Foot Lighting Polo sedan with his hands

How to connect illuminated feet on Polo sedan

It is good to have an electrician friend, but it is even better to be friends with a car mechanic who unravels tangle of wires not for the first year, giving people comfort and moral satisfaction.

And what the motorists won’t dream of to improve interior of their “iron horse”. Many, for example, bring up a theme of illumination in the automobile, which is very actual at night. It’s dark in the glove compartment – put a light bulb in the box. Trunk looks like a hellhole? Connect the lighting elements inside the compartment. A child on the back seat dropped his favorite toy – no problem: press the button on the ceiling and the light will illuminate the mist under your feet. Standard interior illumination is upgraded also – usual incandescent lamps give way to trendy and economical LED “ornaments”.

Polo sedan with illumination

They even put the headlights under the legs! What for? To admire the mud stains on the carpet? Or more precisely to hit the pedal? Jokes are jokes, but in fact such modernization looks very attractive, making the car unique and different from the others. Just imagine how an old “nine” covered with rusty stains drives into a yard, stops, opens the door and the night air is illuminated with bright lights. Instead of the interior dirt and cigarette “burns” on the upholstery, those around you will see a chic interior. Opinion about the old VAZ will change dramatically.

The interior of an ordinary “budget car” will look much cooler, like Volkswagen Polo sedan. Especially with the new model, which has only just expired warranty. There is no need to saw out anything under the dashboard, as Germans have prudently left two rectangular apertures under a steering tube and a glovebox – especially for headlights. Did they save money again? It is good that at least they left the basic saloon light!

Tinting Polo Sedan with your hands

Illuminated pedals

Thus, a German manufacturer has given owners of Polo sedan a solid field for imagination. It is possible to insert ordinary bulbs, but they will “yellow” and the saturation will look dim. LEDs are another matter. Different colors, deep saturated light and a fair amount of electricity savings – with small diode “lights” life will be easier, and the salon will start a pet named “Comfort.

Selection of lighting elements for illumination

To install the footlights, you can ask for qualified help to electricians tuning-atelier, which in our country is a dime a dozen. Or organize everything yourself – there is nothing too complicated in the procedure. In addition, the cost will be minimal.

Tuning atelier

There are a whole ocean of options. Everything depends on the tastes and preferences of the owner of Polo sedan. One of the most popular ways is the separate illumination. The idea is that when the driver’s door is opened, only the lamp under the steering column is activated. Accordingly, if the front passenger opens the door, the lamp on his side will light up. It is also possible to set the backlight so that when the alarm or the central locking system is activated, the footlights are not delayed (usually the lamps are on for 30 seconds and then automatically fade out).

On the technical side, there are also different combinations. For example, some owners of Polo sedan install overhead lighting on LEDs, connecting to its block-switchboard, and under the feet put neon lamps, coordinating them with the sensor opening doors.

The main advantages of LEDs are simple and straightforward installation, usually carried out with adhesive tape, the small size of the bulbs, which easily fit into the sockets of the factory devices, the ability to create lighting effects, durability and resistance to physical stress.

LED lights

Unlike LEDs, neon lights have perhaps only one advantage – a rich and very bright light. Neon lighting is much more difficult to install than LED lighting. In addition, the devices are more prone to mechanical damage, and lovers of light music will be disappointed, because the lamps are capricious react to the rhythmic cycles.

Installation of heated mirrors on Polo Sedan

Of course, the neon in the saloon under your feet looks fantastic. At once the “pumped up” cars from the known series of games NFS come to mind. But a solid number of disadvantages outweigh the installation of traditional “quiet” LED lamps.

Neon bulb

Guidelines for installing backlight

What you will need to install the foot illumination:

  1. A pair of headlamps. Original VAG ones cost about 1500 rubles/piece. Item number is 8J0947409A.
  2. Two connectors for spotlights. Each cost about 300 rubles. Part number – 4B0971832.
  3. Four pins in the connectors at 10 rubles/piece. Part number – N90764701.
  4. Acoustic wire cross section of 0.5-0.75 mm2. Two meters will be sufficient.
  5. Cloth tape.

Set of accessories

In the process you will need the following tools: wire cutters, wire ties, a box cutter, round pliers and a flat screwdriver to dismantle the plastic panels.

    Prepare the wire: divide the wire into two pieces (185 and 15 cm). On the long piece put pins, snap the connector housing and twist everything with cloth tape.

