How to choose the best massage cape for your car seat

10 best massage capes companies

Recently, such an area as preventive health care has been gaining popularity among people who care about their well-being. A sedentary lifestyle provokes the appearance of problems with the musculoskeletal system. To help, there are a variety of accessories to maintain the health of the back, including massage cushions. What are their features and how to choose the right one?

The functionality of the capes is similar to a massage chair. The only difference is the mobility and the possibility of using the former. The cape can be used at home, and in an office chair, and in the car. It is also characterized by its wear-resistant coating and a wide range of designs. The massage cloak is especially used by drivers when they drive long distances. After all, it has a therapeutic effect, which acts not only on the back, but also on the hips, buttocks and neck.

Choosing a model, you should pay attention to the root of your problem. If your back and spine hurt, then it is worth giving preference to a cape with a vibrating or point massage function and the additional property of warming. It will alleviate pain and remove congestion in the muscles.

On the market massagers represented a wide range of models of both popular and little-known manufacturers. In order not to err in the choice, we propose to read the rating of the best companies, which were selected on the basis of customer feedback and product quality. Also, we have studied the experience of manufacturers, the functionality and additional features of the device, the equipment used and the technology of manufacture of massage capes.

Top 10 best massage capes companies

As you know, popular firms – manufacturers equip their products with a large set of functions, high quality and ease of use. Also, the massage cloaks of famous brands have a long warranty, which additionally indicates the high quality of the devices.

10 Planta

The Planta company is the largest manufacturer. Its products are manufactured at a well-known Chinese factory. The firm can boast not only the excellent quality of equipment, but also a wide range with relatively low prices compared to similar devices of other companies. One of Planta’s popular products are its massage capes. This versatile device can be used both at home and in the car. The cape will take care of the health of its users. Especially for those who spend a lot of time driving.

The action of any Planta massage cape is aimed at normalizing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and relieving fatigue. The budget models can be used for frequent use. Regular use of the massage cloak will quickly strengthen the immune system and improve general health. It is worth noting that the manufacturer carefully develops models of capes. If any equipment is designed for the car seat, then it has the ability to work from the cigarette lighter. And the adapter is included. Planta products are made of practical materials and meet all safety standards.

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9 Beurer

Beurer was included in our rating due to the use of modern technology in production. The company focuses on reliable quality and innovation. The manufacturer develops models based on customer needs and healthy living conditions. Thanks to huge investments, the company is equipped with advanced equipment, which provides a short time for the release of products on the world market, starting from its development. It is worth noting that the brand never neglects the high quality standards.

Beurer massage capes can be used in the car, at work or at home. They are universal. The manufacturing material of all models is hygienic and pleasant. Form covers repeats the anatomic features of the body, so that the device is very comfortable to use. Models of massage mantle Beurer has a minimum of 3 zones of influence, which cover a large area of the body. Vibrations are able to deeply relax the neck, back and thighs. The rollers improve cell nutrition, restore metabolism. The capes include many additional functions. Undoubtedly, Beurer is an expert in excellent well-being.

8 iRest

About 40 years ago, the company iRest opened. The work has been “boiling” since 1980. The massage equipment has become in demand almost immediately. Ten years later the manufacturers decided to create a concern. In 2015, after lengthy negotiations, a large Pan-Asian concern iRest appeared. The modern company stands out among the rest with its innovative Japanese developments, high Korean quality and Chinese price policy. All the characteristics together allow you to call the brand one of the best brands for the production of massage equipment on the world market.

A few years ago iRest expanded not only the range of products, but also increased the number of experienced employees to 3.5 thousand people. The entire staff is subject to mandatory certification, which allows us to have confidence in the reliability of products. The technical control department employs specialists of the famous company LG, so the best quality is guaranteed. Manufacturers use only environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of massage capes. They are designed for car seats and for chairs in the home or office. Consumers appreciate the quality of the products and enjoy the correspondence of the functionality of the equipment with the price policy.

7 Homedics

About a quarter century ago, a company called Homedics entered the market. Its founders were Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman. Talented and motivated young men literally became famous in their country right away. And products became popular with the invention of a massage cloak, which at that time was a unique means of relaxation and recovery. Over the years, manufacturers have expanded the range and brought the brand to the world stage. It became a worthy competitor among similar ones and won a large audience of customers. The company’s work focused on the production of health and beauty products. Responsible founders began to be trusted for the quality and reliability of the goods.

In today’s market the brand stands out among other similar ones. Each part of the massage cape meets all international quality standards. The equipment is famous for its durability. Operation of this type of tool brings pleasure and positive results. Installing it at home, you can sit in a chair and relax after a hard day’s work. Products are made of high quality materials and under the close attention of health professionals.

