How to choose the best car cigarette lighter splitter

10 best cigarette lighter splitters

Budget splitters for connecting a small number of devices in the car cigarette lighter and powerful models for heavy-duty operation.

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The best articulated cigarette lighter splitters

The design features of such models include the connection of the main unit and the plug with a flexible leg or hinge. This allows you to change the angle of the case for the convenience of connecting gadgets to the splitter itself.

Neoline SL-220

Neoline SL 220

The ability to work in onboard networks with 12 and 24 volt ensures stable and long-term operation of the splitter in cars and trucks. Besides two cigarette lighter sockets, the owner has access to USB outputs for connecting mobile devices.

Total power is 120 W, current consumption is up to 10 A. Small dimensions of the device exclude any chance of interfering with the driver. Casing has special metal coating ensuring resistance to small scratches and other mechanical damages.

  • LED-lighting;
  • Durable non-scratch casing;
  • compact size;
  • USB-ports;
  • durability.
  • short hinge.

The Neoline SL-220 will appeal to owners of a large number of wearable devices. At the same time, it will prove to be a universal choice for use in any brand of car.

Airline ASP-3T-09

Airline ASP 3T 09

This model has a locking mechanism in the cigarette lighter socket, which provides a high security fit. The presence of 3 sockets and a USB port allows you to connect all necessary devices with a total power of 60 watts. The maximum output current is 8A.

The design can be rotated up to 90°. The ability to fix the body in the selected position provides additional comfort while driving.

  • button to turn off;
  • secure fit;
  • rotation angle lock;
  • short circuit protection;
  • light weight;
  • large number of connectors.
  • large dimensions.

Airline ASP-3T-09 functions steadily when connected to a large number of devices – the right choice to work under constant load.


VSR 030

Reliable retainer ensures a tight fit and prevents the splitter from falling out under heavy shaking. The presence of 3 sockets makes it possible to use all major mobile devices simultaneously by powering them from the cigarette lighter.

The maximum total current is 10A and mains voltage is 12/24V. A bright LED informs you of the current status of the device, and a safety button to turn it off allows you to quickly interrupt the operation of the splitter.

  • Tight fit in the cigarette lighter socket;
  • button to turn off;
  • current status indication;
  • compactness;
  • low price.
  • The flimsy housing requires careful handling.

VSR-030 can be used both in cars and trucks. Reliable solution for constant DVR and navigator work – you can charge your phone at the same time.



The material of AVS flame retardant plastic. It is not afraid of strong heat and high mechanical load, which extends the life of the splitter when used in harsh conditions.

Total output current 5 A, number of sockets – 3. Short-circuit and over-voltage protection guarantees stable operation. Mains indicator light informs about the current status of the device.

  • Long service life;
  • bright display;
  • stable operation regardless of conditions;
  • set of protections;
  • low price.
  • hinge does not inspire confidence;
  • small amperage.
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AVS CS316 will be useful to the owner of any make of car and will be suitable for connecting several low-power consumers.

The best one-piece cigarette lighter splitters

The central plug of such models is securely connected to the main unit. Such devices are notable for their low cost, ease of performance and tight fit.

ALCA 510100

ALCA 510100

The model is equipped with a multifunctional connector and two USB outputs for connecting mobile devices. The case is made of heat-resistant material, is not afraid of sharp shocks and heating during long-term operation of the splitter.

The total output current is 15A and power is 180W. The presence of a ceramic fuse promotes long and stable operation of the device. The control light facilitates the use and indicates the status of the device.

  • sturdy housing;
  • stable operation and long service life;
  • Good amperage and power;
  • temperature resistance.

The ALCA splitter is ideal for extended use in passenger cars.

Skybear 531300

Skybear 531300

Skybear is short-circuit-proof, which extends its working life and guarantees stable operation. The socket lock prevents accidental removal of the plug while the vehicle is in motion.

