How long can you drive a spare tire

How long can you drive on a spare (dock)

I have not thought about this before, and the manufacturer took care of sportage drivers and installs a complete spare tire in the car. It is on the same disc as the set, the same rubber, the same parameters and therefore the same weight. The manufacturer even recommends flipping them around for even wear. Yes, and it is possible because the rubber is multidirectional and it does not matter where to put it, it is plus of universality, but minus steerability and comfort. Although it really helps to manage life, but I have two sets of tires + disks in addition to the regular ones. In summer, I drive on 20x VOSSEN:

And in the winter on 19s ENKEI.

And here are their parameters are different from the factory. VOSSEN 245/40 R20, and ENKEI 255/45 R19 ESPECIALLY the disks, they are wider than J10 and J8,5 accordingly, more, but thus on weight not strongly differ, but with rubber already other matter, with the tires they are heavier, as the rubber wide and low profile. And in the first case with the definition of the total diameter of the wheel assembly in general is difficult, because you need to calculate the slope of the disk (they are domikom)

What is it for? Well, of course it is first of all attractive, and the word describes very accurately. The car should be such that would leave it wanted to turn around. Just like a girl) All other advantages also can’t be discarded, the wider and lower the rubber, the better controllability and since the sportage has a rigid suspension, it is really felt. And a good quality disc of large diameter will also keep stiffness at turns and transmit all the information to the steering wheel. Believe my word and do not argue) in fact, even with the staff 18m radius is the difference) In the minuses softness of movement, but we have a sedan and not a dick truck, while driving no one asked to go out and the butt is not blue) But the regular wheels I have for long journeys in the summer in them and the pressure sensors installed by the factory and the spare wheel full-size. But here’s what to do in the winter or summer when I’m on others. And so 2019 brought me to this problem :

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And now I drive with one smaller hoof :

Is it possible, this is a question I wondered back the night I got in trouble. Of course, first of all, you need to be competent in the selection of alternative wheels. And for this now there is a mass of different calculator for the selection of close-sized replacement. Here are some of them: etc. But if the example of the first one I gave in the last post, then I found another illustrative one. This one also has the parameters of the disk :

We’ve gone off topic, and many articles write everything strictly . “Note that some automakers complete their cars with full and full-size spare wheels. (the case of the sportage) Although such spare tires take up more space and are much heavier than the smaller ones, but they are durable and reliable. These spare wheels will last a very long time. Including such spare tires look exactly the same as the main wheels of the car set, which will allow you to drive them for a long time. (not my case, first of all it’s winter, second I don’t have a regular winter kit) It’s not all that simple. Some spare wheels, practically no different in appearance and reliability, still do not recommend long term use. So, unlike traditional wheels, this kind of spare may have a different tread or be a different rubber compound. This can affect the handling and safety on the road. Despite the durability and the same appearance as the main wheels of the car, such spare tires are designed to get you far enough to the tire store or to a tire fitting shop.” The authors, who faced with this topic themselves, write more loyally. Of course the risk remains and write about the transfer case and four-wheel drive is the general horror, all will break nothing will work. I am the second week I drive with different wheels and of course besides the same total diameter of the assembly they have nothing in common with the winter set, but still if you drive slowly and carefully you can endure it. What I do while I am waiting for a new disk. In this regard they write: “If your car has a flat tire, you should replace it with a spare. Remember, a spare tire is not meant for long-term use. Even a full-size spare in appearance, which is not different from regular car wheels, may not be safe because of a different rubber compound or a different tread, which can lead to problems on the road.”

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And the conclusion is that if you really need it, you can. We’ll see if it lasts until it’s replaced. Electronica is doing fine so far and the overall feel of the car at not high speeds is fine. Into corners especially with this weather very carefully. And I’ll leave this excerpt here: “Remember that your tires and wheels are the only part of your car that make the car grip the pavement. Don’t speculate on safety.” Smooth roads, everyone!

How much you can drive a different type of spare tire

Unforeseen situations on the road are not uncommon. A flat tire is one of them, and it is very unpleasant. Driving in such a case becomes unsafe. In this case, the car should always have a “spare”, which can be quickly put in place to replace the punctured wheel. But this is only a temporary option, which is forgotten by some motorists, who then continue to drive so for a long time.

