Head unit for Volkswagen Polo Sedan: choice and installation

57. Visteon R340G (6RF035187E). Installation, Connecting, Adjusting (Details for Polo with Climate)

I’ll write in detail about installation of this car radio Visteon R340G (6RF035187E) on Polo sedan with climate control. Although a lot of posts, but there are still a lot of reticence and there are questions during the installation and configuration. Therefore, I will share what I have dug up.

I wanted to change my Chinese RCN210. The sound is not satisfied with it, after listening to the sound of R330 +, especially the sound on BT. And in general, working with bluetooth on RCN210 is not convenient, do not display contacts, who calls is not clear. The display of played tracks is primitive. I definitely wanted to have Apple CarPlay. After looking at Chinese versions of R330 – 187B, I decided that it is better to pay more and take the original. In the expanses of bu market was found Visteon R340G.

1. Installation In my car in 2013, the radio has an ISO connector:

Therefore, to connect the R340 buy the adapter ISO – QuadLock

Chinese did not write which wire on the CAN plus and which minus…Found a diagram of the quadlock

It shows which wires are plus and which are minus.

For full work R340 and similar to her, you need to connect to CAN-bus to communicate with the blocks. Since we have a climate control, consequently, it is connected to the bus wires from the ECM unit. And the easiest and closest is to connect to them. It remains to find them. Go to the search engine, look how they look and where.

To do this, take out the climate control unit and take out the black connector

Pull out the protective cover to access the wires

Orange-brown is CAN (-) minus Orange-green is CAN (+) plus

Parallel to them with the wires from the ISO-Quadlock adapter. You can do this any way you want. I took out the pins, cut the insulation, twisted the wires and secured them with heat shrink:

Installing ESP on Polo Sedan

Don’t splice too low as the pins will need to fit back into the socket. Wrapped the CB with electrical tape.

Put the new stereo back in its place, laying the wires carefully. Turn it on, enter security code, everything works, the temperature from the BC reads.

2. Tuning Now brains should give to understand that we have here is a clever device For this we take Vasya or VCDS We go to 19-CAN-Module

Go to 19-CAN-Module. Go to 19-CAN-Setup Sheet – Check 56-Radio – Save Codes.

The car now knows that there is now a radio on the CAN bus.

Go into the radio, go to the block 56-Radio

We are interested here mostly in switching the rear view camera on/off; if you don’t have it, you should uncheck it. Otherwise, when you turn on reverse gear, on the screen will be a message that “Camera is not installed” It is done here: Encoding-07, Byte-3 Encoding Assistant

It is also possible to change the image of the car, depending on the model, displayed when rendering parktronic. This changes in Byte-6 in my VCDS list is not displayed, but my R340 is off the 2018 Polo and the default is “10” . Changed to values of 00, 01, etc. for experimentation, the image changed to different models.

The list should be like this:

Value “01” is Polo hatchback Didn’t change anything else, left by factory.

And the final look:

In general, I am 100% satisfied with the radio. Especially from the Bluetooth, connects to the phone instantly when you turn on the ignition, the sound plays from the phone loud and clear.

Feature list: – 6.5″ capacitive touch screen; – Built-in Bluetooth: hands-free communication without additional units (c support directory in Russian), media playback from phones, tablets and other devices; – Built-in microphone in the front of the radio; – Phone status display (battery, network, signal); – Reading new SMS; – Voice dialing Siri with iPhone and OK Google; – App Connect system. (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink); – AM/FM radio (European frequencies, with RDS); – Display of external temperature and time on the screen of the radio; – SD SLOT for memory cards; – USB input with iPhone and Android with playback and charging function; – AUX input; – OPS – visual display of parking assistant; – Supports multirule Skoda, Volkswagen; – Supports rear-view camera;

Gas equipment on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Volkswagen Polo car radio

Car radio is a radio-electronic device that performs a wide range of functions: from audio playback and management of additional equipment to the possibility of access to the Internet.