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German manufacturer MEDISANA has been caring for the well-being of its customers for 30 years. The company carefully monitors the quality of products, but also develops devices in accordance with the needs of ordinary people. All models of massage capes meet the following criteria:

  • safety of application;
  • operative control over the state of health;
  • well-being;
  • Solve many health problems anywhere and anytime.

MEDISANA massage capes are made of a structural material that allows them to accumulate heat and reflect infrared waves. Ergonomics of the cape corresponds to human anatomy. Comfort and convenience is achieved by adding orthopedic elements. Form of massage capes meets all the requirements of safe driving. The German manufacturer took into account this nuance. Most models of the capes have a vibration massage function, which has the property of automatic switching off. Thanks to it you can quickly eliminate pain in the lower back, shoulder blades, neck, which is indispensable on long trips. MEDISANA is one of the leading specialists in the field of preventive health care.

5 Gezatone

The French company Gezatone is a world-famous brand that is easily recognized in Europe. At the moment the firm specializes in health and beauty products. Massage capes are popular due to a number of advantages and low prices. Their advantages include the widest range of products, excellent quality, reasonable prices and a high warranty. Thanks to the positive feedback from customers and the high demand for the products, we can say that the massage cloaks Gezatone has no equal.

In the functional capes include the following types of massage:

  • cam;
  • roller;
  • Shiatsu;
  • vibration.

Additional features include infrared heating. The size of the capes is quite compact, they are firmly attached to the seat. The upholstery material is very durable, it will retain its presentable appearance for a long time. The device allows you to work the muscles of the back and neck, lower back, hips and buttocks. It will eliminate pain and cramps, relieve fatigue and give energy. The main advantage of all the cloaks Gezatone – effectiveness, simplicity and affordability. Like other massage cloaks Gezatone has contraindications. Therefore, before using her need to consult a doctor.

4 Yamaguchi

According to users, this is one of the best suppliers of massage capes. Yamaguchi is a subsidiary of the American US MEDICA and several Japanese massage equipment companies. It ranks at the top in terms of size and speed of sales, and has a huge stock of products. The next development of the company is a massage cape, which can relieve tension, discomfort and pain in the shoulder zone, back or lower back. Yamaguchi massage capes are always of quality and reliability. The company’s equipment provides the most comfortable procedures and meets all safety requirements.

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The capes are fastened, as a rule, with elastic straps. The convenience of the equipment is that it conforms to all the curves of the body. The vibromassage mechanisms are dispersed over the entire surface of the product. Some models Yamaguchi support infrared heating and cooling functions (special ventilation ducts let the cool air in thanks to a built-in compressor). Users note a high level of comfort when using a massage cushion from Yamaguchi.

3 US Medica

The brand was founded by friends Wilson Foster and James Arlen in Wilmington in 1987. The two of them started with the production of massage equipment and made the company famous with quality products. In the U.S. it instantly became in demand and within a few years US Medica entered the world, conquering the customers with stylish and practical capes, which improved the health of users. Today the company occupies leading positions in world ratings. A huge range allows you to choose the right equipment for every customer.

Thanks to nanotechnology production, equipped with the latest optimization programs, massage capes are reliable and durable. The design and development of the design is carried out by the best employees, who are able to fulfill any order of the consumer. Chairs with these capes will be characterized by comfort and convenience. Equipment can be adjusted to the individual parameters of each person. It will benefit the back, improve blood circulation and get rid of pain. Most users not without reason prefer the brand US Medica and recommend its products for purchase.

2 Hansun

Quite a well-known firm engaged in the production of physical therapy and massage equipment. Its products can be called a true work of art. Experienced engineers create multifunctional massagers, which for a considerable period of time delight the customers. Capes company has always been known for its pleasing designs and quality materials. In addition, the products are tested by physical therapists, who subsequently recommend Hansun brand products. Unique styles and functions make customers pay attention to the products of the brand.

Every year, increasing its potential, Hansun began to occupy a worthy place in the European rankings and give healthy competition to similar firms. Strict quality criteria and careful control of the production process has allowed the brand products to be the most popular in today’s market. The perfect combination of price policy and reliability helps to expand the audience of consumers. Massage capes are famous for their practicality and increased comfort. The products receive the best comments from customers and are valued for their excellent quality and durability.

1 Casada

German manufacturing has always been known for the excellent quality of its products. The company Casada is no exception. It has been in operation for about 20 years. During this time, the brand has become one of the most recognized on the market, working in 38 countries. The homeland of the company is Germany. There are about 3 thousand employees of the brand on the planet. They undergo constant training to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge in the field of innovation. Each product is tested by experienced engineers, which allows customers to not doubt the quality of the equipment for a second.

