Furnace with his own hands, drawing, photo

20 oven blueprints

In the given section 40 most widespread stoves in Russia are presented, the detailed drawings, schemes, layout, video and the description of characteristics of each stove and a fireplace. We with full responsibility guarantee that all ready drawings of furnaces from this section are checked by time, skilled stove-setters and correspond to SNIP. Thanks to them, if you have a basic theoretical knowledge of the baking stoves and fireplaces, anyone will be able to build their own first stove. Each drawing is accompanied by a detailed description of the masonry, the main mistakes that occur when working with clay mortar.

Orderly diagrams-drawings of stoves and fireplaces

Below you can see an open menu of ready made drawings of stoves and fireplaces placed on our web site absolutely free of charge:

Types of arrangement and section drawings:

-color-graphic with the number of materials



-cumulative black-and-white.



I remind that etotovu section will be equally useful and beginners and already experienced stove-setters. In detail, look carefully, choose the most suitable and without delaying the next year, start laying, do not forget to unsubscribe in the comments about your successes.


Site of interest but there is a question to the author of the site in the first place you put a stove and if you put a lot of money for the work and in what city. And if you put it would like to see a detailed video of laying your stoves, preferably from those poryadoki which is on your site. Almost all of the theory I learned and chose blueprints suitable, but I’m not sure that everything will turn out and ask questions on each new row, I do not have someone. I would be glad to see a detailed video of how to make clay mortar and the furnace itself.

Yes, I put the furnace myself since 1998, but not very often and the video is not chego utlo remotely. I live in Izhevsk sovetsvenno furnaces put mostly there, about the price is not one stove operator will not tell you each furnace individually discussed with the customer. Now the season will soon open the construction will try in the next month to shoot a few video stoves from beginning to end nichevo not cutting that everything was clearly.

Hello too live in Izhevsk and I would like to know how much will it cost to build a stove type Shvedka or Moskvichka without foundation and the pipe in your execution and how to contact you.

Ospisal in a personal I think we will agree.

How much we agreed to write back people also go to know.

How to make a reinforcement handle for any wrench

At a discount (who orders through the site) without the pipe and foundation 10 rubles.

I live near in Naberezhnye Chelny There is interest in ordering you a complex barbecue The foundation is ready to 1mX3m Respectfully Ruan

Hello Unfortunately, we work only in our UR, in other regions of their own furnaces enough and without us.

Good day! If you can, please advise. At the cottage needs heating and cooking stove with oven ventilation, size 2.5 bricks, 4 (better 3.5) bricks. A single burner. Loading on the narrow side, the oven casement above it. Is there such a scheme? I do not want to weld the metal. Regards, Evgeny.

Hello, no heating and cooking with an oven of this size probably does not exist I do not know one. 4,5 x 4,5 such furnaces usually have the size.

Hello Alexander, thank you for your work and interesting videos. Please tell me how to calculate the foundations of stoves. Thank you in advance.

Hello, if simplified (as do 90% of stove builders) for less than 4×4 brick oven slab thickness of 25 cm with double reinforcement in the area of 2-10 cm wider than the oven, for larger stoves, respectively, the thickness of the slab 30-35 cm.

Hello, please advise what is the best choice for the stove modification, I have a steam room in the house 5.5 sq.m. I want to deduce the furnace in the living room and put a glass door, a water tank for 10 liters, in general, I would like a simple fireplace with a fireplace door

Hello, here is a variant of the furnace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUKJgWYvo2U similar only the furnace will be deduced in the anteroom with the portal-indentation of 500 mm.

Thank you it is nice of you to pay attention to everyone when possible! I chose this stove originally as the only suitable option. Only here is the water tank, I decided not to do as the sauna is in the house and there are no problems with hot water. The question arose, what to do – to increase the heater or adapt this place under what you call the portal-retreat.

Hello, very nice site thank you! I want to build a stove where the stove will be used a stone corner, but I want to have a fireplace as well. can you please tell me if it is possible to combine the two in one?

Hello, the coal to make a good open fireplace will not work with coal draft will be much weaker. In general in Russia in general, there is no demand for coal stoves, hence the lack of experience of such stoves. In any case, I do not make such stoves exactly. You need to consult Ukrainian stove builders, they are a common variant of the stoves. In my opinion, coal is suitable for household stoves only for stoves with a water heating boiler outside the house in the boiler room.

