How to connect and use Torque

How to properly connect, configure and use the Torque application

The use of a large number of electronics, various sensors and controllers has significantly expanded the possibilities for diagnosing the condition of the vehicle. In order to monitor certain parameters you do not need to go to a car service center, connect to computers and conduct complex diagnostic activities.

Using the Torque App

In today’s world, you can find out about the technical condition of your own car with the help of a simple smartphone, which almost everyone has.

To access information about the vehicle, you will need to install special software, connect to the car and perform certain settings.

In this area, one of the most popular and functional applications is deservedly considered a program called Torque. It is necessary to understand its capabilities, as well as the nuances of the application in the work with the car.

Getting to know the program

In fact, there is absolutely nothing difficult to install, configure and use the presented software.

In fact, it is a mobile application designed to diagnose your own vehicle. When connected and entering some parameters, the smartphone turns into a multifunctional on-board computer. With its help, the driver has a real opportunity to monitor the indicators of the car, keep track of current parameters, collect statistics and more.

The software connects to the car using the Bluetooth wireless access system. To download the application, you will need to go to the appropriate Market, where different software is available for smartphones running the Android operating system.

Be careful, as the program is available in paid and free versions. But we will talk about this a little later.

The main features of the application include the following functionality:

  • Customizing the program to your specific needs and requirements;
  • full-fledged diagnostics of the state of the power plant of the car;
  • readout of additional devices and different systems, depending on the make, model and configuration;
  • Reading engine errors and their removal from the ECU;
  • displaying such indicators as speed, oil temperature, engine temperature, fuel quantity and not only in online mode on smartphone display;
  • collection of statistical data for average consumption, mileage, etc;
  • 7 working tables, which can be customized, to display the necessary gauges;
  • formation of graphs, dials and digital display of parameters;
  • Different options of notification of the information from the sensors;
  • saving the traveled route, the possibility of displaying it on a computer, etc.

The program really has a huge potential. In many respects it depends on how many sensors are provided on your vehicle.

After all, the software collects information from the controllers themselves in the car, connects to the electronic unit and combines all these parameters within one smartphone. This is a full-fledged on-board computer, which is capable of significantly exceeding the capabilities of the regular on-board unit installed in the car from the factory.

Features of the application interface

If you want to seriously engage in control and diagnostics of your car, prefer to conduct a series of preventive and repair work, then the most appropriate solution would be to install the paid version of Torque.

Interface Features

Users are understandably curious about how the Pro version of Torque differs from the Lite version and if it is worth paying money for this difference when you can get the free program.

It directly depends on what you want to get from the program. The paid version has more functionality, it’s easier to use and gives you access to additional options.

If you have several cars, you can create several different profiles for each vehicle simultaneously in the paid application instead of buying several smartphones and installing the free version on them. Pro is also able to automatically activate the Bluetooth port, which is important in terms of the comfort of using the software. Detailed settings, additional widgets and nuances of the interface distinguish Pro from Lite.

As for the interface itself, when you turn on the program and launch it on the smartphone is displayed:

  • dashboard;
  • icon to read the error codes;
  • code decoding;
  • map;
  • location;
  • average speed;
  • the distance traveled, etc.
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In fact, an extensive list of important and useful information for the driver can be displayed on the screen. In particular, the motorist can instantly find out from his smartphone how much fuel is left in the tank, what the current torque is, how hot the engine is, how many kilometers of remaining fuel are left, etc.

All parameters shown on the display are recorded and saved. All of the most relevant data are transmitted to the 7 available screens in the app, depending on the choice and settings of the user. They can be presented in the form of dials, information graphs, simple numerical data.

The developers of the application even took into account the different vision of the drivers, therefore they provided the possibility of displaying information in the application in small, medium and large size. This is not only convenient for people with low vision, but also allows you to select the optimal parameters for the size of the screen of a particular smartphone.

Any icon or graph moved to the screen can always be removed if it is no longer relevant, or if you want to put another sensor in its place. To do this, just click on the unwanted item, delete or move it to the appropriate window.

The Pro version wins over the free application in all respects, including comfort and interface quality. Although it is not necessary to buy the software. It is recommended to start by trying a simple version of the program, to explore its features and characteristics. If you find that you really need the program, it is very useful and has great features, but the current version is objectively not enough, then feel free to buy the Torque Pro version.

