How to connect DVR in the car without cigarette lighter

How to connect the recorder and anti-radar without cigarette lighter jack

Good afternoon men and ladies. I was mad about the cigarette lighter wire, so I decided to fix this problem.

Bought on “Aliexpress” this adapter, which matches my fuse “mini”

After that, thanks to some clever manipulation with emery cloth sharpened the “tabs” (to-be easier to stick it into the fuse box, and give the shape of the fuse itself).

Since I used to have everything powered from the cigarette lighter, and the wires under the trim, I did the next step, namely dismantled the plug, and removed unnecessary items, leaving the plus and minus cables.

The next step is to simply insert the plus cable into the terminal of our adapter and crimp it with pliers).

Half of the work is done) It remains to connect the minus cable to the car (iron element).

For convenience, I made a hole in the washer and soldered there the wire on both sides (P.S. soldered for the first time)

Almost everything is ready, the hardest part is over. It remains to find the fuse, which works when the ignition is on, I did not want to cheat, and thanks to the instruction manual car took the fuse of the cigarette lighter.

Disconnect this fuse and put it in our adapter, closer to the bar, and in the remaining connector on it set a fuse for 10A, it will be responsible for the recorder and navigator, and 15A from the cigarette lighter, so it will perform its role.

Pay attention to what bolt summed up minus cable) Insert the adapter in place of the fuse, which pulled out.

Close the fuse box and admire the results.

When you turn the ignition all works, and no wires, and cigarette lighter jack free)))). No soldering, connection to plafonds and other perversions)

Good luck to all, and smooth roads.

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Mitsubishi Galant 2007, petrol engine 2.4 litres, 158 hp, front-wheel drive, automatic transmission – electronics

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Mitsubishi Galant, 2004

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Loved the pictures. I also realized that I really want the tilts from the dorica!

I like them too))))

So the swap won’t work :)

Look at the salvage yards, and I’ll look)))

Well, we don’t have any of those salvage yards… Too bad…

I like them too))))

I still don’t understand if it’s an anti-radar or DVR?

Soldered it better than I did today :)

You soldered it well too :)

All right. True, not without soldering, to the washer that wire minus soldered))) and it is not the most convenient, and not the most reliable and in use – had to take the terminal “earth” and ordinary crimp, you can also solder, if you really want)) five-amp fuse would be enough to complement, there is still a sum of the same line with a thin wire tolerance two fuses to 25 amps, it is not bad. But it will work, of course.

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Yes, the fuse will change to 5A, time will not take long)) Hands itching to solder something a long time ago, soldering iron bought, I wanted to try it out)). Thanks for the tip, ) I wanted to crimp the terminal, but could not find it in the garage, did not go to the store, so the washer and got caught, I made a hole in it, and soldered both sides)

Link to aliexpress please drop! Well done! I also want to do so!

I’ll send you the link in a minute.

Link to aliexpress please drop! Well done! I also want to do so!

5pc Mini ATM Fuse Adapter Tap Double Chain Adapter Holder For Car Truck (from AliExpress Android)

All right. True, not without soldering, to the washer that wire minus soldered))) and it is not the most convenient, and not the most reliable and in use – had to take the terminal “earth” and ordinary crimp, you can also solder, if you really want)) five-amp fuse would be enough to complement, there is still a sum of the same line with a thin wire tolerance two fuses to 25 amps, it is not bad. But it will work, of course.

How to connect a car DVR without using a cigarette lighter and wires

Video recorder on the windshield

On the road no one is immune from various situations, and to prove his innocence it is necessary to install a video recorder, which keeps a video record of what is happening in front of the car. Independent installation of the device is possible, and there are options to connect it in different places of the car, including without using the cigarette lighter. The installation process is not complicated; the main thing is to have some knowledge of the car’s electrical equipment and to be able to use a multimeter.

Where to install the video recorder in the car

One of the most common places to install a video recorder is the windshield or the torpedo. The main thing to consider when choosing a place is that the device should not distract the driver and not impair the view. If the device is small, you can try to install it behind the rearview mirror. This option has the following advantages: the DVR and the driver will not interfere and the viewing angle for the camera is good. The disadvantages include the inability to turn the device to record what is happening on the side of the car. Mounting the recorder on the car top has its own nuances, which are reduced to the insufficient viewing angle. If the device has a lot of weight, then there is no special choice: it is on the torpedo and will have to perform the installation.

