How to choose a car thermometer

Automotive thermometers: features, varieties, rules of choice

Long gone are the days when the thermometer looked like a clock and was attached to the windshield of the car with duct tape. Mechanical devices became obsolete. Now there is an electronic device in almost every car, which monitors the temperature inside and outside. It is also important that they look more aesthetic than their predecessors, have more features and a number of other advantages.

Features of Car Thermometers

To buy a car thermometer in the car, you should decide on the additional features, which has this electronic thermometer. Many manufacturers add features to the car thermometer that may seem superfluous, such as an alarm clock or rain sensor. The development of technology does not stop and most likely, in the near future, devices with more features will be installed in the car.

At the moment, models of thermometers, worthy of attention, can boast such “stuffing”:

  • a clock that shows the current time;
  • timer;
  • alarm clock;
  • adjustable lighting of the information panel;
  • voltmeter;
  • rain sensor.

Why do you need it?

A device that measures the temperature of the air inside and outside the car is a very useful thing. Maintain and control a comfortable environment for the driver and passengers – the main purpose of this device.


All car electronic thermometers, which are now on the market, have at least two sensors: internal and external.

Many car enthusiasts believe that the external sensor is more valuable than the one inside. After all, in our latitudes, the weather situation can change quite dramatically, and for a short period of time in the winter, an ice crust can form on the road. Forewarned is forearmed. The driver may reduce speed or refuse to travel at all, if it is not absolutely necessary.

Also without leaving the car and just looking at the display, based on the thermometer’s reading, you may understand whether you should wear a jacket or not. Taking care of your own health is no small thing.

An internal sensor is responsible for the temperature in the cabin and, if necessary, will tell you when it is necessary to turn the heating or air conditioning on/off. With the help of an additional thermometer you may compare readings of the climate control system, if suddenly, in your opinion, it does not work correctly. This is usually the case in regions with low humidity: car air conditioners don’t always do their job there. The internal sensor will signal that not everything is in order.

Varieties of

There are different models of electronic thermometers for cars. Some have only an outdoor temperature sensor and no sensor to control the climate inside the cabin. This idea has the right to life, but it is worth remembering that when you purchase such a device, you immediately lose half of the useful functions.

All devices have battery or accumulator power, some of them can receive power from the onboard network. Usually they are connected to the cigarette lighter.

Preferably, the gadget should be dual-powered, so that if the car engine is not running and there is no mains power, you can still use the thermometer.

More advanced devices can monitor the car’s mains voltage. The thermometer-voltmeter allows you to keep up-to-date on the battery level. This will allow the motorist in time to put the battery on recharge or, if he stopped somewhere in the road, will prompt that it is not necessary to turn off the engine, as the car may not start and will have to call a tow truck.

How to choose?

In order to ensure that the device served for a long time and did not disappoint in operation, you should first study the information about these devices, and based on the recommendations of experts and users choose a thermometer. At the moment, the main tips are as follows.

  1. Manufacturer. Basically all devices are made in the Celestial Empire, but among Chinese firms there are a number of worthy companies whose products can be relied upon.
  2. The quality of materials used in manufacturing. For a long service life of the device is necessary that its “stuffing” was in a solid body. If poor quality plastic was chosen for the shell, then it can later deform at the slightest impact or pressure. When buying, the device should be inspected for cracks and other damage. Also the case should be assembled carefully, when pressing should pay attention to the absence of backlashes and various creaks, because due to the unreliable casing the device very often fails.
  3. The screen for displaying information. In this case the size of the display is of great importance. Because if it is small, not all the data will be displayed on it, and the driver will have to be distracted and switch modes to get the right information. It is also important that the display has a good viewing angle and backlighting. The screen should shine a pleasant and non-irritating color, do not distract from the road in the dark, and all information to the person driving should be visible from any angle.
  4. Energy capacity. Temperature measurement devices are either self-powered or powered by the car. There are thermometers that have a mixed power supply, which is quite convenient. If you need to free the cigarette lighter for something else, the device will not turn off and will continue to function.
  5. Length of wiring. In order not to have problems with the installation of the external sensor, it is worth paying attention to the length of the wires. It should be at least 2.5 meters. In this case, the installation will not encounter difficulties in choosing a location.
  6. Mounting. The device is mounted in a special panel, and if it is of poor quality, then after a couple of months, the mount will begin to rattle, and the thermometer can fall out of the place of installation.
  7. Voltmeter. If you intend to buy a thermometer, which has this function, pay attention to the fact that for a passenger car enough to have a voltage measurement range of 10 to 16 volts, trucks will need a scale of 22 to 28 volts.
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Not everyone wants to understand the sea of electronic thermometers for cars on the market. Now everything is much easier: you can study the rating of the best-selling and most reliable brands, stating your wishes and requirements. Then, based on these data, choose and purchase a device.

