Gas equipment on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Using gas equipment on the Volkswagen Polo 6 generation

For cars Polo (Generation 6) from 2018 to 2022, you can install modern propane gas equipment 4th generation, the installation of which without the paperwork takes an average of 3 hours.

Volkswagen Polo (6th generation) 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

How much does it all cost

Given the type of fuel injection system in the combustion chamber of the engine and other body features Polo (6 generation), the cost of the installation of HBO 4 (propane) together with the equipment calculated for this model Volkswagen from 22000 to 25000 rubles, not including additional settings such as: sheathing cylinder carpets, installing a fine filter cleaning gas, the installation of forced lubrication system valves, installing a gearbox with increased power, installing an external fueling device under the gas tank hatch and other useful options.

For our Volkswagen Polo, in an effort to make the system of HBO convenient to use, some of the above options will become mandatory, it will add to the cost of 5000 to 10000 rubles. Also have to get a new diagnostic card to replace the current one, as after installing HBO changes the weight of the car and the type of fuel, again costs in the amount of 2000 rubles.

Before installing it, you must register the gas vehicle in the traffic police. Usually the installer company provides services to help in a short time, without mistakes and runs to make and get all the necessary documents, the cost of such assistance in the range of 5000 rubles. The service does not include payment of state fees: 800 rubles. – Certificate of compliance of HBO, 500 rubles. – Obtaining a certificate of registration, 350 rubles. – For making changes to the data in the data sheet of the car.

As a result, considering the option of installation on Volkswagen Polo (Generation 6) of HBO equipment of 4 generations of the average class (2-3 years warranty) working on propane, the real amount of all expenses will make from 36000 to 44000 rubles. Plus annually on 1800 rubles and more at passage of obligatory service maintenance for the installed HBO which is carried out once a year or each 10 thousand kms.

Parktronic on Polo sedan: installation features

The penalty according to CAO for the use of the vehicle with installed and unregistered HBO is 500 rubles. Then the inspector has the right to issue an order to dismantle the unregistered equipment within ten days. In case of failure to comply with the order, the car will be forcibly deregistered.

The only case where the registration of HBO is not needed is when you purchase a car with the gas equipment installed by the manufacturer.

After installation

Engines Volkswagen Polo (6 generation) after switching to gas are usually stable loss in power from 5% to 10%. High-octane gas burns slower than gasoline in the combustion chamber, adding temperature stress to the exhaust system. In the case of propane, these stresses are offset by the ignition angle adjustment, so propane is more interesting for drivers to install.

With the correct settings for a given combustion engine, its service life remains the same. In other words, the installation and adjustment should be carried out by a qualified specialist, otherwise the risk of significant impact on the condition of the CPG, valves and other elements of the internal combustion engine will increase. After installation the engine should run more smoothly and quietly as in cars running on gasoline AI-100. The amount of gases from the exhaust pipe becomes noticeably less.

Installed on a Volkswagen Polo HBO requires mandatory annual (or every 10 thousand kilometers) maintenance under strict regulations. Data on this entered into the diagnostic card during the passage of the general TO.

During each service it is obligatory: to replace gas filters, to drain condensate from the gas reducer, to adjust gas nozzles, to check gas cylinder and hoses for gas leakage. It is worth understanding that all components of HBO have a lifetime, after which they need to be replaced.

No you don’t, it’s a marketing ploy by oil manufacturers based on what’s really going on.

Foot Lighting Polo sedan with his hands

Oil life in Polo (generation 6) when running the engine on gas increases, because gas is cleaner than gasoline in it there is no sulfur, which is a catalyst for the formation of high-temperature deposits and carbon deposits. At the same time, more water is produced during propane or methane combustion. On a non-warmed engine, and also with a faulty crankcase ventilation system it condenses, watering down the oil, thereby reducing its characteristics.

As a result, you compensate for watered oil by increasing oil service life. No single additive can prevent watering of oil and increase neutralization of acids in it. Only regular oil changes can help in this situation. The most anxious drivers should simply change it more often.

The operating principle of new generations of GTB is based on a metered injection of liquid gas, it is not converted into a gaseous state, as in the fourth generation of GTB, and remains liquid at all stages, from pumping into the cylinder before entering the combustion chamber of the engine, respectively, you can forget about the methane. Since the 5th generation, the system allows you to start the engine immediately on gas. It is no longer necessary to start and warm up the car with gasoline.

The main and significant difference is the high cost of equipment, it can be 2 times higher than the 4th generation HBO, with a warranty not given for more than 2 years. Another problem is the high requirements for gas equipment. In Russia, as a rule, poor-quality gas, which rather quickly fails the gas pump. After the pump fails the gas nozzles, but this is not a problem, cleaning is required.

The quality of fuel lines is much higher and made of reinforced plastic. Now there is no need to connect HBO to regular cooling system, due to the refusal to use a reducer, respectively, and do not need to heat gas. For the flow of gas to the nozzle is responsible pump, which is installed inside the gas cylinder. The gas pump ensures optimal gas pressure in all engine operating conditions, the fourth generation has no gas pump.

Noise isolation of engine compartment of Polo sedan

Transition from petrol to gas takes two minutes, even in cold weather. Engine power output can be higher thanks to gas evaporation. Gas consumption can be at the level of gasoline consumption, and by 5-10% more than gasoline.

