Gearshift lever modification

The ten most beautiful shift knobs

Ten of the prettiest shift knobs

We have to admit that manual transmissions are slowly starting to die out. Over the past few decades, automatic transmissions have increasingly conquered the global car market. But still, for many of us motorists, the manual transmission is more than just a shift knob.

Dear readers, friends, we suggest you to look at the ten most beautiful shift knobs installed on manual transmissions, which not only amaze with their operating modes, but also appeal with their looks. Unfortunately we have to face the fact that the days of manual gearbox are numbered, despite the prognosis of many experts in the field, who recently announced that the manual gearbox will be installed in sports cars for a long time. But even car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini have specifically stated this year that they are refusing to equip their sports cars with manual transmissions. This means that in the near future, “mechanicals” are doomed to extinction.

But for many motorists who prefer dynamic driving without manual transmission a car with sports character loses all sense. But no matter how advanced the technologies for automatic transmissions are, many cars were originally designed to have only manual transmissions. If manual transmissions disappear altogether, many car models will simply lose their unique, individual character. But progress itself, as we know, is constantly moving forward, which means that we will have to reckon with new technology and sooner or later get used to the sad thought that the manual transmission is a thing of the past.

1). Ferrari F355 mod.

Big gearshift knobs in most cases do not have any originality and style, in addition they interfere with the fastest possible shifting the necessary speed. But in the Ferrari F355 the shift knob is a work of art. Plus, thanks to a perfect engineering solution, gear shifting in this sports car is carried out in the shortest possible time, and respectively, thanks to this engineering solution, the car does not lose speed during acceleration.

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2). Spyker C8 model

For true sports car fans, this gearshift knob is the best thing that could be. The unconventional look of the gearshift lever not only highlights the personality of the owner of this car, but also allows them to quickly shift gears.

3). Porsche 917 Model.

In this sports car, everything possible has been removed from the interior to reduce weight, all in order for the car to accelerate faster. Despite the removal of many decorative elements, the gear stick itself has not changed, because it perfectly helps the driver to change gear in a short time, without loss of speed.

4). The Delahaye model.

The old French car brand Delahaye is remembered by many for its bold engineering solution, which consisted exactly in a very small gear shift knob of the manual transmission. But unlike the traditional shift of the necessary gear, the manufacturer, in addition to this knob, equipped the car with additional buttons, which indicated the number of the corresponding gear. And before to switch the necessary speed it was necessary to press the button corresponding to this speed, and then to switch the speed lever itself.

5). Model Audi R8.

Look friends at this large piece of metal, which is the shift knob on the Audi R8. This shift knob gives the driver more feel when accelerating the car than any other Lamborghini car, for example. Fortunately for fans, unlike Italian supercars, Audi doesn’t intend to completely refuse using manual transmission in its Audi R8s yet. But still, sooner or later the manual transmission will also become a thing of the past in this car.

6). DeLorean DMC-12.

Most DoLorean cars were equipped with a three-speed automatic, which many experts berated for excessive fuel consumption and slowness. The reason was a simple lack of power in the V6 engine. Nevertheless, some models were still equipped with five-speed manual transmissions. With them, the driver sitting behind the wheel could feel the true sporty character of this car.

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7). Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

One of the most original gearshift knobs was mounted on the Mercedes CLK GTR. This is a special racing version of the car, which was created specifically for the FIA GT class competition. Totally 25 copies of cars were produced. It is worth noting here that this lever does not completely replace the gearshift itself. In this car this shift knob served the function of shifting the rear or front (first) speed. The gear shift was made with special levers that were located under the steering wheel.

8). Mopar model.

The company “Mopar” is a division of the concern “Chrysler Group LLC”, which is engaged in modification of cars of the parent manufacturer and produces parts. As a tuning component, this American company has produced the original shift knob, which has completely changed the idea of shift knobs for manual transmissions.

9). Volvo S60R model.

The Volvo S60R sports car was fitted with conventional shift knobs. The shift knob pictured here was fitted on the limited edition S60R (Special Edition). Thanks to a combination of leather and high quality aluminum, this gearshift lever looks very luxurious and original.

10). Model Pagani Huayra

At the beginning of 2012, the Italian car brand (firm) released its car model Huayra, which struck by its luxury precisely in the interior of the car. But even more surprising is the exclusive gearshift knob, which seems to be a handmade product. The cost of the car starts from 1.34 million U.S. dollars. Unlike the traditional mass production of cars, such a shift knob can only be seen on certain cars, which are usually assembled by hand.

Gearshift lever modification

We will be making replacement shift knobs and extensions for your import car gear shifter! Both of my Japanese cars, have manual/standard gears. The stock shift lever has an M10 X 1.25 threaded end. This is where the stock knob screws in. I will show you how easy and simple it is to make threaded bushings made from 1/4 inch gas tubing.

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2 1 Gearshift lever modification

Step 1: Tools and materials needed

I have a collection of pieces of ? inch pipe, angles, etc. They are readily available and inexpensive. I recently got an old Nissan pickup truck and decided to mess around with it. One idea was to modify the shift lever, lengthen it and add a homemade handle. Trying to cut, bend, drill, and thread cold-rolled steel proved too heavy and totally impractical.


Here’s what will make it easy … the inside diameter of a 1/4 inch gas fitting is perfect for M10 X 1.25 threads without further drilling or modification. You will need some tools (drill, vise, etc.), lubricating fluid, Loctite type fluid for locking and sealing the threads. It is also desirable to have M10x1.25 bolts and nuts to check the threads cut.

Step 2:

Clamp the pipe section in a vise and thread with a 1/4 inch trowel inside the pipe. Use a little grease. Try to keep the tap running straight.

5 Gearshift lever modification 7 8 9 Gearshift lever modification

Stick to the “one turn forward, one quarter turn back” rule. This breaks the “chip” caused by threading. Add grease often.

Step 3: how it should look

10 11 12

The final product should look like the first photo, try and twist the M10X1.25 bolt to see if the threads go easily. The third picture is the bolt I cut the head off, twisted it into the tube and fastened with Loctite. This is how the lever looks now.


Step 4: some ideas

Gearshift lever modification 14 Gearshift lever modification

Just some pics of some possible options for the shifter lever. The lawnmower piston, or the extension arm design as pictured, doesn’t seem practical … but it’s a fun thing to do! If you just want to make a sturdy shift knob that doesn’t change the length of the shift lever too much, use a shorter section of pipe and glue it in … a bowling ball?

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