How and where to make a duplicate license plate

License plate duplicate: how and where to make it

A couple of years ago, lost or stolen license plate became the cause of extreme stress for the car owner. You had to go to the traffic police with a statement, pay the state duty and do the re-registration of the vehicle. Now it is easy to get a duplicate of the state registration plate. It is not expensive, and you can do it without visiting the traffic police.

Is it legal to make a duplicate of a state number plate?

Today it is absolutely legal to make a duplicate of the license plate. This right is fixed in the Administrative Regulations on the registration of vehicles in the traffic police from October 15, 2013.

Today it is absolutely legal to make a duplicate of the state license plate. This right is fixed in the Administrative regulations on registration of vehicles in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of October 15, 2013.

While the old regulations were in force, the car owner came to the traffic police, stood in line, wrote an application, paid 1500 rubles for the re-registration of the car and getting new plates. And this could only be done at the place of vehicle registration. How much headache was it if the theft or loss happened while you were travelling and not in the driver’s home or the car registration place?

  • The car owner still has the right to replace the old license plate
  • the car owner has the right to make a duplicate of the license plate instead of the lost or stolen one
  • You may produce a duplicate in any authorized organization; you are not obligated to visit the RF State Traffic Safety Inspectorate to get a duplicate.

Where to make a duplicate license plate

According to the new version of the Regulation, to make a duplicate of the state registration plate you are not obliged to visit the subdivision of the RF State Traffic Police of your area or city. Making of duplicates is now delegated to license plate manufacturing organizations. The owner of the vehicle can choose any similar organization. Such companies existed before, but they were working illegally. Now everything happens on a legal basis.

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To get a duplicate, you can also go to the traffic police. Such a procedure remained in the list of services of the State Automobile Inspectorate. To do this, you should fill out an application form, which can be printed from the official website of the traffic police, and provide standard documents according to the list.

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What documents are necessary

To the company that makes duplicate license plates:

  • passport or certificate of registration of the car
  • License plate plates (if you still have them. Old plates will be destroyed and you will get a certificate)

You can order or receive a duplicate not only from the car owner, but also from his representative. Then you need a power of attorney signed by the owner. The same option is provided for legal persons. The representative of the organization must have a power of attorney with the company seal and signature of the authorized person.


When applying to the traffic police:

  • Application of the established form, for the issuance of duplicate registration plates
  • Any personal identification document (usually a passport)
  • Document certifying that the applicant is authorized to represent the interests of the vehicle owner
  • Certificate of registration of the vehicle
  • Passport of a vehicle
  • Receipt of payment of state duty for issuance of state registration plates

The car is not inspected in this situation.

How much does it cost to duplicate a license plate

Ordering a duplicate license plate is now as easy as, for example, making a duplicate of lost apartment or office keys. It can be done in any city, the printers for printing license plates have long been purchased by the organizations that provide this service. The cost depends on the time of production and the financial appetite of the manufacturers. In large cities, despite the competition, the cost is higher.


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When the plate has been stolen

It is an unpleasant situation if you are not sure if you have lost the plate on a bad road and suspect that it could have been stolen. First, look around the area where the car was at the time the license plates disappeared. Maybe they are hidden somewhere nearby. If you did not find anything, and the kidnappers did not call you soon with the offer to return it for a reward – go to the State Automobile Inspection.

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How to get a duplicate license plate: through the traffic police, special services, when a duplicate is needed

If the plates are lost or damaged, you don’t have to go to the re-registration of the car. You can order a duplicate of the state license plate at a licensing company.

Duplicate state license plate of the car

In 2020, you can replace a worn-out license plate by ordering a duplicate license plate from an accredited organization. Before you contact the company, you must find out if the company has a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Get a list of licensed organizations on the official website of the State Traffic Police.

When you need a duplicate license plate

From 01.01.2019, GOST R 50577-2018 came into force. The normative document prescribes the requirements that a car license plate must meet. The plate with registration data will have to be duplicated if:

  • symbols on the license plate are not readable due to corrosion, paint damage;
  • The plates have been lost or stolen.

The State Standard specifies that the license plate symbols must be readable from a distance of 20 meters. Driving with a worn or dirty license plate is punishable by a fine of 500 rubles.

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If the plates are lost or damaged, you don’t need to get your car re-registered. You can order a duplicate license plate for your car from a licensing company. The driver is exempt from paying the fee and saves time.

In the case of theft, it is recommended to re-register. Otherwise, the thieves can ask for ransom or put the stolen plates on a car of the same model. Two cars with the same license plate will appear in the city. The true owner will prove his innocence, if the car of swindlers will violate traffic rules or will get in an accident.

Request for ransom for a stolen license plate

Requesting a ransom for a stolen license plate

If you discover your front or rear license plate is missing, go to the traffic police and make a report of the theft. The stolen plates will be put on the search database, preventing them from being used by crooks.