On the technical filling of the radio depends on the overall quality of multimedia options – the more powerful processor and a clearer display, the clearer the sound and easier to connect additional equipment.

Salvation from boredom for the budget-minded: how to pump up the Polo’s minimal configuration?

On the Volkswagen Polo you can see the regular audio system only on the versions Comfortline and Treadline, as well as on the configurations Conceptline when ordering a package of additional functionality. The other versions of the car are produced without auto sound system with a plastic plug on the central panel.

However, the manufacturer has foreseen the possibility of installing a cassette or GUI with expanded capabilities on the minimum completions: there are brackets for equipment under the plug on the panel and in the door cards. Owners will only have to install speakers and lay wiring.

Pay attention! You should not save money while choosing a head unit and car stereo. The installation of budget acoustics will not bring proper enjoyment of operation, and will significantly limit the functionality of the vehicle.

Selecting the audio system on the Volkswagen Polo: what will become instead of the stock?

Manufacturer Item Features of the processor Format support Display Additional features Approximate price, rubles
VAG (OEM) SHR-6031 Cortex A91Ghz DIVX,MP3,MPEG4(AVI),WMA,JPEG Multi-touch 7″ touch screen, widescreen 16:9 TFT LCD Navigation, radio, Parktronic installation 26500
Adroid Ad-345H-547P Cortex A87Ghz DVD/DivX/MP4/VCD/CD/MP3 7″ capacitive touch screen Navigation, radio, TV tuner 13500
Adroid Ad-43H-453P Cortex A87Ghz DVD/DivX/MP4/VCD/CD/MP3 7″ capacitive touch screen Navigation, radio, TV tuner 15500
Phantom DVM-1821G Cortex B32Ghz DVD/VCD/MPEG4/CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG 7″ touchscreen, widescreen 16:9 TFT LCD Modem, TV tuner, camera 10500

Important to know! It is recommended to choose a radio for Polo under the type of adapter frame: 2din can not be mounted under the frame 1din, while the reverse installation is possible, but difficult to achieve.

Connecting and calibration of cassette player

The procedure for installing the audio system is not complicated, but requires a decent amount of time – during the installation will have to connect a lot of wiring and install the adapter frame. Of the tools for the installation will need a set of wrenches and screwdrivers, pliers, a box cutter, as well as consumables in the form of additional wiring, duct tape and molar tape. Installation will require:

  1. De-energize the vehicle by disconnecting the “minus” from the battery;
  2. Then we proceed to the cabin and dismantle the frame of the central package console: with the tip of a slotted screwdriver otchekliyut fasteners inside the connecting seams of the panels and remove the frame in a movement toward you overcoming the resistance of the clips. Pulling is required smoothly, so as not to break the plastic retainers. If the frame does not let go, then there are still clicked fasteners under the panel;
  3. Then unscrew fixing bolts on the original radio and slightly pull out the GUI towards you, and then disconnect all the connectors of the wiring from the connectors of the device. Next, completely pull out the audio system;
  4. If the stock basket fits the new cassette, mount the device, if not – unscrew the fixing bolts and replace the basket on a compatible;
  5. After installing GU, connect the plugs in the device connectors: bring out the USB hub, connect the line outputs to the tweeters and midrange speakers, powered subwoofer. Then we connect to the mains with power to the radio and additional devices like parktronic and GPS-navigation;
  6. If there are hot keys on the steering wheel of the car, connect the wiring to the new radio and check the performance of the device;
  7. After screwing the fastening bolts of cassette and its basket, install a compatible frame and snap fasteners evenly around the perimeter of the panel. Now connect the battery and test the device.

Pay attention! The most widespread reasons of stock stereo malfunctioning are burnout of wiring or fuses from excessive use of the device.


The stock audio system on the Volkswagen Polo produces high-quality and clear sound in all frequencies, not greatly burdening the car’s wiring. However, when connecting a subwoofer, the load at times increases, forcing you to replace the wiring with reinforced.

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