How to change a bulb in a fog light with your own hands

7 easy steps for replacing a fog light bulb in your car

Fog lights are not always included with your car. Still, they are the ones that can make driving a car noticeably easier in adverse conditions. This applies not only to fog, but also rainy weather or driving in conditions of limited visibility. Just PTF are able to perfectly complement the main stream of the headlights and provide illumination of the roadside, which in the dark time of day are often found various “presents”.

Fog lights are able to illuminate only the road surface, which can not be said about the headlights. Thanks to this you will be able to move even in heavy fog, when the use of basic optics does not allow to achieve the desired result due to the scattering of light. In our article we will consider what kinds of bulbs for fog lights, how to change them and what to do if the regular PTF you are not satisfied.

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Variety of bulbs for fog lights

Installation of regular PTFs at the car manufacturer’s factory assumes the use of halogen bulbs. As a rule, they are replaced by more modern products, which have improved characteristics. Today there are three types of bulbs on sale:

  • halogen (conventional);
  • discharge (xenon);
  • LED.

Even before you start replacing the fog light bulb, you need to know which of these options is used in your car. If you have decided to get rid of the old lamps and install more powerful optics, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the available options on the market.

Halogen bulbs

The main advantage of these lamps is the low price. They do a good job with their main task in a fog and do not blind the drivers of oncoming traffic (if properly adjusted). The disadvantages of such bulbs for PTF are called a short life and difficulty to replace. Also, such lamps lead to the heating of the headlight glass, so the latter may crack on contact with water. As a rule, the power of standard halogen optics leaves much to be desired.

Xenon lamps

Gas discharge lamps are characterized by high efficiency and brightness. The advantages of such optics include an impressive service life. But it is allowed to use xenon in PTF only in accordance with the applicable regulations. Otherwise, you may not only get a fine, but also lose your driving license.

Xenon in the fog lights is allowed only in the case of installation of special lamps marked “D”, as well as the use of the autocorrector. Installation of xenon lamps in regular PTF lead to the fact that you will constantly blind oncoming drivers.

LED bulbs

One of the best solutions. The advantages of LED bulbs are an impressive color range, good brightness and minimal electricity consumption. Heating in this case is minimal, also such lamps usually do not blind other road users. Of the disadvantages are the high price and the need for proper selection of lamps. Also note that high-power LEDs need thoughtful cooling.

Tuning headlights VAZ 2112 – how to achieve the best effect?

One of the main drawbacks of each without exception domestic car, many experts consider poor road lighting. To get rid of this problem, and at the same time make the car even more attractive, we will consider tuning the front and rear lights on the example of the model VAZ 2112.

How to disassemble and dismantle the headlights?

The first question we need to give an answer to – how to remove and disassemble the headlights on VAZ 2112? To do this, you do not need to buy modern equipment. We will need a set of screwdrivers and wrenches, which every car owner has. At the beginning of the dismantling work, disconnect the pads and all the wires from the headlight of the car. Next, remove the upper part of the grille. After that, disconnect the wires and pads from the turn indicators on the car, as well as dismantle the hydraulic corrector. To remove it, we will need to press the fastening latch and turn the part 90˚ to the right.

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  • VAZ 2112 choke
  • VAZ 2106 dashboard tuning – the best solutions for legendary cars
  • Autoscanner for independent diagnostics of any car.
Proper valve lapping: manually, with a drill, with a pneumatic machine

Next, unscrew the bolts that hold the headlight, and push it back. The number of fasteners is the same for both the front and rear optics of the car. After that, move the part closer to the center by about 4 cm. Subsequently, the lower part of the “eyelash” of the headlight should pop out of the latch that fastens it to the fender of the car. In the next step of dismantling the front and rear headlight, we will need to loosen the bolts that hold the upper part of the VAZ 2112 optical bumper.

After that, we press on the lower part of the lining so that the upper flange of the “eyelash” popped out of the meshing with the bumper. At the final stage of tuning, unscrew the last bolts and remove the car headlight. The whole dismantling operation will not take much time and effort. However, it is necessary to be extremely careful when performing the work, because both the bumper and the overlay are very delicate elements. With any improper movement, they can break.

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By performing the dismantling of the front and rear optics with our own hands, each of us can save a good deal of money. In a similar way, you can remove the headlights on other domestic cars. For example, also performed work on the disassembly of the optics of the model Priora for the purpose of further tuning this car.

