Do not forget to turn off the parking lights of your VAZ 2110

Where turns on the dipped beam on the VAZ 2110?

In the switch block, located closer to the steering column, there is a switch for fog lights and headlight tilt regulator. Dipped headlight. With this switch in this position, the headlights turn on / off respectively on / off the ignition.

Where is the dipped beam headlights vaz 2110?

Low beam 2110, the device, the principle of operation

Switch of external lighting, located on the front panel of the car. Switch for the functioning mode of headlights, which is located on the steering column.

How to turn on the dipped headlights vaz 2110?

After turning on the dipped headlights, move the lever of the steering column switch towards yourself. This will illuminate the high beam indicator light on the instrument panel. To turn the dipped beam back on, move the stalk switch lever toward you again. .

Where do parking lights turn on vaz 2110?

The parking lights are located on the right and left side of the car VAZ-2110, both front and rear, and will differ from each other only by the color of burning (the front give a white light, and the rear red).

How to turn on the headlights on the 2112?

Low and high beam headlights cars vaz 2110, -2111, -2112 turned on with the help of auxiliary relays K4 and K5, located in the assembly unit. Control voltage to the windings of the relay is fed from the headlight switch 3, if the key switch 4 is fully pressed exterior lighting (in the scheme of position II).

What bulbs are in the headlights of vaz 2110?

From the factory in the front optics are installed as follows:

  • Far beam – lamp AKG12-55-2 55 W with H1 socket.
  • The same bulb is installed on the dipped beam.
  • The turn signal light is equipped with a 21W PY21W type bulb. …
  • W5W – A 5W bulb is installed in the parking lights.
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What is the low beam socket on the VAZ 2110?

All headlight optics on the VAZ 2110 uses a four bulb architecture for the low and high beam. This means that two separate halogen lamps are responsible for the high and low beam. These are 55-60 watt bulbs with H1 socket, they are the same for the low and high beam.

How do I turn the lights on in a 10?

The dimmer switch on a nine is on the left side of the instrument cluster. In order to turn on the parking lights it is necessary to move this switch down by one click. To turn on the dipped beam, you need to move this switch to the next lower position.

How to turn on the high beam on 14?

To do this, just press the steering switch on the right side “away from you” until you hear a distinctive click. Thus, it will be indicated that the light is on, and the control lamp of blue color will light up on the dashboard.

What are the buttons on the panel vaz 2110?

As you can see from the screenshot on the dashboard VAZ 2110 there are only 4 buttons – let’s move on to their description. Button to turn on / off the front fog lights. On / off the outside lights. Button to turn on/off the rear fog lights.

Why do not work the rear lights vaz 2110?

There are several reasons, let’s list them all: burned out the fuse responsible for powering the lamps of parking lights. There was a breakage of the power wire. There was a short circuit of the power wire to the car body.

How to remove the parking lights bulb vaz 2110?

  1. Open the hood;
  2. Disconnect the battery, or better yet, remove it. …
  3. On the underhood side, holding the bulb with your hand, disconnect the wires directly to the bulb from the socket;
  4. Remove the rubber cover;
  5. Otdvide sideways lock, unhooking the spring with a hook;
  6. Take out the clearance lamp;
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What are the bulbs in the parking lights vaz 2110?

Bulbs used in cars Lada 110 sedan VAZ-2110

Lights Qty, pcs. Lamp Type
High beam 2 H1
High beam 2 H1
Front position light 2 W5W
Front direction indicators 2 PY21W

How do I turn on high beam in a 10?

To turn the high beam on, pull the left hand stalk switch toward you without bringing it to a fixed position. The high beam stays on when you hold the lever and returns to the initial position when you release the lever.

How to switch on dipped beam on Vaz 2114?

Button to turn on low beam on VAZ-2114

The button to turn on the dipped beam is located on the center console on the right side of the dashboard. It is combined with the button to turn on the parking lights.

