Complete review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

How to choose the brake discs?

VW Jetta brake disc

The brake system is one of the most important parts of the car, which provides safety and timely response to situations while driving. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the front and rear brake discs on the Volkswagen Jetta in time.

To choose brake discs on the Jetta and to orientate on the replacement of brake discs will help this article.

In order to correctly order these consumable parts, you should know the dimensions that the manufacturer specifies for its models.

Below we present a summary table of data. It indicates for each engine modification, what brake discs front or rear are needed, as well as their dimensions and the diameter of the central hole, which are recommended for installation on the car Volkswagen Jetta.

It is worth remembering that more precise data is better to learn from your dealer, because there are limited edition of the model, or cars that were produced for U.S. and European markets, which may have individual brake disc dimensions, as well as features installation.

Recommended dimensions for Jetta brake discs

We suggest you read the official data, which gives dimensions for VW Jetta brake system parts of different years of manufacture.

The main parameters are: diameter, thickness, height, as well as the distance between the outermost fixtures (PCD) and the diameter of the center hole. Also not unimportant is the number of required fasteners and their dimensions.

So, the manufacturer’s recommended dimensions of brake discs for the Jetta.

Volume Years of production Front (d*thickness*height),D, mm Number of bolts, pcs. Rear (d*thickness*height),D center, mm Number of bolts, pcs.
2,3 1999 – 2001 288*25*3465 5×15,5100 256*21,90*36,4065 5×15,75100
2,0 2011 – 13 280*22*49,665 5 286*12*48,365 9
2006-2010 256*12 5
1,9 2006 – 10 280*22*36,665 5×16100 232*9*3965 5×16100
1,8 1992 256*19,9*38,665 4 226*10*7239,9 4
1986 – 91 239*20*38,7065 4×13,60100 226*10*7139,80 4xM12x1,5100
1984 – 85 239*12*3565 4×12,60100 226*10*71,340,0 4
1,6 2010 – 13 280*22*49,5065 5×15,50112 232,0*9*4065,0 5
2006 – 09 280*22*49,5065 256*12*48,6065 9×15,30112
1984 – 92 239*12*3566 4
1,5 1984 239*12*3566 4
1981-83 239*12*3565 4×12,6100
1,4 2011 – 13 312*25*49,965 5×15,50112 271,8*10*48,3065 9×15,30112
2008 – 10 280*22*49,5065 256*12*48,6065
2007 – 08 288*25*50 5 256*12 5
BLG 2007 – 08 312*25*49,965 5×15,40112 286*12*48,265 5×15,50112
1999 – 2005 280*22*36,665 5×16100 232*9*3965 5×16100
1999 256*22*36,665 5 5
1,3 1992 239*10*38,765 4
1984 – 91 239*10*3965
1,1 1981 – 84 239*10*38,6065 4×13,60100
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As you can see from the above data, not all Volkswagen Jetta models have front brake discs as well as rear brake discs under replacement. Earlier cars installed discs only on front-wheel drive, while drum braking systems were used on the rear. Therefore, data on drum consumables is excluded.

Brake discs on the Volkswagen Jetta

Brake discs on the Volkswagen Jetta

If you know exactly the volume of your engine and the year of manufacture of the car, then there is no doubt that you will correctly determine what parts are needed . Today, most suppliers can offer analogues for replacement, which are in no way inferior to the original parts, but it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and buy branded parts.

However, using replacements, analogues – you need to be careful. For example, on the forums of car owners speak positively about Ate Power Disc, and vice versa, do not praise Zimmerman brake discs. So before buying and installing – it is better to consult with experts in advance.

The procedure for replacing the brake discs for the Jetta is standard:

1. A car should be placed on a level surface with a handbrake, wheels blocked and a jack.

2. 2. Remove needed wheel. Remove the brake caliper and pads. Then remove the brake disk mounting, tapping if it is stuck.

3. Prepare replacement parts, for example discs Ate Power Disc 24.0322-0210.1 and ceramic pads ATE Ceramic 13.0407-7117.2 or others.

4. Fixing bolts use new, as they have already been corroded and mechanically affected.

Detailed information on how to replace disc brakes with their own hands and what tools are needed for this, you can learn from the relevant section. As a result, the replacement of parts will be fast, as well as technically competent.