How long can you drive on a spare tire

What to do in case of a flat tire

It is easy to notice the signs of a puncture on the move:

  • drivability deteriorates noticeably, yawing on the road is noticeable;
  • The car has poor directional stability, goes sideways when braking and accelerating;
  • Swaying of the car can be felt.

In this case, immediately stop on the roadside and check the wheels. If one of them is empty, it’s time to get an emergency sign from the trunk and install it. Then you need to loosen the nuts on the punctured wheel, lift the car with a jack, and put the spare. The spare needs to be inflated to the correct pressure before driving.

Replacing a car wheel

After that it is possible to continue movement, but already to the nearest service station or an auto store to repair the punctured tire or to buy the new one. Moreover, driving on a spare tire is allowed at the speed not more than 90 km/h, and even less, as steerability will be worse, and not always a spare tire is a full-fledged wheel.

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How much distance can be overcome on a spare tire

Now in cars there are several types of spare wheels, and it depends on this, how much you can ride on them:

  1. A complete wheel, with the same rim and tire as the others. It can be ridden for quite a long time, but the rubber on it may vary in composition, and wear out faster. It may have fewer layers in it if it came with the car, and this greatly reduces its life. In addition, the tread may be different, which will impair handling.
  2. Emergency wheel, so-called dokatka. It can differ from the others in the size of the disc and has reduced dimensions, which saves space in the trunk. The width is also reduced, and before driving you need to ensure inflation to the required pressure. On such a wheel can ride up to 80 km, that is, to the nearest service.

In any case, you should never drive long and far on the spare. Its purpose is to get to the nearest service station to repair the punctured tire. The spare tire, even if it is full-size, differs from all the others in its characteristics and is short-lived. Moreover, if you put it, there is no second one, if one more such trouble happens. Therefore, you need to put it back in the trunk as soon as possible.

How much you can drive with a spare in summer and winter

All said above refers to summer period – you may drive a spare tire exactly as long as it will be necessary to get to the nearest service station. And no more than 80-100 km in distance.

Spare tire for the car

In winter this rule also operates, but it is necessary to act as quickly as possible and not to delay with repair. The matter is that the spare wheel usually has summer rubber, and even so it has a very low tread. Therefore, even simply to reach a place with it will be difficult, as steerability of the automobile strongly worsens.

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To compensate it a little bit, the spare wheel should be placed on the rear axle, even if the front one is punctured – then the rear one is simply repositioned forward. Otherwise, every time you accelerate and brake, the car will turn sideways.

How long can you drive with a full-size spare?

Some automakers complete their models with full-size spare wheels, just like the others. In theory, you can drive it until it is completely worn out. But practically, you shouldn’t, for the following reasons:

    may be different;
  • the composition of the rubber is different, with worse characteristics;
  • the number of layers in the tire is less.

Such a wheel not only initially has a bad effect on handling, but also over time will wear out faster than the others, disturbing the balance more and more. Therefore, as a result, you will soon have to buy a new tire. And up to an accident is not far away.

Important! Any spare wheel is intended only for getting to the nearest repair shop. Its long exploitation is not provided!

Of course, if you took care beforehand and put a quality tire for the season, there will be no problems. But very few people do so.

Driving on a wheelbarrow

A spare tire is a smaller emergency tire. It has a smaller tread width, and the height is also usually reduced. You have to inflate it much more, and as a result, the outer diameter becomes normal for this car. European models are usually equipped with a dock as roads in Europe are good, and one can easily get to repairs with this spare. Also it saves space in the trunk.

With the only advantage – small size, the spare has many disadvantages:

  1. Must be installed on the rear axle, otherwise the steering suffers. In winter, you should put it in front in general – it will be equal to driving a three-wheeled car.
  2. Because of low height and high tire pressure, a dock can easily get through, sometimes even to the streetcar rails. Therefore, driving on it should be very careful. Even on an excellent flat track can not accelerate more than 80 km / h. In addition, it will be easier to drive.
  3. When installed on the rear axle, various systems of the car – ABS, ESP and others may not function effectively enough. Therefore, driving safety is not fully ensured.
  4. Tread on the wheelbarrow can often be compared with a bicycle tread. Therefore, it temporarily supports the car, and no more.
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Spare wheel for your car

Therefore, having used such a spare tire, move at once towards the nearest service station where it will be possible to repair it or buy a normal wheel. A dokatku is not called an emergency variant for nothing – it is only possible to get to repairs with it. Sometimes, you still need to call a tow truck, especially if the roads are not like in Europe.

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