Forensic Vehicle Forensics

Forensic examination of the vehicle

A vehicle can be involved in criminal activities. Sometimes cars are illegally imported into the country. A person may purchase a stolen car. To find out in advance the presence of facts of criminal actions performed with the car, a forensic examination is carried out. It is an obligatory action during the registration of the car. The procedure is also performed in a number of other cases. A citizen has the right to independently initiate a forensic examination of the car. The process is carried out in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

What is a forensic examination of the car?

Forensic examination of the car is a check of the machine for the absence of violations of the requirements of the norms and laws relating to the operation of the vehicle and its intended use. The procedure is performed on the basis of the Federal Law №73 “About the State forensic examination activity in the Russian Federation” dated May 31, 2001.

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During the forensic examination of the car, the specialists examine the car in detail, check the compliance of the VIN number, license plate number and other information. The data are run through the databases of the traffic police and Interpol. The car is checked to see if it is wanted in connection with a crime or an accident.

Normative base

The Federal Law №73 “About the State forensic examination activity in the RF” dated March 31, 2001 is the main normative legal act, regulating the performance of forensic examination of the car. Before contacting the authorized body, it is recommended to get acquainted with the following provisions of the law:

    – fixes the list of objects of research. – Establishes professional and qualification requirements applicable to experts. -17 – defines the rights and duties of experts. – contains provisions concerning the expert report.

When is a forensic examination of a car carried out?

Usually forensic examination is performed before the vehicle is registered. The implementation of the actions acts as an integral part of the registration. During the procedure, the expert finds out the authenticity of body and aggregate numbers. In addition, it is determined if there are any signs of erasure or alteration. The forensic examination of the car can also be carried out in other cases, the list of which includes:

  1. The car is being re-registered.
  2. The car appears in criminal proceedings as an instrument of crime. This is possible if there has been a fatal accident or if transportation of weapons, drugs or other items that are prohibited or restricted for carriage is discovered.
  3. The new owner of the vehicle, a potential buyer or other person has doubts about the vehicle’s past.
  4. During a vehicle inspection or during an inspection at a GIBDD checkpoint, the engine, body or other part numbers could not be made out.
  5. The car is imported from abroad, and customs clearance is carried out.
  6. A criminal investigation is conducted, and authorized persons suspect that the car has been stolen. So, if the thief is caught, all the cars that he had access to are checked for theft.
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What is checked during the forensic examination of the vehicle?

During a forensic vehicle examination, a whole list of questions can be addressed. The procedure provides an opportunity to check:

  • The technical condition of the car;
  • Whether the car is stolen, pledged or under arrest;
  • involvement in an accident;
  • authenticity of numbers of parts and units;
  • authenticity of registration documents;
  • involvement in illegal activities.

At the time of the examination instrumental and documentary checks are performed. Specialists assess the technical condition of the car. Additionally a search through different databases is performed.

Where and by whom is the forensic examination of the car performed?

Private companies or the criminalistics center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can carry out the examination. The choice of organization depends on the goals pursued. If it is suspected that the car was involved in a crime, the expertise is initiated by the traffic police. Its implementation is entrusted to the state specialists. If the inspection was initiated by the car owner, it is possible to perform an independent expertise. The procedure is faster than when applying to a state organization. However it is considered that the conclusions of private specialists are less reliable. Sometimes the work is done superficially. State experts work more thoroughly, but more slowly.

Required documents

In order for the forensic examination of the car to be initiated, it will be necessary to provide a package of documents. The list will have to include the following papers:

  • application for the performance of the examination;
  • Passport of the owner of the vehicle;
  • PTS;
  • documents confirming that the car is owned by the applicant;
  • Certificate confirming the vehicle’s registration in the State Register;
  • receipt of payment for the expertise;
  • the vehicle.

The exact list of documents can be obtained by contacting the selected institution.

Step by step instruction

Conducting a forensic examination of a car is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. The citizen applies to the authorized body and provides a car for research, as well as documentation.
  2. The expert checks the papers for corrections and falsification. This allows to exclude forgery.
  3. An inspection of the body coating is made. Next, attention is paid to the gaps. They are measured and checked. Even chips are taken into account. This allows not to leave the fact of the accident unnoticed.
  4. An inspection of all the assemblies that could have been installed illegally is carried out. Then the expert takes care of the procedure to avoid having the plates tampered with.
  5. The car is checked through all kinds of databases. They are used to find out if the car was involved in any judicial decisions, pledges or loans, which could lead to the impounding of the car. The information in the foreign databases is also used to check the vehicle.
  6. An expert report is drawn up.

The above-mentioned method of verification is considered the most reliable. The choice of an expert is made depending on the goals pursued.

State and independent forensic expertise

The law allows anyone with the appropriate qualifications to act as an expert. In order to obtain it, one would need to graduate from an educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Each city of the Russian Federation has a separate staff of expert and criminalistics departments. To engage in expert activities, it is not necessary to obtain an appropriate certificate. The need for it disappeared after the law “On Certification of Products and Services” from June 10, 1993 became void.

