Characteristics of the new Teramont 2021: engine, box

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Volkswagen Teramont 2021 is quite an original product for the German brand. The car, which by a number of characteristics could be in the lineup above the Touareg, is not much more expensive than the Tiguan (though, in the top configuration). The German crossover that plays in the segment where Mazda CX-9 and Toyota Highlander are presented, offers its buyers switchable all-wheel drive and two engines: the 2-liter turbo engine and 3,6-liter “atmospheric” one. The Teramont is also interesting because it is assembled in the USA, not like other VW models in Russia or Germany. It costs a little more than three million rubles for a seven-seater automobile. Teramont in basic version is equipped with relatively “poor” for crossovers of such class set of equipment (more accessible Kia Sorento surpasses it in this indicator), although in top versions there are cameras of all-round view, atmospheric interior illumination, navigation and expanded safety complex.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021

Features and prices

In fact, the Volkswagen Teramont 2021 has received the new body, which “dressed” the majority of the latest crossovers of the German brand: the similarity between these cars is quite easy to trace as on the photo, and in person. The 7-seater parket, as it was mentioned before, offers rather poor complete sets (there are 4 in total) for the overpriced price. The latter has partially caused quite good technical characteristics, which the German model possesses. Due to all-wheel drive and tractive motors the automobile demonstrates good off-road abilities.


Teramont in the starting version is offered in Russia for the sum barely exceeding 3 million rubles. The German crossover in the basic version is only available with a 220 hp turbo engine, but already with all-wheel drive. The initial modification is notable for the presence of the following equipment:

  • autonomous parking heater (comes at extra cost);
  • LED lighting around the circle;
  • Electric power steering;
  • 8-inch touchscreen tablet;
  • audio system with six speakers;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • frontal impact prevention system with emergency braking function;
  • wheel pressure monitoring indicators;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • driver’s assistance when driving downhill;
  • Electronic stability control systems;
  • anti-skidding and brake locking systems.
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By default, the German model is equipped with four airbags and two side curtains, electric heated front seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The entry-level version of the 2021 Volkswagen Teramont is already equipped with seven seats. Also included in the starting package are:

  • power and heated exterior mirrors;
  • 18-inch aluminum wheels;
  • front headlights with light sensor;
  • electronic parking brake with an automatic hold function;
  • windshield wipers with rain sensor (optional);
  • roof rails;
  • color display of the trip computer.

The list could be expanded with rear-view or all-around cameras for a surcharge.

Respect .

The second option costs at least 3.28 million rubles. The surcharge for the appearance of 249-horsepower engine is 160 thousand rubles. This modification in addition to the basic equipment provides for curtains for rear passengers, a parking camera, several parking sensors, fog lights with cornering lights function, 8 speakers and the system of monitoring the “dead zones”. Headlights in this configuration are regulated by on-board electronics, and the windshield is electrically heated. Electric driver’s seat and keyless entry are standard in Respect configuration. In addition, a button to start the engine, front seats with lumbar support and seats trimmed with synthetic leather are available to buyers. The luggage door is electrically adjustable.


The penultimate configuration will cost minimum 3.58 million rubles. It includes 12.3-inch virtual dashboard, servo first-row seats with memory function and a navigation system.


Teramont in the top version costs 3.9 million rubles. Such money is paid for the appearance of two separate seats on the second row, atmospheric interior lighting, new decorative trim, all-around view cameras, intelligent valet and lane departure prevention system. Front seats are complemented by ventilation, rear – electric heating. Externally German model in this version is distinguished by electric adjustable sunroof in panoramic roof and 20-inch wheels.

Options and prices (summary table)

# Equipment Model years Cost, rub. Drive Transmission Engine, cc. Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km/h Power, max, hp (kW) at r.p.m. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle, l/100 km
1 2.0 TSI AT Respect December 2018 – 3 279 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
2 2.0 TSI AT Status December 2018 – 3 579 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
3 2.0 TSI AT Exclusive 2018 – 3 899 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
4 2.0 TSI AT Origin 2018 – 3 009 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
5 2.0 TSI AT Respect 2018 – November 2018 2 999 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
6 2.0 TSI AT Status 2018 – November 2018 3 279 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1984 8.6 190 220 (162) / 6200 9,4
7 3.6 FSI AT Exclusive 2019 – 4 059 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 5000 10,6
8 3.6 FSI AT Respect 2019 – 3 439 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 249 (183) / 5000 10,6
9 3.6 FSI AT Status 2019 – 3 739 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 5000 10,6
10 3.6 FSI AT Respect December 2018 – December 2019 3 379 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 6200 10,6
11 3.6 FSI AT Status December 2018 – December 2019 3 679 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 6200 10,6
12 3.6 FSI AT Respect 2018 – November 2018 3 199 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 6200 10,6
13 3.6 FSI AT Status 2018 – November 2018 3 479 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 6200 10,6
14 3.6 FSI AT Exclusive 2018 – December 2019 3 999 000 All-wheel drive (4WD) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 3597 8.9 190 280 (206) / 6200 10,6
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* – price information is for reference only. For exact prices, please consult your local dealer.


