How to change the wiper blades Polo sedan

Replacing the wiper blades on the Volkswagen Polo 5th generation

On Polo (5th generation) bodies from 2014 to 2017, the wipers have frameless wiper blades with a “Push Button 16mm” mount, which car owners also call: the Little Button.

Push Button 16mm

Other modifications

Push Button 16mm (Narrow Push Button, Slim Top, Little Button)

What kind of brush you need

The ideal will be – original brushes from auto technician authorized dealer Volkswagen, where they will pick up and install it specifically for your car model.

Many may not be satisfied with the high cost of the original wipers, then use brushes from other manufacturers, they are many times cheaper. To buy the right wipers, you need to consider only 3 parameters.

1. The design of the brush It is indicated on the package, for Polo (5 generation) 2014-2017 requires frameless design of the brush. (?)

2. Brush size The length of the brush is indicated on the package immediately in inches and millimeters. For the Polo (5), the driver side brush length is 625 – 655 mm .

3. type of attachment The manufacturer of the brush can support many different attachments in the same box. For it to fit the wiper blade of our Polo (5), look for the symbol:

Push Button 16mm among all those listed on the label.

Other parameters Other optional parameters may include: – type of spoiler (?) – presence of wear sensor (?) – lifetime of the wiper blade

For all Volkswagen cars, it is recommended to use brushes from the German company Bosch or Heyner (Alca). From other good manufacturers you can choose: Hella, Bosch, Trico, Denso, SWF, Valeo, Alca, Heyner, Champion, DOGA, Masuma, ACDelco.

Here are specific models:

– SWF VisioFlex OE

– Trico NeoForm NF

– Bosch Aerotwin A

– Bosch Aerotwin Plus AP

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– SWF Connect Front SC

How to change quickly

No tools are required to replace brushes with a “Push Button 16mm” mount.

The best way to buy

1. For those who have no money: go to automobile service center of official dealer of Volkswagen in your city, where they will choose and install original model of wipers specifically for your car.
2. For those who do not like to go shopping: knowing the 3 main parameters of the brush, you can easily order them at any specialized online store.
3. For those who check everything in place by eye: go to the gas station, which among other things is aortimert wipers and convenient parking, remove the brush with the car and go choose similar length and attachment.

If possible, before buying, check the selected brushes for compliance with the requirements in the Volkswagen specifications for the car.

When a replacement brush is needed

To check the condition of the brush and in all other cases, pay attention to the wear indicator – (sticker on the frame of the brush), which usually turns bright yellow if the brush has reached the end of its service life. See full instructions.

General recommendations

– Brushes are usually changed once a year, but there are times when brushes are used for 2-3 years. It all depends on the brush’s environmental exposure (negative temperatures, salt, high temperatures, UV rays, tree sap, sand, chemicals from car washes).

– Don’t make the brushes work “dry,” especially if the glass is heavily soiled or covered with a layer of ice.

– To make the brushes last longer and not lose their elasticity, clean the brushes of dirt once a season: wash in warm water with soap.

– If the glass or brush straps become greasy, degrease them with a 10-20% baking soda solution and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use gasoline or solvent for this purpose, it will corrode the brushes’ rubbers.

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– You can lubricate the hinges of frame models with compounds such as WD-40, which displace moisture well and eliminate squeaks.

– In winter, do not turn on the wiper until the windshield is warmed up, you can seriously damage the wiper blades.

– Some cars have heated parking area wipers, for others created a winter mode wipers, when they are located higher in the zone of the heater. Read your car’s manual to enable this option.

– It is not a problem if the length of the wipers will be slightly longer or shorter than the standard. It is important that the new wipers do not make any unusual noises and do not hit the edges of the windshield. Many experiment with different size wipers, installing a larger size on the driver’s side and a smaller one on the passenger side.

– Do not beat the ice with your cheek on the glass. This can cause damage to the wiper. For example, very often in this situation, break plastic plugs frameless brushes, as plastic becomes brittle in the cold.

Wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan: how to choose and change

Choosing wipers on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

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Wipers in a car play an important role, helping to keep the windshield clean and providing a good overview to the driver. Over time, however, even the best wipers wear out, leading to the need to replace them. Replacement of parts on the Volkswagen Polo sedan will not make much trouble even an inexperienced motorist, but some features of the selection it is better to know in advance.