Front and rear disc brakes on VW Jetta 6: diagnosis and replacement

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

Strong reasons to replace the brake discs of the same German model Jetta 6 are:

  • whistling and grinding when braking;
  • the appearance of the corresponding icon on the dashboard about the problem of the braking system;
  • and confirmed by instrumental diagnosis or, the application of measurements and, the identification of increased wear of these brake components.
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As an example of step-by-step manipulation of detecting extreme wear and replacement of brake discs is a VW Jetta 6 with 60,000 mileage, where the indirect primary signs of brake problems was whistling discs.

Description of diagnostic and replacement procedures

The decisive or main factor for replacing the brake discs are the values of their wear limits. Taking into account the fact that each of the car models, due to the design features of the wheel assemblies of the chassis, discs for brakes of this or that thickness are used.

For example, as for the front brakes of the Jetta 6, the minimum thickness of worn discs, allowed by the manufacturer – is 19 mm.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

It is practically impossible to visually determine the amount of wear, looking through the wheels at the discs of brakes, as well as the lifter in this case is not an assistant.

And in order to carry out instrumental diagnostics, our fellow garages, which decide to check parameters of actual wear independently, or auto mechanics at service station, you will have to carry out labor-intensive manipulations of wheel dismantle:

  • Firstly loosen the bolts fastening each wheel;
  • with a jack or an elevator elevator the car and put it on a firm support
  • remove each wheel;
  • and after getting access to the discs measure their actual thickness with a caliper (2mm of wear limit on each side of the disc), and if possible with a special tool measure disc run-out, which shall not exceed 0,4mm.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

Our car had the instrumental diagnostics of all its discs, and it was found that more than 2 mm, which actually exceeds the limit of wear on each side – one, namely, the front left disc of brakes.

Its defective condition was visible even to the naked eye due to the presence of grooves on the surface.

Volkswagen’s brake replacement regulations strongly recommend replacing brake system parts in pairs. This is due to the fact that the brakes on each side must work perfectly in sync, and otherwise – cannot avoid skidding during braking, which is fraught with negative consequences in the form of reduced safety, and even the creation of accidents.

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The most problematic locations in the replacement of brake system consumables are the removal of worn or defective discs from the hubs, as it is required to unscrew the screws and with a special puller, as well as using the traditional swear words of Russian car mechanics to remove these elements of the braking system.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

As a rule, in order to wrench off the landing places of the completely stuck to the wheels, auto mechanics beginners are forced to apply blows with hammers, with brute force, which according to experienced mechanics is not quite, or rather, quite undesirable, because it is possible to damage a wheel hub bearing.

For this purpose, as our experienced garage companions say, there are auto-chemistry cosmetics in the form of numerous offers in the market of rust converters.

Original consumables and the nuances of replacement

After the removal of the discs requires maintenance of the appearance of the hub, not only using a rust converter, but also with a metal brush and even sandblasting equipment, but this is in the conditions of centralized repair shops.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

For the replacement of both front and rear disks our garage companions for mutual aid have strongly advised to take the production of such company as TRW with the catalogue articles 1K0615301AK, and also 1K0615601AC respectively.

With the pads for them numbered 1K06698151A for the front brakes and 1K0698451G for the aft. Although it was possible to take, as the original, and analog consumables for Jetta 6 of other companies such as BOSH or BREMBO or other well-known manufacturers with good quality parameters, reliability and durability and with an acceptable to our income budget cost.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

From procedural nuances of replacement of expendables in the form of disks of brakes to correctly fasten these parts to hubs it is desirable to have a special dynamometer tool in order to carry out tightening of fasteners within 70 Nm and, moreover, not more and not less than this parameter.

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Actually fasteners of calipers, also are problematic locations for what it is necessary to adapt the use of several wrenches and open-end wrenches, and heads with a “ratchet”.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

The following problematic manipulations are the procedures for pressing in the pistons calipers for which the fellow Garage Mutual aid was borrowed a special device worthy of a patent on the rationalization proposal.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

As for the assembly of brakes, then, as they say, there can be no special problems, if everything is properly cleaned, prepared and treated with the proper lubricants. For example, for hub bearing lubrication, our garage Lefty’s recommend using a high-temperature copper-based grease. This, they say, is a very good grease, to prevent future problems with the hub bearing units.

Full review of brake discs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6

As for replacing consumables, in addition to the discs, new front and rear brake pads were installed and adjusted accordingly.

Important! When replacing the pads should pay attention to their design, because the extreme modifications of Jetta 6 shchili, as with the traditional pads, and with the pads, equipped with sensors of wear. Such pads, as a rule, are equipped with brake units in the front driver’s side.

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