Now the Volkswagen Teramont 2021 comes to the Russian market with only two power units. Previously in our country was available 3.6-liter engine, which develops 280 horsepower. Its place recently took the “atmospheric” engine of the same volume, whose maximum output has been reduced to 249 hp, while the torque remained at the level of 360 N*m. The starting unit is a turbocharged 2-liter engine. Its maximum power reaches 220 hp and 350 N*m of torque. Each engine is combined with a switchable all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission.

The basis of the German model is the proprietary MQB platform. The Teramont comes with multilever front and rear suspensions that provide the car with good stability in different conditions. There are also disc brakes all around. The total length of the German crossover is 5036 mm and the distance between the axles is 2979 mm. The width reaches 1989 mm, height – 1769 mm.

Maneuverability and off-road performance

VW Teramont is notable because it is not a full-fledged urban crossover and SUV. The large sizes prevent it from getting the first status because of which it becomes clumsy. This lack is partially leveled by onboard electronic systems and expertly adjusted steering mechanism which quickly reacts to actions of the driver. It is also worth noting the soft suspension, which provides a comfortable ride.

It is impossible to call Teramont an SUV because its engine power is not enough to overcome difficult conditions. Though the car is equipped with a switchable all-wheel drive, such transmission is intended mainly for keeping the crossover on the road in case of a skid on a wet or snowy surface, or helps to drive out at slippage. 203-millimeter clearance does not improve a situation.

Maintenance costs

Probably exactly due to the fact that the Volkswagen Teramont 2021 is equipped with engines borrowed from “junior” models (in particular the Tiguan), the German model is cheaper in service than some of its competitors. However, both motors do not differ really high endurance. The turbine in the base unit has to be overhauled after 200 thousand kilometers, which will cost more than 100 thousand rubles. The automatic transmission withstands a little more. Its repair will cost about 70 thousand rubles. The suspension is not bad in endurance. And thanks to the unification of the Teramont chassis with other models of the German brand, replacement of the base parts is relatively cheap.

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Dynamics and fuel consumption

As stated above, the Teramont is something between a city crossover and an SUV. Therefore, the German model simultaneously demonstrates good dynamic performance, but consumes a lot of fuel. The Teramont with a starting motor accelerates to 100 km/h in 8,6 seconds, consuming up to 9,4 liters on average. With a more productive engine, the crossover reaches the specified indicator in 8.9 seconds. And fuel consumption increases to 10.6 liters.


Externally, the Teramont is similar to other crossovers of the Volkswagen brand. However, the novelty has a more voluminous body and a larger head optics, which includes headlights, directional indicators and the DXO. As a result, this combination has led to an expanded radiator grille, which is still complemented by horizontal slats. The front bumper is closed by a plastic dodger, which runs still along the wheel arches and the bottoms of the side doors. The large stern contains large LED lights of the original architecture. At the same time, the rear bumper looks compact.

The Teramont interior is both simple and monumental. Almost all interior details of the German crossover are very large. Expensive materials are used in interior finishing, including decorative inserts from wood. The central console is “filled” with a wide touch screen monitor, framed by two air vents, and a large control unit of the climate equipment. The second and, remarkably, the third row of seats provide comfortable seating for even taller passengers. And the volume of a luggage compartment reaches 583 liters. And this is under the condition that the backs of the third row of seats are lifted. With the folded seats, this figure will increase to 2,741 liters.

The beginning of sales

The updated version of the Teramont appeared on the Russian market quite a long time ago. The car within the framework of the modernization received only a deformed engine and part of the new equipment.

Specifications of the Teramont 2021

Specifications of the new FV Teramont 2021: engine, box

To the attention of fellow garages – a review description of the new German model Teramont 2021, namely technical characteristics of engines, transmissions and other, including smart equipment.

Specifications of the new FV Teramont 2021: engine, box

Concern producing people’s cars always knows or at least tries to please consumer aspirations of the masses. And following this classical rule of successful management that our brother knows, how to forge an iron, before they stole a hammer, having smelled that they advanced in the market of crossovers’ sales, the heads of the brand decided to release seven-seater Teramont in the new appearance of the body.

As for dimensions of the newcomer, as the expert brotherhood that moved to discussion testifies, even such flagman model of the manufacturer as Touareg loses to Teramont in sizes, though they are almost twin-brothers according to equipment.

Volkswagen Teramont rims and tires: options

However, the most meticulous experts of the car market have seen in the new model the intermediate variant between the crossover of younger class under the name Tiguan and flagship Touareg.

Whether it is really so and we shall try to understand during the review.

Overall parameters of the Teramont 2021

Though first of all it is necessary to find out where such name of the crossover as Teramont came from. All names of crossovers of “people’s” concern begin with “T” and Teramont is continuation of tradition of the brand, but exclusively for consumer masses of China and Russia.