The maximum total current is 5 A, on-board voltage is 12/24 Volt. Metal and polycarbonate are used as housing materials, so it is highly durable and shock resistant.

  • secure fit;
  • stable operation;
  • robust housing;
  • long service life.
  • large dimensions.

Skybear 531300 is worth buying for simultaneous use of several devices in a car, but you should consider the relatively small amperage of the device.

Harper DP-200

Harper DP 200

The model with two sockets is designed for consumers with a total power of up to 60 watts. LED indicator informs about the correct functioning of the device.

Maximum output current is 5 A, operating voltage is 12 or 24 volt. The housing of the splitter is made of plastic. The model does not take much space on the panel and weighs only 70 grams. The connector’s locking mechanism ensures a secure fit.

  • Compact and light weight;
  • LED indicator;
  • secure fit;
  • low price.
  • rugged case.

Harper DP-200 comes in handy for drivers of cars or trucks. A practical choice for occasional use.

The best cigarette lighter splitters with detached housing

The design of such models involves the connection of the main unit and the plug with a special wire. This makes it possible to place the socket at a distance from the regular socket for easier access.

Xiaomi GDS4055RT

Xiaomi GDS4055RT

The plug of the Chinese splitter is equipped with latches for secure fit. The housing is made of durable plastic with an additional 1 mm thick fireproof layer, contacts and locking ring are made of stainless steel.

The maximum current is 8 A and the power is 90-192 W. The cable of the device is covered with a protective insulating material, which guarantees resistance to stretching, deformation, breakage, etc.

  • durable materials;
  • short circuit protection;
  • temperature resistance;
  • tight cable insulation;
  • secure fit.

Xiaomi GDS4055RT is suitable for simultaneous connection of two consumers. This is a modern and solid splitter for use in a car or truck.

Neoline SL-321

Neoline SL 321

This modification has a large number of available connectors: three cigarette lighter sockets and two USB ports. This allows for simultaneous connection of all major consumers with a total power of up to 120 W. The maximum output current is 10A.

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Cord length – 93 cm. For convenient use at night, there is LED backlighting. The plug locks ensure a secure fit in the cigarette lighter. Included is double-sided tape for placing the unit in a convenient location.

  • large number of outputs;
  • long cord;
  • LED-lighting;
  • convenient installation;
  • short circuit protection;
  • locks securely in the socket.
  • unreliable housing.

Neoline SL-321 can be used in any brand of car. An excellent choice for owners of overly large devices.

Robiton SM3

Robiton SM3

To this splitter you can simultaneously connect up to three devices operating from the network voltage of 12 volts, as well as a mobile gadget. Protective caps on sockets protect unused outputs from moisture, dust and dirt.

Robiton has overload, short-circuit and overvoltage protection, which guarantees stable operation in difficult conditions. A sticker with double-sided tape is provided to place it in a convenient location.

  • socket protection;
  • sturdy housing;
  • stable operation and long service life;
  • status indication;
  • convenient placement.

Robiton SM3 is designed to work under constant load conditions – a reliable solution for use in a working passenger car.

Which cigarette lighter splitter is better to buy

Before buying such a device, you should determine the number of available connectors: both standard and USB. The required number is individual and depends on the list of devices used by the driver.

It is recommended to buy a splitter, which has 1-2 outputs more than you usually need.

The main characteristic of the device is the maximum total load. When choosing, it is worth calculating the expected value based on the technical indicators of the connected devices.

For power-consuming consumers it is better to buy a splitter with load support of at least 10 A. During use, you should not exceed the permissible load, even if there is a fuse.

We advise to pay attention to the appearance and features of the design:

  • A fuse must be present in the center rod.
  • The mounting plate must not be visible in the depth of the socket.
  • It is best to use shock-resistant plastic as the basic housing material.

Also check the compatibility of the splitter plug with the vehicle connector. The design of the connector can be flat, tapered or with an annular groove. The standard diameter of the connector for most models is 21.3-22.3 mm, the typical length is 29-35 mm.