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Blood circulation, the nervous and immune system – all this comes to norm thanks to massage capes from Casada. In addition, they are able to actively regenerate the body, fill the body with energy and increase physical endurance. Putting the cloak Casada in the car seat, you can on your way home or at work to relieve muscle tension and pain. The company is worthy of the mission of improving the health of the population around the world. Her products are recommended by customers and even doctors-specialists. Reliability and quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Caution! The above information is not a guide to purchase. For any advice you should contact professionals!

11 best massage chairs

*Review of the best in the opinion of the editors About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Installing the massage chair is not possible in all rooms due to limited space, but this is not a reason to deny yourself an electronic masseur! One of the latest developments in this area – a special cape, which can be put on the chair, on a sofa, even on the driver’s seat. Inside – rollers, vibration mechanisms, infrared heater – “stuffing” in models can be different, often determined by the value of the product. We present the rating, which included 11 of the best massage capes in two price categories: inexpensive and premium.

How to choose a massage cape

Manufacturers are working to expand the line of massage capes, improving the individual parameters of the devices. Experts offer some tips for the right choice.

The capes come in two varieties:

  1. Passive , which are threaded on thick strings of wooden or plastic balls, cylinders. They do not have an electric drive. They are still used by truck drivers, cab drivers. The massage is carried out when the body moves on the cape, there is a slight local stimulation of blood flow.
  2. Active capes are powered by the electric network. They have varying degrees of impact, depending on the type of massage and model of the device. These are presented in our review .

Massage capes of the active type according to the method of action can be:

  1. Rollers with a rigid frame . In the back and seat of such built in massage rollers and heads moving on a given trajectory, they have a smoothing and massaging effect on the back and lumbar zone. For the installation need only 2 points of support for a rigid frame, but requires compliance with the allowable weight of the body to preserve the integrity of the mechanisms.
  2. Vibrating work from impulse currents, can create the effect of vibration, tapping, pulsation. The intensity is determined by the number of built-in motors and the settings of exposure. Vibration capes are thin, usually have a slight load limit, suitable for laying on any surface, including the floor.
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What else we recommend to pay attention to when choosing:

  1. The presence of infrared heating over the entire surface or on individual areas helps to increase the depth of the massage pulses and helps relieve chronic pain.
  2. Type of connection to the network. The capes can be equipped with a USB-port, a regular plug, or can be equipped with a car cigarette lighter plug.
  3. The number of programs and the ability to regulate the intensity of the action.
  4. The presence of a timer will help to adjust the exposure time to achieve the optimum effect of the massage.
  5. The manufacturer puts the main set of functions into the capes, depending on their purpose:
  6. Office ones have a supportive and invigorating effect;
  7. Home ones, including those for horizontal application, have a relaxing effect;
  8. Automotive ones to keep you awake and prevent lumbar, back, and buttock stiffness.

Rating of the best massage capes

Nomination place product name price
Best inexpensive massage capes 1 Medisana MCN 11 300 ₽
2 Gezatone AMG 399 9 134 ₽
3 Yamaguchi Drive 8 900 ₽
4 Medisana MC 810 3 890 ₽
5 Medisana MCH 2 990 ₽
6 Gezatone AMG 388 2 513 ₽
The best premium massage capes 1 Casada Quattromed 3 19 900 ₽
2 OTO Wonder Back 19 900 ₽
3 Yamaguchi Yamato 17 800 ₽
4 Beurer MG 295 13 900 ₽
5 Sensa RT-2130 18 700 ₽

Best inexpensive massage capes

Experts have identified 6 inexpensive massage recliners with basic functions for the office, car, and home.

Medisana MCN.

Medisana MCN

The Medisana MCN cloak receives favorable user reviews and the first place in the rating. This device of the roller-vibrating type has a rolling impact by massage heads on the back from the shoulder girdle to the lumbar, the intensity of massage can be adjusted in 3 modes, and also connect an additional infrared heating. For kneading the neck and shoulder girdle, there is a special unit with protruding covering parts. Their width is not adjustable, so it will be difficult for overweight people to sit on the cloak. The massage time is limited to 15 minutes, after which the motor power is turned off. For switching programs and adjusting the degree of exposure is responsible keypad, it allows you to select zones of massage, which can be run individually.

Medisana MCN is suitable for home and office use, not for use in car. It is connected to an electric socket and can be secured to the chair with two clasps. The only thing that the manufacturer does not specify is the limitation in terms of height, people over 170 cm cannot enjoy full massage – the distance from the seat to the neck rollers is insignificantly adjustable.

Transporting bolt after the initial unpacking of the cape can not be screwed in again!

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