Chip tuning Polo Sedan

VW Polo 1.6: 0-100 acceleration measurements and subjective impressions.

Today the story about what gives chip tuning engine 1.6 liter capacity of 110 hp (90 hp) series CWVA (CWVB), which is installed on the VW Polo Sedan, VW Jetta, Skoda Rapid, Skoda Octavia A7, Skoda Yeti . Who has driven above-listed cars knows, that it is difficult to drive dynamically on them, because of absolutely stupid, uninformative gas pedal. Especially sad becomes in summer in hot weather with the conditioner. With automatic transmission the accelerator pedal, it is possible to tell, works as a switch with three positions: The first position is Grandpa’s going to the dacha. This style is characteristic up to 2/3 of accelerator pedal stroke, thus the automatic device tries to include the highest gear and does not want to switch back during acceleration. As a result, driving out of the courtyard, a secondary road, changing lanes, turning left becomes very risky business, as it is very difficult to get an acceptable acceleration and understanding when it will be from the car. The second position is finally acceleration, which you can get by sinking the accelerator pedal almost completely, but as soon as you loosen the pressure, the automatic will immediately engage a higher gear, and the next time you have to force the car to accelerate again. The third position is kick down. If to press the pedal completely, it is possible to receive acceleration of the car specified in the passport characteristics, however constantly so to drive it is not comfortable because of jolts of transmission and the raised noise of the engine. Proceeding from the above-stated, it is possible to draw a conclusion about extremely low convenience of traction control of the stock 1,6-liter engine with 110 hp (90 hp) CWVA (CWVB), which is installed on VW Polo Sedan, VW Jetta, Skoda Rapid, Skoda Octavia A7, Skoda Yeti. Now let’s see what the engine chip tuning gives. Instrumental measurements:

Noise isolation of engine compartment of Polo sedan

Разгон (0-100) в режиме D – 11,71 (сток) -> 10,97 (чип-тюнинг). Разгон (0-100) в режиме D – 11,64 (сток) -> 10.93 (chip tuning).

Let’s look at torque graphs by engine logs.

The maximum torque value for the factory firmware – 167.4 Nm at 4500 rpm, for tuning firmware – 185.1 Nm at 3900 rpm. As you can see the engine torque has increased by 10% throughout the rev range. According to subjective sensations it is much more pleasant to control the engine traction. Responsiveness of accelerator pedal is greatly increased, when you press the accelerator pedal to half, automatic transmission tries to skip a couple of gears, if you move on 6th gear. Turning on the air conditioner feels much less. All of the above is for the factory coding of the automatic transmission. If to recode the automatic transmission for 0008520 besides chip tuning, it will be possible to multiply admiration of subjective sensations by 2. In this case, the accelerator pedal becomes sharp and linear. The engine and automatic transmission are always ready for acceleration. It feels as if you have sat down in the car-racer, at the same time it is possible to drive calmly and economically with smoothly pressing the gas pedal. In such case the mode D becomes Dynamic, and S – Super Sport. It is also convenient to drive with the conditioner in heat, you do not feel like a boiled vegetable neither from dynamics, nor from heat.

In the modern world, ecologists and marketologists rule, who fight for each gramme of CO emission and each tenth liter of fuel consumption. As a result, the car tastes like steamed broccoli rather than juicy grilled meat. For those who prefer meat to broccoli, chip tuning is the best choice, coupled with proper coding of the automatic transmission in particular. P.S. be careful when ordering chip tuning, during the preparation of the material, has been tried 3 firmware: the first on the charts, the second – the effect of a weak pedal-booster, the third – with errors on the engine and gearbox.

Rear passenger lighting Polo sedan

Chip tuning of CFNA engine with Polo Drive firmware

Decided for a year of owning a Polo to make him and myself a gift – to do a chip tuning of the engine.