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There is no need to obtain a license to engage in this type of activity. The client has the right to independently initiate the examination and choose the institution that will carry it out. Exceptions to the rule are procedures performed as part of criminal cases, technical inspections, and when an accident occurs. The procedure is carried out with the involvement of employees of the ECU. In other situations, the inspection can be performed by the representatives of MIA or independent inspectors.

The advantage of applying to the state structures is the thorough approach to examining the situation. The results are considered to be more reliable. The services of the ECU expert are cheaper. If the forensic examination of the car is initiated by representatives of state bodies, no fee is charged. However, the final decision on the examination will have to wait longer. Private experts perform the examination more quickly. However, the speed affects the price of the service. The final result is less extensive. This is partly due to the fact that the MIA has a broader base of sources. The degree of reliability of the final results is not much lower than that of the inspector. Usually, private organizations employ highly qualified specialists. This makes it possible to achieve a quality result. The inspection can be done in the place that the client will indicate. Private specialists have all the necessary equipment. It makes it possible to travel to any location.

Where can I order the procedure?

The expertise can be carried out by private organizations or by the forensic science department (EKU). Choosing the right option depends on the situation and preference. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. The expert of the ECU usually performs the work by order of the state authorities. Representatives of the agency help investigate crimes. Applications from individuals are also considered. The case study is more thorough. The representative of the organization has a wealth of practical experience. The cost of services is cheaper. However, the results will have to wait. To order a forensic examination of a car in the forensic expert department, a citizen has to come to the organization on his own. There you often have to wait in a long line.

The role of independent experts are usually forensic experts with the appropriate education. When working with the client, they take into account his wishes. The result is obtained in the shortest time possible. Often going to a private organization is more affordable for a citizen. The final conclusion of the expert will have the same legal force as the documents provided by the state organization. However, the price for the services of a private company is usually two to three times higher. In the pursuit of speed, quality can suffer.


On average, a forensic examination will be completed within 1 to 2 months. The exact period depends on the workload of experts. Usually, representatives of the traffic police work longer. This is due to the popularity of the service. Applying to a private organization will reduce the period of implementation of the action. However, the price of the service increases.

If the examination is delayed, the car may be registered in person by the head of the IAB for the duration of the procedure. For this purpose, the person signs the appropriate orders. A citizen is granted a temporary registration for up to 3 months. During this period of time, the person has the right to continue operating the car without any restrictions.

The cost of the forensic examination of the car is influenced by the operations to be carried out by specialists, as well as the type of car. The fee will be:

  • 3000 rubles, if required to perform a verification of the authenticity of the Vin-Code;
  • 3000-4000 roubles if requesting a complete history of maintenance and identifying the true mileage;
  • 2000 rubles if the seller’s documents will be checked for any unauthorized changes.
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If a citizen wants to do a full check-up, he will have to pay about 10000-25000 rubles. In practice, the initiator of the check-up is usually the State Automobile Inspection. In this case the expertise is free of charge. If the result is confirmed that the plates are intact and not altered, the vehicle owner has a right to file a complaint against the inspector. In such a situation, it turns out that the representatives of the traffic police had insufficient grounds for examination. As a result its appointment was illegal. The procedure requires a large amount of effort and time. Its implementation leads to inconvenience for the owner of the car.

The results of the forensic examination of the car

When the expert has completed the work, a conclusion is drawn up. It is drawn up in writing. The document records the cleanliness of the vehicle before the law. If in the process of the examination it turns out that the numbers do not match the information recorded in the documents, or another offense is committed, the vehicle is immediately detained and seized.

If it is confirmed that all the license plates are authentic and there are no violations, a lawsuit can be initiated. The lawsuit is sent to the employee of the traffic police. The reason for the accusation is the lack of grounds for referral to forensic examination of the car. The error of forensic experts is criminally punishable. The rule is enshrined in article 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Persons acting as experts are liable for giving knowingly false testimony.

Forensic examination of a car in Moscow

Residents of the capital can use the services of private or state companies. The first type of services provides a whole list of organizations. Prices start from 1400 rubles. This is the minimum cost. On average, you will have to pay from 3000 rubles and more for 1 service.

Forensic examination of a car in Saint Petersburg

You can also perform a forensic examination of a car in St. Petersburg by contacting the traffic police or a private company. Expert centers have and some car services. In them you will be able to immediately eliminate the detected faults, if the technical expertise was performed. However, the list of services of such institutions can be worse than that of other organizations. For example, companies at service centers may not perform a check for the presence of a car in pledge, theft or under arrest.

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Nuances of .

The certificate issued during the expertise for the registration of the car has an expiration date. The registration must be performed within 30 days.

Forensic auto-technical examination

Our center provides such service as auto technical expertise. It is performed by experienced specialists who use modern tools and up-to-date techniques. Evaluation of the technical condition of the car does not take much time. Autotechnical expertise for the court, various companies and individuals is also as accessible as possible.