At the moment, the following auto thermometer manufacturers are deservedly popular.

  • The Swedish company Rst presents a number of worthy models. Its devices have an attractive design, multifunctionality and are reliable in operation.
  • Chinese manufacturer VST also has a good reputation, produces decent devices, which, importantly, are cheaper than their European counterparts.
  • On a par with well-known manufacturers is a firm Quantoom. It produces fairly reliable thermometers with a wide range of additional features.

There are other brands that can squeeze the honored manufacturers.

When you buy a thermometer, do not forget about its main purpose – temperature measurement. In the pursuit of additional options and you can miss it.

How to Choose a Right Thermometer for Your Car

Not every car has a special device that can display the air temperature inside and outside the vehicle. But these parameters can play an important role in ensuring the comfort and safety of movement on the roads during the unstable and constantly changing weather.

The thermometer in the car on batteries

Some drivers are simply curious how many degrees is it outside now, or how effectively their air conditioning system is working. And this requires selecting and installing an appropriate metering device.

Mechanical pointer thermometers are a thing of the past. Now motorists are interested only in digital or electronic models, which have excellent functionality, pleasant appearance and other objective advantages.


When choosing thermometers in the car, many motorists pay special attention to the functions available as part of a particular thermometer.

Electronic devices are based on the fact that they have a built-in microprocessor. It analyzes the information coming from the sensors and displays the corresponding parameters on the display. Such device can bring not only the opportunity to monitor the temperature in the salon. Also the thermometer has a sometimes extensive list of features and just an attractive appearance. Thus, you can add a nice visual effect to the interior of your vehicle.

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But it is not worth choosing car thermometers according to their external parameters. There are more important priority selection criteria. Therefore car owners are recommended to start with functionality.

All modern digital thermometers, designed for installation in cars, have at least 2 main sensors which predetermine their main functions. Namely:

Outdoor sensor. This controller is located outside the vehicle. Necessary for measuring the current temperature outside;

Internal sensor. Also known as the cabin sensor. It analyzes and sends information to the microprocessor, and then to the display about the temperature inside the car.

Internal sensors are not just to satisfy curiosity. Drivers can monitor how their air conditioning system is working. The system or climate control itself doesn’t always have accurate sensors, they don’t work or they aren’t designed to work at all. By looking at the digital display, the driver will immediately know how warm or cold it is in the cabin, whether the mode needs to be switched, etc.

The functionality of the thermometer

Motorists have noted that knowing the outside temperature is often needed more often than the inside temperature. One of the functions of an external temperature sensor is to alert you to possible ice. Given the climate of some regions, sometimes just a few minutes are enough for the road to be covered with a thin crust of ice, becoming incredibly dangerous for road users. Knowing the potential threat, the driver can prepare in advance, reduce speed, change driving style.

It is not necessary to forget about a banal necessity to get out of the car. Looking at the thermometer, a man will understand, whether it is necessary to take a jacket, or there is no need in additional clothing. A trifle, but it is also a question of preserving your own health.

But the manufacturers didn’t limit themselves to just two sensors. They went further and equipped car thermometers with additional functions and features. Therefore, when choosing a thermometer it is necessary to pay attention to availability:

  • timer;
  • electronic clock;
  • voltmeter;
  • alarm clock;
  • rain sensor;
  • customizable backlighting.

The clock, alarm clock and timer are quite handy gadgets. In different situations, these functions can come in handy. Plus, the driver will not have to look for a cell phone or other device to look at the time, keep track of the timer. Everything will be right in front of him on one display.

The adjustable backlighting is also not the most useless feature. At night you can set the color of the display to be optimal for visual perception, so you won’t have to stare at the screen and also won’t blind yourself. This minimizes the strain on the eyes, and the driver will not have every time to re-focus and focus his vision on the road. Another plus for your safety.

As for the presence of a voltmeter, it allows you to monitor the voltage in the battery, again without using any additional devices. Built-in voltmeter in the thermometer provides operational information about the low level of charge in the battery. Thus the motorist can take appropriate measures in time, not to stop the engine or go to the service for recharging. This function is especially important in winter, when the battery is actively discharging and can fail at any time.

The rain sensor is the newest addition to modern car thermometers. It can be used to automatically start the windshield wipers.

