How to choose the best phone holder for your car

Best phone holders for the car in 2022

The smartphone is an indispensable item in the car. It can be used for GPS navigation, emergency calls, and more. However, the inability to hold it in your hands has forced companies to develop special devices. KP made a rating of the best holders for the phone in the car in 2022

Best Holders for your phone in the car 2022

The need to constantly stay in touch daily haunts a person in today’s world. He cannot escape from this need, even while driving. However, carelessness and switching attention to the gadget can lead to dire consequences. Fortunately, global manufacturers of technology have found a solution to this problem – a car phone holder. This device allows you to fix your smartphone on the dashboard at the desired angle. So the driver can get information practically without taking his eyes off the road. However, a huge range of these devices in stores makes the choice a difficult task. Thus, devices differ in type, mounting method and material of which they are made. KP made a rating of the best holders for phone in the car in 2022, and analyzed in detail their differences.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

1. Holder with wireless charging Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W

Holder with wireless charging Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W

Opens our selection device Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W. Thanks to the case made of high quality material, the equipment does not overheat during operation. Stylish design that will fit perfectly into the interior of any car. Also, this holder has a recharging function. However, it works only with those smartphones that support the Qi standard.


Ppyple Dash-NT Car holder

On the second place of our list is the car holder Ppyple Dash-NT. It can be installed on the vehicle’s torpedo with a vacuum suction cup, which is reinforced with a silicone cushion. The device is easy to adjust. Smartphone screen attached to the Ppyple Dash-NT can be rotated 360 degrees.

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Wireless Charging Holder Skyway Race-X

Skyway Race-X car holder is made in matte black. The sleek design is perfect for any car. On the front side of the device are sensors. They react to your smartphone’s proximity to the holder and automatically move the side clips apart. The gadget is also equipped with wireless charging. However, it only works with phones that support Qi.


Belkin Car Vent Mount (F7U017bt)

The Belkin Car Vent Mount car holder with swivel design is made in a modern design. It is installed in the deflector grille and does not obstruct the driver’s view. The device can rotate 180 degrees, so you can fix the phone in a horizontal or vertical position.


Belkin Car Cup Mount (F8J168bt)

Belkin Car Cup Mount (F8J168bt) car holder, which is designed to securely fix your communicator in the cup holder. The device rotates 360 degrees. You can also adjust the tilt angle and base of the holder. The gadget will fit most smartphones that are on the market today.


Remax RM-C39 Car Holder

The sixth place of our rating was taken by the car holder Remax RM-C39. In this device the smartphone is inserted in one movement, and the sensor mechanism automatically fixes it with clamps. The hinged design allows you to easily adjust the position of the holder. It also has fast wireless charging that works with Qi-compatible phones.


Wireless Charging Holder Baseus Light Electric

The equipment of this device allows you to install it in the deflector, on the torpedo or on the windshield. The phone is fixed inside the holder thanks to touch technology. High-quality plastic will not leave marks on the surface of the car interior. Modern design of the gadget will fit perfectly into any car interior.


Wireless Charging Holder MOMAX Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount CM7a

This device is made in a simple and strict design. To hold your smartphone securely, it has clips on the sides and bottom of the design. The MOMAX Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount CM7a supports the Qi wireless charging standard. It switches itself off when the charge on your smartphone reaches 100 percent. The holder has two attachment methods: with a clip on the air duct and with Velcro on any surface.

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Goodly Smart Sensor R1 Wireless Charging Car Holder for Cell Phones

Universal model Goodly Smart Sensor R1 combines the holder and charger for your smartphone. A clever safety system prevents overheating and overcharging your device. It also keeps your gadget from power surges. A wide range of charging field allows you to insert a smartphone in a case in this device. The holder is installed on the air duct with the help of a clothespin with silicone coating.