Features of cigarette lighter splitter selection

There was a time when the only power-consuming device in a car that was not part of the vehicle was the car radio. Today, car owners have at their disposal a whole set of gadgets that expand the functionality of the car and the comfort of being in it. These are navigators, smartphones with useful applications, video recorders and many other “gizmos”, which can be purchased at any auto store. All of them can work from the onboard network, using a standard 12V power supply. But the problem is that there is only one socket in the car for connecting additional equipment, which is powered by the cigarette lighter.

How to choose a car cigarette lighter splitter

The solution to this problem is to use a special splitter, which in most cases is a tee that allows you to connect three different gadgets to the onboard power grid. There are splitters for 2 or 5 sockets. It costs a relatively cheap device (from 200 rubles), and the choice is so great that without knowledge of their structure and important technical characteristics of the choice can be very difficult.

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The device of the cigarette lighter splitter

Technically such an accessory is quite simple and is a miniature analogue of the classic household tee, which we usually call an extension cord.

Of course, before you buy such a device, you should decide how many and what devices you are planning to connect to it, because the total electrical load on the onboard power grid and the device itself depends on it. Buying a tee in the cigarette lighter car with insufficient rating characteristics, you just can not use all its connectors. And that means you’ll just throw your money away. That’s why it’s so important to know what varieties of tees retailers offer and what to pay attention to when choosing a device.

Factors influencing the choice of a splitter

The entire extensive family of splitters can be conditionally divided into two large categories:

  • Traditional mechanical tees in the cigarette lighter, in which the number of connectors does not exceed three;
  • USB-splitters, whose design provides for the presence of 5 sockets, while for most modern gadgets there is the possibility of connecting without the use of any adapters.

Since more and more electronic devices are equipped with a USB connector (we would like to say that kettles do not have this functionality, but even this is an atavism – for example, car thermo-cups, boiling pots), these splitters are considered more promising. In addition to ease of use, this type of splitter is equipped with a switch that allows you to disconnect all devices with one click without having to remove the wire from the cigarette lighter. And if required, this type of cigarette lighter splitter can disconnect any individual USB slot or a combination of them.

It is important that in any case this device has a fuse, which will not allow the splitter to burn out in case of overcurrent.

Consider other important parameters that affect the performance of these car accessories.

Housing type

Classification by case design features is important not so much in terms of ergonomics, as by such an aspect as the principle of operation of the device. There are three large groups of splitters:

  1. One-piece devices, as the name implies, have a housing with the combined sockets of the central plug and the actual sockets with connectors. In terms of durability, such tees have no competitors, because they have no protruding structural elements, i.e. there is nothing to break. Accordingly, their cost is low. The only disadvantage of a rigid design is the impossibility to turn the device in the most convenient way, so many users consider this type of splitters inconvenient. Another disadvantage is that when all three sockets are engaged, the load on the housing is too great, it can warp, which threatens the loss of reliability of the contact group.
  2. With swivel tees, the central plug, which connects to the cigarette lighter, is separated from the block with connectors to connect consumers by a swivel joint. There is also an alternative way to increase the flexibility of the design – the use of a twisted rod. Such a splitter is much more convenient to use, allowing users to turn the block to the side that is optimal at a given time. However, the disadvantage of increased stress on the housing when connecting all the devices here is also present, plus there is a design element that is prone to frequent breakdowns – it is, of course, a swivel joint, which is often twisted in different directions.
  3. Splitters with cable look like an ordinary household extension cord, because they are connected to the cigarette lighter through a long cord. In terms of ergonomics, this is the most convenient device – it can be placed where it is convenient and does not interfere with anything. Often such cigarette lighter splitters are placed in the cupholder, above the glove compartment or in the box between the front seats. If the cigarette lighter plug is placed in an inconvenient location, this is the only option to solve the problem. The cigarette lighter socket in this case also practically does not suffer because of the increased weight load. If we talk about the disadvantages of the device, it is a higher price and the presence of the cord, which can interfere with the driver/passengers, somewhere get caught and in an unfortunate movement to be torn.
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Electrical Performance

