How to change oil in the engine and gearbox Volkswagen Passat B5

It’s time to change the oil in gearbox PASSAT B5

Hello all! God knows, I just wanted to make a record in the form of: it’s time to change the oil, here’s a picture and all the chicky-pooch. And of course to reflect the fact of visiting the service… Ahahahahahaha.

PLAN 1. Choose the oil for the purpose and tolerances. 2. Buy it. 3. Go to the service, pay 350 rubles for the change and do not know. What could be easier than this? Perhaps only if your car, and you have a personal driver or master, who is responsible for all this. All right, here we go… Oil chosen, bought, delivered, received.

So, DAY FIRST Saturday. We get in the car and drive to a service shop, specializing in the same oil and oil changes, all the way down to motorcycles and snowmobiles. We get the car up and the mechanic says, “Holy crap, I don’t have a wrench like that. Sorry, bro.” I stare at him in bewilderment, at the service sign, at the range of products, and at him again… What the hell, I say, bro? He tells me – well, there’s no such a dodgy-ass key. I well well … Okay. I went to an official dealer VW, I was told – We do not service cars over 10 years old. I said, – I do not need to repair the box, but to change the oil. They said to me – We do not service cars older than 10 years. I think, what idiots… I get in and drive to 12 more service stations. No one has such a key. I am angry, hungry, because I killed about 5 hours of driving around the city, I go home. I call one more official dealer. The answer is: We don’t service cars over 10 years old. I call a service that I’ve been to a bunch of times before, they started out in a shabby garage in the middle of town. The answer – We do not service cars over 10 years old. This caused my surprise. I think, well, listen, well, you just here in dirty robes in the garage any WAGs were repaired. You bastards. All right, to hell with you, with bastards … And I begin to call the remaining services gradually increasing a radius of search from the house. Finally, I call one service and the answer is – Yes, it’s a shit question, come on over, the key is, 350 rubles and no problem. Hooray for me. DAY SECOND Sunday. The oil and I get in the car and go to the service. A crazy guy lifted my car, took the head, put it on the ratchet… Snap, snap! The head breaks in two halves. I’m a facepalm. The guy shrugs and says, “Oh, my God, I did the best I could. In fierce indignation, I sit down and drive off into the sunset. I go home. I open up the Internet, and I look up “HOW TO CHANGE ENGINE PASSAT B5”. Bitsuko, I could do it right away, if I wanted to, but I wanted to just come to the service in decent clothes, and sit in the waiting room, drink coffee, staring at the phone … But no, no way! In general, finding more or less information in the first opening site, I ordered two heads, namely one HEX H17 (which also, for some reason, is not in many service stations to change the oil), the second, the most evil SPLINE M16. For a pair of 800 rubles. Faithpalm, right?))

Replacing the rear brake pads of the Volkswagen Tiguan

Here I need to mention why I decided to change the oil in the transmission. I’ve been fine with it since I bought the car. Everything worked like clockwork, soft, precise, easy. But, last 1.5 – 2 months, first and second gear engage tightly in different combinations when cold. Well, I guess it’s time to change it. The fact that I didn’t change the oil when I bought it is purely my laziness, and maybe my indifference. You have to change the oil when you buy a used car, regardless of what the previous owner says and the paperwork he presents you with. For we do not know, where the car has been, whether it was flooded by the nearest river and whether its units and assemblies have been drinking water through breathers and other places of communication with atmosphere.

In short, we return to oil replacement. I went to the nearest service station, gave them the heads and changed oil. I stuck my finger in the fill hole to the depth as shown in the photo, I couldn’t reach the oil with my fingertip.

The drained oil was 1.55 liters, while the norm is 2.25-2.30 liters. It looked and smelled like burned oil. Its fluidity is like that of water. But there was no water itself and no emulsion.

Changing the oil in a manual transmission (MST)

Hi there! I finally got around to doing this procedure again… Let’s just say it was not my first oil change, but my 3rd. The first time changed when I bought the car, but then, was small but stupid and did not see … Well, you get the idea … What did I do then, I do not know what my father gave me. =) and drove it until now. Never had any complaints about the box. Well, I grew up, gained a little intelligence, took off a couple of times the box, rebuild the head, well, and have already studied the car almost up and down, decided to change the oil again … And here we go … I began to explore forums, technical sheets on oils, but so read that almost gave up on all this shit … The point is that in our (my) box by the factory poured oil tolerance G 052 911 A2 (packing 1 liter). If you throw this tolerance in the exist you will get such options: – Febi 40580 – GL-5; – SWA G40 93 2590 – GL-5; – Febi 32590 – GL-5; – SWA G30 94 0580 – GL-5. What confused at once was that these oils are GL-5. I think, ok, we are not proud and we can look at the official website with the technical list of oils, we go there and we see:

Dimensions and dimensions of Volkswagen Taos: exterior, interior, trunk, rims and tires

And we see that all these oils are my tolerance, well, I calmed down and bought one of these oils =))) Specifically, this is it:

At this point I thought my whole epic with these oils was over, so to speak, at 50-70 thousand km. But it wasn’t… S…u…k…a. … I drive it about 3-4 thousand km, cold weather and some strange things started. Namely, the frosty weather until the warmed up the box, the rocker was sluggish, did not want to immediately engage the 1st and 2nd gear, and sometimes the first time at all did not want to get, I had a little force to stick, though previously this was not. And then “fellow inmates” began to berate me, they say that you can not pour in a box of GL-5, but only in the axle, well, I’m like-like knew, but decided that if there is tolerance, you can … And then there was a re-reading of all and everything … And so, that I read out the second time. For my tolerance in our market in Minsk, I found only these oils GL-4: 1st candidate – – – Ta-daaaaaaaaa-m —– AUDI/Volkswagen G 052 911 A2, it immediately fell out, as the price for three cans painfully bite; 2nd candidate – – – Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 GL-4 PLUS, the price is somehow better… 3rd candidate – – – Spirax S4 G 75W-90 GL-4, the price is more attractive, I found negative reviews on forums… Fourth candidate – – – TITAN SINTOFLUID SAE 75W-80 GL-4, it has our tolerance, and on the official website it says that it is approved by AUDI/Volkswagen, but then again on the official site says that it is API GL-5 (confused me again). Fifth candidate – – ARAL Getriebeoel EP Synth, 75W-90 GL-4 PLUS, even though it is a well known company, but it does not inspire me and the price sucks… So, I was a bit worried, what to buy… I sat, thought, thought and got mad… I bought this option… Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 GL-4 PLUS

Volkswagen Touareg dashboard: replacement procedure, indicators

Yes, maybe many will say that it was a mistake but it has my tolerance and I bought it in a trusted place (hoping it wasn’t a dud). I could have saved some money and buy BP Energear SGX SAE 75W 90, it is the same Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 GL-4 PLUS. I just got mad… What can I say now, everything is OK and there are no such niggles as before… I’ve driven almost 1000 km, and the temperature outside is -9…-12.5 degrees Celsius in the morning. And now a little bit of information about how to change oil: – volume for filling is 2.4l. – The fill cap is also a control cap. The first 2 liters I poured through a hose that I put on the spout of the jar. Castrol made it very handy and passed it through the engine compartment from above and the other 400 grams I poured with a 50 ml syringe. – Filler plug is on the left side of the axle, on the inside of the tripod. – The drain plug is at the bottom of the box. Well that’s all I wanted to say, that’s how I changed the oil and foolishly threw away some money for Febi. Beaver to all and clear roads this winter =))))

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