There is hardly any doubt that the expansion of the set of functions will continue. Manufacturers are still actively thinking about what options can be added and what to please their customers.

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The advantages of digital devices

To measure the temperature inside or outside the car, you need a special thermometer installed in the car. No one disputes that even the old pointer thermometer measures the parameters perfectly. But the advantage is objectively on the side of the digital device, which is not so difficult to install in the car.

An outdoor thermometer that measures temperature using sensors and a microprocessor boasts the following advantages:

  • The most accurate measured parameters;
  • easy installation;
  • compact size;
  • attractive appearance;
  • Battery or cigarette lighter operation;
  • detailed installation instruction;
  • convenient mounting brackets;
  • additional functions;
  • backlighting in accordance with the time of day;
  • a wide range of settings, etc.

When giving preference to a remote device such as a digital or electronic thermometer, it is important to make sure that it is equipped with the necessary and good quality remote sensor. And sometimes an external sensor is just as useful as an internal one.

You should start your choice with the basic functionality. There are some models on the market that only have a remote sensor, but do not have an internal temperature controller. So the device loses half of its capabilities. Even a wide list of additional functions does not always compensate for the absence of one of the key sensors.

Recommendations for selection

In order for the purchase not to disappoint you, you need to intelligently and responsibly approach the issue of choosing a car thermometer for measuring the external and internal temperature.

Some people are guided solely by appearance, not taking into account the fact that the difference between even two externally similar and similar in price can be huge.

Thermometer Selection Recommendations

There are several basic criteria you should pay attention to when buying a digital thermometer for your car.

  1. Manufacturer. Despite the huge variety of offerings available on the market, the vast majority of car thermometers come from China. Among all Chinese devices there are a number of noteworthy brands. But also do not forget about the huge number of fakes and just low-quality devices. A good Chinese manufacturer is the firm VST, which has received many positive reviews, and its products are actively marketed throughout the world. Also among the manufacturers stand out the Swedish brand RST. Although the company is Swedish, the production itself is also carried out in China. The price is a bit more expensive than VST, but the functions are much more. Accurate, multitasking, looks interesting and attractive. Plus, some models have alternative operating circuits, i.e. they can operate simply from batteries or plug into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.
  2. Materials used. Conscientious manufacturers always install the electronic stuffing inside a solid plastic case. But often there are devices, which are in a very fragile casing, capable of breaking and cracking at the slightest mechanical damage. Largely because of the poor housing thermometers do not last more than 2-3 months. Visually identifying quality plastic is quite problematic. But try to pay attention to the fact that the body was not moving, there is no backlash, all parts are firmly connected to each other. If the plastic sags when you press the body, it indicates the use of too thin material. You should not buy such a device. Also look for even coloring, no faded spots and other signs of poor quality.
  3. Display. They are sometimes too compact, making it difficult for visually impaired drivers to use their digital thermometer comfortably. It is better to choose more solid size screens, supplemented with special icons for displaying warnings. A functional display allows you to monitor several parameters at the same time, notice problems or any potential dangers like a drop in temperature or a drop in the charge level in the battery. As for the color of the display and backlighting, it is up to the driver to choose, based on his tastes and preferences. A large number of different backlighting is usually not necessary for anyone. The main thing is that the color should not irritate, perceived calmly by eyes and not distract from the control of the car in the mode of night driving on roads.
  4. Power. Modern digital thermometers, designed for cars, use self-contained power through batteries, or are connected to the onboard power grid through the cigarette lighter. There are models that can work with 2 power sources. This is the better option, which allows you to connect to the cigarette lighter when the battery is low, or free up a socket in the cigarette lighter for another device without depriving yourself of the thermometer function.
  5. Wire length. When choosing an electronic thermometer, be sure to pay attention to how long your wires are for the outside temperature controller. The minimum value is 2.5 meters. With shorter wiring, there may be some difficulty in the wiring process.
  6. Mounting. The device is mounted on a special fixture that comes with the thermometer. But practice clearly shows that very often this element is of very low quality or poor reliability. And if the well-known and trusted firms are quite good, then the dubious manufacturers have a very poor grip. Literally, 1-2 months of use leads to the fact that the thermometer flies off, begins to fall. Another reason to buy thermometers from leading manufacturers.
  7. Voltmeter. If you are planning on buying yourself a thermometer that has this feature, be sure to look at the voltmeter’s performance parameters. They will be different for cars and trucks, because the voltage in the onboard network they have is different. Cars require 10 to 16 volts, while trucks have a range of 22 to 28 volts.
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You can clearly see that choosing among the huge range of suitable thermometer for your car is not so easy. There are many nuances to consider, look carefully at the quality and origin of the device, consider the necessary and optional extras.