Recommendations for use

Hardly anyone has any problems with how to install the program Torque Pro or Lite version on their smartphone running the Android operating system. Just go to the Market, download the application, and the smartphone itself performs the installation procedure, creating a shortcut on the desktop of your phone. It needs to be installed just like any other application on your smartphone.

And before you can use the Torque program on your phone, you’ll need to make a serial connection. This will allow you to connect via an OBD II adapter and get to work directly on the settings and diagnostic activities.

For the software to start collecting information and displaying it on the screen of your smartphone, you need:

  1. Find the diagnostic connector and connect the scanner to it. Which scanner to use, everyone decides for himself. Scan Tool Pro shows itself well in interaction with Torque. Much more questions arise in terms of finding the diagnostic socket itself. Here it is better to have a look at the user manual of your car.
  2. Usually, the required connector is located under the instrument panel or directly under the steering wheel of the vehicle. Sometimes it is located in the center of the panel, that is, between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. When the adapter is connected to the connector, the LED light will turn on.
  3. If the LED is on, everything is going right and exactly according to plan. Now you need to connect the adapter itself to your smart phone. To do this, you turn on Bluetooth on the two devices and activate the function of searching for available nearby devices.
  4. After synchronization, the smartphone should display the name of the connected scanner.
  5. If it is an old OBD II firmware (1.5 or 1.6) the system may ask you to enter the password. Do not be afraid. Usually the password is standard and looks like 1234 or 0000. Sometimes, you may see the combination 6789. It is worthwhile to have a look at the adapter’s user manual. Perhaps the manufacturer provides an individual code for his device.
  6. Once you have entered the password and connected, you will not have to look again for Bleutooth and specify passwords for access each time. The devices are synchronized, and therefore the connection will be made automatically.
  7. Turn the ignition key, but do not start the engine itself.
  8. Go to the tab that is responsible for the status of the adapter on the main application screen.
  9. If you have completed the previous steps correctly, you will see 4 lines on the display with a green check mark next to each line.
  10. These check marks mean that Bluetooth is activated, the devices are synchronized, the device is connected to the ECU, and the error counter is running.
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Although sometimes at this stage there are certain difficulties, and some ticks do not appear. Usually the problem lies in the line about connecting to the electronic unit. The firmware simply does not see the car computer. The problem is more likely in the adapter, which is not quite original, so it does not work with all cars.

Try to use only verified, certified adapters, which are definitely able to connect to a car like yours. It is better to check this in advance with the seller, consult specialists, or contact directly the manufacturer or its official representative in your country.

Preparing the profile

To fully work with the application, you must first set up your own profile in the program. To do this, simply click on the image of the caption in the main menu. You will open the corresponding menu for further settings.

It is required to fill in and take into account some points:

  1. You can set any name of your own profile you like. It does not affect anything.
  2. Fill in the engine displacement field with the real value of your motor on the car.
  3. Enter the full nameplate weight.
  4. Enter information about the type of fuel you use.
  5. Record the volume of the fuel tank.
  6. Fill in the field with the fuel level.
  7. Indicate what the maximum value of your tachometer is.
  8. You can even enter the cost of the fuel you are filling up with, if necessary.

Such parameters will allow you to adapt the program to work specifically with your car with its specific characteristics. And also to keep records of fuel consumption, financial costs, etc.

Preparing a profile in the app

Do not forget about the advanced settings, which are opened by clicking on the Advance Settings menu. Here it is recommended to specify Bluetooth from the list to connect to, and also from the list select the OBD protocol you need.

All that remains is to save the settings and you are done with the profile.

App Settings

But before you can use the Torque app, in addition to the profile, you will need to configure how the app works. It is not recommended to leave the default settings, because this will not allow you to fully use the capabilities of the software.