Replacing bulbs in the optics of VAZ 2112

To perform the work we will need:

  • H7 car optics bulbs. It is best to use parts of the firm Narva or Novator;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • wiring;
  • circular saw;
  • soldering iron.

How to remove the front and rear optics from the model VAZ 2112, we already know. After removing the headlights, we will need to greatly expand the hole for the reflector. Without doing this, we will not be able to install the H7 bulb. To drill a wider hole, you can use a drill with a special roller, but it is better to take a circular saw. When using it, much less dust is generated. During drilling, it is necessary to put the lamp in the hole at regular intervals.

After the lamp “sat down”, it is necessary to disconnect the terminals “-” and “+”. In their place, solder other terminals, to which connect new wires and lamps. Next, install the car headlights in place. At the final stage of tuning it is necessary to re-adjust the already modernized headlights VAZ 2112.

How to swap VAZ PTFs and turn signals?

Every motorist should have a universal device to diagnose his car.

You can read, reset, analyze all gauges and tune the on-board computer of your car by yourself with a special scanner…

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At the beginning of the work remove the PTF, unscrewing 2 screws for this purpose. After that, remove the turns of the car. Next, we remove the windows from the turns and PTF. Taking the opportunity, you can check the condition of the reflector in the PTF car. If rust has formed there, then the part needs to be cleaned.

Then take the fog lamp and with pliers clamp the contact, which is located in the back of the element. Slightly loosening the wire, break it, and then glue the back ring with a window sealant. After that, inside the fog lamp insert the lamp and the base. Next, assemble the entire headlight assembly, lubricating the edges of the sealant.

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Installing the ProSport optics

Before installing a set of optics of this brand, we will need to change some parts of the headlights. Thus, you can achieve more effective illumination of the road at night and make the appearance of devices much more beautiful.

Perform ProSport optics tuning before installing it on VAZ 2112 can be done by painting the headlight substrates. To do this, disassemble the part and take out the lamps. Under them is a silver colored substrate. Take the paint of a different shade and get to work. It is necessary to change the color of the substrate in several steps. After each of them, you need to wait for the material to dry completely. Among the entire range of paint compositions, the best for this operation is aerosol enamel, which is also used for tinting headlights.

Another method of performing ProSport optics tuning is additional lens illumination. The essence of the work is to install LED strip behind the headlight lens.

To do it with your own hands is not difficult for anyone. The main thing is to place the strip so that it evenly illuminates the entire headlight. To make the ProSport parts look different, you can change the color of the regular headlights. To do this we need new LEDs. We unscrew the headlight, and then remove the original headlight bulbs. Then install LEDs of any color and reassemble the part in the reverse order.

After we have made tuning of the new headlights, you can proceed to their installation. How to dismantle the front and rear regular optics VAZ 2112, we already know. After removing the part, we clean the place where it was, and install ProSport headlights.

Replacing the lamp – step by step instructions

First you need to determine how to get access to the failed bulb. As a rule, access to the PTF bulb can be obtained in two ways:

  • From the side of the wheel;
  • By removing the entire headlight.

The first option will suit those who have decided to replace the bulb in the fog lamp on a VAZ or other Russian car. The ideal option is to drive into a garage with an inspection pit or elevator the car on an elevator. Otherwise, you will have to lift the corresponding part of the car with a jack.

  1. Fix the position of the car and remove the appropriate wheel.
  2. Unscrew the elements fixing the fender and remove it. Sometimes you can do with partial unscrewing of screws.
  3. Pull back the protective cover and disconnect the connector with wires.
  4. Turn the defective bulb counterclockwise and pull it out of the headlight.
  5. Install the new bulb and turn it clockwise.
  6. Put the connector and the dust cap back on.

Caution! It is undesirable to touch the glass part of the element during bulb replacement, as grease particles from your fingers can negatively affect the service life of the bulb. Before final assembly, it is advisable to check the serviceability of the bulb by turning on the PTF in the cabin.

In some cars it is impossible to get access to the fog lights in this way. In this case, you will have to remove the entire headlight from the bumper. Here you can not do without an elevator or an observation pit.

First unscrew the headlight mounting elements and pull it out, disconnecting the connector. It is necessary to understand that fixers of PTF in all cars are different, so there can not be a single instruction. As a rule, everything is intuitive and there are no difficulties, even for a beginner.