The possibility of installing a gas pump control sensor in the driver’s door. When the driver’s door is opened, a signal is sent to the pump to pressurize the gas supply system.

Calculation of ROI for Volkswagen Polo (Generation 6)

We’ve filled in the fields using the 4th generation propane equipment installation option and the 2022 Volkswagen Polo model average operating values, given the age and body features (6th generation), to calculate. You can change the data in these fields by adjusting the calculation individually.

Other generations of the Volkswagen Polo

General recommendations

– Gas cylinders are never completely refueled, take this into account when choosing: in winter they contain 85% of gas, in summer 75% of the total cylinder volume.

– Choose cylinders having a toroidal shape, they are installed in a niche of spare wheel and do not take away useful space of a trunk.

– When choosing a manufacturer GTB preference Polish and Italian systems, they combine a good quality and reasonable price.

HBO Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo car is equipped with an economical power plant. To reduce fuel costs, many car owners convert their cars to gas. This allows reducing the cost of each traveled kilometer.

You should also remember that the wrong choice of gas equipment or violation of installation technology can significantly reduce the resource of the power plant.

In that case you have to spend all the saved money for the engine overhaul. Therefore, deciding to install gas equipment, you need the most responsible approach to this issue.

A view of the underhood after installing gasoline dispenser

Benefits of installing clogged gas on the Volkswagen Polo

The main benefit from the installation of gas equipment is the savings on fueling the car. The cost of gas is almost twice lower than gasoline, but you should take into account that the flow rate with gas turbocharger. Payback period, according to the reviews of car owners is 15-20 thousand kilometers. In addition, the presence of gas equipment gives the following advantages:

  • The ability of the engine to run on both gas and gasoline. Availability of alternative engine power system can improve reliability of the vehicle. Failure of one of the fuel systems does not lead to complete immobilization of the car, because it is possible to switch to another type of fuel.
  • Greater range from one refueling. In the event of running out of one type of fuel, it is possible to switch to another. This considerably reduces the risk of not being able to continue driving because of expired fuel.
  • The additives in the engine oil retain their original properties longer. Gas is less aggressive on the lubricant than gasoline.
  • Minimum formation of carbon deposits in the power plant units.
Chip tuning Polo Sedan

Feasibility of installing a gas turbocharger on the Volkswagen Polo

The transfer of the Volkswagen Polo on gas is advisable with regular use of the car. Otherwise, the payback period may stretch for several years. By this time the car owner may decide to sell the car, so there will be no financial gain from the installation of HBO. Evaluating the feasibility of installing gas equipment you must consider the following disadvantages of switching to gas:

  • Additional MOT. The presence of gas equipment causes the need for its maintenance. It is required to regularly drain the condensate from the reducer and monitor the tightness of the system.
  • The cylinder cylinder takes up space in the luggage compartment. Installing a toroidal cylinder instead of the spare tire causes the need to find a new place to put it.
  • Adding weight to the vehicle. This in turn affects the dynamics and fuel consumption not for the better.
  • There is a risk of premature failure of the power unit. In most cases, this is due to improper operation, installation or choice of HBO.

The cost of converting Volkswagen Polo to gas

The cost of installing gas equipment depends on many factors. The main ones are:

  • The company of the manufacturer of the elements of HBO;
  • Equipment, such as type and size of the cylinder;
  • Execution of documentation.

On average, the transfer of the Volkswagen Polo on gas costs between 20 and 65 thousand rubles. In more detail, the cost of the components of a gas turbine is shown in the table below.

Filling unit

Table – The cost of the elements of gas equipment Volkswagen Polo

Name Cost, rubles Note
Reducer 400 – 3500 Well-proven products Tomasetto, Shark 1500, BRC Gemius MB 1200
Control unit of gas equipment 2000-11000 Recommended for installation are: Stag 200, Q-Box+, Zenit Pro, Optima Nano
Nozzles 500-1200 According to comments of car owners of Volkswagen Polo the recommended injectors are products of Valtek, Barracuda, Hana, BRC
Tank 1100-3000 Besides installation of the cylindrical cylinder in the trunk, it is also possible to use a toroidal cylinder instead of a spare wheel. In these cases you may need to purchase a spare wheel.
Cylinder redecoration 700-4000 Not mandatory when installing HBO. Primarily used when installing a cylindrical cylinder in the trunk of the Volkswagen Polo
Multivalve 2000-7000 The preferred firm is Tomasetto
Gas level sensor 500 – 1300 Is an optional device
Filling device up to 2800 Can be installed either in the gas tank hatch or under the rear bumper
Installation of heated mirrors on Polo Sedan

Toroidal tank instead of spare

Gas consumption of VW Polo

The table below shows the gas consumption.

Table – VW Polo Gas Consumption

1.4-litre engine 1.6-litre engine
Urban cycle (l/100 km) 08.02.2018 8.3
Suburban cycle (l/100 km) 05.01.2018 5.5
Mixed cycle (l/100 km) 6.7 6.8

Reviews of owners of Volkswagen Polo with gas

Egor Kirov

The installation of HBO paid for itself in a year. The engine became much softer.

Michael Letny

I was not planning to convert to gas, but because of the poor quality gasoline in my city, my injectors were constantly failing. I installed gas and the problem is gone. I have not noticed deterioration of the dynamics.

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