It is also worth mentioning the holder, which also depends on the place of installation. In most cases they come in two types:

  • on suction cups;
  • On the sticky tape.
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Mounting on a suction cup

Such detail as a suction cup provides a good hold only for the first time, and after the device will simply fall down, which can lead to its failure. If the temperature changes, the suction cup may also not hold the DVR well. It is recommended to check how securely the device is held before driving in winter. But this type of mounting has advantages: the ability to remove the recorder at any time.

If we consider the mounting on the adhesive tape, in other words, double-sided adhesive tape, such material provides a reliable attachment, but if you need to remove the holder often, it will not be easy to do. One of the important points to consider when mounting a video recorder: if the car is equipped with airbags, the device should not be in the area of their action, since in case of their triggering, unpleasant consequences are possible.

Fixing the DVR on a double-sided tape

How to connect it

In addition to knowing how to mount the device, you need to understand how to mount it correctly. To mount the device on a suction cup, first of all you need to carefully degrease the glass, for which use a glass cleaner or alcohol and a soft rag. Wait some time for the surface to dry completely. Then we lean the suction cup firmly, press it with some effort and turn the latch to the position when it fixes the mount on the glass. After installation you should test the mount for durability, because it will be not so pleasant, when the recorder will fall on the floor or the torpedo. As for the attachment on the double-sided adhesive tape, the material should be bought qualitative so that it would hold the device well and no temperature differences would affect its properties. It is worth noting that there are models of DVRs, which were originally bundled without any fasteners. In this case, you have to mount it exactly on a double-sided adhesive tape.

How to fix the wires

After choosing a place and installing the holder, you should think about the issue of laying wires. In many cases, the powering of DVRs is performed from the cigarette lighter, since the power cords have a plug for this connector. This option is simple, but has a significant disadvantage: it may interfere with the view and distract the driver. In this case, it is recommended to hide the wire under the ceiling:

  • the wire is tucked under the ceiling panel, pushing it a little;
  • leave some spare wire to change the camera position if necessary;
  • Remove the side post and fasten the wire to the original wiring with plastic cable ties.

Depending on the specific make of car, the attachment of the side trim elements is done differently. The wire can be laid in a simpler way with the use of special plastic fasteners, which are located under the ceiling. Then the power is led under the mat or through the glove compartment, which depends only on the wishes of the car owner. If the “under the mat” option is preferred, you need to make sure that the wire does not interfere with anything and does not get tangled anywhere. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wires supplying power are not located in the area of moving elements, e.g. heater flaps, etc. You can lead the power directly through the cigarette lighter connector or by connecting the wires from the inside. Since not all cars have more than one cigarette lighter in the cabin, the second option is preferred.

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Concealed installation

Many car owners think about the hidden installation of the video recorder, usually after the device will be stolen by thieves. For a covert installation you will need to buy a data recorder with a separate camera, which will be mounted in the rear-view mirror.

Hidden installation of the black box

There are two holes of the appropriate size in the mirror housing: for the camera and for the wire. The diameter of the hole can be chosen so that the video device fits tightly into it without the need for additional fastening. It remains to assemble the body, install the mirror in place and lay the wire.

Finished construction

To the lighting plafond

Power for the video recorder can be taken from the ceiling lamp. After attaching the device, it is necessary to pull the wires to the plafond. To prevent them from dangling, the best option would be to hide them under the trim of the salon. Then you need to remove the plafond by disconnecting the power wires. The mounting of the light differs depending on the car. When the plafond is removed, you should deal with the wires. In our case, we need the ones that have power all the time, and a multimeter will help us find this out. Do not forget to also determine the polarity of the wires. Once you figured out where the plus and minus are, we solder a wire to them.

Note that the onboard network of the car is powered by +12V and the video recorder by +5V, so you will need an adapter (available with many devices). Soldered wires connect to the adapter by soldering, and wrap the connections with electrical tape. Check the performance of the recorder, and if everything works, it remains to hide the wires and assemble the lamp. You can do without soldering iron: cut insulation on the necessary wires, connect wires from the adapter to them. Then insulate the joints and put everything back together.