Holder with wireless charging Deppa Crab IQ

Closes our top ten holder with wireless charging Deppa Crab IQ. It features an adjustable boom. It comes with two attachment options. The first on the air duct, and the second on the windshield. You can also carefully adjust the tilt and position of the device. In addition, the package includes a USB cable of standard length. The body of the device is made of matte plastic, which looks harmoniously in the cabin of the car.

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Auto Accessories

In today’s world, you can’t do without a smartphone even while driving a car. But being distracted on the road is dangerous to life, so phones are attached to the dashboard on special holders. Visually, these devices look the same, but in practice there are many differences between them. Rating of the best car holders for 2022 will help not to be confused at the store counter and not to make a wrong choice.

Expert’s choice:

Model Price
1. Hoco CA23 Lotto from 500 rubles
2. Baseus Magnetic Air Vent Car Holder from 600 rubles
3. Deppa Crab CD from 1300 rubles
4. Baseus Cube Gravity Vehicle-mounted Holder from 500 rubles
5. Kenu Airframe Wireless from 3500 rubles

Mini rating

Important parameters of the car holder

Automobile Holder Options

Car holder

Stand for a cell phone in the car to choose quite difficult. But if you rely on the following criteria, the choice becomes much easier:

  1. Quality of materials . They should not crumble, look flimsy or crumple when pressed.
  2. Assembly. Pay attention to the fact that the device did not have chips, scratches, poorly fitted joints.
  3. Dimensions . The optimal size is the smallest possible. Then the retainer will not block the view and will not interfere with the driver.
  4. Design. In this matter, rely on your own preferences. Some drivers like accent clips for smartphones, others prefer models that are inconspicuous and merge with the overall style of the interior.

Important: Everyone also chooses the type of holder, based on their understanding of convenience. The main thing is that the device should be fixed firmly and won’t fly off on a bump or during a sharp turn.

Holder types

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The best holder for the phone in the car necessarily meets the needs of the driver. Therefore, it is extremely important to correctly choose “your” type of mount:

  1. On the suction cup . The most common option that allows you to fix the cell phone on the windshield or dashboard. But such mountings are short-lived, and with temperature changes and at all lose their properties.
  2. Velcro mat . One of the simplest options – it is made of silicone, studded on one side with mini suckers. The mat is quite reliable, but for vertical surfaces it is useless.
  3. Holder for the steering wheel . It is made of silicone or rubber and allows you to fix the smartphone directly on the steering wheel. The device is reliable, but in an emergency situation interferes with the correct grip on the steering wheel.
  4. Mounting in the CD-slot . Implemented in two versions – magnets and fixing the frame. In principle both modifications are convenient, but with their installation the driver can listen only to the radio or already inserted disc without the possibility of its quick change.
  5. Mounting on the air duct grille . Devices of this type are very convenient and reliable. But in the winter time when the heater is on, the smartphone will be heated and will eventually fail.
  6. Magnetic mount. Another popular option with a wide range of forms and fixation options. But such devices do not withstand a ride on bumps – the phone will fall out and can break.

Holder for a smartphone what company is better to choose

Quality devices are simple, reliable and cost above average. But they will last a long time and will not give any trouble to the owners. The best brands in the segment are considered:

  • Belkin International – the company makes devices for large smartphones;
  • iOttie – the brand specializes in devices that are fixed in the CD-slot;
  • Kenu – the best choice for owners of small mobile devices;
  • Nite Ize – the hallmark of clips of this brand is compact;
  • Onetto – the company produces holders for bulky smartphone models;
  • Ppyple – ideal for those who prefer to drive fast and aggressively.
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Rating of the best phone holders for the car

The best models of holders are:

  • GETIHU Mini Air Vent Holder;
  • Baseus Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount;
  • Baseus Smart Vehicle Bracket Wireless Charger (WXZN-B01);
  • Baseus Cube Gravity Vehicle-mounted Holder;
  • Airline AMS-F-06 – with USB charging.

Best Magnetic Holders.

An affordable mount that allows you to fix your smartphone on almost any surface.

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