Design, repair and replacement of front and rear parking lights VAZ 2110

Traffic regulations clearly stipulate that you can not go in the dark or in poor visibility without the lights on, both in front and behind the car. Today we will consider how the dimensions on VAZ 2110 are arranged, what can be the causes of breakdowns, ways to fix them.

Vaz 2110 with parking lights and daytime running lights

VAZ 2110 with parking lights and the exhaust lights


The front parking lights are called head lights, they are located in the block headlight in front of the car on both sides of the car. They are the outermost on the sides in the lighting system, and owe their name to the fact that they show oncoming vehicles the dimensions of the car in width.

Different variants of parking and daytime running lights

Different variants of clearance and daytime running lights

Exactly the same mission is intended for the rear lights, – so you can be seen by whoever is following you. It is especially actual during overtaking, you don’t want someone not seeing the real size, hit your “swallow”.

A simple driver for LED in cars

Tuned tail lights

Tuned tail lights

Here is an important tip: if it happens suddenly that it is necessary to go at any cost and you find out that the bulb in the left parking light is burned out, it is impossible to replace it with a new one because there is no such, don’t be lazy and move it from the right one. We will tell you how to do this.


Headlamps (front lights) are part of the headlight assembly. Rear lights are part of the VAZ 2110 tail light, being one of its sections. Nearby are the rear fog light, taillight, turn signal indicator, cataphot, brake light and parking light.

Fog lights will not only improve the exterior of the car, but also contribute to improved safety. You can read more about connecting fog lights here:

Causes of Breakdowns

There can be many causes of failure. The most common – the lamps burn out, which, of course, deprives the ability to turn on the parking lights. Especially unreliable in this regard lamps, imported to us from the Celestial Empire.

Although they attract more than “democratic” price, and in any outlet them in bulk, but a lot of trouble with them. So perhaps we should remember the saying that we are not so rich people to buy cheap things twice.

Good brand-name bulbs will last many times longer, in addition, you will not have to endlessly change them.

Various lamp options for parking lights

Options of bulbs for the headlights

Sometimes there is a “blinking” of the parking lights, or a blinking of the dashboard lights when the parking lights are on. Many blame it on the clearance relay, but can not find it. In the carburetor VAZ 2110 clearance relay does not exist, there is only a relay for high and low beam.

For injector car relay should be sought in the wiring block, where all the fuses are located. And if the relays are burning one after another, you should immediately contact an electrician, because this indicates that there is a short circuit somewhere in the chain, and from here up to the burnt-out machine.

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Mounting box, relays and fuses

Mounting block and relays and fuses

Never, under no circumstances, should a burnt-out fuse be replaced with a more powerful one, or even with a “bug”.


As already said, it is forbidden to drive the car in the evening or at night if the parking lights are not lit, so let’s look for the cause, and then eliminate it.

If you’re sure that the paths that carry electricity are working properly, the first thing to do is check to see if the bulbs are burned out. And if they need replacing, do it.

For the head lamp, the order of replacement is as follows:

  • Open the hood;
  • Disconnect the battery, or better yet, remove it. After all, we are talking about electricity, which is not safe;
  • On the underhood side, holding the bulb with your hand, disconnect the wires directly to the bulb from the socket;
  • Remove the rubber cover;
  • Otdvide sideways lock, unhooking the spring with a hook;
  • Take out the clearance lamp;
  • Replace it with the new one and reassemble everything.

When the replacement is done, check if the head lamps are on.

Bulbs in the tail lights on VAZ 2110 are installed as follows:

  • De-energize the car;
  • On the side of the trunk (open) remove the contact part of the rear lamp with bulbs. To do this, you need to depress the latches;
  • Take out the clearance bulb, replace it with a new one.

Do not forget that your bare hands should not touch the halogen bulb. The replacement must be carried out with gloves on. The fact is that there will be dark spots at the place of touching the bulb. In addition, it is proved – such a bulb burns out much faster.

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