Dimensions of the 2020 Polo liftback: body, trunk

Volkswagen Polo 2020 in Russia: photo and equipment of the liftback

Volkswagen Polo 2020 in Russia: photo and equipment of the liftback

The fact that the Polo liftback will replace the sedan of the same name on the Russian market became known back in early February. Then there was published a fair portion of information about the new model, including sketches and data on technology. Now the novelty has been declassified completely, but without prices yet as the company will reveal them later. Sales of the car will start closer to the end of summer.

Updated: Prices for Polo liftback 2020 (as of May 18)

Modifications/equipment Origin Respect Status Exclusive
1.6 MPI 90 hp/5MT 792 900 837 900
1.6 MPI 110 hp/5MT 877 900 971 900 1 111 900
1.6 MPI 110 hp /6AT 927 900 1 021 900 1 161 900
1.4 TSI 125 hp /7DSG 1 069 900 1 209 900

Dimensions and design

As predicted, the new liftback Volkswagen Polo 2020 for Russia has been unified with the recently restyled Rapide, which in turn borrows a lot from the European hatchback Scala. Five-door in all dimensions exceeds a replaced sedan, that is a consequence of increase of wheelbase from 2553 to 2602 mm. The length of the body rose by 93 mm (to 4483 mm), width – by 7 mm (to 1706 mm), height – by 17 mm (to 1484 mm). Clearance of the model became more by 7 mm, totaling 170 mm.

Outside the novelty looks fresh and stylish. “Front” is decorated with a wide grille with horizontal bars and close to it headlights with LED lights. Sections of fog lights are built into the main units, and the optics itself, depending on the configuration has a reflector or spotlight type.

Photo of the new Polo 2020

Photo of the new Polo 2020

Head optics

The stern of the new four-door stands out, first of all, intricate graphics of the lights. Another thing that attracts attention here is the inscription “Polo” under the brand emblem on the trunk door and the sham exhaust pipes on the sides of the bumper.

Engine and gearbox oil in the Volkswagen Touareg

Stern design

Basic for the new model Volkswagen Polo are 15-inch wheels with steel or alloy wheels. The 16th diameter is available as an option. The liftback body color palette includes eight shades, two of which – red and blue – are new.

Interior and equipment of the new Polo

The front panel of the five-door Volkswagen has a similar architecture to the Rapid, while the design of all elements is completely original. Increased distance between the axles compared to the former sedan promises more space for rear passengers, and the luggage compartment will please increased from 460 to 550 liters. But after folding the backs of rear seats form a solid step, which reduces the convenience of using the cargo area. However, even with such disadvantage it has a clear advantage in comparison with a trunk of a four-door.

Polo Russian saloon

Polo liftback interior for Russia

Photo of the trunk

For the new Polo 2020 in Russia, there are four equipment options: Origin, Respect, Status and Exclusive. Almost each of the options is ready to boast interesting options, which the predecessor did not have. Thus, the list of standard equipment now includes a multifunctional steering wheel and a media center with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, made in the format of a separate tablet. Even the basic infotainment complex has in its arsenal of interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to synchronize gadgets. Bluetooth technology, a USB-C port and four speakers are also provided by default.

Multimedia interface

Multimedia interface

In the Respect configuration, we note the presence of heated front seats, side mirrors and washer jets. Status version gets climate control and cruise control.

The top version Exclusive gets a digital 10.25-inch Active Info Display dashboard (replaces the conventional pointers), a multimedia system with an 8.25-inch display and six speakers, heated windshield, front and rear parking sensors, rain and light sensors.

The dashboard Active Info Display

Active Info Display dashboard

The list of options for the new Volkswagen Polo liftback adds heated steering wheel and second-row seats, a rearview camera, keyless entry and engine start button, USB-connector for rear passengers.

Brake discs Volkswagen Tiguan 2: selection, replacement, photo

The newcomer has no advanced active safety systems. New Polo, as well as its predecessor, will be equipped with two front airbags as standard, and for extra money the car will be equipped with side airbags for the front row and curtains.

Specifications of Volkswagen Polo 2020

Power units from the arsenal of leaving sedan will form a motor range Polo in a new body. This is a 1.6-liter “atmospheric” with 90 and 110 hp, as well as a 1.4-liter turbo TSI engine with 125 hp. The naturally aspirated engines are paired with a 5-MCP, plus to this the 110-horsepower version can be combined with a six-speed “automatic”. Turbo unit TSI is completed only with a “robot” 7DSG.