Characteristics of parts

Wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan can be of different designs:

  • Carcass , consisting of special rocker arms and articulated system, ensuring a tight fit of the brush to the glass.
  • Frameless , which use a special bar or spring, covered with a housing of rubber.
  • Hybrid , which is a structure of rockers, hinges and a plastic casing.

The size of the wipers on the Polo Sedan for the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat is different. Opposite the driver uses a wiper with a length of 600 mm, and opposite the passenger 400 mm.

Parts are fixed with special hooks.

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Types of wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Types of wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

How to change the wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

It is recommended to replace the wiper blade at least once a year, because it is during this period that the working surfaces cease to perform their main function. And the most suitable period seems the beginning of the autumn-winter season.

Before the beginning of replacement, it is necessary to put the brushes in the service position. To do this, turn the ignition on and off, and then press the right paddle switch for about 30 seconds. Then you can manually move the lever away from the windshield.

It is important to remove the brushes very carefully, because the spring inside the system can cause the lever to drop sharply on the windshield, thereby cracking it.

The Volkswagen Polo sedan uses two types of wipers, which differ in how they are attached. Consider how to remove the wipers on the Polo sedan in the first case:

  1. Press the tongue of the brush retainer;
  2. Slide the brush to the base of the lever so that the detent can come out of the hook;
  3. You can now remove the brush.

Brushes of the second type are removed while turning perpendicular to the lever and releasing from the pin.

The new wipers are installed in reverse order without any difficulty. This is true for both wipers.

Prices and selection features

How to change the wipers on a Volkswagen Polo sedan and how much it costs

In the factories, Volkswagen installs frame wipers for the Polo Sedan, which have quite contradictory reviews from users. Many people do not like their not the most elaborate form and freezing at low temperatures. Others, however, consider them a good solution. Nevertheless, third-party wipers are very popular.

Frame wipers

If you want, you can replace the original parts with wiper blades of the appropriate size for the Polo sedan from the leading manufacturers of automotive parts.

  • For example, Bosch Twin Spoiler 601 S are perfect for cleaning windshields from various contaminants. They are sold as a complete set, which includes 600 and 400 mm brushes. For Belgian quality are asked about 1200 rubles. The size of the brushes for the Polo sedan in this case fully meets the requirements of the car.
  • No less popular are wiper brushes on the Polo Sedan called Champion Aerovantage. For the main wiper 600 mm you need to pay about 800 rubles, while opposite the passenger wiper blade for Polo Sedan will cost half as much. The metal frame makes these parts extremely durable and resistant to external influences.
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Frameless models

  • Among the frameless models, a set of Bosch Aerotwin Retrofit AR 601 S, which includes two brushes of the original size, as well as a set of mounts, especially stands out. Wipers can boast a high quality of glass cleaning, durability and quiet operation. Products are manufactured in factories in Serbia and Belgium. The entire set will cost the buyer about 1,300 rubles.
  • Valeo also offers its own version of wiper blades for the Volkswagen Polo sedan, the size of which fully coincides with the dimensions of the standard parts. Silensio is a series of quality wipers for VW Polo Sedan, which, among other things, are equipped with a wear indicator. The cost can reach 1,000 and 800 rubles for the driver and passenger versions, respectively.

Hybrid brushes

How to change hybrid wipers on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

  • In terms of attachments and dimensions, the optimal hybrid wiper blades on the Polo Sedan are parts Denso Hybrid. Rugged and durable brushes with a framework of metal very closely adhere to the windshield, brushing away any dirt. However, the cost of this option may discourage many. A wiper for the driver’s seat will cost about 1,300 rubles, and for the passenger’s seat about 650 rubles.
  • Much more affordable wipers Heyner “Hybrid”, the cost of which will be 600 and 400 rubles, respectively.

It is not always possible to service the car with your own hands. For this, you may not have the skills, knowledge or equipment. However, the issue with wiper blades is solved quite simply, as you can change the wipers on the Volkswagen Polo sedan yourself without the use of special tools.

What to do if the wiper blade rubber in the Volkswagen car is torn, the video below will tell you:

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