Simple stand for the grinder or mini-machine with their own hands

Hello, Alexander! Thank you in advance for your interesting site.Podskuyte, please.dacha small house, 23-25 sq.m.Ceiling height of about 2.20-2.30.What would advise a heating furnace.I want to try to put myself.At you very interesting and clear videos.Thanks in advance and good luck to you!

Hello, for your area is well suited this stove https://www.osnovaremonta.ru/kaminopech-35×35-kirpicha/

Hello Alexander, thank you so much for your work in creating such an excellent site. Advise me, you have a lot of arrangements, but I need a hood with a stove and a bakery.I was interested in Batsulina oven. Found on the internet similar (OVUP-1), could you look and say will it work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3gSbFzi5Uc

Hello Alexander.Podskite if there is time and desire, I need a stove for heating the three rooms of the first floor with a total area of 60kv.m.Zalet foundation 1,5×1,5metra, what options stoves with your wonderful site can I approach?

Hello, I recommend the Swedish A batsulina http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYh_YJwqd-k but make the size a little more 5×5 bricks.

Hello Alexander. Can you please tell me if you can install a cast iron stove over a corner fireplace?

Hello, no you can’t, it won’t work all the time and won’t heat anything.

Good time to you! I want to put a Russian stove, started to draw it myself and saw your video where you draw them in sketchup. I also use this program and in it actually and plan all the steps. If you do not mind sending the file, I’ll study it by feel so to speak not to draw again. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I lay out drafts sketch in our group VK, https://vk.com/club56222296 write there what exactly needs to furnace I will lay out the draft if there is such.

Hello, please advise what kind of furnace should be folded, the house size of 48 sq/m with a mansard roof, and how to heat the second floor. Thank you in advance.

Hello, for 48 meters this furnace is recommended https://www.osnovaremonta.ru/shvedka-a-baculina-dvuxkolpakovayaporyadovaya-kladka/ the second floor if not the main then put electric heaters. If the main then you need to put a double-decker stove.

Hello, could you please advise the type of stove for 35 square meters of two separate rooms, but that could be inserted a heat exchanger in the form of a domestic gas cylinder, to be able to heat a separate building … Thank you …

Hydraulic press in the garage with their own hands

Hello, while on the site there are no furnaces with boilers for heating 35 meters recommend this stove https://www.osnovaremonta.ru/shvedka-a-baculina-dvuxkolpakovayaporyadovaya-kladka/

Hello Alexander, please advise what kind of furnace to fold in the garage size 7x6m, height 2.5 in the future I want to raise the second floor it is desirable that he, too, heated as best to do?

Good evening Alexander. The lintel on studs can be used in place of the SB-94 slab in the furnace and stove. Thank you in advance.

Hi. I would like to install a small finca stove with a bread chamber on the floorboards in my home (1st floor). Can I use it on the floor?

Hello, without additional reinforcement (post-support) can not, the standard slab limitation has 500 kg / meter area has a margin of about twice but the weight of fireplaces usually exceeds 2 tons, excluding the pipe.

Long-burning stove with their own hands: drawings, 38 photos of the step-by-step manufacturing

Made a long-burning stove for heating the cottage, detailed photos of the step-by-step manufacture of the stove.

This summer I built myself a small lightweight dacha trailer house.

The land is not mine, so the ability to move it if necessary by tractor, at least within the site was critical. Therefore, the brick oven is not an option, only the iron. I go there visiting 4-5 days, including in winter, but living in severe cold is not planned. Therefore, thermal insulation with rock wool only 100 mm, but all around, walls – floor – attic ceiling. The area of the living area is small, 15 square meters. m, but the height of one and a half floors. Therefore, the stove was originally planned vertical architecture. I put up with the need to make a short 20-26 cm of wood in advance.

Now, actually about the stove:

Were thoughtfully smoked all the threads of this forum about welded heating furnaces, and several other materials on the theory of long-term combustion furnaces. Tried to implement at once all the interesting chips, which I learned about.

Scheme of a long burning stove

Discounted Charcoal Furnace blueprints

  • The thick shell made of a 430 mm pipe.
  • 2. “Riser.
  • 3. Cylinder hood with two outlet pipes.
  • 4. Exhaust box.
  • 5. Pipe connecting to the chimney.
  • 6. Loading door.
  • 7. Chamotte “underneath”.
  • 8. Main ash-pan.
  • 9. Secondary air inlet and regulator.
  • 10. Secondary air piping.
  • Openings.
  • 12. Fence to prevent wood from piling up in the gap between the firebox and cabinet.
  • 13. Upper flap-shifter.
  • 14. Lower flap-shiber.
Fixing a bicycle hanger in the garage with their own hands

blueprints Long Burning Stove

Flue gas outlet by short and long way

Furnace fabrication

On a metal reception was found and purchased successful (as it seemed to me at that time) billet, a piece of spiral-seam tube 430 mm, with a cap already welded on one end. That is, roughly speaking, “cup”, weighing 65 kg:

The door is made from an old gas cylinder, and from the ring-base – the mating part with a chute, in which the sealing cord of basalt fiber will be glued.