Equally important to the performance of splitters are those characteristics that relate to the electrical part and the type of input plug:

  • All automotive splitters are classified according to the maximum allowable operating current, which determines the useful load of the device. This parameter usually takes the following values: 5, 8, 10 or 15 amps;
  • The presence of a fuse for this kind of car accessories is mandatory, but not all manufacturers agree with it. We strongly recommend that you ignore devices not equipped with this electrical load limiter;
  • Cigarette lighter splitter with a switch is preferable to conventional devices, especially if it is possible to disconnect individual connectors. If you want to turn on the standard air conditioner, probably something that is already connected through the cigarette lighter will have to be disconnected;
  • The diameter of the input plug can be either 30 mm or 22.30 mm. In principle it doesn’t matter, unless you plan to use two splitters – they must be compatible.

Most of the models on the market have only two sockets. Today, this number is clearly not enough, so the three-plug splitters are gradually replacing the obsolete models. USB devices can be equipped with five jacks. But in practice, even if this number will not be redundant, then in terms of the total load of all simultaneously connected devices is unlikely to be able to satisfy them, because 15 amps is the maximum load provided by the on-board power grid.

Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter

Before you choose the splitter of cigarette lighter in the car, if you really consider yourself a modern person (and the physiological age is not important here), consider that you should not pay attention on devices with rating less than 15 amps. Who knows what scientists and engineers will come up with tomorrow, so you don’t have to buy a new splitter when the next useful gadget appears.

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Splitter Rating

Although the parameters influencing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the splitters are not so many, in practice even an experienced motorist may encounter difficulties in their choice. The range of these gadgets, presented in the domestic retail network, is too great. Most models are Chinese trinkets, and not necessarily they will be very cheap. It will be really difficult to find a decent brand, so a small rating of cigarette lighter splitters will come in handy:

  1. The 4Way PowerPro device from the German company Heyner – the splitter, which is very popular in Europe and beyond. The perfect build quality ensures reliable operation no matter how busy you are. There are many modifications of this model, you can find cigarette lighter splitters for 2, 3 and 4 sockets, and each of the connected gadgets can have a sufficiently large current consumption. The main plug is equipped with a car fuse, each of the consumer jacks is connected to the input plug by a separate cord. It is very convenient because it allows you to separate the neighboring sockets at a distance of one meter (it is possible to charge your smartphone even for the rear passengers).
  2. Mystery MCA 1.3 is one of the best devices with a monolithic case. Though the maximum current load is limited by ten amps, the voltage rating is 12-24 volts. The presence of a fuse and the ability to rotate the connector block to the desired side are obvious advantages of the model, along with the democratic cost.
  3. The Aspire 350 is one of the simplest, cheapest and most reliable splitters out there. Its only disadvantage is that it only has two outlets with a maximum total power consumption of 8A. The gadget comes with a long cord that allows you to place it almost anywhere in your car.
  4. The Neoline Quatro model is unique in that this 3 or 4 jack cigarette lighter splitter with USB connectors can be plugged into two cigarette lighter plugs simultaneously (such cars have them). The model is also equipped with a one-meter cord and has a mechanism that allows you to change the direction of the socket block. There is also a switch that allows you to completely de-energize the device if necessary. Virtually any device can be connected to this splitter as long as it is rated for current consumption up to 2 amps.

As we see, choosing a quality cigarette lighter splitter is not an easy task, if you do not know all the nuances that affect the performance of the device. If your choice turns out to be unsuccessful – you risk not only the device itself, which usually burns out when the load does not match, but also the connected devices (in the case of the absence of a fuse). So saving on a splitter is more expensive. And you already know the approximate list of reliable and proven devices.

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