  1. In the main settings section, it is recommended to leave the checkmarks in front of the lines about demonstrating the notification panel, auto-rotate, Bluetooth errors and enabling the debugger.
  2. There is also a section with themes in the menu. Choose the appropriate look and feel at your own discretion. It’s just the look of the software you’ll be using. The functionality is not affected.
  3. In the section with the plugins should go only to users who have studied in detail all the features of the program, who are fanatical about self-diagnosis and want to make the software more individual. Plug-ins are not a mandatory configuration item at all. But if you want, you can download the necessary additional plug-ins on the same Market.
  4. It is worth making adjustments to the units section. Everyone chooses the units they are comfortable with. Since some parameters are measured in different units, be careful.
  5. There is also a section in the menu with the settings that concern the OBD adapter. Here you just need to tick the first three items. Here you can see the automatic activation and deactivation of the Bluetooth protocol, quick connection and if Bluetooth was disabled.
  6. Next is the item with records and uploads of logs. Some people ignore this item, while others dig deep into it. If you want to collect information from the sensors, then you will need a log. In the section, you can select specific sensors and controllers, the information from which will be entered in the log.
  7. Dashboard. If you want to keep the program active, it is better to check the first item. Then Torque will start automatically if your smartphone is turned off or rebooted. You won’t have to restart the program manually.
  8. In the section with speech and warnings you can choose what nuances the application will inform you about by means of voice notification. The speech can be adjusted for temperature drop, low fuel level, engine overheating, etc.
  9. If you want to receive notifications on the panel, then check the corresponding box in the section on alert management.
  10. Additional PID sensors. Useful menu, because the program is designed for a standard set of controllers. It will be necessary for your particular car to download a file with additional sensors, if they are needed. It depends on the particular car and its availability in the standard Torque list.
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In general, the possibility of settings is quite extensive. Therefore it is better to sit down in front of your phone, understand in detail the application menu, go into each section and determine what you really need and which items you can safely skip.

As your experience with Torque increases, you will learn how to use all of its features, discover other options, and understand the meaning of each option in more detail. You can’t learn everything in one day.

Advantages and Disadvantages

To summarize certain results and draw some conclusions about this diagnostic program for vehicles, you can consider the main strengths and weaknesses of Torque.

Let’s start with the positive qualities. The main advantages of using the software can be considered the following points:

  1. The program works perfectly with any gadgets that function based on the Android operating system. This allows you to connect not only through your smartphone, but also through your tablet.
  2. The software allows you to independently diagnose your own vehicle at home. There is no need to visit a car service and pay for services.
  3. The program has an extensive set of functions. And in this component, it is a priority to install a paid version.
  4. Each user can make individual settings, adapt the program to their requirements.

But not everything is as perfect and perfect as it might seem to some at first glance.

Features of the application settings

Despite a number of objective and significant advantages, Torque also has certain disadvantages. And they are worth paying attention to before you buy an adapter, pay for the application and try to connect.

  1. To work Torque is not enough just to have a smartphone and a car. You need to use additional equipment in the form of a special adapter. And it doesn’t come cheap.
  2. Because of the connection of the adapter and the application consumes car battery power. And the consumption in many situations is quite significant, which becomes a problem for some motorists and their vehicles.
  3. The program can not work with some cars. Buying a paid application and an adapter for its operation will not be reasonable, if it turns out that the software is not able to work with your particular car.

How much these disadvantages are significant for you, everyone will decide and think about individually. If you do not consider the disadvantages to be serious and you are willing to make some sacrifices for the sake of self-diagnosis, then Torque is really worth your attention.

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In fact, we are talking about a very effective, useful and multifunctional program that provides access to self-diagnostics of the condition of the car, control its parameters and other important and simply useful information. You don’t have to be a car expert or a repairman to learn how to use Torque, how to read information and statistics and how to use it for the benefit of the vehicle’s performance.

Torque pro: manual

Almost all drivers have long ago learned to use numerous applications from their smartphones and tablets based on Android to optimize the solution of this or that task arising on the road. Navigators, anti-radar and many other programs and applications that make their lives much easier.

But few people realize that from a quite ordinary smartphone you can make a full-fledged on-board computer. To do this, you need to download to your phone application Torque pro and read the manual – a program designed specifically for vehicle diagnostics, with which you can easily monitor the condition of the car.

Torque pro program

Adapter for Torque pro

You need to buy an ELM327 adapter to connect your phone to the car’s computer. True, there are nuances that you need to pay attention to when buying: first, the connected devices must work, as mentioned above, on the Android platform; second, the adapter must support the same protocol as the computer connector of your car.

Adapter for Torque pro

Faced with a variety of scanners, supported protocols, connectors and everything else, little understood by mere mortals, you may feel panic. However, once you dig a little deeper, everything becomes very clear. Fortunately, a huge layer of all sorts of devices and accessories has been standardized. Now, for every machine, or rather its computer, there are standard protocols. There is a standard set of error codes, self-diagnostic parameters of the electronic control unit of the car.

Theory is enough, let’s move on to the practical implementation of the acquired knowledge. When choosing an adapter, we focus on those that are subordinate to the OBD-II standard.