There will be a glass window on the door, from a lid from a small skillet. And a small air regulator, for economical combustion.

Locking the door copied from Bulerian, with the difference that I have both the hinges of the door and the lock can be adjusted to the best adjacency.

But on the inside in front of the glass, I put a removable mesh, just in case, to protect the glass from shooting embers.

However, as experience has shown, the glass is overgrown with soot from one heating cycle during the long burning period. But as long as it is clean, it is a pleasure to look at the fire.

The heat cap from a cylinder, with the ability to switch the flow. A short path for ignition, and a long path for better heat removal.

The flaps are disk-piston type. In the closed position, the disc is simply pressed against the end of the outlet spigot from the hood.

To save sheet metal, the gas outlet box from the hood, is partially welded from the side cylindrical wall of the cylinder.

Complex stage, tapered transition from square to round. It is welded from narrow segments, lapped in place.

And on all sides of the bell, a hedgehog radiator of strip is welded on.

handmade stove

Pairing of oven with a chimney pipe. Welded collar, which will be and “on the smoke” and “on the condensate” at the same time.

Large air flow damper. Opens for quick ignition.

The next detail, conventionally called under with the walls. This is where the burning wood will lie.

Secondary air supply pipes.

Secondary air regulator flap.

Both disc air regulators, work the same way. The disc is welded to a stud, unscrewing adjusts the gap, starting with the thinnest one. And it locks almost airtight.

The bottom surface is lined with fireclay. I asked my sculptor friend for a couple of kilos of this fireclay and made a pancake. I cut it into sections (it will crack anyway) and dried it:

Now we start chipping the base blank, a 430 pipe:

But when trying to cut a hole in the dopus plug, which I will have the top wall of the combustion chamber, our plasma cutter refused to cut. We finally burned through with oxygen, and then there was a surprise. The thickness of this plug was… 25 mm!

Suspension or mount for a bike in the garage

I welded a “ricer” pipe. I had to use electrodes, because my semiautomatic device refused to weld metal of such thicknesses well too.

From profile pipe 60×40, welded four legs and two more wells-air heater. The legs also work as air heaters, for this purpose at the very bottom of each leg notches are made for air intake from the floor.

A test run outside.

Makeshift Long Burning Stove

I didn’t even have to redo anything, the heater showed straightforward stable operation and regulated combustion right away.

Painting by heat-resistant paint “CERTA”. We took the furnace inside the house in parts. The weight of the lower part is more than 80 kg, the upper part weighs 40 kg. In the chute heat-resistant sealant glued basalt cord for a tight fit door. Under is paved with chamotte.

metal stove

Pairing with the chimney. Half a metre of straight pipe and then a corner and then a sandwich up to the top.

Long Burning Stove

The wall opposite the stove is painted with fireproofing compound, and lined with “Minerite”. The board is sewn to the wall on timbers, with a 20-mm gap. But based on the results of the operation, I see that it was a significant reinsurance. In fact, the heating of the wall is far from dangerous.

Long Burning Stove with Hands

It looks like a fireplace

An interesting point that I could not have expected, and which turned out to be a nice bonus: the stove produces very little ash. I had the experience of a dacha wood-burning stove of horizontal design for a long time. And I well remember that the ash drawer had to be cleaned before every second burn, every other day. And this stove, I tried to clean after half a dozen burns. And without any real need, just for fun. And I scraped only an incomplete bowl.

Bottom line: I’m happy, I can’t describe how. Easy to ignite, no “cold air plugs” in the chimney. Warms the cabin quickly. One burn, it’s only 3-5 logs. If more, it gets hot on the bunkhouse. In the plans a system of forced ventilation, with the upper air from under the roof vault – down. And while I’m burning not even real proper wood of normal cross-section, but mostly scraps from the construction. The mode of smoldering for up to 5 hours, until morning there is enough heat in the cabin. It warms up aesthetically, too, and looks really steampunk.

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