There are plenty of different firmware for the engine CFNA on Polo. I made my choice in favor of the firmware Polo Drive. There are a lot of positive responses to this firmware on the profile forums of the Polo Sedan, as well as on the profile forums of the cars VAG, where CFNA engines were installed. You can check it out at the links below: – –

I also found a description of the firmware from the installers

What installers write about it: What is Polo’s chip tuning for? According to the statistics of appeals oddly enough, the list looks like this:

1. Убрать тупняки, задержку электронной педали 2. Улучшить динамику авто 3. Снизить расход топлива 4. Повысить максимальную мощность, чтобы авто летало аж > 200 km/h (there was only one such treatment)

Polo has an atmospheric engine, it is impossible to get a big boost of peak power, as it requires to increase the volume of the working mixture (air + fuel). We can add fuel, not air, it’s not a turbo engine. This should be clearly understood.

The graph from the test bench shows the pedal to the floor mode, which has very little to do with the daily operation. Partial load modes, gas pedal response – the bench cannot show all this. There is a picture from the test bench, we measured it. In terms of peak power we received a gain of 6 hp, i.e. 6%, which is a decent result for the firmware for everyday use (to go ahead and not to spit). At revs below the peak power gain is more, also nothing surprising, as the engine is smothered for the sake of ecology. The graph was taken with the loss factor in the transmission =10%. The task to make accurate measurements was not, it was a task to compare the firmware relative to each other.

Daytime running lights on VW Polo Sedan

Firmware process So. The information above is very tempting and after a lot of doubts, weighing the pros and cons, I still decided to chip.

I trusted Vladimir, also known on the forums as ShishSPb. I had already used his services when I was doing chip tuning on my Nexia and everything was fine with me then.

I called him and set an appointment for the same evening. In the evening drove up to him, he came with a laptop and a couple of cords. Checked my errors with Vasey-diagnostic, offered me to activate the extra features, but I’ve already done it myself. After that we connected another cord to the brain, 5 minutes and everything poured. Then they hooked up again, checked and cleared all the errors and we went for a test drive, after which I went home satisfied. The whole procedure took half an hour at most.

Feelings from the firmware I wasn’t expecting miracles and the emergence of 200 + horsepower from the firmware, but the changes really pleased me. The first feeling, as if we unhooked the trailer behind.

I don’t twist the engine much, I switch maximum at 4000 rpm, therefore I was not interested in graphs with maximum capacity and torque. I believe, that the car has added in a tap-in-the-floor mode, but I don’t even want to test. Now the car pleases at low revs in daily style of driving even more. The engine pulls better and more confident at low revs. The range of comfortable speeds has increased in all gears. It has no problems pulling from 40km/h in 4th gear (I have the stick). In 3rd from about 20km/h.

Now you can shift less often, which is especially good when driving around town. In the middle rpm and upshift also improved. Vladimir even had me crank the engine to 5500 rpm on a test lap. It’s just fabulous out there. There is very good power reserve which is good for overtaking.

Tinting Polo Sedan with your hands

The throttle pedal dullness is practically gone. When shifting 1-2 and 2-3 there is no more dullness from hitting the gas pedal and it is lagging. Shifting is easier, and the car is smoother when shifting.

Also the engine sound has changed a little. It’s less annoying and the sound isn’t so “diesel”. I don’t even know how to describe it. But I like it.

Another nice bonus is the revs are up a bit in all modes. At idle now holds 780 rpm. On warm up it is about 1150. The engine warms up quicker. Shift and drive is easier now. You can just gently release clutch pedal and drive. Also it is less wobble on passenger seat with running air conditioner. And in general it is easier to drive the car. Generator gives more current at this speed.

When driving with climate control I still feel a little dullness. But now it feels the same as before without climate.

As for the flow rate – still gathering statistics. But for ~ 200km around town the consumption was 8.5 liters. Earlier consumption was about 9.5 liters. And I am still pushing the accelerator =) In general, as promised, flow rate decreased slightly.

The results of two weeks test heel At the end of two weeks test, my heel tells me that it likes it all. The ride is more comfortable and smoother, with good power reserves for lane changes and overtaking. And now I drive with a smile =)

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