Relevance of the expertise

Auto technical expertise (auto technical appraisal) is conducted to investigate the causes of accidents and to identify the culprits.

Important! The results of auto technical expertise may be used when applying to insurance companies or courts only if the research is conducted in a specialized center by an experienced professional. In some cases, inspections are initiated by a court.

Do not go to unknown companies or private experts! It can lead to loss of time and money.

ANO Center “Independent Expertise” will perform the work professionally, quickly and for a small fee.

The cost of

Car Technical Expertise

Study of the circumstances of the traffic accident

Number of objects, in units.

Cost per item

Study of the circumstances of the traffic accident

Investigation of the technical condition of vehicles

Number of objects, in units.

Cost per item

Investigation of the technical condition of vehicles

Investigation of marks on vehicles and places of road accidents (motor-trace diagnostics)

Number of objects, in units.

Cost per item

Investigation of marks on vehicles and places of road accidents (motor-trace diagnostics)

Study of vehicles to determine the cost of restoration and evaluation.

Number of objects, in units.

Cost per item

Assessment of damage after the accident

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Why are automobile technical examinations performed?

Assessment of the technical condition of the car is necessary to determine:

  1. Cause and effect relationships in identifying errors in the actions of the participants in the accident.
  2. Natural factors affecting the course of events.
  3. Difficulty of passage of a certain section of the road.
  4. Possible options for the development of events, provided that one of the participants in the accident did not violate traffic rules.

Autotechnical expertise helps to identify:

  1. Causes of the accident.
  2. The perpetrator of the accident.
  3. Violated rules.

Autotechnical expertise can also determine if the vehicles were in working order at the time of the accident. Expert examinations can also reveal the presence of force majeure.

An experienced expert who performs auto forensics can determine:

  1. The truthfulness of the testimony of not only participants, but also witnesses of the accident. This is very important, as witnesses today are often bribed by the perpetrators of accidents involving cars and other vehicles.
  2. Correctness of the actions of participants of the accident.

The expertise provides an opportunity for modeling the situation on the ground. With its help it is possible to calculate options that would allow avoiding a collision. The expertise is also needed to determine the guilt or innocence of the driver.

Cost of auto technical expertise

The cost of auto technical expertise depends on a number of factors.

  1. The completeness of the documents provided.
  2. The ability to reconstruct the events, etc.

We do not inflate the cost of expertise. Thanks to this, both representatives of various organizations and individuals can turn to us.

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Where are the results of the examinations applicable?

The results of auto-technical expert examinations are used first and foremost in court disputes. They are necessary for the judge and allow to understand the circumstances of the case.

Please note! Our experts can be present at court hearings. Specialists will provide the results of judicial expertise.

Also the results of auto technical expertise are used for getting the insurance indemnity.

Peculiarities of court-appointed investigations

Forensic expertise is usually appointed by the court when a dispute arises between the insurer and the insured. Usually the expertise is carried out if one of the parties does not agree with the amount of damage. The forensic expertise shall be appointed on the basis of the ruling. It is entrusted to a forensic expert service.

Such expertise resembles an independent assessment. The tasks of expert studies may be set not only by a judge, but also by participants in the process. Has the forensic examination been carried out? Do you disagree with its conclusions? You can appoint an additional examination by a forensic expert company.

Forensic investigations

In addition to the forensic appraisal, cars may also be subjected to a forensic examination. Such examination is carried out:

  1. During the conduct of the MOT and doubts about the authenticity of the license plates.
  2. During the registration of the car.

Forensic examination (forensic auto examination) is carried out in several stages:

  1. Formulation of the objectives of the auto-technical examination.
  2. Selection of specialists.
  3. Formation of an expert group of auto technical expertise.
  4. Conducting investigations.
  5. Analysis and processing of results obtained during the auto technical expertise.
  6. Issuing a conclusion.

Forensic examination may confirm or disprove the facts of license plate tampering.

Important! Initially, auto technical expertise will be appointed by a state body. You may also have it performed by a private company. This expertise will be paid. Ordering it, you will save time.

How is the report drawn up?

In carrying out the auto technical expertise of the accident, according to the results of familiarization with the documents, interview participants (or read the minutes of the interrogation), departure to the place of the incident our expert will make an expert conclusion. When writing it uses the current standards, specially developed computer programs and compiled by the experts of the methods of calculations. Technical expertise of the car will indicate whether the vehicle was in working order at the time of the accident or not. Moreover, the expert will be able to reconstruct the picture of the accident according to typical marks on the car.

The advantages of coming to our center

  1. Expertise of the specialists. Our technical professionals understand the construction of a car. This makes each expertise the most objective and competent.
  2. Promptness of car inspection and expert examinations results preparation.
  3. Optimal cost of car expertise. Car technical expertise (for the court, insurance company, private person) is carried out on favorable terms.

Do you have questions? Interested at what price the expertise may be carried out? Would you like to specify the peculiarities of the judicial practice of our professionals? Call! Specialists will answer all your questions. You will learn how the auto technical expertise is carried out.

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