Headlight alignment for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Replacing the low and high beam bulb


Every car is not immune to breakdowns, not to mention the fact that it is necessary from time to time, to perform basic maintenance. Lighting system on the polo-sedan from the German company Volkswagen, requires over time adjustment. Headlight adjustment and replacement of the bulb and dipped beam on the Volkswagen Polo is not a complicated matter.

If you only need to replace the bulb in your car, it is done from the engine compartment. Open the protective cover of the headlight, access to the old lamp is open, you can proceed to replace the lamp.

The basic principle of replacing the low and high beam bulb

The essence of the work is to disconnect the bulb socket from the electrical connector. After this, slightly lift the safety clip over the special fixing “tongues”. The old headlight, if it is no longer suitable for further use, you can take out with your bare hands. The main thing is to make sure that it is already completely cold. But the new lamp must be installed in its place only through a cloth or previously wearing protective gloves. In any case, do not touch the surface with your fingers, because the glass may leave traces of grease, which significantly reduces the life of the lamp.

When installing a new lamp, note that the tabs of the socket must fit exactly in their places in the corresponding grooves of the reflector. If necessary, a headlight adjustment can be made. You can determine the need for this procedure by simply checking the correct light on a flat surface such as a wall.

Dismantling a headlight bulb replacement dipped and high beam

Quite often, it happens that in addition to replacing the bulb, it is necessary to service other elements of the design of lighting devices. In such situations, it is necessary to dismantle the entire headlight assembly. It is not very difficult to do this, and no specific tools are needed.

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adjusting headlights and changing the dipped and dipped beam bulb on the volkswagen polo

Two headlight mounts Volkswagen Polo

First, you need to remove the turn indicators, as well as the radiator trim frame. Next, we need to find the multi-pin plug from the headlight we want to remove. It is located on the inside of the engine compartment, so it will be necessary to open the hood cover. This procedure is done by unscrewing a couple of bolts. Next, the headlight is pushed forward slightly, which will allow you to remove the servo’s electrical contact. In most cases, the disassembly requires some force, which can damage the structure of the lights.

Therefore, it is important to use the right tools. To do this, you need to take a hammer, the handle of which is placed between the body of the headlight itself and the shock absorber. This will allow you to raise the headlight higher. It is necessary to lift until it will not move freely in all directions. In addition, you must remember that the lower bolt of the headlight is held by a spring clip, so do not try to pull it out by force.

After all the repair or preventive procedures, the headlight is put back in place in the reverse order. Also, often, as a result of such actions, it is necessary to make headlight adjustments, which we will now consider in detail.

Headlight adjustment process

Headlight adjustments can be made in almost any environment.

The only essential requirements will be the presence of a level vertical wall, as well as fully horizontal positioning of the car. Also, you need to make the car as close as possible to the standard operating conditions. To do this, sit a person of your build in the driver’s seat, and in the luggage compartment leave only the spare tire and a regular set of tools.

Now you can begin to adjust headlights. Open the hood lid and find the front engine shield, which is where the adjustment elements are located. So, there are two adjusters located on the back side of each headlight. Their placement, in relation to one to the other, is mirror-like.

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adjusting headlights and changing the dipped and dipped beam bulb on the volkswagen polo

Adjusting the headlights through special screws

It is best if you have a special adjusting device, otherwise, on the wall will have to draw a table, according to which you can adjust the light of the headlights.

The process is to install the car in front of a suitable flat wall at a distance of slightly less than five meters. After that, the headlights are turned on. If the light pattern does not coincide with the one that should be displayed on the wall, in accordance with the requirements of the car manufacturer, it is necessary to slightly adjust the direction of illumination. To do this, you need to use a Phillips-type screwdriver, which has a thin stinger. This is necessary so that the screws responsible for the displacement of the light beam can be scrolled. One of the screws is responsible for the vertical movement of the light beam.

So by turning it clockwise, you will be able to slightly raise the direction of the headlight, and by turning it down, you will be able to lower it. The second screw will act in the horizontal plane. Therefore, turn it clockwise in the event that the beam of light should move a little closer to the axis of the car. If you twist it counterclockwise – the light will be shifted in the opposite direction. Now we have learned how to adjust the headlights on the Volkswagen Polo.

adjusting headlights and changing the dipped and dipped beam bulb on the volkswagen polo

Instead of an adjusting device, you can use any flat surface

After both headlights will be adjusted, no additional actions to fix the result is not required.

Independently adjusting the headlights of the car Volkswagen Polo sedan

Yesterday’s “German” Volkswagen Polo sedan body is a set of straight classic lines, which are so bored Russian consumers from the 90’s. Germans needed a technological breakthrough on the Russian car market to raise the interest in Polo sedan.