For too picky consumers of the North American continent, who everywhere boast of their special origin, this model is called Atlas, ostensibly because Teramont is too difficult a name for pronunciation by the Americans.

However, let’s return to dimensions and state that (all dimensions of Teramont in mm):

  • 5039 – length;
  • 1776 – height;
  • 1990 – width;
  • 2979 – wheelbase;
  • 203 – ground clearance.

Specifications of the new FV Teramont 2021: engine, box

As for other traditional standard parameters, the weight of the crossover in the curb weight varies in the range from 1950 and up to 2020 kg.

Well and the most important parameters for our Russian fellowman, namely luggage opportunities are such volumes, as for “seven-seater” (according to our garage Lefty’s terminology) together with Thermont, namely 409 on 2415 liters of corresponding luggage space, both with unfolded, and with the folded two rows of back seats.

Technical and technological stuffing of the crossover

For the Russian market, the Teramont 2021 is supplied with three powertrain options:

  1. In the form of a 2-liter displacement of all its 4 cylinders, arranged in a row turbo engine in the base assembly, which produces 186 horsepower linear and 320 Nm of torque, paired with a 7-mode automatic transmission and with front-wheel drive. Dynamics of acceleration up to a hundred – 8,6 s, and the expense – within the limits of 9,4 liters round trip. As for technological innovations, the block of this motor is made of lightweight solid aluminum, as well as the engine is equipped with variable phase gas distribution and direct type of fuel injection.
  2. As for the more top-of-the-line identical engines, their parameters are 220 horsepower linear and 350 Nm of torque. As for technological innovations of these versions of the engines, all-wheel drive versions of crossovers with the given engines are equipped with 4Motion systems with the presence of electronic clutches such as BorgWarner (although previously there were rumors that there will be put Haldex clutches and moreover the 5th generation).And as for the transmission innovations, it is an 8-mode automatic gearbox of optimum speeds selection. And all this in aggregate allows giving acceleration dynamics for 8,6 seconds, and fuel consumption – within the limits of 9,5 liters per one hundred of distance of a mixed drive.
  3. The premium variant of the crossover has an engine with 3,6-liter volume of its six V-shaped cylinders which is capable to generate neither more nor less, but 280 horsepower of linear and 360 Nm – rotary capacity. With presence of such, self-evident or, as it is fashionable to say now, options by default, as exclusively all-wheel drive and automatic on 8 speed levels. As for suspension of the chassis, in the front the suspension is classic McPherson, and in the back – traditional multilever. Starting parameters of dynamics with this engine and transmission – 8.9 s, and gasoline consumption – 10.6 liters of mixed hundred way.
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As for the general characteristic features of these engines, it is, as the informed comrades from the expert community note – rather large reserves of strength, put by developers in these motors, as well as their omnivorousness on fuel.

To anticipate questions of garage colleagues, a couple of words about a complete set of the crossover

The Teramont 2021 is offered to Russians in four versions of assemblages or complete sets. Thus base Origin for which dealers ask 2 million and almost 950 thousand Russian tenge is equipped rather adequately:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels;
  • light-emitting diode optics, both low- and high-beam;
  • Heated washer nozzles;
  • electric adjustment of the mirrors;
  • rain sensor;
  • Climate control for three interior zones;
  • heated pilot and navigator seats;
  • 8-inch display.

As for more expensive (by two hundred thousand of ours) assemblage of Respect, it is necessary to tell that besides the above-stated it has:

  • chrome grille trim;
  • Coloring of the bumpers identical to the color of the body;
  • The upholstery of the seats is made of faux or synthetic leather, which is better known as V-Tex. By the way, this leather is decorated inserts on the doors;
  • As well as many other optional extras and assistants, starting with electric adjustable seats and ending with systems of blind spot monitoring, keyless access and assistant of setting in and out of the parking lot.

After paying up to 300 thousand dollars, any Russian can opt for the collection Status, to be content with a security system in the form of monitoring the front distance with automatic brakes, digital instrument panel and navigation Diskaver with a map of the whole of Russia.

As for the top version of the crossover, namely Exlusive, which cost – 3 million and almost 850 thousand (and according to other information – all 4 million) of our tenge, then, having paid this heap of money our brother gets:

  • 20-inch wheels;
  • a roof with a panoramic sunroof;
  • leather upholstery, real product;
  • heated steering wheel;
  • autopilot parking;
  • and an in-lane steering assistant.

The price list of packages for Russians is as tabulated:

Packages and motors. Type of transmission – AT 8 and drive – 4 WD Price, in thousands rubles.
Origin, 2.0 (220 hp) 2, 949
Respect , 2.0 (220 hp) 3, 219
Respect , 3.6 (280 hp) 3, 379
Status , 2.0 (220 hp) 3, 519
Status , 3.6 (280 hp) 3, 679
Exclusive , 2.0 (220 hp) 3, 839
Exclusive , 3.6 (280 hp) 3, 999

As for the warranty obligations of the concern to the users of the Teramont 2021 is a mileage of 120 thousand or 4 years of operation.

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