To summarize

The quality work of lighting in the car – an important point for every owner of the vehicle. Optics must be in order, perform all its functions and give maximum useful field of view. Fog lights are designed to help the driver in conditions of difficult visibility. They are powerful enough and put out a spot light, which allows you to show oncoming drivers the presence of vehicles on the road. This makes the trip safer and involves the use of effective and high-quality lighting equipment. Otherwise, fog lights turn out to be a useless addition.

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Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor the performance of these elements. It is important enough that all the optics in the car work well. If the fog light does not shine, you have three options. You can completely replace the entire headlight and achieve high performance. There is also the option of replacing just one bulb to save money on repairs and get the same performance. The third option is to go to a service center and have it professionally repaired. Which way of solving this problem would you choose?

How to choose a quality bulb for fog lights?

When choosing a bulb, you need to consider the design of the headlight. The dimensions of some fog lights do not allow the use of powerful lamps, characterized by large size. When selecting items, take into account the following nuances:

  • when replacing only one bulb, take into account the brightness and type of the element in the other headlight;
  • Consider the dimensions of the old bulb;
  • The manufacturer may specify the maximum power of the bulbs for the headlamp;
  • When buying a bulb for the regular fog lights, it is recommended to choose the original products;
  • Cheap bulbs tend to fail quickly, so don’t skimp.

Tip: If you notice that the bulbs have to be replaced quite often, look for the cause in bad contacts or faulty wiring.

Don’t like the standard PTFs? It’s time to act!

OEM fog lights really very often do not suit car owners. This question is relevant primarily for those who have to drive long distances at different times of the day and in all weathers. As a rule, regular fog lights are equipped with halogen lamps. What to do to solve the problem? Changing them for the same, but a little more power, it just does not make sense. We advise to make a choice in favor of xenon optics or LEDs.

As mentioned above, xenon has certain limitations that must be taken into account. But LED elements are more convenient in this regard. We recommend buying exactly such bulbs, but do not spare the money for the products of proven manufacturers. Installation of cheap Chinese lamps will not lead to anything good, it is better to drive with regular halogens. When buying LED lamps, take into account what the socket of the standard element.

To consolidate the knowledge we advise to watch a video on replacing fog lamp on Kia Cee’d:

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Not all service processes require an expert. If you do not want to pay extra money for simple procedures, it is worth learning to perform them yourself. But in the design of modern cars, there are not many tasks that can be performed with your own hands. In the past, with a little training and a good manual, it was possible to perform virtually any auto repair and maintenance process with your own hands. Today, the manufacturers have made everything to protect the drivers from fulfillment of independent repair. Therefore, it is necessary to address to professionals and pay money even for trifling works.

Nevertheless, there are a number of variants of self-service of the car. For example, everything that is connected with replacement of elements of lighting, can be done with your own hands without difficulty and without extra costs. To change a bulb in a fog light, it is enough to get hold of a quality lighting element, look at the instructions for replacement and perform this procedure. The main features of this uncomplicated procedure are the careful performance of all tasks. Let’s consider a few important aspects of doing this work.

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How to replace a lamp in fog lights

Car owners are divided into two categories: those who do not even try to perform the repair themselves, and craftsmen who try to reduce their spending on repairs and maintenance of the car to a minimum.

Fog lights of the car

The task of the latter is constantly becoming more difficult, because automakers are trying to protect drivers from trying to get into the insides of the vehicle, making many parts undismantled or too difficult to disassemble without the use of expensive special tools.

Nevertheless, many operations can still be done with your own hands. Especially with the development of the Internet it is not difficult to find a video guide on the repair of any car model or go to a profile forum and ask the appropriate question.

Today we will consider one of the aspects of self-repair – replacement of the fog light bulb. It should be said that there is no universal recipe here – many manufacturers use headlights of their own design. Moreover – change it from model to model, and sometimes within the same model. In any case, this work is not so difficult that you can not do it yourself. You only need to know some specifics of this work.

Types of bulbs used in fog lights

Many people believe that the only purpose of fog lights is in their name, and never turn them on for any other reason. However, they can be used to illuminate the curb at night and to correct the light in the headlights. Since PTFs are always placed low, they have the ability to light the road in front of the car without scattering light.

Today, the vast majority of models are equipped with standard halogen lamps, which do not suit all drivers. Fog lamp replacement may be required and when it burns out – it does not happen often, but most experienced motorists have experienced such cases, and repeatedly.

