Decorative lining on the car bumper with their own hands

Bumper Lining

There are special protective and decorative bumper covers for the front and rear bumpers. The protective accessories help to keep the condition of the car body closer to the factory condition. This is advantageous when selling and for maintaining a good appearance of the car. While driving, some parts of the car body are exposed to various loads and small impacts, due to which there are cracks, scratches, chips, dents on the surface of the bumper. Article content:

What is a “lip” on the bumper

Lining on the bumper is a tuning, which also gives a certain look and protection from mechanical damage. Also the overlays are called the lip. It is attached to the lower part of the bumper, that’s where the bumper most often bumps into something. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to avoid different kinds of thermal or mechanical influences.

Qashqai bumper liners

Almost every day you have to transport some objects or animals in the trunk, and there are situations, when the bumper is accidentally put under a lot of pressure.

Similar pads are installed on the hood. But, first of all, not for beauty, but for protection from insects. It is called flapper on the hood or deflector.

Audi q7 bumper liners

bumper liners

When using the car under the influence of sunlight, precipitation, temperature fluctuations the paint coating of the car, including the bumper is destroyed, resulting in its formation of scratches and cracks. In order that the appearance of the car continued to please as long as possible, there is a very good method – to buy and install linings on the front and rear bumper. The rear bumper is one of the places to install a rear view camera.

The essence of this method is to install special overlays on the car bumper, made of durable material that will provide long-lasting and reliable protection from damage, while the appearance of the car will remain stylish and harmonious. Bumper liner will provide effective protection for the bumper during the entire period of operation of the car.

Automatic switch on dipped headlights

bumper liners

This trim is made of high quality alloy steel that is resistant to corrosion and resistant to considerable loads, as well as it is resistant to a variety of chemicals, including various solvents. The production of the plates is engaged company WDG, which focuses on the manufacture of quality products, which ensures its high rating among other companies.

If you find a rust spot, when, as they say, the body begins to “blossom”, it is necessary to perform anti-corrosion treatment. There are different types of anti-corrosion agents. There are some that protect against mechanical and physical effects.

What is better bumper linings

You can choose linings made of different materials. They are also classified according to the method of attachment:

  • The pads can be glued to the bottom of the sill;
  • the pads can be fixed with bolts.
Classification by manufacture:
  • factory;
  • private craftsmen and tuning studios.
Classification of pads by material:

rubber bumper liners

  • stainless steel;
  • high-strength plastic;
  • Rubber.To soften and absorb shocks, the inner side of the stainless steel pads has a rubber lining. As for plastic bumper pads, they are cheaper and more often in demand.

How to make bumper pads

Like many other elements of tuning and protection of the body, the covers can also be made by yourself. There are special stickers for cars, with which you can stick, for example, only mirrors, or rims, or hood, or car roof, etc.

A simple way of car front bumper tuning (red line)

an easy way to tuning the front bumper of the car (red line)

Some special versions of cars (for example, Lada Vesta Sport or Lada Granta Drive Active) stand out with the original dodger. However, often the glances of passers-by are attracted by only one small element of the front bumper – a red overlay. Let’s find out how to modify a bumper of an ordinary car in such a way.

This is how it looks like on production cars:

How to go abroad by car.

How to make it yourself

The easiest way – to use red duct tape. This way of tuning can not be called durable, after a few months it fades and tears. From a long distance it looks great!

granta red line duct tape

Paint . On the Vesta, the “saber” of the bumper is removed as a whole. The part is degreased, coated with plastic primer and painted with a spray can.

Red hoses A-Sport. You need a 2101-3706605 red silicone A-sport trammler hose (part number 10038669ASP). You need to cut the hose lengthwise and use a plastic card to tuck it between the bottom of the bumper and the black grille.

Plastic U-profile. Find PVC profiles, shaped like a letter U with cushioned walls (5 mm, glossy, length 3 m) can be found in a store engaged in outdoor advertising. The price of about 200r. You can install it on the 3M adhesive tape or sealant.

Plastic U-profile Plastic U-profile

PVC cable duct . Another way to make a red overlay. In this case the Grant (author gubin887 ).

  • PVC cable-channel 15×10 mm;
  • ORACAL 8300-032 film;
  • construction hairdryer;
  • masking and double-sided adhesive tape;
  • scissors.

From the cable-channel we use only the lid. Shape it with a hair dryer and masking tape. After that we take off the trim from the bumper, degrease it and wrap it in tape.

From the remainder of the cover cut pieces on which glue the double-sided tape 3M. The lid fits into the roof as tightly and firmly. We glue the fasteners to the bumper. Then you just snap the molding into place.

Where to buy

There are ABS plastic accessories on sale, which already have a suitable shape for a particular car. The installation process we showed earlier.

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