Overall dimensions of VW Polo with a body Liftback

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

Each subsequent generation of the car model is different from the previous one in terms of innovations, which are dictated by the pressure of the user audience (customers are always right!) And overall dimensions are the first thing that is subject to change in the opinion of potential owners.

Exactly so happened with the model of the next during the forty-year production period Polo, namely the seventh generation of the car in the form of liftback.

Comparative dimensions of the Volkswagen Polo 6th and 7th generations

Volkswagen Polo 2015 Volkswagen Polo 2020
Body sedan liftback
Doors/seats 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4 390 4 479
Width, mm 1 699 1 706
Height, mm 1 467 1 471
Wheelbase, mm 2 553 2 591
Front/rear track, mm 1 457 / 1 500 1 460 / 1 500
Weight, curb weight without driver, kg 1 223 1 246
Cargo space, l 460 530
Ground clearance, mm 163 170
Tires 185/60 R15 195/55 R16 185/60 R15 195/55 R16

The psychology of our garage companions is built in such a way, that they quite reasonably think that the bigger the car, the more

  • more prestigious. In other words, a model with dimensional external geometry seems richer than it really is. Examples of this statement are American cars, which sometimes have hypertrophied increased external dimensions;
  • rugged. And there is quite itself, both scientific and practical evidence, which will be discussed below;
  • safer. By the way, even ardent supporters of small-capacity cars agree with this thesis.
VW Tiguan head unit: regular, android.

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

Actually in the same order, as the list of merits of models with enlarged body architecture is given, and the review of Polo Liftback will be constructed.

The bigger a car, the richer it is.

Anyway, so it is subconsciously perceived by “deer breeders” or people far from ability to estimate merits, both design of external and internal design, and power and transmission stuffing of these or those models.

In fact, concerning Polo Liftback, there were no essential innovations neither in design, nor in underhood in comparison with Polo Sedan – the same familiar, from afar recognized forms of a body (except, probably, a stern).

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

The same range of motors in the form of two atmospheric 1.6-liter (90/110 hp) engines, and one 1.4-liter (125 horses) turbocharged engine. The same transmissions, namely 5 steps mechanical and 6 modes automatic gearboxes tested, including in conditions of Russian operation, and also debatable about reliability of DSG robot “seven”.

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

Prestige of the model can be formed due to external appearance, both the body in the form of various chrome-plated “plushkas”, and wheel disks, which drawings while driving fascinate looks of the same “reindeer breeders”.

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

If we start talking about wheel disks, it would be logical to mention tires. At the factory, either size 15 or 16 of rubber is set. However, in order to lift a body above the roadway, in other words to increase clearance, some of our garage innovators obviously will not miss a chance to eventually put 17 or even 18-inch wheels. If only the wheel arches would allow such tuning.

Besides dimensions of a body and appearance of wheel disks, the size of a trunk also influences prestige of a car. The 460-liter capacity of the Polo Sedan is inferior to the 530-liter size of the boot of the Polo Liftback.

The bigger a car, the safer it is.

This axiom, which doesn’t need any proof, is one of the arguments for motorists in favor of this or that model. And, as it was already spoken at the beginning, the manufacturers easily go on increase of dimensions to support the demand for popular model.

Volkswagen Taos: photo price specifications

There are a lot of examples in the history of passenger car industry, when low-capacity cars of the first generations become more and more dimensional as new versions of these models appear.

The fact that size matters for safety can once again be verified by the example of the same Polo Liftback brake discs. The fact is that for greater reliability, the diameters of ventilated front brake discs are larger than the brake discs of the rear wheels. Due to the fact that the front brakes are subjected to a more intense load than the rear brakes during emergency braking.

On the road, safety even depends on the size of the wiper blades, as well as the spray area of the wiper fluid nozzles. In other words, the more they cover the area of the windshield, the better the view will be in inclement weather, and this is a direct way to improve safety.

Overall dimensions of Volkswagen Polo liftback: body, wheels, trunk

The larger the car body, the more spacious the interior

One of new owners of this model justified his choice of Polo Liftback by spaciousness of interior. According to them, spaciousness leaves the most stable impressions from the new generation of Polo, and it is just the result of increase in dimensions of the body.

And another of the fresh impressions with which the happy owner of Polo liftback shares is that the handling, stability and even noise protection became better than in the previous model with a sedan body.

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