How to choose the right car air conditioner cleaner

Best Car Air Conditioner Cleaners

The car air conditioning system is an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Bacteria become the cause of unpleasant odor, deterioration of the well-being of the driver and passengers. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to clean the air system once a year. The best car air conditioner cleaners, which can be used by the car owner himself, will help in this. The team decided to find out which means are the most effective.

the best car air conditioner cleaners

For the review were selected products of well-known brands with a good reputation. Experts checked the effectiveness, safety, features of use. Car owners’ reviews of air conditioner cleaners, the opinions of the masters of service stations were taken into account. The main attention was paid to the following parameters:

  • Type – produce foam, aerosol compositions and smoke bombs;
  • Safety – the components must not harm people and car equipment;
  • Purpose – can clean, disinfect, remove extraneous odors;
  • Consumption – affects the profitability of the application.

Poor quality of getting rid of dirt, activation of corrosion or deformation of plastic, unpleasant odor that remains in the cabin for a long time – products with such characteristics were excluded from our rating.

Car air fresheners

The Best Foam Car Air Conditioner Cleaners

Foam is primed through the condensate drain tube, fills the space, and cleans the evaporator and tubes. The spent compound turns into a liquid after a few minutes, in which dissolved dirt collects. The mixture drains out through the drain tube. The foam car air conditioner cleaner is supplied with a tube through which the auto chemical is easily pumped into the system.

StepUp Air Conditioner Cleaner & Disinfectant

The American manufacturer produces professional and semi-professional car chemistry. The latest developments of chemists are used in the production process, which is a guarantee of high quality of the used compositions. Car air conditioner foam cleaner Step Up is no exception to this rule, regularly appearing in the top ratings of prestigious specialized magazines. The products are used not only by motorists, but also at service stations.

Auto chemical is designed to remove dirt and fight against pathogens. It effectively destroys mold, fungi, plant spores, which cause allergic reactions, viruses and bacteria. After treatment, a film is formed on the internal surfaces of the air supply system, which prevents the accumulation of microflora and reproduction.


  • Good at dissolving dirt that has accumulated over the years;
  • Pleasant fragrance;
  • Gets rid of greasy dirt;
  • Economical use.


The manufacturer makes an extension hose for this product, which makes it easier to get the foam into the system and helps fix it in the tubes for a while until the surfactant eats away the dirt. The hose is reusable and is said to be highly flexible.

Astrohim AC-8606

Convenient and effective product in a 650 ml can made in Russia. Comes with a tube through which the foam is fed into the drainage hole or air intake. The compound easily penetrates through the pipes of the system and quickly appears in the deflector grills. It is enough to leave the foam in the air ducts for 10-15 minutes and its components will dissolve the dirt and destroy the bacteria and fungus.

Astrohim AC-8606

It contains antibacterial additives that are safe for human health. Well disinfects air conditioning system. Forms a protective film that prevents the appearance of microflora for six months. After completing the cleaning, all you have to do is dry the air ducts by turning on the cabin heating for 10 minutes.


  • Fresh scent;
  • Removes the smell of rot;
  • Low price;
  • Elastic tube.


  • Unstable valve operation.


  • Pleasant menthol scent;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Removes stubborn dirt well;
  • Reliable valve.
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  • Unreliable tip on probe.

Plak – UT000000703.

Products from the Italian manufacturer appeal to the pleasant citrus fruit scent that remains after treatment. It is used for cleaning heavy dirt, copes well with the disinfection of air ducts. The components of the product quickly remove bacteria, pathogenic microflora, plant spores that can cause allergies. After treatment the microorganisms do not multiply in the ducts for 5-6 months.

Supplied with a probe, which is securely fixed to the sprayer valve. Forms a dense, stable foam, which falls off within 15 minutes, washing solid particles through the drain. One canister is enough for a complete treatment of the evaporator and spigots, re-cleaning can be done after a year.

Plak - UT000000703


  • Convenient probe;
  • Reliable, stable valve that works;
  • Low price;
  • Foam does not settle, improving the quality of cleaning.


  • Rarely found in stores.

The best aerosol car air conditioner cleaners

Aerosols are more gentle on dirt, but are just as effective at controlling pathogens. It is sprayed through the air ducts or drain tube. Aerosol car air conditioner cleaner has disinfecting properties and is low in price. The convenient form factor makes it easy to use, which attracts car owners to this type of cleaner.

Ruseff Air Conditioner Cleaner

A young Russian company offers effective auto-chemistry of quick action. One of the most popular products is an aerosol product for air conditioner care. The composition eliminates unpleasant odors, destroys bacteria and microbes. It forms a film on the surface of the heat exchanger, which prevents the development of microorganisms.

