Golf GTI: review, photo, technical specifications.

Volkswagen golf gti: review,technical specifications,modifications,photo,video.

The seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI debuted at the Paris Motor Show, which took place in 2012. In Europe the official sale of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI has been launched on March 5, 2013. The car is offered in 3 and 5-door body variants. The Golf GTI of the 7th generation is distinguished by a dynamic exterior which is elegantly emphasized by the 17-inch wheel rims. As an option, the GTI version can be equipped with 18-inch Austin 7.5 J x18 wheels or more impressive 19-inch Santiago 7.5 J x19. The interior of Volkswagen Golf GTI 2013 seems to hint at the sports potential of the hatchback: 3-spoke steering wheel with a prominent rim, sport seats “in chequered lines” and chrome-plated pedal pads. The list of the optional equipment is able to impress the most capricious buyers.

Volkswagen Golf GTI VII has a 2-liter turbocharged power-unit with 220 h.p. of capacity. This engine is offered with a 6-inch high-technological automatic gearbox DSG with two clutches. Acceleration to the first “hundred” with such a combination takes 6.5 seconds. Thanks to direct fuel injection and the Start/Stop system, the 220 hp version has an average fuel consumption of 6.4 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. The VW Golf GTI with a six-speed manual transmission has been on sale in Russia since January 2014.


The car has become more aggressive, which attracts attention on the roads and just on the Internet. The muzzle got a smooth hood, narrow LED headlights, which are connected with a small radiator grille. In the middle is a large company logo, and on the left side is a nameplate of the model name.

The bumper of the car looks nice and aerodynamic. At the bottom there are LED lights, which are divided into three sections with the help of horizontal plastic lines. There is also a small lip and a large air intake.

The profile of the hatchback is highlighted by quite strongly inflated wheel arches, which give the muscularity. In the lower part there is a deep enough stubbing, also there is a stub line under the door handle.

At the back we can find stylish LED optics which looks nice. On the trunk lid, there is an elegant line which goes through the logo. There is a spoiler at the very top, which has a brake light repeater on it. The rear, rather massive bumper has an embossed shape and reflectors. Under the bumpers are located two spigots of the exhaust system.

Rims and tires PV Passat B7


  • length – 4268 mm;
  • width – 1799 mm;
  • height – 1442 mm;
  • Wheelbase – 2631 mm.


In fact, the interior is exactly the same as the regular version, but it is presented in the most expensive version. There are 5 seats, in front there are excellent seats with leather upholstery and side support. In the back there is a sofa, designed for 3 people, there is more or less enough space, but you can not drive for a long time.

The driver gets a three-spoke leather steering wheel with aluminum inserts. The steering wheel also boasts buttons for multimedia control and height and reach adjustments. The instrument panel has large analog gauges, which hint at the sports placement in the wells. The on-board computer located between the gauges has a lot of information, which is pleasing.

The center console has two air deflectors, but that’s not interesting, but the display underneath them is more eye-catching. The large touchscreen display of the multimedia and navigation system is quite handy and informative. Below is a branded stylish control unit for separate climate control, these are two small displays, buttons and the so-called knobs.

The tunnel has a gearbox selector, near which there is a button to start the engine, parking, switching off and on ESP and so on. Then we are greeted by the button of the electronic parking brake and there is a cover, under which there are two cup holders. The trunk is small, its volume is 380 liters, and if you fold the back row, you can get 1270 liters.

The price of this model in principle not expensive, if we remember about the characteristics. That is why this model sells well enough. For the simple version will have to pay 1,972,000 rubles, the equipment it will be quite good:

  • cloth upholstery;
  • hill start assist;
  • climate control;
  • start-stop;
  • cruise control;
  • weak audio system;
  • heated seats;
  • cooled glove compartment;
  • xenon optics;
  • ABS;
  • ESP;
  • 8 airbags.

You can diversify the equipment of the car with a large number of additional options:

  • leather upholstery;
  • blind spot monitoring;
  • sunroof;
  • navigation system;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • pre-start heater;
  • keyless access;
  • engine start with a button;
  • two parktronic;
  • volume sensor;
  • rain and light sensor;
  • reversing camera;
  • USB.
Cons, disadvantages and breakdowns of Volkswagen Passat B6

The result is obvious, the 2016-2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a good car for its price, which is great for a young audience that loves to drive. At the same time, it has proven itself well in terms of reliability, so you will enjoy it for a long time and it costs relatively inexpensive.

Specifications Volkswagen Golf GTI

Year of manufacture 2013
Body type Hatchback
Length, мм 4268
Width, мм 1799
Height, мм 1442
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5
Trunk volume, л 380-1270
Assembly country Germany

Volkswagen Golf GTI models

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI MT

Maximal speed, km/h 246
Acceleration time to 100 km/h, sec 6.5
Engine Gasoline turbocharged
Working volume, cm 3 1984
Power hp / rpm 220/4500
Torque, Nm / RPM 350/1500-4400
Consumption on the track, l per 100 km 5.1
Consumption in the city, l per 100 km 7.5
Consumption of combi, l per 100 km 6.0
Type of gearbox Manual, 6 gears
Drive Front

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI DSG

Maximal speed, km/h 244
Acceleration time to 100 km/h, sec 6.5
Engine Gasoline turbocharged
Working volume, cm 3 1984
Power hp / rpm 220/4500
Torque, Nm / RPM 350/1500-4400
Consumption on the track, l per 100 km 5.3
Consumption in the city, l per 100 km 8.1
Consumption of combi, l per 100 km 6.4
Type of gearbox Automatic, 7 gears
Drive Front

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“Eighth” VW Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI (2022-2023) prices and features. Specifications Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI and review with photos.