In any case, before you go to the auto store, you need to decide what kind of lamp you will install, because there are three varieties.

Bulb for a fog light

Halogen bulbs

This is the most popular and affordable variety, due to the simplicity of their construction. In addition to the low cost, halogen lamps have other advantages: they are bright enough and penetrate the fog well, while not blinding oncoming traffic.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • they have a relatively low life span;
  • Halogen bulbs are very hot, which for headlights is not good;
  • There are difficulties with their replacement.

If you want to put just more powerful products – it’s a bad idea, because there is a high risk of burning out the power supply.

LED bulbs

As in everyday life, this kind of lamp is becoming more and more popular in transport, because they are more durable and consume little power. True, they cost more, but every year the price difference is leveled. Here you have a choice of several parameters: power, brightness and color. Sufficiently powerful LEDs require additional cooling, which affects the price and dimensions.

Xenon lamps

The main advantage of discharge lamps is their high brightness, so PTFs with these lamps are considered the most effective. But xenon has many disadvantages: in addition to the high cost, it is a relatively low resource (three years), and restrictions on the use (only allowed to install on the optics marked with the symbol D), and the need to replace both lamps when one fails.

If you want the fog lights shine brighter – it makes no sense to put more powerful halogen lamps, and the best choice would be xenon. But with LED lamps you will not have problems with the traffic police – they can put on PTF without restrictions.

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Halogen bulbs for fog lights

Features of the choice of lamps for fog lights

Standard practice is to ask the seller what bulbs are suitable for your model. A professional consultant will always prompt a good manufacturer, as well as the bulb of what power will be optimal. The design of fog lamps plays an important role: it may well happen that some bulbs simply will not fit in the headlight because of their length.

Factors to consider when selecting a bulb are:

  • if you have to replace only one bulb, pay attention to the brightness of the other, whole;
  • The power of the light source must not exceed the limits specified by the manufacturer;
  • It is advisable to buy a lamp that fits the shape of the element to be replaced;
  • you must also make sure that the heat emitted by the source will not destroy the headlamp or its individual components;
  • the best option is to buy the lamp recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Remember that the more expensive the product, the brighter it will shine and last longer, so economy is irrelevant.

As for the transition from one type of lamp to another, it is necessary to show a healthy pragmatism: not always replace the halogen lamps on a more advanced LED or xenon lamps is possible, so it is better to consult with a specialist – he will evaluate the design of your headlight model and advise the best solution.

Dismantling a fog light

Fog light bulb replacement by yourself

The number of designs of fog lights has more than a dozen variants, and the ways to get to it, respectively, even more. Therefore, there is no universal algorithm for performing this procedure.

But in most cases, we can say with certainty that you will have to get to the lamp from the engine compartment.

In the simplest case, it is necessary to simply remove the headlight from the seat and gain access to the lamp, but on most modern cars, the procedure for replacing the front fog lamp is carried out with a large number of operations.

The most common algorithm is:

  • Raise the car on an elevator and turn the wheel to the maximum angle to get easy access to the headlight at the back. If it is not possible, you can use a jack, but in this case you will have to unscrew the wheel and completely dismantle it;
  • remove the headlight protection – usually it is equipped with a dirt protector made of plastic or metal;
  • Remove the rubber seals, look for the fasteners that hold the lamp in the housing (usually it latches);
  • Carefully and carefully unscrew everything, carefully remove the bulb burned out or not satisfactory to you and study its characteristics;
  • If the bulb you bought matches the characteristics and dimensions of the old one, install it in its original place;
  • put on the terminal, make sure it is installed as tightly and securely as possible;
  • check the results of your work;
  • if the lamp is lit – perform all operations in reverse order (install protection, wheel, lower the car).

Though the algorithm resulted by us, how to change a bulb of the front fog lights, looks simple enough, actually you, probably, should face difficulties of local character – the difficult access to elements of PTF, with withered fasteners etc.

How to replace the rear fog light bulb:

  • open the door or trunk lid;
  • Find the fastener that holds the fog light, usually two bolts or self-tapping screws;
  • remove the fixing strip;
  • Usually it is enough to pull the headlight cover toward you and remove it from its seat;
  • disconnect the lamp connector;
  • remove the bulb itself;
  • replace it with a new one;
  • perform reassembly in reverse order.

Usually, replacing the rear PTF bulb is easier than the front one. Since access to it is not as limited as in the front.

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