Ruseff Air Conditioner Cleaner

It is completed with a probe with a spray nozzle, which forms a fine mist that penetrates into all corners of the ventilation system. After treatment the air is fresh and no heavy odor spreads from the deflectors. Among the components is a corrosion inhibitor that protects metal parts from rust. Designed with the climatic characteristics of Russia in mind, it can be used in any region.


  • Prompt treatment;
  • High content of surfactants which wash out dust and garbage;
  • Absence of salts in the formulation, which can cause the appearance of plaque;
  • Prolonged action antimicrobial additives;
  • Low price.


Kerry KR-916

The Russian brand has been known to car enthusiasts for more than 20 years and has a good reputation. Professional car chemicals for ventilation and air conditioning disinfection effectively clean dirt, remove mold and fungus. Aerosol eliminates allergens from the spigots, creates a film that prevents the accumulation of bacteria. It can be used without disassembling the front panel.

The aerosol composition is sprayed with a probe, which is securely attached to the valve. The tube is elastic, bends well, does not kink. Contaminants are dissolved within 8-10 minutes, after which the dirty water flows out through the spigot. The production uses eucalyptus and menthol fragrance, which makes the air gentle, pleasant.


  • Economical consumption;
  • Shelf life – 12 months;
  • Components include corrosion inhibitors;
  • Good removes unpleasant odors.


  • Does not remove tough dirt.

Liqui Moly Klima Refresh

A German manufacturer of effective car chemistry has developed a formulation for cars and trucks. The formulation is based on a new generation of biocidal components, which are designed to combat the focal accumulations of fungus and bacteria. Microorganisms are eliminated not only in the air ducts and evaporator, but also in the cabin.

Liqui Moly Klima Refresh

Sprayed in front of air intake deflector with closed windows. Spreads throughout the system, penetrating into small gaps and killing harmful microorganisms. Treatment does not take more than 10 minutes. The aerosol is characterized by a pleasant fresh scent and creates a comfortable atmosphere in the car. Can be used without removing the cabin filter.


  • Easy to use;
  • Prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odors;
  • Creates a hostile environment for bacteria;
  • Reliable sprayer.
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  • Overpriced.

Runway RW6122.

The Chinese manufacturer offers an inexpensive, but effective auto-chemicals. This professional cleaner is created with an allowance for the climatic peculiarities of our country. Bactericidal components, safe for people, are used for its production, quickly removing germs and bacteria from the air supply system. It is sprayed through the drain or inlet grills of air intakes.

Runway RW6122

It takes 15 minutes to treat the inside surfaces of the ducts and evaporator. During this time a film is formed, which protects metal parts from corrosion and, at the same time, an environment unfavorable to bacterial growth. It can be used for disinfection of domestic split-systems. After application, a faint pleasant fragrance remains, which wears off in 4-5 days, which is relevant when using a freshener.


  • Low price;
  • Tube with the deflector included;
  • Economical;
  • Available in many stores.


  • Doesn’t handle tough dirt.

Best air conditioner cleaner smoke bombs

Smoke bomb can clean the air ducts from germs, bacilli, and the interior from unpleasant odor. Once activated, bactericidal steam is released, penetrating into all crevices. Before triggering it is enough to turn on air recirculation. In 10-15 minutes, the steam will kill microorganisms, fungus and mold, and neutralize tobacco smoke. This product is not designed for removing the dirt from the air ducts.

Aim-One (CA-200)

The products of the Russian company are created on the basis of components developed and manufactured by leading Japanese chemical corporations. It is recommended to use this product when unpleasant odors appear in the passenger compartment.

The product is designed to neutralize tobacco odors. After activation, it emits a bactericidal vapor that absorbs the unpleasant stench, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the passenger compartment.

Antitobacco smoke contains silver nano-ions that kill pathogenic microflora, which is the cause of the stench. Silver particles are deposited on the upholstery, in air ducts and create an environment unfavorable for the development of bacilli and microbes. The composition is effective from the first application. Recommended for pre-sale preparation, scheduled maintenance of the car interior.

Car Air Conditioner Smoke Grenade Aim-One Ca200


  • Low retail price;
  • Easy application that does not require preparation;
  • Does not have negative effect on upholstery materials;
  • Intense interior treatment.


  • Does not remove dirt.

How to choose a car air conditioner cleaner

It is necessary to choose an auto chemical with regard to the condition of the air conditioning system, the frequency of its maintenance. This will help to accurately determine the type of cleaner, its main purpose. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition, equipment and features of application. Only taking into account these characteristics, you can choose a tool that can cope with the tasks.

Type of cleaner

Produce foam and aerosol means, smoke bombs. Compounds differ in the intensity of the impact. Foam tops the ratings of car air conditioner cleaners due to its ability to remove dirt from the spigots. The composition of this auto chemical contains surface-active substances, which break down and bind solid particles. After settling, the foam turns into water, flowing out with the dirt through the drain.