Torque pro installation guide

The choice is made, everything is bought, the application is downloaded. There is a free light version of Torque. It is also suitable for basic tasks (reading and resetting errors from the ECU), but the full version, Torque pro, of course, is preferable.

Now you need to insert the adapter into the diagnostic connector OBD2 of your car and connect a device (tablet or smartphone) to it. To describe the procedure, let’s take the Bluetooth adapter as an example.

– Activate it in the device

– turn on ignition without starting the engine

– In the settings select OBD2, click on the line adapter. It is necessary to enter the code from the documents of the adapter

– Open the application and you should see an icon in the car view. Pairing is complete.

One of the benefits of this application is the ability to customize its operation according to your whims.

The first time you start up, a window pops up asking you to allow the use of GPS. It is necessary to allow it, you will need it in the future. On the screen are displayed: control panel, icon Check Engine (errors from vehicle ECU), icon codes and their decoding, map, GPS icon (will show the location of the car, speed, traveled distance). Fuel level, RPM, temperature in different systems, oil level, and more are also displayed here. The start page has a tachometer and the main application menu.

The positive qualities of the Torque pro application include:

– any Android device is compatible with it

– it saves time and money by allowing you to make independent diagnostics

– a lot of functions

– it can be used as a video recorder.

The minor disadvantages of the program include:

How to open the hood, if the cable is broken

– you need additional equipment

– quickly consumes the battery

– not applicable for all car brands.

Through the menu bar “add screen” adjust all the screens (seven screens) to a convenient format.

First, you need to create a profile. Find the button “adjust profile”, fill in the lines in the opened list. Enter the machine parameters (volume, weight, tank capacity, fuel level and price at the moment, the topmost tachometer reading) and select any profile name.

Setting up the torque pro profile

The data on the car should be entered exactly as prescribed in the passport. They will be taken into account by the program in some calculations. Also in the profile, indicate the preferred protocol and type of the adapter.

Reading data with Torque pro

The information on the screen is displayed in three forms: Dial, Display and graphical format. If you select a graphic, you can see not only the current data, but also their changes, which is extremely important. The amount of data available is limited by the electronic control unit of your vehicle.

The incoming data is presented in three sizes. Depending on the size of the display. A menu is provided for scrolling on a tap of the item itself.

  1. Torque pro, as well as its “light” version, allow you to display on the smartphone screen, and then reset (reset), error codes and their decoding from the control unit of the car. Commands to perform these actions are laid down in the “Actions” menu of the application. It happens that after troubleshooting, the attempt to reset the errors does not bring any results, the reset fails.
  2. There is a function in the application logging and sending it to the cloud for further study. Its path is Menu – Toogle Logging. Logs can even be posted to social networks.
  3. Additional customization can be done, to optimize the process. The commands for this are selected in the “Advanced” main menu (e.g. set up to connect the adapter via Wi-Fi, change the background, design theme, etc.).
  1. There is an interesting feature in the settings Speech/Warning. Voice warning for important cases of motor operation.
  2. The alert management item – displays data from pre-selected alerts on the panel. Here it is appropriate to mention one important point. The program does not provide processing of data from all additional sensors. Find on the Internet a complete list of sensors of your car and upload it directly to the program. Then the displayed information will be as comprehensive as possible.
  3. If you need to check several cars, you need to create profiles for them, and enter in them some basic parameters of the checked car. This function is not available for Torque Lite users.
  4. Using the corresponding menu items, you can configure the parameters. (For example, displaying the gauges you want on the panel). There are settings (resize, reset, move, delete) for each displayed unit.
  5. The currently recorded, vehicle parameters are displayed in the menu bar “Realtime information”. If the light version has 7 screens configurable, his strong brother has many more. Also, in addition to the three font sizes, there are Lager and Extra Large.
  6. There is the menu item “Map View” which allows you to track the movement of the car on the map. This is where the GPS, which you gave permission to use in the beginning, comes in handy.
  7. You can set convenient parameters to build a graphical representation of the ECU test results and trace the dynamics of their change. It is available in the line “Test Results”.
  8. Information about the adapter is displayed in the line “Adapter Status”.
  9. It is possible to download plug-ins for diagnostics of other brands of cars.

The possibilities of Torque pro are extensive. All the settings and can not be listed in a brief review. This application will help in many unpleasant situations and can become your companion in the maintenance of your so beloved car.

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