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And it happened. But not at once, but in stages. The final result appeared in 2015 – an updated sedan rolled onto the scene, fully adapted to the climatic features of our country. Kinship ties strengthened from year to year in the camp of the German manufacturer: the car was molded in the image and likeness of the “fellow” Jetta.

Chocolate Polo sedan

Look of the European has cardinally changed. Notes of expressiveness slipped in each millimeter of elements of headlights. Yes, it became the starting point for creation of fresh image so much waited by fans of Polo sedan.

From the technical point of view the following happened: now the sedan got the right to LED “decorations”. Small “bubbles” border the dipped light bulbs on the edges. Also the consumer has the opportunity to install bi-xenon on the headlights and even an electric washer, which even on the expensive cars you do not always see.

The second section of the headlights has also changed: the fog lights. Two huge “diamonds” look great, sparkling in the night, and at the same time they perfectly cope with their new function – the cornering lights.

New Polo sedan

Everything would be fine, but no car, including Polo sedan, is immune to wear and tear. The main headache of all cars in terms of illumination is blown bulbs in illumination devices of “iron horses”. On the second plan, another problem looms – “lost” adjustment of headlights.

Sooner or later this trouble happens to all motorists. Its main symptoms are changed light angle and dim light of the head optics.

Reasons of brightness loss and headlights analogues

Loss of brightness can be associated not only with poor headlight adjustment, but also with a malfunction of the electronic systems of the car or the battery. In addition, the intensity of the light is affected by the bulb installed in the block headlight, as well as additional devices located in the device.

On the Polo sedan are the usual factory H4 halogen bulbs with 55/60W and an operating voltage of 12V. Not to say that the bulbs were perfect for a “budget car”, but they shine quite well. Although some sedan owners such power is not enough.

For them, there are other models – lamps with increased light output. They are called Driving Lights. From the standard lamps they differ increased luminous flux and higher power. These samples of lighting devices are not recommended for use on conventional cars, because they greatly overload the electrical wiring of the car, cause overheating of the headlights and markedly reduce the life of the front optics.

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Polo hatchbacks are in great demand in Europe and carry the headlights of the famous brand Hella, which are much better than the factory copies of the sedan, collected in Kaluga. Therefore, the owners of Volkswagen Polo who are not satisfied with front light and like to spend time in the garage can be advised to mount headlights from hatchback instead of regular “glazing” of sedan.

More powerful H4 bulbs from Philips

Another option is to put a bi-xenon lens in place of bulb in factory headlight. Then the quality of illumination will improve and you won’t have to make adjustments, as the lens will provide the creation of an even border of the beam of light. However, the way is not easy. Even for those who like to “poke around” under the hood of their car.

A final option that will definitely add lumens to your lighting rig is to purchase an expensive GTI-designed lensed headlight. With such an element equipped with xenon, the Volkswagen Polo will definitely outshine everyone around it.

Xenon headlight GTI

Upgrading of lighting equipment is a good thing. Especially if there are means, allowing to execute it. Still the most common difficulty is related to the angles of the headlights. So before you run to the store for new bulbs, you should carry out adjustment of the lights. Perhaps the snag lies in it.

A guide on how to adjust the headlights on your own

The procedure does not require much effort. All you need – an ordinary Phillips screwdriver, a flat wall and a little free time.

The main conditions for checking and adjusting the headlights – the car must be fully equipped, i.e. the tank must be filled “up to the eyeballs”, in the trunk must lie standard tools and “spare”. It is important that the car stands on a level horizontal surface. For the corrections to be more exact, approximate to real conditions, you should put the weight of about 75 kg inside or ask somebody to sit on the driver’s seat. Any unnecessary items should be removed from the car.

The work is recommended to be carried out only with halogen bulbs. If the Polo sedan is equipped with halogen bulbs, it is better to contact specialists in the maintenance service for the adjustment. With the help of special equipment and optical stands, they will quickly adjust the headlight.

  1. Move up to a wall at a distance of no more than 5 meters.
  2. We mark the screen on the wall according to the requirements of the German manufacturer.

Wall screen

Corrector position

Headlight adjusters

Fog lights on the Polo sedan can be adjusted only in height. There is a small hole on the decorative cover of the “fog lights”. Insert a Torx T25 wrench into it and turn the special screw until the upper limits of the spots will not take the desired position.

Thus, if the headlights start to create discomfort when driving at night, the first thing to do is to check the angles of the lighting elements. Properly adjusted headlights are a guarantee of well-being and safety on the roads.

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