Aerosol formulations are less effective at fighting dirt, but are good at controlling pathogenic microflora. Means are used for regular cleaning: twice a year. This allows you not only to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the cabin, but also prevents the formation of plaque on the inner surfaces of the air system.

Smoke bombs are not designed to remove dirt. This product is used to remove heavy odors and their causes – microbes, fungus, mold.


Car owners can buy products with special additives in the composition. Corrosion inhibitors will protect against rust on metal parts. Silver ions will increase the effectiveness against microorganisms. Surfactants will help to clean the pipes from contaminants. Absorbents have good adsorbing properties, get rid of tobacco aromas, dampness, missing sour products. All components must be safe for humans and not cause allergic reactions.

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To fight impurities – use foam. To clean the bacillus and fungus will help aerosol. To cope with unpleasant odors, you can use a smoke bomb. Means have an additional purpose: anti-corrosion treatment, creating an unfavorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms, removal of certain odors from the cabin.

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What is the best car air conditioner cleaner

Means differ in the technology of application, for this reason to choose which air conditioner cleaner is the best, it is necessary based not only on efficiency, but also on the peculiarities of use. Affects the choice and the level of contamination by dust, dirt. The team recommends the following products, taking into account your goals:

  • StepUp Air Conditioner – for cleaning dirty air ducts;
  • Lavr LN1750 – for scheduled maintenance in difficult operating conditions;
  • Ruseff – the choice of owners of domestic cars;
  • Liqui Moly – will help to perform regular maintenance of a prestigious SUV;
  • Car Air Conditioner Smoke Grenade – will get rid of tobacco odor.

Which composition is better? All of the brands presented in the review are worthy of car owners’ attention, but only the most effective ones have earned positive reviews from all the experts.

10 best car air conditioning cleaners

Alyona Usmanova

The air conditioning system in cars gradually gets clogged with dust. Because of the moisture in it begins to form mold, fungi, in general create favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic organisms. This leads to an unpleasant odor in the cabin. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the air conditioner periodically. It is possible to do it in any service station, but it usually costs a considerable sum of money and takes time. Therefore, many motorists resort to the use of special agents, which provide a cleansing and deodorizing effect without disassembling the system. Today, we invite you to take a look at the ranking of the best car air conditioner cleaners.

Top 10 Best Car Air Conditioner Cleaners

10 Motip “Black Line”

★ Pleasant orange fragrance, long-lasting freshness Country: Netherlands Average price: 420 rubles Rating (2022): 4.5

A fairly high quality car care products made in the Netherlands. Different from other products is a very strong smell, even after a few days after cleaning. Also works well with its direct purpose – it perfectly cleans all dust, dirt, removes the mustiness and dampness. The scent of orange is strong, but unobtrusive. In the range of the manufacturer there is a similar product with the scent of lavender.

Users often write that it is very easy to use, but at the same time they complain about the small volume of the bottle (only 150 ml). In general, however, they consider it an excellent option for cleaning the air conditioning system, recommending its use at least once a year.

9 Eltrans “Pine needles”.

The manufacturer positions its product as a highly effective cleaner for car air conditioners, which is able to cope with all kinds of contaminants, fungus, mold and bacteria. In fact, it does not give such a pronounced cleaning effect, but it does remove odors wonderfully. Therefore, most motorists tend to consider it more of a neutralizer of unpleasant odors and a deodorizer, rather than a full-fledged cleaner.

In spite of this, they recommend it for periodic use, when you just need to refresh the air conditioning system when there are not too pleasant smells in the cabin. Among the disadvantages are complaints about the sharp smell of chlorine right when using, which then evaporates within an hour.

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8 Kangaroo “Aircon Deodorizer”

★ Maximum number of positive reviews Country: South Korea Average price: 550 rubles. Rating (2022): 4.6

This Korean-made product will help quickly clean the air conditioner and heater in the car from accumulated dust and dirt, leaving only a light scent of freshness. The cleanser-desodorant copes especially well with the musty smell of dampness – it disappears immediately after processing. The manufacturer promises that his product eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and for a long time does not allow them to multiply again. Thanks to the nanosilver content, it neutralizes staphylococci, E. coli. This cleanser, antibacterial and deodorant has passed all necessary safety tests.

Despite the rather high cost compared to other cleaners, this product is popular among buyers, as evidenced by the presence of a large number of positive reviews. In them, users write that at the beginning of treatment the smell is very pungent and unpleasant due to the presence of active cleaning agents, but by the end of the procedure it is already evaporated. Dirt from the air conditioning and heating system is washed out perfectly. This is one of the few products that satisfy the users in every way.

7 ASTROhim

★ Effective refreshment with natural essential oils Country: Russia Average price: 215 rubles Rating (2022): 4.7

This brand of air conditioner cleaners already has regular customers, who consider them the best. Special detergents effectively dissolve dust and dirt, antibacterial additives help get rid of fungus, mold, viruses and other pathogens. A natural essential oils of mint, fir and juniper provide long-lasting freshness and a pleasant aroma in the car interior.