Some drivers take duplicate license plates with them on a long trip. Having backups allows you not to worry about possible loss or damage of the registration plate.

How to order duplicates of license plates

To obtain a duplicate of a car license plate, you need to choose an organization responsible for issuing of duplicate plates, and bring your car registration certificate (STS). You do not need to remove and bring the plates, which have fallen into disrepair.

Through the traffic police

In 2020 it is not possible to order a duplicate license plate from the traffic police. According to the data published on the website “Gosusluzhba”, it is possible to obtain copies of registration plates only from third-party accredited organizations. The need to go to the state body was no longer necessary in 2013. The changes in the rules made life easier for car owners.

Before the new regulations came into force, it was illegal to make copies of registration plates at an outside organization. You had to go through the re-registration procedure. To get new license plates was possible only in the department of State Traffic Police, located at the place of registration of a car owner. The drivers who lived away from the place of registration suffered the most. The problem was the loss or damage of the plate on a long trip.

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Licensing companies

Any accredited organization has the right to make duplicate license plates. Check if the chosen firm has a license for the production of duplicates, or find the address of the nearest office allows the website of the traffic police. On the main page, in the right side menu, there is a section “Online directories, registries”. The list you need is in the “License Plate Makers” tab.

Registry of license plate manufacturers on the website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Registry of license plate manufacturers on the website of the traffic police

The license plate duplication process consists of 4 steps:

  • Collecting the right characters in the clap-frame;
  • placing the blank, a metal plate with a reflective coating;
  • closing the clap-frame, printing the number with a press;
  • painting.

The technology of producing plates must meet all the requirements of GOST. Some companies provide a warranty of up to 3 years for the paint coating of the license plate symbols.

How to choose a plate manufacturer

Before choosing a company to issue a duplicate license plate, request a license. It is not legal to work with a non-accredited company. The company must provide the client with a certificate obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Many post scans of permits on their website.

The list of licensed organizations in each region can be viewed on the official website of the RF State Traffic Police gibdd.rf/orgnum. To search, enter the region of interest. You can filter by the type of registration plate, a copy of which you want to make (number for a car, bus, moped, transit plate, etc.). The issue includes:

  • The name of the firm producing the duplicates;
  • address and telephone number;
  • Details (OGRN and TIN);
  • list of issued certificates for production of duplicate license plates.

Information about the manufacturer of the state registration plates

Information on the manufacturer of state registration plates

You can get acquainted with the prices by phone. These data do not appear in the search results table. In addition, ask the representative of the company if the plate has a reflective film and holograms RUS, what methods of protection the plate applies.

The plates will last a long time, if the production uses metal blanks and dye tapes of high quality. Trying to make an inexpensive copy often results in the fast attrition of the license plate characters.

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Instructions on how to get a duplicate of a car license plate

To make a duplicate state license plate, you need to come to the selected licensed organization, fill out an application and pay the receipt. With yourself it is necessary to take:

  • Passport or driver’s license;
  • Vehicle registration number or certificate of ownership;
  • power of attorney (if necessary).

If the car owner brings the old registration plates, they must be destroyed by the company’s employees. An act of destruction is issued to the applicant. The car is not inspected when duplicates are issued.

Some companies allow you to fill out an application online. In this case, scans of the documents required to obtain duplicates may be required.

Documents for duplicate license plate

Documents for obtaining a duplicate license plate

Not only the car owner may apply for the duplicates. If another person is to get the duplicate, a notarized power of attorney is needed.

The power of attorney is necessary even in case of receiving duplicate plates for the vehicles belonging to legal entity.

Average Russian prices for duplicate license plate number production

The cost of making a duplicate of a state license plate for a car is set by the organizations themselves. The price also depends on the region. In Moscow (Southern Administrative District, North-Western Administrative District, ZAO, Northern Administrative District, TAO, North-Western Administrative District, etc.) a copy of one license plate costs 500-1000 Rubles, and 2 plates may be purchased for 900-2000 Rubles. Some drivers order home delivery by courier. This is an additional 300-600 rubles if the owner meets the courier within the Moscow region.

The copies of foreign license plates are more expensive: 1300-1700 rubles for 1 car or 2300-2500 rubles for a set. The registration plates of the new type (square) cost 1000-1700 rubles for one plate and 1900-3000 rubles for a set. If the symbols in the square are printed in bold type, the price of duplicates is 2000-2500 rubles and 3500-4500 rubles.

Driving with illegible plates will result in a fine. If the symbols on the registration plate have worn off or the plate has been lost, it is worth ordering a duplicate of the license plate. If the theft is suspected, it is better to have the car re-registered. The procedure is more expensive, but will protect the driver from possible fraud.

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