Connecting to a Headlight

To the battery

To power the device directly, you will need an adapter and a long wire, as well as a 15A fuse. After installing the recorder in the right place, connect it with a wire, strictly observing the polarity, install the fuse. The wire is placed under the trim and lead it into the underbonnet, you can also bring it under the hood through the mounting block, which has places for spare fuses. Connect the wires in the engine compartment observing polarity: plus to the battery, minus to the body in any convenient place. The main thing is that the connections must be reliable.

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To ignition

There is another way to connect – to the ignition switch. This option is less popular, since the device will work only after turning the key. After completing the installation of the device and connection to the adapter, lay the wires. To do this, they can be laid at the top or bottom of the windshield to the ignition switch.

How to connect the black box to ignition

Using a multimeter, find the plus terminal and connect the wire from the adapter to it. The negative wire is attached to the body earth.

How to connect the black box to ignition

To the fuse box.

It is also possible to supply power to the DVR from the fuse box, for which special splitters are used. The accessory is inserted into the socket of the original fuse, the upper sockets are used for connection of the fuse of the video recorder, the lower ones are used for the original fuse. The power from the splitter goes directly to the adapter and then to the video recording device.

Fuse box

Tools and materials

As with any other equipment, you will need a certain set of materials and tools to install the video recorder:

  • wires;
  • soldering iron;
  • multimeter;
  • duct tape;
  • wire cutter;
  • plastic clamps;
  • tool for removing the interior decorative elements.

Some changes are possible depending on the selected connection method.

Step by step connection to the cigarette lighter

As you can understand, it is possible to connect the recorder in different places. One of the common power points is the cigarette lighter, so this method is worth considering in more detail. The connection itself can be made in such a way that the cigarette lighter socket will be free.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the adapter, or as it is also called the power supply. It is a plug for plugging into the cigarette lighter and is designed to power the recorder (converts +12v to +5v). Therefore, the power supply will remain and we will not cut anything off it.

Video recorder adapter

The wire itself can be hidden under the liner, which will eliminate the need to solder something. In this case it is led out near the cigarette lighter, and then the plug is inserted into the connector. But not to occupy sometimes the only connector in the car, you can do something differently and connect to the power contacts on it: the central corresponds to +12V, the side is responsible for the mass. To make the connection correctly, use a multimeter. Determine the desired side contact on the plug (there must be a resistance between one of the side contacts and the central one).

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Finding the right contacts

Securely solder the wires. To make the contacts solder better, you should use flux.

Soldering power wires

After soldering, wrap insulation around the plug.

Insulating the contacts

It is necessary to lay the wires under the trim. If they are not long enough, you will need to solder additional wires. Then proceed to disassemble the ceiling and the front pillar.

Dismantled side post

Carefully move the ceiling and lay the wire from the recorder there, leaving some room for changing the position of the device. Pull the wire along the side pillar of the windshield and fasten it with plastic cable ties. The best way is to attach it to the factory wiring.


Then lead the wire behind the instrument panel.

Wiring up the dashboard

The wire should come out near the cigarette lighter, and you should disassemble everything near it. Depending on the car you may need a tool, so you need to look at the place.

Preparing the cigarette lighter plug

Find and connect the voltage to the cigarette lighter connector. It’s best to make sure the wires you find are correct with a multimeter. As a rule, the power to the cigarette lighter is brought by two thick wires and +12V appears when you turn the key in the ignition. The minus wire should have zero resistance relative to the car ground. Now you need to make the connection. You can do it with the help of special connectors or in a simple way by stripping insulation, connecting wires and well insulated connection places. The DVR adapter itself should be fixed so that it does not rattle on the bumps.

Adapter fastening

It remains to assemble all the dismantled elements in reverse order. As a result, we connected the recorder, no wires dangling and the cigarette lighter socket is free.

Connected black box

Safety precautions

Before you start connecting the recorder, you should de-energize the onboard network, in other words, remove the terminal from the battery. In general, the following rules should be adhered to:

  • connections must be secure and well insulated;
  • the power must be supplied through a fuse;
  • connection of the device should be carried out with strict observance of polarity;
  • Connect the terminal to the battery only after checking that all connections are correct.

You can connect the video recorder yourself, but you need at least minimal knowledge and skills in working with the power system of the car, multimeter and electrical wiring. If there are doubts in your abilities, it is better to entrust the procedure to professionals and turn to a specialized service.

Video: video recorder installation

Video recorder will not be a superfluous additional device in the equipment of the car, especially on frequent trips around town. If the skills allow, you can install and connect it yourself, choosing the best place and power point.

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