Customer feedback proves that all the properties declared by the manufacturer are completely true. Therefore, when it is necessary to repeat cleaning, car enthusiasts again purchase this inexpensive and effective product, which gives a long-lasting effect of freshness in the car interior. Additionally, they note the very detailed instructions, which just comes in handy when cleaning the air conditioner for the first time. Of the disadvantages – small volume and a pungent smell in the first ten minutes after use.


★ Best product for all types of transport Country: Russia Average price: 350 rubles Rating (2022): 4.7

This product is really praised by users for its low cost and always the best result. This Russian-made air conditioner cleaner does an excellent job of cleaning even the most neglected cases. The manufacturer assures that it eliminates mold, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms that can have a negative effect on people. It’s impossible to check it in everyday conditions, but the product can definitely cope with dirt, dust and unpleasant odors, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of users.

After cleaning, the air in the cabin becomes very fresh, with a clear but unobtrusive smell of menthol. It is nice that this effect lasts for quite a long time. The cleaner is designed exclusively for car air conditioners, but for all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, passengers. The product has all the necessary certificates confirming its safety for humans. Minus – a very small volume of the bottle.

5 Runway

This tool users refer to the category of “cheap and sulfuric”. The Chinese manufacturer for a low cost offers an effective tool with long-lasting action – a film is formed on all treated surfaces, preventing the accumulation of dust and reproduction of bacteria. The cleaner is positioned as human- and pet-friendly, suitable for cleaning car and household air conditioners.

Despite the very low cost compared to similar products, this air conditioner cleaner for cars shows the best side and collects a lot of positive feedback. People see no point in overpaying for a promoted brand if Runway quickly copes with the task of cleaning and provides a sufficiently long-lasting effect. The disadvantages include only the small volume, sometimes you have to buy two bottles at once for full-fledged cleaning of a heavily soiled air conditioner.

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Inexpensive but quite effective product with a slight smell of menthol and eucalyptus. Suitable for cleaning car and household air conditioners, that is why it is in great demand among customers. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredients of the product effectively fight not only dust, but also a variety of pathogens – viruses, fungi, mold.

To use the cleaner one does not need to disassemble the air conditioner – the liquid is poured through a special pipe that comes in a set. From the pluses, the buyers point out the clear instruction for self-cleaning of AC, the presence of a convenient tube, and the low price in comparison with other similar means. But they meet complaints about the short-lived effect – the feeling of freshness disappears very quickly.

3 Liqui Moly

Professional air conditioner cleaner is suitable for any car – cars, trucks, passenger cars. Special substances in the product provide high quality and long-lasting cleaning, which should be repeated not more than once a year. The cleaner copes with different types of dirt, cleans up dust, suppresses fungi, bacteria and viruses. At the same time, the composition of the product is absolutely safe for humans.

Buyers often mention in their reviews a pleasant citrus smell, which does not evaporate long after rinsing. But some users find the cost quite high, since the volume of the bottle is small and for a full cleaning you often have to order two at once. For the price, it is comparable with an air conditioner cleaning in a service station.

2 Step Up

An air conditioner cleaner made in the USA is mainly designed for cars. Because of its high efficiency, it belongs to the category of professional products – this cleaner is often used in service stations. It cuts through all kinds of dirt quickly and efficiently, without disassembly, including fungus, viruses, mold, and just plain dust. After using the cleaner, a film remains on all treated internal surfaces, which prevents the re-development of bacteria for some time.

Feedback from users confirm that the product perfectly copes with the task of cleaning the air conditioner of the car. After using it, the dusty and musty smell disappears, a pleasant freshness appears, and the air conditioner starts working better. Of the additional advantages of buyers allocate a large volume of bottle and quite acceptable cost. The only little disadvantage is that there is no a pipe for filling the conditioner, you have to buy it separately, that increases a total cost.

1 LAVR “Antibacterial”

Inexpensive product with antibacterial effect Country: Russia Average price: 300 rub. Rating (2022): 5.0

Air conditioner foam cleaner with antibacterial effect easily copes with fungus, mold and bacteria, thus significantly reducing the likelihood of allergies and various diseases caused by these pathogens. It not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also prevents the further development of bacteria. Cleaning takes very little time – no more than 20 minutes.

In reviews, users write that the product has a very pleasant smell of eucalyptus and menthol, copes well with dust and other small impurities, the air in the cabin becomes fresh. But for a heavily soiled air conditioner, buyers recommend considering more powerful products. The disadvantages include a short tube, which comes in a set, and not too stable foam, which quickly turns into a liquid.

Attention! The above information is not a guide to the purchase. Any advice should be sought from an expert!

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