Wrap wires

Passenger light socket

Place for driver's light

Wiring set

Removed pillar trim

Working plafond

There is another way to connect the bulbs on the Polo sedan. Permanent “plus” can be found on the switch light. It requires a special pin – N90684505 (costs about 30 rubles). The “minus” is taken in two places: near the VSM unit or from the door connectors. There are two pins near the VSM unit: #19 – brown wire with a yellow stripe and #20 – with a red stripe. The contacts on the doors are exactly the same color, acting as limit switches on the driver’s and passenger’s sides. We solder wires to them – and lighting is ready!

Wiring through the switch

Owners of Kaluga sedan can also take care of the rear passengers. The connection scheme is the same: “plus” we pull from headlight switch, and “minus” we take on VSM block (pins 26 and 34) or rear doors (brown wires with white and gray stripes).

Replacing Polo Sedan speakers

Thus, you can without problems and unnecessary costs lay in the cabin light for the feet. The amount of work will mainly depend on the type of plafonds to be installed. Standard incandescent bulbs will cost much cheaper than LEDs or neon, but the quality of lighting will not be as intense as with other options.

Note: photos by user vostsash from were used in this article

Foot Lighting Polo sedan with his hands

Circuit twisting, you can solder, insulate and wrap with fabric tape – check the work of the lights should be lit when you open the door, they go out when you close all the doors and Volkswagen Polo foot illumination of the central locking system. Connecting place – the wiring from the light on the left strut Put all the removed panels back and check the result: Volkswagen Polo footlights in operation Headlight in operation Front passenger footlight Of course the lamps are yellow, you will need to install LEDs.

I wanted to put them in, but so far has not come out because of the “wrong” plastic bases MAYAK LEDs, in short, they are not put, need dopilivat plinths or look for something else.

volkswagen polo leg illumination

Well, I wish you a pleasant installation! Question Price: Without unnecessary movements to open the trunk Volkswagen Polo illuminated feet, just press the button from outside or remotely from the cabin. Driver-oriented interior The driver’s seat is height-adjustable, as are the headrests in the front. This option is available as standard on all trims. More roomy than you think In the luggage compartment of the Volkswagen Polo you can transport long loads – simply fold up the back seat and go on your way.

The Polo’s creators took care not only of the driver, but also of the passengers. The pockets on the backrests of the front seats are the optimal solution for compact storage.

Fog lights on Polo Sedan with my own hands

Installing illumination in the glove compartment of the Volkswagen Polo sedan with their own hands

A nice addition – LED illumination of the license plate and luggage compartment of the car. Its emergence was due to the need of drivers to use gloves volkswagen polo illuminated feet while driving a car.

Since many cars at the time were of the open type, that is, without a roof, special gloves were developed for motorists to protect the hands from frostbite and dirt that accumulated on the rim of the steering wheel. Thus, the first gloveboxes were used to store gloves worn during car trips.

volkswagen polo leg illumination

The functionality of today’s glove boxes has changed considerably. What you won’t find in the glove box. The recess has turned into a volkswagen polo footlight to contain a variety of household sundries, trash and even food. Anything but the gloves themselves can be found in the drawer. In many gloveboxes of modern cars began to mount plafonds to illuminate the niche.

volkswagen polo leg illumination

They even put the shades under the feet! What for? To admire the mud stains on the carpet?

Door illumination.

Or more precisely to hit the pedal? Jokes are jokes, but in fact such modernization looks very attractive, making the car unique and different from the others. The opinion about the old VAZ will change greatly. Have they saved money again?

volkswagen polo leg illumination

It is good that at least they left the basic interior light! So, the German manufacturer has given the owners of Polo sedan a solid field for Volkswagen Polo leg illumination. To connect the backlight to the cabin light, you need to remove the plafond most often it is attached to simple fixators, although you will need a screwdriver to remove it. Next, you need to connect the wires. To the white wire connect the plus, to the red – the minus.

Daytime running lights on VW Polo Sedan

Illumination of the footwell, glove box (glove box), doors, trunk

After that, hide the wires under the trim. It is best to run them along the side pillar. After that, connect the LED wiring at the Volkswagen Polo illuminated legs of the passenger and driver and passenger, and only after that connect the entire structure to the power. Before insulating the contacts and connections, be sure to check the operation of the light. You can additionally put a controller, then the light will fade smoothly, rather than suddenly go out.

volkswagen polo leg illumination

Lighting from the cigarette lighter If you connect the lighting from the cigarette lighter, volkswagen polo leg lighting will light up only on the side of the open car door. Many experts note that this is very convenient, as the illumination is needed only when the passenger is boarding, boarding. The plus of the diode should be connected to the cigarette lighter, and the minus – to the door limit switch.

The wiring on the car door can be led out through the same passageway through which all the wiring to the door is routed. However, more often than not, you will have to remove the entire panel to do this.

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