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Aromatizer in the car: 4 ways to create a “fragrance” with their own hands

scent in the car

Aromatizers in a car from an auto store are relatively inexpensive. However they do not last long. One more minus of them is that often you can only guess how this or that product smells, as they are tightly sealed so the fragrance doesn’t evaporate.

But, there are several ways to make a “fragrance” in the car with your own hands. Thus, you will create an atmosphere in the cabin of the fragrance you like for a penny.

Aromatizer in your car from a drugstore

Have you got an empty drum of your old car fragrance? Do not rush to throw it away! It’s better to fill it with natural fragrances, and keep using it.

To make your own hands out of an old empty bottle a new car fragrance, go to the drugstore. Buy natural fragrance oil and pour it into the container. It is better to pour the liquid with a syringe, so as not to spill past the thin neck.

Aroma oils must be selected not only on the basis of what flavor you like. Be sure to take into account the properties of the plant. Since aroma oils can affect the body, do not take those that have relaxing properties, so that the driver will not lose alertness while driving.

scent in the car

For aromatizer in the car you can buy orange or any other citrus (grapefruit, tangerine) fragrance oil. It smells nice and cheers up well.

You can make a composition of several smells. For example, add a fragrance oil of juniper, tea tree or ginger to the orange. The air in your car with such “fragrance” will always smell nice, and aroma oils will additionally act as antiseptics.

One bottle of aroma oil is enough for several refills of the spray. As a result you get an inexpensive, nice smelling and cheap car fragrance.

Oil trap for your car

Gel aromatizer in your car

In order to make your own hand-made gel scent in the car, you will need several components: gelatin, glycerin and aroma oil.

Take a small plastic container or a small glass jar with a lid. Pour hot water into it. Add gelatin and a bit of glycerin. Stir well. Then add a little aroma oil and food coloring (if you want to get a nice color gel).

scent in the car

Mix well, with the dissolved gelatin, put it in the fridge. After a few hours, you will get a gelatinous fragrant mass. You only have to close it with a lid with holes and place it in the car, for example, under the seat.

The gel fragrance retains its scent longer. It will not spill accidentally in the cabin. It can also be used at home, in the office or any other room.

Car fragrance from a Kinder Surprise

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a scent machine with your own hands.

Take a plastic flask from a Kinder Surprise Toy. Put a piece of absorbent cotton soaked in any aroma oil. Close the container. Make a few holes in it, and your new “stinker” in the car is ready!

scent in the car

You can also fill the container from the Kinder-surprise with fragrant jelly, made in the way described above. The advantage of the flavoring in the car from the Kinder-surprise is that it can be put anywhere! You can also hang it on a nice string or chain.

Free car scent dispenser

An alternative to all sorts of “stinkers” – Christmas trees and smiley faces hanging out near the mirror – is a free car fragrance dispenser.

When you walk around the mall, look in the perfume department. In this case, you need to pay attention to the samples. These are such elongated stickers on which the sellers put perfume fragrances. Ask for any persistent fragrance for testing.

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Take these fragrance stickers with you. When you get back to the car, put 2-3 samples in the holes in the air vent. You’ll have a great car scent dispenser. It really fills the cabin with a nice expensive scent, such as MUGLER, CALVIN KLEIN, Narciso Rodriguez or Sauvage, the fashionable men’s fragrance from Christian Dior.

The benefits of this car fragrance are obvious. You have the opportunity to choose the smell of any expensive perfume. It will be male or female – it is a matter of taste.

If the scent weakens over time, it can be renewed. To do this, simply re-spray the toilet water on the sticker.

You want the scent in the car to work longer – use oil perfume. These are more expensive than the ones sold in large bottles with an atomizer. However, they are many times more durable than various perfumed waters.

Now you know a few ways how to make your own hands in the car fragrance. All that remains is to choose the one that is most to your liking.

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