can’t cope with the replacement by himself, then we advise to entrust the matter to professionals, as incorrect actions may entail unpleasant consequences. It is important not to forget to maintain the gear change mechanism, thereby prolonging and improving the service life.

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