To make their choice a lot easier, many motorists simply study various ratings and lists of the most popular digital thermometers. This gives an opportunity to choose a good and really worthy of attention device based on the experience of other motorists.

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Popular models

Choosing thermometers for cars, equipped with a remote sensor, not everyone wants to understand a wide list of nuances of the selection of equipment on their own. Sometimes it is much easier to study the list of popular models, and choose among them a suitable option.

A number of digital thermometers for cars really stand out among domestic consumers, which have gained well-deserved popularity, are in demand and are currently considered the best thermometers.

  • QS 02. A model from the famous company Quantoom, which is rightly put on a par with VST and RST. The presented device is distinguished by a wide list of additional functions. Users note the ability to accurately display the internal and external temperature, as well as monitor the status of the voltage in the onboard power grid. Additionally, the QS 02 monitors the level of humidity, displays the current phase of the moon and offers the user an alarm clock. The color of the backlight is blue. Approximately costs from 2.5 to 2.7 thousand rubles;
  • QS 01. Model from the same manufacturer with an accurate temperature display, simple and easy menu, pleasant interface and very attractive appearance. For this, the thermometer is highly valued on the market. Plus it’s all encased in a rugged and durable case. Additional features include a clock and calendar, alarm clock, moon phases, and a system for determining the current humidity level. The backlight can switch between orange and blue. The device costs up to 2.2 thousand rubles;
  • QT 01. Again, the company Qauntoom, which has flooded the domestic market, but is absolutely deservedly popular among Russian motorists. Beautifully performs its basic functions, but at the same time can determine the voltage in the power grid, warn of the threat of ice on the road and monitor the level of the battery charge. Depending on the time of day, the backlight can be turned on in blue and orange. Will cost such a digital thermometer for about 2 thousand rubles;
  • QT 04 is a relatively simple device from the company you already know. The display is illuminated only in blue. It has precise information about the current temperature inside and outside the vehicle. Powered by its own batteries or cigarette lighter, depending on the situation and the choice of the driver. Functionality is limited, although it copes with its main tasks perfectly. Hence the cost of not more than 1.4 thousand rubles;
  • Under this label sells a fairly popular model of digital thermometer produced by the company RST. Like all previous competitors, here is noted the exact measurement of the temperature outside and inside the car. At the same time, the device is able to record what the minimum and maximum temperature was during the day. Additionally, it is worth noting the function of measuring the voltage in the onboard electrical network and the ability to alert drivers about the threat of ice on the road surface. The device consumes power efficiently and has a convenient thermometer stand included. The backlight can be adjusted and you can choose between purple, blue, or orange glow. Buying such a digital thermometer will cost about 1.7 thousand rubles;
  • Another popular model of thermometer for the car from the company RST. It differs in the presence of an LCD large display, as well as the ability to choose between purple, orange and blue glow LED backlight. Great for those who do not need too much information and extra features. Accurately displays internal and external temperature and registers minimum and maximum temperatures. For such a device you will need to pay not more than 1200 rubles;
  • The RST representative closes the list of the most popular digital thermometers. Like all previously presented competitors, it perfectly and accurately reads information about the temperature inside the car and overboard, registers the minimum and maximum temperature values for the day. At the same time, the device is able to warn of the threat of ice and monitor the voltage in the onboard power grid, informing about the dangerous changes. Backlighting is also three-color and allows you to choose between blue, purple and orange. The kit includes a convenient and sturdy stand to install the gadget in the car. It costs up to 1700 rubles.
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Each of the motorists should understand that the list of decent options for digital thermometers is not limited to this. There is a wide range of devices on the market, which can worthily replace the market leaders and give an extensive list of additional benefits.

Choosing a car electronic thermometer, you should not forget about its main functional purpose. This is a device for fixing the internal and external temperature of the vehicle. In modern thermometers, overloaded with additional options, the main function is simply lost.

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It is also important to keep in mind that in the pursuit of multifunctionality, many manufacturers forget about quality, miss very important nuances that can significantly affect the performance, life of the device and the quality of the information displayed. Many functions turn out to be unnecessary and useless. Plus you’ll have to pay a lot more for them, which is also not always for the benefit of the consumer.

Be responsible about the choice, carefully examine all the proposed options, based on your own needs and do not forget to take into account the main parameters, which deserve the most attention when buying a digital car thermometer. Only this way you will not be disappointed with your purchased device, and it will be able to fully meet your expectations. And sometimes it can even exceed them.

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