Looking at the eighth generation of the hatchback VW Golf in GTI version – the question arises: is it a sports car or a “cafe-racer”… But without tiring the reader with long expectations of the answer to this question, I say at once: it is neither of them. However, realizing, that such statement demands serious substantiations, I will tell you about peculiarities of this modification, and we will try to make the final conclusion together, all right?

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So, “the clothes fit the man…”.

Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

The changes in appearance were for the benefit of eighth Golf GTI obviously. If the narrowed radiator grill and “squinted” headlights cause ambiguous impression of the road version, they are more than appropriate for the car which is considered sports and at least partly such. Even more successful is a huge yawn of the bottom air intake with a honeycomb structure, which gives the “face” of the car even more aggressive look.

If you look in profile, the change of proportions due to an increase in wheelbase (by 16 mm) and length (by 32 mm) with a reduction of height by 36 mm against the body of the previous model along with increased slope of the rear strut also obviously benefited “sportiness” – now the silhouette of the car is even more dynamic than before.

Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

Some bewilderment was caused only by design of wheel disks – it is not that they are ugly, just there was impression that the designer tried to create wheels not for modern car but for some futorocar for shooting of sci-fi movie about far future – “it does not matter what design, as long as its style is not similar to today’s one”.

However, “to taste and color,” as they say. Perhaps someone will have a completely opposite opinion on the subject.

Well, the last thing that essentially distinguishes GTI from the basic version externally is a traditional spoiler and “branded” chrome exhaust pipes inherited from the predecessor.

Actually, the GTI is quite recognizable, and “GTI” badges on the radiator grille, tailgate and over wheel arches are not necessary to distinguish the “sportsman” from the usual road modification.


The first thing that catches your eye when you get into the cabin is an ergonomic three-spoke steering wheel, covered with leather with perforations in the areas around its palms. It is a little bit smaller in diameter than the road versions, has a red insertion on an average spoke and another logo “GTI” – just before eyes – what if the driver will forget what car he drives? :)

Volkswagen Tiguan gearboxes: automatic, manual.


Sports bucket seats “Scalepaper” with integrated headrests, with upholstery in black and gray colors and traditional red inserts also significantly distinguish the model from the base.

The contrasting red “stitching” on the fabric inserts of the cushions and backrests is clearly a tribute to tradition, emphasizing the continuity of generations; red “arrows” are also scattered in other places – they are present on the dashboard and on the door trim.

front seats

In fact, red has become almost the basis of the GTI’s corporate style. It is also present in the special illumination of the instrument panel, the doors, the niche on the center tunnel. And, though it is possible to choose other color variant from thirty possible, red is considered to be dominating.

Ridiculously tiny lever of control of a transmission (we can say – already a joystick) has puzzled a lot. Well, okay, for basic model such, possibly, will do, however, it is not so appropriate on the sports version.

It seemed to me, that it’s a little bit cramped on a rear seat – as a part of leg space is “eaten away” by more massive front seats. However hardly anybody will buy Golf GTI for regular trips of the whole family so this feature hardly can be considered even as a lack.

Technical characteristics

Under a cowl there is two-liter turbo-engine EA888, capacity of 245 h.p., which, in my opinion, is quite enough for… however, this “to” probably differs for each of future owners of GTI. Somebody gets pleasure from sharp acceleration, prompt overtaking and simply good speed (the car is capable to develop up to 250 km/h); somebody just feels this impressive potential together with numerous sports and pseudo sports devices, feeling oneself a cool racer.

under the hood

Structurally, the engine is not too different from the previous two-liter, but equipped with a new block (on the 7th generation model used only for Performance), which provides the ability to more effectively achieve traction and increased service life.

It is paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed automatic “DSG” with “double” clutch.

Concerning the “mechanics” – everything is clear and clear here, but the automatic gearbox in a sports car… hmm… well, it is also for a fan. Certainly, it is convenient, however it deprives a possibility to feel real drive, actively working a lever at acceleration and maneuvers.

Tuning Volkswagen Polo: exterior, interior
Constructional features

Like the base Golf-8, the GTI version is equipped with the adaptive suspension DCC, but it has other settings, allowing you to more fully realize the potential of the engine at high speeds.

Improved handling is also due to the use of an aluminum sub-frame, which increases the rigidity of the supporting structure.

In addition, the main gear has a friction differential with electronic control VAQ, with a multi-disc clutch, which allows you to change the amount of torque that can get to the drive wheels.

Progressive steering (with variable gain depending on speed) is also a component of the 2020 Golf GTI. It is adapted to the sporty nature of the car, working more precisely and correctly. At the same time, the gear ratio of the mechanism has been reduced and the steering wheel can turn 2.1 revolutions from stop to stop.

Needless to say that the work of all systems is controlled by an electronic “assistant”, not only helping an experienced driver to perform his tasks to the fullest extent, but also capable of promptly correcting the mistakes of a “dummy” who imagined himself a peerless pro.

In fact, the latter makes the Volkswagen VIII GTI car, capable of meeting the demands of almost any owner – both those who need a car with not ordinary features, and those who simply want to feel the atmosphere of “sportiness” even in the most ordinary driving conditions.

That is why, running far ahead, I answered in advance the question of the headline: what is Golf GTI of the eighth generation – a serious sports car, or a not too cheap toy for fans to show their “coolness”? Only now, in conclusion, I slightly reformulate this answer: both. It is ready to give the owner what he wants to get from it.

Features and prices.

In the summer of 2020, the Volkswagen Golf GTI of the eighth generation began to conquer the home market. In Germany, the price for this “hatchback” starts from the mark of ≈20 thousand euros.

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